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Retirement isn’t just about money. In our show we talk about the other things that will impact you such as: Social and Family Adventure and Travel Volunteer and Philanthropy Spiritual/soul Sex in retirement (I usually have therapists discuss this topic) Helping your parents/sandwich generation issues Baby Boomers are often helping both their children and their parents at the same time. Our goal is to help you have a great retirement, regardless of the amount of money you’ve saved. We want you to Rock Your Retirement!


Grace and Gratitude: Barbara's Cancer Journey and Seeking Support
In this episode of "Rock Your Retirement," host Kathe Kline is joined by Barbara as they delve into a deeply personal and poignant discussion surrounding Barbara's recent breast cancer diagnosis. This heartfelt conversation touches upon the emotional upheaval and complexities of navigating medical procedures, support, and the fear of recurrence. The episode also explores the impact of the diagnosis on Barbara's family dynamic and provides valuable insights on navigating the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Join us as we explore the importance of early detection, coping strategies, and the significance of seeking support during challenging times.
37:43 5/6/24
The RightSize Mindset: Transforming Your Home and Happiness
Kathe Kline invites special guests Barbara Mock and Marni Jameson to unwrap the art of living simply and meaningfully as we progress through the various stages of retirement. Marni's newest book, Rightsize Today, is a must read for anyone considering changing homes, changing locations, or rethinking how to live in their current home.
36:06 4/1/24
Moving Beyond the RV: Downsizing, Community, and Redefining Retirement
In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, host Kathe Kline is joined by guest Barbara to discuss the challenges and experiences of moving and downsizing after years of RV living. Barbara shares her journey from living in an RV as a snowbird to downsizing and finally moving into a new home closer to family, detailing the emotional and practical aspects of the move. From unexpected costs and adjustments to the joys of being near family, Barbara provides an insightful look into the reality of major life changes in retirement. Tune in to gain valuable insights and learn about the importance of planning, adapting, and connecting with new communities during this significant stage of life.
29:31 3/4/24
Barbara's European Escapade: Golfing in Spain, Glamping in Ireland, and Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland
In this episode, Barbara tells us about her incredible three-week trip to Ireland, Iceland, and Spain. Join us as Barbara shares her and her husband's adventures, from glamping in Ireland to witnessing volcanic activity in Iceland and attending the Solheim Cup in Spain. Get ready to be inspired by their travel experiences and learn valuable tips for planning your own memorable trips. So sit back, relax, and get ready to Rock Your Retirement with Barbara's amazing travel stories!
43:31 2/5/24
Barbara is Back with New Beginnings: The Story of Downsizing, Letting Go, and Building Connections
In this episode of "Rock Your Retirement," Barbara returns to share her experience with downsizing and moving from her family home to a new, smaller property. She details the emotional challenges, financial decisions, and unexpected turns that she and her husband encountered during this major transition in their retirement. From selling their unique property to exploring 55 and older communities, Barbara offers valuable insights into the process of downsizing and finding a new home that aligns with their retirement goals. Tune in as Barbara and host Kathe delve into the highs and lows of this life-changing journey, providing wisdom and inspiration for anyone facing similar decisions in their retirement years.
60:37 1/1/24
Adventures, Books, and Retirement Bliss: Catching up with Betsy on The Rock Your Retirement Show
In this episode, Betsy sits down with her friend Kathe to catch up after 8 months of retirement. Betsy shares that she doesn't miss work at all and instead enjoys her newfound freedom, spending her time reading, exercising, and spending quality time with her mother-in-law. She also loves getting outdoors and recently embarked on an incredible trip to Italy with her husband. Betsy takes us on a virtual journey through Naples, Citano, Sorrento, Pompeii, and Mount Vesuvius. She reveals that she thoroughly enjoyed planning the trip, doing extensive research that even involved watching YouTube videos to get the best recommendations for each destination. In Naples, she excitedly shares that they dined at a pizza place where former President Bill Clinton once ate. They explored the entire city, walking an impressive 26,000 steps in one day. During their stay in Positano, Betsy and her husband had a unique experience of walking down 1,700 stairs each day just to reach their accommodation in the town above. Pompeii left a lasting impression on Betsy, as she learned about the lives of the Romans frozen in time after the volcanic eruption. The couple also took a mesmerizing boat tour around the picturesque Isle of Capri, even indulging in a swim in the crystal-clear sea. Despite a slight language mishap where Betsy accidentally asked their tour guide how old he was instead of how long he had been giving tours, the trip was truly unforgettable. Betsy emphasizes the joy she found in planning and researching the trip as part of her retirement adventure. As the episode comes to a close, she eagerly looks forward to Thanksgiving, where she will be reunited with her stepson returning from college. Betsy leaves the listeners with an inspiring message, encouraging them not to fear retirement but to embrace it as the beginning of their next chapter in life.
