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2 Rational Bastards - #2RB discuss topics and ideas on life, psychology, business, sports so you can be armed with the knowledge to be your best self primarily for you and therefore positively impacting those around you. After launching a highly successful podcast “Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything Else” (which can still be heard by searching iTunes, Google Play and any other podcasting provider by the show name) it was apparent by feedback from it’s large and dedicated following the time had come to launch of broader reaching show. And 2 Rational Bastards was born. Who are the 2 Rational Bastards? 2 Brothers on a mission to dissect deep topics in a provocative, eye opening and rational fashion. Scott Mosley is a native Nashvillian, past resident of Los Angeles, ex law enforcement officer turned small business owner and philanthropists. Scott is happily married with 2 beautiful children. Scott weaves his experience as a husband, father, law enforcement and entrepreneurship into many topics discussed. Colin Sadler is also native to Tennessee and is a highly successful personal trainer, life coach and intellect that brings a deep, turn the world upside down approach to all topics discussed. He always leave you wanting more. Colin taps his many years working with kids, adults and professional athletes. He is able to access the varying levels of psychology needed to style flex to each in an effort to get to their core person thus bringing out the very best in each. Colin has an infectious and personal approach that you will feel the moment he starts talking. Scott and Colin are naturals at discussing any topic that come to mind. They are entertaining, deep thinkers with twisted senses of humor that you will appreciate once you tune in. 2 Rational Bastards makes the listener feel as if they have just pulled up a chair and joined in on a thought provoking and meaningful conversation. 2 Rational Bastards will be interviewing thought leaders, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and many more. Some you will know, some you will get to know. No topic is off limits to discuss. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, ethics in business and life, thoughts on how to be your best professionally and personally, doing things right the first time all the time, being moved by the stories of thought leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs and many others then this show is for you. 2 Rational Bastards will be provocative, thought provoking and inspirational. We will also have a lot of fun along the way too. Fair warning at times the topics will inspire a passion within us and with that passion swearing will occur. We will not edit the show. We want the show to be real and authentic. Part of this process is also allowing the raw, rough edges to intertwine as well. Stay tuned, we have some really exciting guest lined up in the coming weeks that you will not want to miss! Peace! 2RB ra·tion·al ˈraSH(ə)n(ə)l/ adjective based on or in accordance with reason or logic.


#087 - What is Happiness, Racial Labels, Tom Brady, Reason vs. Excuse, Importance of Vitamin D3, More. 92:33 02/05/2021
#086 - Welcome back 2RB Fam! Join us on our journey through 2021 91:05 01/08/2021
#085 - Special Guest Justin Jello Cups Matejcek founder of Veterans Adventure Group shares how he embraced fear and used it to helped him navigate 2 recent near death experiences. He shares the passio 96:04 06/26/2020
#084 - We had the privilege to sit down with the owner of Venue 109 Keith Mason. Keith is a philanthropist, activist, entrepreneur and community organizer. 101:13 06/13/2020
#083 - With special guest Sean Dunson, Realtor - Human, Grammy Nominated Artist, Director, Producer, Writer. An important discussion on racism: How we heal, how we don't allow this to become a 1 day b 123:33 06/04/2020
