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The Animal Turn

Animals are increasingly at the forefront of research questions – Not as shadows to human stories, or as beings we want to understand biologically, or for purely our benefit – but as beings who have histories, stories, and geographies of their own. Each season is set around themes with each episode unpacking a particular animal turn concept and its significance therein. Join PhD Candidate Claudia Hirtenfelder as she delves into some of the most important ideas emerging out of this recent turn in scholarship, thinking, and being.


S1E1: Animal Rights with Will Kymlicka 81:53 02/24/2020
S1E2: Legal Subjects with Leslie Bisgould 53:42 03/19/2020
S1E3: First Possession with Angela Fernandez 51:44 04/06/2020
S1E4: Personhood with Maneesha Deckha 45:58 04/22/2020
S1E5: Extraterritorial Jurisdiction with Charlotte Blattner 70:01 05/05/2020
S1E6: Ag-Gag Laws with Siobhan O’Sullivan 58:30 05/19/2020
S1E7: Animal Warfare Law with Saskia Stucki 52:48 06/07/2020
S1E8: Autonomy with Frédéric Côté-Boudreau 54:41 06/24/2020
S1E9: Liberty with Valéry Giroux 65:32 07/07/2020
S1E10: Grad Review with Hira Jaleel and Paulina Siemieniec 64:08 07/15/2020
S2E1: Phenomenology with Zipporah Weisberg 67:03 08/24/2020
S2E2: Cognitive Ethology with Marc Bekoff 69:44 09/07/2020
S2E3: Animal Culture with Carl Safina 66:07 09/21/2020
S2E4: Animal Art and Aesthetics with Jeffrey Bussolini 70:28 10/19/2020
S2E5: Intimate Geography with Kathryn Gillespie 72:10 11/02/2020
S2E6: Interspecies Subjectivity with Lauren Corman 86:13 11/23/2020
S2E7: Political Multispecies Communities with Sue Donaldson 68:53 12/07/2020
S2E8: Shoalmates with Jonathan Balcombe 67:38 12/21/2020
S2E9: Survivors with pattrice jones 76:28 01/04/2021
S2E10: Grad Review with Pablo Perez Castello, Siobhan Speiran, and Joshua Jones 93:12 01/18/2021
The Animal Turn 01:14 03/27/2021
S3E1: Right to the City with Marie Carmen Shingne 67:10 04/05/2021
S3E2: Pervasive Captivity with Nicolas Delon 64:35 04/19/2021
S3E3: Invisiblized Animals with Paula Arcari 84:00 05/04/2021
S3E4: Urban Biopolitics with Krithika Srinivasan 72:39 05/18/2021
S3E5: Urban Metabolism with Catherine Oliver 79:12 06/03/2021
S3E6: Informality with Yamini Narayanan 85:52 06/23/2021
S3E7: Multispecies Commons with Marcus Baynes-Rock 73:17 07/06/2021
S3E8: Urban Animal History with Philip Howell 82:45 07/22/2021
S3E9: Re-Design with Michelle Westerlaken 75:05 08/11/2021