25:58 12/4/23
Pickleball, Purpose, and the Delights of Retirement Exploration
In this episode of "Rock Your Retirement," host Kathe Kline welcomes guest Betsy again, who shares her recent adventures in retirement. Betsy talks about her upcoming trip to Italy during a less busy time of year, detailing their plans to navigate the country using buses and taxis, as well as hiring a private driver for a few days. She looks forward to visiting iconic sites like Pompeii and the Isle of Capri, with private tours and boat trips on the agenda. The conversation takes a turn towards Betsy's newfound hobbies in retirement, including taking CPR and first aid classes, as well as pickleball classes. They discuss the importance of proper gear for pickleball, specifically shoes designed for either outdoor or indoor courts. Betsy shares her experiences at senior centers and taking brain stimulation classes, highlighting the significance of socializing and staying mentally active during retirement. Betsy talks about her love for leisure reading and her current read, "The Life List," which explores the concept of creating a list of things to do while young. She also shares her excitement about her recent trip to Dallas, where she bonded with her family and enjoyed swimming with a fabric mermaid tail. The conversation broadens to touch on Betsy's summer getaways to Michigan and Wisconsin, emphasizing the beautiful beaches, dunes, and wineries the regions have to offer. The episode also includes updates from both Betsy and the host. Betsy discusses her new volunteering work at a food pantry, finding fulfillment in contributing to addressing the issue of hunger. On the other hand, Kathe Kline shares her travel experiences, including a recent trip to Greece and Ireland, along with some mishaps like lost bags and an unpleasant bout of food poisoning. Despite the challenges, both guests emphasize their overall enjoyment of their respective trips. Overall, this episode of "Rock Your Retirement" showcases Betsy's adventures in retirement, highlighting her travel plans, hobbies, and experiences, while delving into meaningful discussions about staying active, engaged, and fulfilled during the retirement years. The hosts' anecdotes and updates add a personal touch and relatability to the conversation, making it an engaging and enjoyable listen for retirement enthusiasts.
48:39 11/6/23
Thriving in Retirement: Betsy's Update on Her First 4 Months of Retirement
In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, Betsy makes a triumphant return to update host Kathe Kline on her exciting journey since retiring four months ago. From embarking on an exhilarating trip to Morocco to settling into the rhythm of retired life, Betsy shares her experiences and offers valuable insight into making the most of this newfound freedom. Adapting to retirement initially proved to be an adventure in itself, but Betsy quickly found her groove. She discusses the importance of keeping up with appointments, errands, and chores while still finding ample time for self-care and enjoyable activities. A typical day for Betsy involves relishing in a leisurely cup of coffee, engaging in a stimulating Wordle puzzle, and prioritizing her physical well-being through invigorating Pilates sessions or leisurely walks and bike rides. Ever the seeker of knowledge and enrichment, Betsy makes a point to incorporate intriguing experiences into her weekly routine. She recently attended a captivating photography class at the Apple store, where she delved into the art of capturing architectural wonders. Betsy generously shares helpful tips she acquired, such as utilizing grid lines, employing the rule of thirds composition, and exploring unique angles and reflections. Betsy's retirement also grants her the opportunity to devote quality time to her loved ones. She visits her mother-in-law at an assisted living facility, cherishing the moments shared together. Furthermore, she embraces learning Italian on the Babbel app, eagerly preparing for an upcoming trip to Italy. Betsy also reconnects with former colleagues and her boss, reinforcing her sheer contentment with the retirement lifestyle. Amidst her fulfilling activities, Betsy finds solace in simpler pleasures. From diving into captivating books to nurturing her garden, complete with homegrown vegetables, she revels in the tranquility of her own home. Despite her husband continuing to work, the beauty of his remote setup allows him to witness firsthand Betsy's radiant enjoyment of retirement. As the first four months of retirement pass by, it becomes abundantly clear that Betsy's enthusiasm and zest for life show no signs of wavering. Join us on this episode as Betsy reflects on her remarkable journey and imparts valuable wisdom on embracing the joys and endless possibilities that retirement brings.
