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Mbaganire—An African Folktales Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to the African tradition of oral folktales at the fireplace. We recreate the lively and engaging story sessions with live audiences and sometimes offer reflections at the end of the story. We visit families, host diverse audiences, to give you a taste of the digital version of the practice of fireplace storytelling by grannies, aunties and uncles. A lot of the episodes are narrated in English but some are told in their original languages, with a short summary of the story in English at the end. All songs are left in their original languages. This podcast aims to document and preserve the rich culture of oral storytelling by Africans in so many different nations.


Lyechi gi Ochulu
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
04:46 09/10/2022
Ngechi gi thako pere
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
04:35 08/31/2022
Omuwala no'muwemba
the orphan that was kidnapped by an ape on her way to look for her sister after escaping her step mother's torture 
07:22 08/10/2022
Gwoki gi rombo
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
04:23 07/31/2022
Omugole omuchafu no'muyonjo
two brothers who went to get a bride but she chose the wrong man because her groom was dirty.
03:07 07/10/2022
Nyiri abiryo majukitho dimo yeni gi fono chwoga.
The seven girls that went to pick firewood and bush berries
06:22 07/06/2022
Omwishiki ayazirwe n'embeela eyokureeta ekyanda omumwanya oguyabeire arimu, abazaire be bakaguma nibafuruka ahabwokureeta ekyanda eyi babeire batuura
10:25 11/30/2021
Kahigi n'Orukooko
omuhigi, ayaitsire orukooko, rukagaruka nk'omukazi murungi, akamushwera . omukazi akamwehindukana kumwita
06:27 11/07/2021
Marebe n'Ekikooko
Omwishiki ayabeire natuura na munyanya omuriisa, ekikooko kikaija kikamurya
12:29 10/31/2021
Nshemera na Kirenga
omwishi omurungi, owo'mulamu yayenzire kubyama nawe, akamwanga, atyo akamwiita
07:03 10/07/2021
omwishiki aya bengire abashaija, omwe omuri abo, akamuroga kuribwa entare ku ariba nashwerwa
07:13 09/30/2021
Muhara gwa Nkungu
Ekigano ky'omwaana ateine nyina ou mukeishe yabehereire ngu akaamire muhara gwa nkungu atyo akeshereka omukibira.
05:52 09/08/2021
Kasabina n'Orukooko
Ekigano kyomweishiki owazeirwe omukyaaro kitarimu beishiki, barikureibwa orukooko batakashunire mabeere. Reeru nyina akaba owamagyezi, akamiushereka omu ibaare.
09:15 08/31/2021
Nyamwiire n'Enjoka
Ekigano ky'omweishiki murungi Nyamweire owu Ishe yaasigyireho atyo akanywana enjoka, atarikumanya ngu ni ntabani y'Omugabe.
11:01 07/31/2021
Birungi n'Akanyonyi
Ekigano ky'Omweishiki murungi Birungi Ou Ishe yaremeire, atyo akatsigurwa akanyonyi kahumbire.
08:01 07/01/2021
Ekyigano ky'omutsigazi hamwe na munyaanya abeitsirwe enjara bakasharamu kukora orufu.
06:10 02/23/2021
Omukeikuru, Omugabe, hamwe n'ekyoozi.
Obu omukeikuru yatungire ekyoozi kyokutangaaza kwonka mutabani w'omugabe akakyimutwaaraho.
22:24 12/17/2020
Rwakifeera and Bajaaja (The couple who slayed a monster with their nine children)
The story of Rwakifeera (literally meaning the stupid man) and his witty wife Bajaaja. Although the man lacked compassion, intelligence and skills, his witty and loving wife held the family together through famine, monsters and more to protect her husband and her nine children. It celebrates standing up for those who are not as privileged as us, including those who may not have a good head on their shoulders.
20:45 11/06/2020
Ente Kahogo
Obu Wakame yatambira ente Kahogo obutariibwa Warucuncu
10:04 10/10/2020
Ekiteta (The girl who could not speak until she had to)
The story of Burungi Bwa Nkwanzi, a girl born unable to speak until one day her parents left her home alone with her adventurous sisters. While on an adventure, they are faced with a task to sing for a rising lake and the girl must learn to use her voice. The story celebrates sisterhood and the general need for affirmation and support in order to rise to our full potential.
07:50 10/06/2020
Kasabina (The girl who was hidden in a cave).
The story of a village that had no girls until one woman gave birth to a girl and forced the village to come together and face their fears and get their girls back.This episode was supported by Africalia with the Creativity is Life grant.
10:21 09/06/2020
Bukwanzi Bwa Ndagara & Munda Mugoye (A girl born to die).
The story of a family who had a special child they loved so much they couldn't bring themselves to let her go even if she brought droughts and famine with them wherever they went until she decided to sacrifice herself to save their world and bring rain.The production of this episode was supported by Africalia with the Creativity is Life grant.
14:13 08/07/2020