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The one stop Shopify Podcast. Weekly information for people looking to start, grow and accelerate and Win with their Shopify store without being too techy. Your host Nick Trueman has over 15 years experience and started hosting this Shopify Podcast in 2020. Nick's been in the digital arena for a long time, loves Shopify and will be sharing his knowledge and interviewing experts from Shopify app creators, business gurus and marketing experts. It's not hard if you have the right advice to build a successful online shop so you can lay back, leave the rat race and create a lifestyle you love! No fluff and no smoke and mirrors, just the real actionable advice that will have you WINNING WITH SHOPIFY. The only Shopify Podcast you need to subscribe to! 


10 CRO Changes Every Brand Needs To Make!
This is a pre-recorded webinar. If you want to see the visual version of the webinar on Youtube, then click here: you ready to take your user experience (UX) and conversion rates to the next level? Look no further! This exciting webinar is designed to equip you with the top 10 strategies to turbocharge your website's performance.Presented by the renowned UX expert, Ben Burgess from Eleven, this event is a must-watch for anyone seeking to enhance their website's user experience and boost conversion rates. Ben's extensive experience and practical insights make him the perfect guide to help you unlock the potential of your website.During this webinar, Ben will share invaluable tips and techniques that will revolutionise your approach to UX and conversion optimisation. From user-obsessed design to persuasive USPs & calls to action, you'll discover the key elements that drive engagement and acquiring new customers.Reach out to the Ben here: in touch with the Spec team here: Support the Show.
82:57 5/24/24
The Truth: Why Brands Hit a Brick Wall With Growth
Join Nick this week as he uncovers why brands are hitting a brick wall and the 7 things you can do to overcome them!Nick shares the truth behind successful business operations and how to find synergy between the marketing and finance teams.We'll discuss strategies for moving and improving tech stacks to stay ahead in the digital age, and discover how to diversify your marketing approach and double down on meeting your customers' needs!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction0:39 Our Roundtable Event2:04 Why Brands Are Hitting A Brick Wall3:18 The Role Of Finance In Business Planning6:09 How To Get The Finance Team and marketing team aligned7:14 Knowing How To Move & Improve Tech Stacks11:47 Over-Reliance On A Single Channel15:20 Doubling Down on Marketing to Your Customers Needs18:08 How to Market to the Right People19:34 How to Evolve your Business24:13 Running Out Of Creativity?28:30 Testing: Don't Do the Same Thing Over and Over32:16 How To Run Tests34:44 What’s next!Sign up to our roundtable event here: out to the Spec team here: Support the Show.
33:58 5/17/24
SEO - Cementing your Shopify Store at #1 on Google
This week are joined by Senior SEO Consultant, Rob Stanbury, to explore essential strategies to elevate & cement your Brand’s SEO position!From uncovering the five key focus areas in SEO to demonstrating relevance on your collection page, we provide actionable insights to help you climb the search engine rankings.Discover the power of buying guides and learn how to structure a user journey for maximum impact. We also explore the future of marketing with AI personalization and share quick fixes for offsite links and SEO.In addition, we tackle the age-old question: Do we need backlinks in our business? Explore the nuances of omnichannel and cross-channel marketing, and uncover the relevance of email marketing in the realm of SEO.Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this episode will help ensure you are maximising your SEO success!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:22 How to Dominate Google Search Engine7:31 Five Things to Focus On in the SEO Space8:00 How to show your relevance to Google on the Collection page11:26 Buying Guides & More13:39 How to Structure a User Journey18:23 The Future of Marketing: AI Personalization24:58 Quick fixes for Offsite Links & SEO32:40 Do We Need Backlinks in our Business?36:44 Omnichannel & Cross Channel Marketing40:38 How is email relevant to SEO?44:00 Creating Unique Marketing Campaigns46:40 How to make great content51:59 Brand vs Non-Brand: How to Cement Your SiteSign up to our next webinar here: out to the Spec team here: Support the Show.
55:03 5/10/24
Google Ads: 98% Of Web Visits Don't Buy. Here’s Why…
In this episode, we delve into the world of Google PPC marketing and share 10 invaluable tips to elevate your strategy. From split testing ad campaigns to managing revenue lag time on Google AdSense.Learn how to effectively target customer groups, optimize product categories, and identify your best and worst selling products. Discover the importance of analyzing product performance and margins, and how to support your merchandising teams through PPC. We also explore the significance of campaign assets and data input in Google AdWords, as well as using PPC to drive email flows. Plus, we discuss the nuances of brand vs non-brand marketing and how to run successful sales without devaluing your brand. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned marketer, this episode will help you navigate the complexities of Google marketing with ease.Reach out to the Spec team here: takeaways:0:00 10 Tips for Better Marketing on Google2:09 Why split test ad campaigns?5:02 How to manage revenue lag time on Google Adsense7:00 Different campaign splits to test10:41 Customer Groups and how to target them13:24 Product categories15:16 Worst & best selling products17:45 Product Performance and Margins21:09 Helping Merchandising Teams Through PPC23:32 Campaign Assets: What they are and what to do with them28:55 Data input and targeting on Google AdWords31:20 Using PPC to drive Email Flows37:10 Brand vs Non-Brand Marketing41:13 How to put on a sale without devaluing your brandSign up to our next webinar here: Website: the Show.