#082 - Special Guest Former Starting NFL Offensive Lineman Terrance Pennington ! What is Desire, Eli Manning Retirement - Terrance played with him, Is Eli a Hall of Famer, Tom Brady to the Titans, Cul 74:00 01/24/2020
#081 - Special Guest Scott's Daughter Lyric! We Talk Learning From the Holidays, Upcoming Schedule and Lyric's Favorite Topic - Christmas! More. 34:19 12/23/2019
#080 - Letting Go of the Little Stuff, 49ers Commentator Comments Racists?, Cannonball Run, Beaten Autistic Kid Empathetic Want for Attacker, Should You Eat Before or After Exercise, Juveniles Convict 82:11 12/06/2019
#079 - Noise As Distraction, What We Are Thankful For, Best Workout, US Life Expectancy Decline, Resurgent Tennessee Titans, Should You Get the Flu Shot, More. 93:16 11/27/2019
#078 - Rules for Being Human, Paying Attention to Red flags. Use of the N Word, Stop Saying Never Give Up, Are You a Mouth Breather, More. 83:18 11/22/2019
#077 - Mariota Benched, Receiving What You Ask For, TV Show Update, What is Beauty, Benefits of Matcha Tea, Ways We Numb Ourselves, More. 64:18 10/18/2019
#076 - Today We Are Answering Fan Mail!! What Are Your Thoughts On Transgender Bathroom Use, What Do You Think of State of California Legalizing NCAA Players Making Money Off Likeness, Colin's 13 Hour 66:16 10/04/2019
#075 - The Feeling Underneath, What is Sapiosexual, How You Are Letting Politics Control You and They Love You For It, Do You Have to Constantly Grind to Be Successful, More. 72:19 09/27/2019
#074 - Special Guest Charlotte Medley with Dan Hagen - Chart Topping Musician, Songwriter, Author. Hear Her Story From Abuse to Running Away to the Loss of a Child, Her Musical Journey, Her Book Soon 88:29 09/13/2019
#073 - When One's Inner Fire Goes Out, Daily Soul Food - The Wisdom of Fear, Taylor Swift Sets a Record, Serena Williams Accomplishment, Question of the Day, Hurricane Dorian, More. 65:06 09/06/2019
#072 - Thoughtful Communication, Keys to Patience, Stories of Gratitude, Patience and Compassion, Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, Colin's Gratitude, More. 79:15 08/30/2019
#071 - Breaking Ties That Bind, Missy Elliott, Spiderman vs Sony, Gratitude Series, Time Is An Excuse, New Swag, The Up Side of Downs, More. 65:11 08/23/2019
#070 - Bravery to Stand Up, Jay Z, Lil Nas X Breaking Record, Stoking Fire Within, Birth of Rap and Hip Hop, Tupac's Legacy, Power or Hypnosis, More. 70:09 08/02/2019
#069 - Update on TV Show, Avengers End Game Takes First Place, What We Are Grateful For, Everyone Has a Story, Mastering Change, Failure, More. 66:51 07/26/2019
#068 - Your Words Have Weight, Living With Others Expectations, What is Age, Faceapp, Derrick Morgan, 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Failures, More 71:19 07/19/2019
#067 - Update on TV Show, Mistakes, Self Worth, Racial Confrontation in San Francisco, Bobby Bonilla, Self Conflict, Rubik's Cube, More 68:10 07/12/2019
#066 - Gratitude, Why Everyone is Beautiful, Becoming Your Life Story, Masculinity and Femininity Balance, TV Show Update, More. 55:20 06/22/2019
#065 - How Pain Can Serve You, FTC vs Amazon, Power of an Underdog, Columbine and Gun Control, Are You Being Kind or Friendly, More. 93:16 06/07/2019
#064 - Update on TV Show, Other Announcements, Vulnerabililty, Educational Disrupter Via Technology, Amazon Stock, Everything Is a Lesson, More. 77:33 05/24/2019
#063 - Guest Celebrity Chef Charity Morgan Wife of Tennessee Titan Derrick Morgan 77:52 05/10/2019
#062 - How Do You Allow Others Judgement Impact You, The Role of the Subconscious Mind in Feelings of Inferior vs Superior, Who Do You Love?  07:07 04/29/2019
#061 - Self Awareness, Judgement, NFL Draft in Nashville, 7 Deadly Sins and Relation to Gilligan's Island, Celebrities Aren't Your Friends, more. 57:38 04/25/2019
#060 - Former NFL Offensive Lineman Terrance Pennington Discusses Weight and Mental Transformation, His New Book, Workout Video Series, NFL Draft and More. 91:55 04/19/2019
#059 - It Will Get Better, Things Will Be OK 06:18 04/16/2019
#058 - What Does it Takes to Have a Warrior Mindset? 06:30 04/14/2019