17:26 9/11/23
A Journey of Retirement: Nurturing Bonds, Overcoming Challenges, and Embracing the Golden Years
In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, Betsy, a retired individual, opens up about the incredible bond she has formed with her elderly mother-in-law. Betsy recounts the recent incident where her mother-in-law suffered a compression fracture in her spine after falling out of bed. She explains how they had to rush her to the hospital and then to a rehab facility. Throughout this challenging time, Betsy has been there for her mother-in-law, assisting her with little tasks and gaining valuable insights into her life and experiences. As Betsy navigates the world of retirement, she also sheds light on the nursing shortage and the lack of volunteers in nursing homes and hospitals. Betsy's dedication to prioritizing her own physical well-being is evident as she actively engages in Pilates. She draws inspiration from the incredible strength and health of Martha Stewart, who, at 81 years old, continues to defy age-related expectations. Additionally, Betsy shares her experiences at the park district gym and her fascination with the new show, The Golden Bachelor. This unique dating show challenges ageist stereotypes by featuring contestants who are over the age of 60, showcasing that love and companionship are not limited by age. Betsy also delves into the concept of Swedish death cleaning, reflecting on her life and pondering what truly holds importance. Host Kathe Kline expresses gratitude for Betsy's willingness to share her retirement journey with listeners. She encourages audience members to share their own stories in the show notes or via email. Join Kathe and Betsy for the upcoming episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show as they continue to explore the multifaceted world of retirement.
19:28 8/14/23
Retiring with Adventure: A Moroccan Journey and Lessons from Berber Nomads
In this podcast episode, Betsy shares her retirement story, which started with a heartfelt send-off from her co-workers and a happy hour with her husband. She then embarked on a trip to Morocco and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it could be an affordable travel destination. While there, she immersed herself in the local culture by bargaining with shopkeepers, visiting nomad camps in the Sahara, and going to a Hamam, a public bath. She also indulged in the unique and vibrant cuisine of the region, which left a lasting impression on her. Betsy was inspired by the well-traveled older people on her trip, who gave her valuable advice on retirement. They taught her that age is just a number, and that one should pursue their passions and explore the world. Betsy also discussed the nomadic lifestyle of the Berber people and how they have to pack up and move to another area when the grazing grounds dry up in their current location. In the later part of the podcast, Betsy recommends that retirees should check local gyms, senior centers, and universities for free or discounted classes, as these can bring joy and fulfillment in retirement. This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning about the joys of retirement, discovering new destinations, or exploring new cultures.
17:13 7/10/23
Embracing Retirement and Reconnecting with Old Friends: A Look into Betsy's Next Chapter
In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, the speaker shares their excitement for retirement and the plans they have in store. They understand that retirement isn't just about stopping work and plan to stay active and involved in their community. One way they plan to celebrate this milestone is through a retirement party or going away party at work. The speaker also has friends who are retired or retiring soon and plan to take up new hobbies and interests outside of work. They also discuss retirement plans with their husband, including where they want to live and how to spend their time. The speaker also shares their recent experience of reuniting with old college friends on a girls' trip. They realized how nice it is to catch up with old friends and create new memories together. The listener gets a sneak peek into the speaker's upcoming plans, including a trip to Morocco and a retirement celebration. All of these events will be discussed more in-depth in the next episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for inspiration on how to make the most of retirement, reconnect with old friends, and create new memories.