43:14 5/3/24
Optimize & Convert: A Guide To CRO Success With Ben Burgess
Join us this week as we are joined by Ben Burgess, Founder of Brand and Web Agency, Eleven, working with the likes of CocaCola, BBC, Simba, 3Mobile & many more!Nick and Ben unravel the four-step process of Conversion Rate Optimization, providing practical insights and actionable strategies to boost your website's performance.Discover the art of designing a flexible website that adapts seamlessly to evolving customer needs, and unlock the power of A/B Testing to optimize your online presence.Nick and Ben also delve into the psychology of consumer behavior, uncovering effective methods for understanding and meeting customer desires. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out in the e-commerce world and want to gain a better understanding of CRO, this episode is not to be missed!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:01 Top 3 Tips For Today4:08 Conversion Rate Optimization: The 4 Step Process10:04 Brand Store vs. Online Store11:33 Solution Positioning15:26 How to Design a Flexible Website?19:45 What is A/B Testing?21:02 How Do You Find Out What the Customer Really Wants?27:07 Tips To Increase Adding to Cart & Average Order Value37:24 USPs: Sometimes Over LookedSign up to our webinar here: out Omnisend here: the Show.
46:35 4/22/24
10 UNMISSABLE Lessons For Working With Marketing Agencies!
This week, Nick delves into the daunting task of selecting the perfect marketing partner, offering expert advice and practical strategies.Join us as Nick shares the intricacies of agency selection, sharing insights on what to look for and how to make informed decisions. If you are struggling to find the right agency for your brand, or feel it’s a daunting task, this is the episode for you!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:39 “I Can't Find A Good Agency”4:02 Finding an agency10:48 Three tips for better communications and marketing your business13:37 Is there a quick fix for SEO?15:43 Tips for better communication in the sales pitch19:14 Being on both sides of the fence19:54 How To Communicate With Your Agency22:30 How to manage a startup's first year28:40 Points on Reporting from an Agency29:37 Don't move agencies unless…Check out Omnisend here: the Show.
33:33 4/12/24
From 0 to $1m on Shopify - Your New Growth Strategy!
This week we are doing something a little different! Join us for an exciting online webinar where we'll reveal the secrets to skyrocketing your Shopify store's revenue! Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, this is the event for you.Learn from industry expert Caroline Balinska who has achieved incredible success on Shopify, going from zero to a whopping one million dollars. Discover the proven strategies, tools, and tactics used to achieve this remarkable milestone.During this event, you'll gain valuable insights on optimizing your store, driving targeted traffic, converting visitors into customers, and scaling your business to new heights. Get ready to unlock the potential of your Shopify store and start generating substantial revenue.Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs.Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction3:11 0 to 1 Million on Shopify5:52 An Intro to The Shopify Podcast7:41 How to grow your business with Shopify10:19 How important is the data that we have in our business?13:54 How to Use Shopify Analytics in Your Business19:04 How to find the perfect email budget?20:15 How Do We Know Who Our Customers Are?24:02 How to Use Customer Data to Build Your Brand28:15 How to Engage with Your Customers28:53 Don't Get Too Big on UGC33:51 How to Get Feedback From Your Customers35:12 Brand's USP's39:56 The USP's of e-commerce45:52 Favorite Small to Medium Brands51:28 Skincare and Marketing: Looking into the Future53:56 Question Time59:40 Grow Your Email List Without a Discount Code1:03:03 Marketing Strategy: Seasonality and Planning for the Future1:05:58 Seasonality in the SEO World1:09:00 Be proactive with your marketing1:12:28 AI As A Customer's Advocate1:14:38 The One Step to Personalizing Your Website1:16:53 Should We Use AI in our Content?1:22:57 Planning for the Future With a Focus on Data1:23:13 How To Budget Your Marketing Budget1:28:00 e-commerce: The three things1:29:59 Top 3 trends in the UK1:31:09 Top 3 tips for business success1:38:56 Longevity: Choosing a Channel1:44:27 Is Essentials Sustainability Good?1:53:03 Is Shopify the Only e-commerce platform your clients use?1:56:46 Using Pinterest to Drive Organic TrafficCheck out Omnisend here: the Show.
107:28 4/5/24
8 Unmissable Steps For 10x Growth on Shopify - You're Growth Plan
In this episode we are joined By Sabir Semerkant who has over 25 YEARS in the e-commerce space.Nick and Sabir discuss why bounce rate is the key KPI in e-commerce, and how to leverage effective marketing tactics to dominate the competitive landscape.Explore the art of pricing, utilizing promo codes effectively, and discover the secrets to engaging top-tier customers through crafting compelling story-based marketing plans that captivate your audience, and much, much more! Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:40 Sabir on the Show4:59 The 8 Dimensions of e-commerce Growth9:10 Don't Be Just Dependent On PPC10:59 Six Rules for Growth in the e-Commerce13:39 What You Need to Do Now to Get Your KP15:30 Bounce Rate: The Key KPI in e-Commerce20:25 E-commerce Marketing: The #1 device in the US23:28 Pricing and Promo Codes29:00 Customer Segmentation and Pricing32:20 Top Tier Customers and their engagement36:40 How to Build a Story-based Marketing Plan42:26 Product positioning and brand building45:16 Adding four new dimensions to your product catalog48:47 Customer UX: The 5 dimensions55:01 How WhatsApp is improving the customer experience56:49 5 Things to Know Before Buying a e-commerce platform1:00:55 Six Rules for Building a Shopify Business on AI1:06:59 Should You Install the Pinterest App for Your Business?1:09:22 Amazon Supply Chain: Last Mile Logistics1:12:39 8 Key Dimensions of a Growing BusinessSabir Semerkant: in touch with Lee: out Omnisend here: the Show.
78:34 3/29/24
Unbox Your Inbox! Mastering Email Marketing Strategies with Jandre De Beer, CEO of V8 Media.
Join us this week as we sit down with Jandre De Beer, the CEO of V8 Media, to explore the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing!Discover the secrets to building a thriving business through Facebook advertising and ensuring your Google Ads get the green light. Learn the art of community-building in email marketing and how to harness the synergy between sales and marketing to propel your brand forward like a snowball effect.Jandre takes us inside the elevator to discuss crafting compelling email content and dives deep into the world of personalisation in email marketing, uncovering strategies to connect with your audience on a deeper level.Tune in for expert advice, actionable tips, and invaluable insights from Jandre on how to navigate and succeed in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:13 Today’s guest: Jandre De Beer, CEO of V8 Media6:55 How to Build a Business on Facebook Advertising10:36 Have You Got Your Google Ads Approved?11:56 Building a Community in Email15:56 Sales & Marketing: Like a Snowball18:40 In the Elevator With Email Content23:59 On Personalization and Email Marketing29:32 How to Get a Good Conversion Rate on PPC32:27 How to Raise Revenue with e-commerce brands37:43 Brand Marketing: Clear Value42:57 Build a database with a social media presence46:59 How to reach out to JandreV8 Media: out Omnisend here: Support the Show.
47:03 3/22/24
From Near Bankruptcy to Shopify Mastery! Tips, Tricks & Future Trends
In this episode, we are joined by Clayton Bates. Clayton has an inspiring journey from near bankruptcy in his first Shopify business, to Shopify success! We explore the highs and lows of online entrepreneurship, covering topics like overcoming near bankruptcy on Shopify, common business pitfalls, website optimization strategies, Google Ads review, data testing, and future trends like AI in business.Join us as we provide practical advice and valuable insights to help you thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, "E-Commerce Insights" has something valuable to offer. Tune in and elevate your online ventures.Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:04 About today’s guest2:47 How I nearly went bankrupt on Shopify10:59 What are some of the common things that businesses need to improve on13:20 How To Build a Website With a Product-Led Home page19:51 Google Ad Review: Product Information Pages27:16 Testing on Google Adwords28:32 Testing a website's data30:33 How to Manage Your Business on Hotjar35:39 How to Optimize for Mobile41:58 Are You Ready for the Future of Shopify?43:26 AI and the future of business45:50 How to reach out to Clayton BatesClayton Bates: out Omnisend here: the Show.
44:41 3/15/24
Crafting Ecom Success: EcomHannah’s Journey from Etsy to Shopify and Beyond
Join us this week on Winning With Shopify as we delve into the world of e-commerce with EcomHannah, an entrepreneur who has built her brand across multiple platforms including Shopify and Etsy. Discover Hannah's journey, from starting a YouTube channel to mastering the economics of e-commerce and crafting a SMART USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We'll explore the essential steps for completing sales online, the evolving landscape of PPC marketing, and strategies for gaining a competitive advantage. Whether you're just starting out or looking to elevate your e-commerce game, this episode offers valuable tips and tricks for success in the digital marketplace!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:37 About today’s episode2:07 Hannah’s Journey: Building a Brand on Shopify, Etsy and More7:03 What Led Hannah to Start a YouTube Channel10:33 Economics and the Future Of Ecommerce14:59 What's Your SMART USP?18:27 The 3 Step Process for Completing Sales on e-commerce23:57 PPC Marketing: The Process of Change25:54 Have You Got A Competitive Advantage?28:46 How To Integrate Your Social Media Channels32:15 How To Build a Monthly Business on Shopify34:54 Ask The Influencers: Working With Consumers35:32 How Do You Convert Influencers' Activity Into Revenue?41:52 How to get your influencer to endorse your stuff44:37 Thank you for watchingEcomHannah: out Omnisend here: the Show.
41:31 3/8/24
How I Sold My Shopify Empire, Bought It Back, and Scored a Netflix Series: The Battlbox Journey
Join us in this episode as we explore the fascinating journey of Battlbox with CEO, John Roman. From selling the company in 2021 to buying it back in 2023, John shares the highs and lows. Including having their very own Netflix show, to a nail-biting moment when Facebook Ads were turned off before their biggest ever sales weekend, and saved by a user on Reddit!Discover John's insights on customer interaction, influencer partnerships, marketing strategies, and the importance of understanding customer timelines.Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:00 Introducing BattlBox’s CEO, John Roman4:12 Why BattlBox was successful8:17 How To Grow a Business With Influencers15:33 Don't Be Greedy or Selfish17:29 How To Win With Your First Influencer20:01 How To Build a Search Business With Facebook Ads and Google Ads26:48 How Do You Manage Internal Customer Relations32:48 How Do You Come Up With Content For Your Company?38:37 How To Acquire Customers TodayBattlBox: out Omnisend here: Support the Show.
38:53 3/1/24
Unlocking E-Commerce Success: Strategies and Insights with Eugene from Factory Pure
This week we are joined by Eugene Ravitsky, Founder of Factory Pure. Eugene has been in the world of e-commerce for a number of years now and shares his insights, experiences and advice on identifying your businesses USP, the ways to communicate with your customers, writing the right content for your business and much more!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:43 Welcoming Eugene from Factory Pure5:58 The business journey7:08 Drop Shipping: What's the USP?10:06 How to get out of your web-based business slump?15:05 How Do We Write Content For Our Business?18:55 How to Write the Best Product Descriptions?24:59 How Do You Manage Your Email List?31:49 Phone Calls: Speaking to your customers37:53 How to Find Your Marketing System Through OmnisendFactory Pure: out Omnisend here: the Show.
46:29 2/23/24
How To Build An 8-Figure Shopify Business!
In this episode Nick is joined by Sean Reyes, the Founder of Shock Surplus - an eight figure business who are killing it on Shopify!Sean shares his journey and insights of how he started selling automotive parts with his step-dad at 7 years-old, to now having built an 8-figure automotive business years later!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:52 Interview with Sean from Shock Surplus6:58 Establishing the customer problem9:59 The Business of Bundling14:18 The Evolution of Customer Knowledge19:17 8 myths of SEO21:57 How Do You Identify Your Customers?25:18 Travel Marketing: The Outdoor Life27:59 How to Scale your Business on Shopify35:00 The Right Place, Right Time40:33 How to Start a Sales Journey with Email46:28 How to Win Back Customers From January50:58 On Contribution & The Future of Email57:04 The Evolution of Instagram & TikTokCheck out Omnisend here: the Show.
56:31 2/14/24
How To Automate Customer Engagement to Maximise Revenue!
Do you ever wonder how often you should be reaching out to your customers, sending them emails, SMS & promotions? Do you want to keep them up to date, but don’t want them to unsubscribe?Well in this episode we discuss how to measure and optimise your customers INTENT and how you can automate the perfect times to engage with customers to maximise revenue!Nick is joined by the Co-Founder & CEO of Omnisend, Rytis Lauris. Rytis is an expert in automating  communication to help you best optimise your engagement with your customers.Check out Omnisend here: takeaways:0:00 Introduction3:04 About Rytis & Omnisend6:43 Two Things We Don't Do Anymore11:03 SMS Marketing18:50 Opt-in marketing22:43 How to Automate Marketing Campaigns with Triggers26:34 How to Automate Intent on Websites32:10 How to Automate an Email36:41 How to Upsell with a Guest checkout40:05 Shopify & Omnisend: How it worksWebsite: Support the Show.
48:03 2/2/24
8 Epic Shopify Loyalty Programs Every Brand Should Consider!
This week on the show Nick shares the eight top Shopify Loyalty Programs that are working for Brands on Shopify right now!Nick shares an array of loyalty programs for you to try in your business, from examples working in fashion brands, beauty, and even alcohol brands!If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create loyalty programs that are working, this episode is not to be missed!Want to find out more about LoyaltyLion? They are offering WWS listeners an exclusive 20% discount on the first year of any plan. To claim your free offer, go to takeaways:0:00 Introduction3:31 Loyalty Programs That Are Working On Shopify4:29 Loyalty Programs in the Fashion Industry6:58 Loyalty Programs for Pet Brands11:06 Loyalty Programs for Beauty Brands15:04 Evolving A Loyalty Program Through Testing18:19 Building Loyalty within Shopify21:25 How to Get More Out of Your Loyalty Points23:41 The Inky List: Best In-Store Rewards26:14 Alcohol Brand Loyalty ProgramWebsite: the Show.
28:16 1/19/24
How To Run The Ultimate Shopify Loyalty Programme For Your Customers
This week on the show, we are joined by loyalty expert, Jason Leader.Jason and Nick discuss the best loyalty strategies for 2024, two things to know before launching a new loyalty program, how to ask customers the right questions, how much to discount, how loyalty programs link with influencer marketing, and much, much more!If you’re looking to build your brands customer loyalty, but unsure where to start, this episode is for you!Want to find out more about LoyaltyLion? They are offering WWS listeners an exclusive 20% discount on the first year of any plan. To claim your free offer, go to takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:54 About this episode4:17 Two Things to Know Before Launching a New Loyalty Program7:02 The things to avoid when launching a loyalty program 10:50 How To Ask Customers the Right Questions15:13 Loyalty Programs that are working well22:21 How to Manage the Sales Cycle26:17 Acquisition Cost of a New Customer27:11 How much can you discount?31:06 The Key to Loyalty Email Segmentation36:46 How Loyalty Programs Link With Influencer Marketing38:00 The best loyalty strategies for 2024Website: the Show.
39:49 1/12/24
#1 Shopify Loyalty Program on G2 - Scale LTV The Right Way (Ft Fiona Stevens)
It’s a brand new year and a brand new series all around building customer loyalty!In this episode we are joined by industry expert and #1 Shopify Loyalty Program voted by G2, Fiona Stevens from LoyaltyLion.Fiona is a loyalty marketing expert and in this episode, she shares some crucial insights, tips and knowledge on WHY you need to build customer loyalty in 2024, and HOW you can do it.If you’re looking to grow you business in 2024, this episode is for you! Want to find out more about LoyaltyLion? They are offering WWS listeners an exclusive 20% discount on the first year of any plan. To claim your free offer, go to takeaways:0:00 Introduction3:38 How to Engage with Shopify's Webinars5:06 What is Loyalty in Business?7:57 Loyalty Programs13:53 Beyond Discounting: The Christian Brand15:37 Brand Value Destruction17:29 Black Friday Marketing: Over- discounting 21:24 Build Loyalty Through Social Media25:23 The challenge of marketing on a web page27:05 How to Plan for Black Friday and Cyber Week in 202427:46 How to get that second order?30:09 How to Win Back Customers in January39:10 One of the biggest contributors to e-commerce growth is supermarkets45:48 Content Creation to build loyalty48:17 How to reach LoyaltyLionWebsite: https://winningwithshopify.comYouTube: the Show.
47:51 1/5/24
2023 Round up & What To Expect In 2024!
For the final episode of the year, we are doing something a little different! This week, Nick is doing a 2023 round up episode, sharing all of his insights from the past 12 months, the biggest things that have worked for brands this year, the biggest lessons learned on Shopify, best practises for the year ahead & what to expect going into 2024!Thank you to everyone that has tuned in this year and for being a part of this incredible community. Want to find out more about Alia? They are offering an exclusive 1-month free trial for WWS listeners. To claim your free offer, go to and book a consultation.Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:33 A Crazy Year for e-Commerce2:51 The Year Ahead: Best Practices7:53 The Biggest Lessons Learned on Shopify11:12 Discounts: Don't discount too much16:02 Challenges Facing e-Commerce Next Year17:04 The Year Ahead: What to Focus On19:40 Building Your Brand20:29 Build Your Brand for Next Year21:39 Shopify Podcast: We're Coming for You Next Year24:01 A message about the future25:53 A message for youWebsite: the Show.
26:31 12/29/23
Conversion Rate Optimisation Webinar - Boost Revenue From Your Existing Site Traffic!
This week we are doing something slightly different - Nick is joined by his colleague, Rob Stanbury, from Spec Digital, as they both host a webinar all about Conversion Rate Optimisation!In this episode Nick and Rob cover how to double your revenue, how to manage a low conversion rate website, the four sections of your e-commerce site, how to get more people to add to your shopping cart, and much, much more. If you are looking to convert more website visitors, this webinar is not to be missed!If you would like to see the slides discussed in today’s episode, search ‘Winning With Shopify’ on Youtube to see the full video.If you would like to join our next live webinar - go to and sign up to our newsletter to be notified of future events! Want to find out more about Alia? They are offering an exclusive 1-month free trial for WWS listeners. To claim your free offer, go to and book a consultation.Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:34 A Quick Run Through3:47 Conversion Rates: How to Double your Revenue4:31 Conversion Rate Optimization10:01 How to Manage a Low Conversion Rate Website10:54 The 2.5% to 3% Conversion Rate11:41 GA416:01 How to Increase Your Conversion Rate?16:40 What is a CRO?17:33 Q & A18:04 Don't Overload Your UX With Do's and Dont’s19:46 4 Sections of Your e-Commerce Site20:47 How To Get a Customer To Add To Their Shopping Basket26:15 How To Get A Good Review On An e-commerce Site28:59 An AI-based recommendation system for clothes31:36 Shopify: The outfit buying experience36:06 Free Delivery and How to Get It38:25 Cross-Sales and Upsell: How Much Information Can You Give40:52 How To Get More People To Add To Your Shopping Cart46:02 Baby Push Chair47:09 Basket Upsells53:00 Supermarkets: Missed Offers and Missed Sales54:51 Shopify: How To Increase Sales With A Discount Code?58:02 Two Ways To Get A Discount On Your First Order With Shopify1:00:39 Final Comments1:04:32 Should e-commerce Stores Force You To Download Their App?1:07:10 Do I need to test my Website?1:10:29 Testing A B&O CVR1:12:40 How to get more people to engage with your e-commerce site?1:15:49 Offering Open Discount Without Annoying Customer1:16:32 Is There a Good Time of the Year to Test CRO Changes?Website: the Show.
79:22 12/22/23
Telling Your Brand Story To Acquire More Customers - With Red Beard Creative
This week we are joined by Justin from Red Beard Creative. Justin is a Shopify and Brand expert expert working in the industry for the past 14 years!In this episode, Nick and Justin discuss brand identity, how to rest if your brand is resonating with your audience, ways to shift excess stock, coupons and discounts and the power of storytelling!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:36 Introducing Justin3:04 Brand Identity3:53 The Brand Identity for Startups6:13 How To Test If Your Brand Is Resonating With Your Audience12:56 Other Ways to Shift Excess Stock18:43 Black Friday: More exclusive than ever20:11 The Dopamine Effect27:15 How Alia Is Helping Your Business30:04 Supermarket coupons and discounts32:48 Learning & Contributing to Alia 36:52 How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics?39:32 The Story of AliaRed Beard Creative - www.redbeard-creative.comWant to find out more about Alia? They are offering an exclusive 1-month free trial for WWS listeners. To claim your free offer, go to and book a consultation.Website: the Show.
44:29 12/15/23
The Power Of Rewarding and Incentivising Website Visitors - With Tyler Farley
This week we are joined by the one and only, Tyler Farley from Better Than Belts.Tyler has a really interesting story, starting his business through Kick-starter, raising 64% of our goal in one day, and going from strength to strength ever since. Nick and Tyler discuss how to talk to your customers, how e-commerce companies are using learning videos, how to manage data effectively, how to scale your company & the value of rewarding and incentivising website visitors. If you are wanting to learn how you can convert more website visitors, this episode is for you!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:42 Better Than Belts8:45 The Future of Hats10:14 How To Talk To Your Customers13:54 How e-commerce companies are using Learning Videos15:42 In the Elevator With Alia16:34 Try Your Best: An Alternative to Alia17:18 Google Metric ROI22:31 How to Manage Data effectively29:04 Shopify's Listening to the Majority30:40 How to Get More Feedback From Your Customers34:24 90% of VC Money Goes to Meta and Google38:32 How To Scale Your Company41:28 The Value of Alia for Website Marketing45:24 How To Reach Out To Better Than BeltsBetter Than Belts - https://betterthanbelts.comWant to find out more about Alia? They are offering an exclusive 1-month free trial for WWS listeners. To claim your free offer, go to and book a consultation.Website: Support the Show.
43:41 12/8/23
Achieve a 33% Conversion Rate With a Learning Experience - Alialearn
A question we often get asked on the show is “how can I convert more website visitors?” So, this week is the start of a very exciting brand new series all about Conversion Rate Optimisation!  In this episode we are joined by Cory Gill, the Founder of a Conversion Rate Optimisation platform, Alia. Cory shares his knowledge and wisdom in CRO and how you can turn more website visitors into customers!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:26 How good is your Conversion Rate?2:08 About Alialearn4:12 How to Integrate Learning Into Your Website7:47 What Kind of Incentives Should You Be Using14:18 The Importance Of Telling A Story17:20 How to Build a Learning Experience on Shopify19:11 How AI is Impacting Business30:17 Do e-commerce sites benefit from A/B testing?35:57 How to Customize Your Landing Pages for Inbound Traffic40:23 How to Start using Alia with your BusinessWant to find out more about Alia? They are offering an exclusive 1-month free trial for WWS listeners. To claim your free offer, go to and book a consultation.Reach out Cory here: the Show.
39:50 12/1/23
The Art Of Content Creation To Engage Customers - With Michael Thomas (London Viewpoints)
In this episode we are joined by the incredibly knowledgeable, humble and all-round great guy, Michal Tomas, AKA London Viewpoints.Nick and Michal discuss How To Build a Campaign With a Brand, How To Work With Content Creators, Creating agreements with Content Creators/Influencers, The Art of Content Development, and much more!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:24 Influencer Marketing With London Filmmaker, Michael Thomas4:15 Why a lot of content creators don’t like the term ‘influencer’7:08 What Do You Post On Instagram?9:22 The Importance of Personal Content11:23 How To Build a Campaign With a Brand13:57 How To Work With Content Creators17:26 Creating agreements with Content Creators & Influencers19:58 Content for an E-commerce Brand22:19 How to Find an Influencer to Work With25:30 Meeting Influencers/Content Creators before working with them33:06 When Things Go Wrong36:06 Content Creators: If the Campaign Goes Wrong, Just Move On41:43 The Art of Content DevelopmentLondon Viewpoints - you're new to influencer marketing, well, you're not alone! It's a brand new industry and with newness comes opportunity. Brett Owens, Afluencer's Founder, is offering a 30-minute influencer strategy session on Zoom to chat about your product and the best influencers for you. This is an offer special to Winning With Shopify listeners. Book a call with Brett here: the Show.
44:47 11/28/23
Taking Down The Cosmetic Giants, One Skin-Friendly Product At a Time - With Conscious Skincare
Have you wanted to work with Influencers but afraid of the pit falls and challenges you may face working with them? How can you create long term relationships with influencers & content creators? Do they work? How can measure if it’s working?These are all questions that we cover in this week’s episode with our very special guest, Rebecca Martin, CEO at Conscious Skincare!Rebecca started a Conscious Skincare brand in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. She shares her insights, stories and how you can work with Influencers effectively within your business. Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:46 Influencer Marketing Webinar2:36 About Rebecca & Conscious Skincare7:07 Teeth Cleansing Made by a Single Person9:30 What Would You Wish You Had Said To Your Past Self?9:59 Self-Limiting Beliefs12:20 Feast and Famine in the Marketing Industry12:54 How seasonal are your products?15:31 Exploring Subscriptions and Refill Systems19:09 Working with Influencers26:20 The Real Problems With Working With Influencers28:23 When to Scale a Business?30:49 What's The Difference Between Influencers and Content Creators?34:40 How to Work Long Term With Influencers41:47 What Success Looks Like When Working With InfluencersConscious Skincare - https://conscious-skincare.comIf you're new to influencer marketing, well, you're not alone! It's a brand new industry and with newness comes opportunity. Brett Owens, Afluencer's Founder, is offering a 30-minute influencer strategy session on Zoom to chat about your product and the best influencers for you. This is an offer special to Winning With Shopify listeners. Book a call with Brett here: the Show.
46:27 11/17/23
Want To Work With Influencers? Here’s How - With Tripping Millennial
This week we are talking to Content Creator and Influencer, Rachael Levine from Tripping Millennial.Rachael & Nick discuss how to start a business on Youtube, How To Work With Influencers, How long you should be working with Influencer’s for, how to get more out of working with content creators and much, much more!If you’re curious to know the do’s and don’t of working with Influencers, this one is for you!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction1:46 Rachael on Tripping Millennial2:14 Tripping Millennial on Taking a Gap Year3:49 In the Elevator With Rich People5:44 How to Start a Business on YouTube?6:44 A Content Creator or an Influencer?8:46 How to Find The Right Balance Between Influencing and working11:14 How To Work With Influencers13:06 How Long Term Do You Want to Work With a Brand?14:38 How to Get More Out of Content Creators17:35 Celebrity Influencers on Paid Content19:10 Have You Worked With Influencers?25:15 The Do's and Don'ts of Working With Brands26:47 How To Get Your Money Back From a Brand29:28 TikTok: An Influencers Contract With A Brand33:07 How Do Brands Find Influencers?36:12 How To Reach Out To Brands40:07 How to Reach Out to a Brand on a Medium44:10 How to Reach Out to a Brand With Tripping MillennialTripping Millennial - www.trippingmillennial.comIf you're new to influencer marketing, well, you're not alone! It's a brand new industry and with newness comes opportunity. Brett Owens, Afluencer's Founder, is offering a 30-minute influencer strategy session on Zoom to chat about your product and the best influencers for you. This is an offer special to Winning With Shopify listeners. Book a call with Brett here: winningwithshopify.comYouTube: @winningwithshopifyInstagram: @winning_with_shopifyTikTok: @winningwithshopifySupport the Show.
42:46 11/10/23
Influencer Marketing: Uncovering The Myths & The Truths - with Brett Owens
This week is the start of a brand new series all around Influencer & Affiliate Marketing! We are joined by the legend and Founder of Afluencer, Brett Owens.Brett is an expert in Influencer & Affiliate Marketing and has been working in the space for 10 years now. He and Nick discuss a variety of topics and unpick some of the myths, insights and truths around Influencer Marketing.If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness and website traffic during peak season and beyond, this episode is not to be missed!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:24 How Afluencer was created4:54 The evolution of affiliate marketing8:16 How to choose and reach out to the right influencer13:10 How to adjust your strategy with influencers during peak season18:34 How to work influencer marketing into your channels24:47 The formula to working out the rate to pay Influencers28:01 How to avoid paid follower profiles33:28 How to avoid things going wrong with Influencer Marketing36:17 The expectation of Influencer MarketingIf you're new to influencer marketing, well, you're not alone! It's a brand new industry and with newness comes opportunity. Brett Owens, Afluencer's Founder, is offering a 30-minute influencer strategy session on Zoom to chat about your product and the best influencers for you. This is an offer special to Winning With Shopify listeners. Book a call with Brett here: https://winningwithshopify.comYouTube: the Show.
46:39 11/3/23
Want To Build An Email Marketing Strategy That Works? Here's How!
If you are looking to create an email marketing strategy that works and learn how to develop your brand’s tone of voice, this episode is not to be missed! In this episode we are joined by Clay Imports, who offer an authentic selection of handcrafted tiles and home goods consisting of high-quality materials and sustainable designs.The CEO, Nick, and Head of Growth & Marketing, Jeanne, join us to share their expertise in building and scaling a show stopping brand.We discuss; sourcing products, how to effectively create and distribute marketing content, segmenting customer audiences, how to get repeat orders from customers, the importance of telling a story, and how to create an email marketing strategy that works!Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:35 About Clay Imports5:14 Sourcing products6:37 How to effectively create and distribute marketing content to build a loyal fan base.10:24 Knowing and segmenting customer audiences14:26 How to get repeat orders from customers17:55 The importance of telling a story19:14 Clay Imports Email Marketing Strategy36:46 How to create the right keywordsSeguno are offering Winning with Shopify listeners an extended free trial, plus a complementary strategy session with an email marketing expert. Visit to claim your offer.Website: the Show.
39:36 10/27/23
Taking a Medical Product To Market With No Investment?!
This week on the show we are joined by Dr Stephanie Schull, the Founder of KegelBell.Stephanie shares her story of creating and taking a product to market in the medical space with very little investment. She shares how to market a business on a budget and how you can build and leverage a community through email to help take your business to the next level.Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:32 About Dr Stephanie Schull and KegelBell4:36 Creating a product and learning along the way7:02 What channels KegelBell started marketing on10:06 Optimising a welcome email series12:35 Delegating to other people16:03 Producing video content on a budget23:38 How the KegelBell brand was created29:58 Figuring out how to upsell and increase lifetime valueSeguno are offering Winning with Shopify listeners an extended free trial, plus a complementary strategy session with an email marketing expert. Visit to claim your offer.Website: the Show.
40:21 10/23/23
Creative Ways To Grow Your Email List - With Traynor Vineyards
This week we are joined by Mike Traynor, Wine Specialist and Founder of Traynor Vineyards!Mike shares his journey of being in the wine business for the last 25 years, and how he evolved his business into online commerce in a big way via Shopify during Covid.Now, Traynor Vineyards do a lot of business via their Shopify store, Mike shares creative ways to grow your email marketing list and engage with your community through multiple channels. Key takeaways:0:00 Introduction2:08 About Mike Traynor & Traynor Vineyard4:45 Managing wine inventory levels7:19 The power of storytelling in marketing12:30 How Traynor Vineyard hires the right talent14:13 Leveraging Shopify POS in-store15:46 Effective ways to build a newsletter list18:02 Traynor Vineyard’s email strategy20:58 Getting creative with selling through multiple channels25:27 Creating a membership for your business34:17 How Traynor Vineyard prepares for peak seasonsSeguno are offering Winning with Shopify listeners an extended free trial, plus a complementary strategy session with an email marketing expert. Visit to claim your offer.Website: Support the Show.
35:20 10/20/23

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