20:19 6/1/23
Planning for Retirement: Adventures, Volunteering, and Staying Connected with Betsy
In this episode of the Rock your retirement show, host Kathe Klein interviews Betsy, who is close to retirement. Betsy shares her excitement for her upcoming retirement, which she has been planning for years. She talks about her plans to try new things and have adventures, and how she is looking for ways to stay active and engaged in her daily life. Betsy is waiting until she is within six weeks of her retirement date before giving her notice at work to avoid any potential issues. She discusses how her friend Sherry, who recently retired, is encouraging her to stay active and try new things. Betsy also reflects on the challenges of adjusting to empty nest syndrome as one of her children has recently left for college. Betsy shares her plans to take a big trip and reunite with family members in Northern Ireland. She also talks about her desire to stay connected online after retirement and how she is monitoring the stock market for a Santa Claus rally in December. Overall, this episode provides a glimpse into the exciting possibilities and challenges that come with retirement. Betsy's enthusiasm and determination to stay active and engaged in her daily life serves as an inspiration to those preparing for retirement or going through a similar transition.
18:14 5/22/23
The Joys and Strategies of Retirement: A Conversation with New Retiree Betsy
In this episode of Rock Your Retirement, Kathe Kline introduces us to Betsy, a retiree who shares her experiences and insights on how to make the most of retirement. Betsy is excited about the freedom and autonomy that retirement brings, and she looks forward to spending more time with her loved ones, exploring new hobbies, and traveling to new places. Betsy acknowledges the importance of financial planning in retirement, but she also emphasizes the need to focus on other pillars, such as health and wellness, life-long learning, giving back to the community, and having fun. She advises listeners to take advantage of resources like early retirement forums and podcasts, like this one, to help them prepare for retirement. One unique aspect of Betsy's retirement plan is having a younger spouse who provides health insurance. She highlights the importance of considering such benefits when deciding how to spend your retirement years. Betsy's positive outlook and enthusiasm for retirement are truly inspiring, and her five pillars provide a helpful roadmap for anyone wanting to make the most out of their golden years. Overall, this episode provides a valuable perspective on how to approach retirement with intentionality and a sense of adventure. Whether you're already retired or planning for it, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to rock their retirement!
25:54 4/24/23
Edd & Cynthia: The Benefits of Slow Travel and Work-ations
In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, Edd and Cynthia explore the concept of Slow Travel, which is all about taking your time to truly explore a destination. Rather than rushing through a trip, Slow Travel encourages travelers to stay in one place for a longer period of time, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the local culture. This approach not only allows for a more in-depth exploration of a destination but can also be more cost-effective than constantly moving around. They also discuss the rising popularity of work-ations, a trend that allows travelers to work remotely while still enjoying the benefits of travel. This can be a great option for those who are looking to experience new places without taking time off from work. Kathe recommended for those interested in planning a work-ation. Throughout the episode, Ed and Cynthia emphasize the benefits of Slow Travel, such as having more time to connect with locals and really get to know a destination. They encourage listeners to consider Slow Travel for their next trip and provide their own website as a resource for those looking to learn more. Overall, this episode offers a thought-provoking look at a new way to approach travel that is both enriching and cost-effective.
25:47 4/3/23
Meet Edd and Cynthia! They didn't have enough money for retirement
We introduce Edd and Cynthia, who will be coming on the show periodically to give us insights and updates on how to have a great retirement, even if your savings is small.
45:43 3/6/23
Exploring the World with Barbara: Navigating Health Care, Diesel Prices and House Sitting in an RV!
In this episode, our long-term guest, Barbara, has been traveling around the United States in her RV since September. She is currently in an RV resort in Mesa, Arizona, and has been participating in activities such as painting and watercolor classes, Pickleball, golf, and lapidary. She has been enjoying the social aspect of the RV resort, attending concerts and Food Truck Fridays, and making friends with Canadian RVers. However, she has also encountered challenges, such as expensive diesel prices, limited space, finding mail and prescriptions, and navigating health care options. She has also learned about Canadian RVers' struggles due to the restrictions on how long they can stay and the expensive insurance they need. Barbara shares her experience of alternating between hosting her extended family at her house for Thanksgiving and Christmas and taking a trip this year instead. She was given permission to do this by her daughter and daughter-in-law. However, due to the travel nightmares that were happening, she decided not to fly anywhere during the holidays. Instead, they spent Christmas with her 87-year-old father, who lives nearby. Kathe and Barbara also discussed the possibility of downsizing and living in a motorhome full-time. Kathe brought up house-sitting as an inexpensive way to travel, and you can find out more (and get a discount on the program) by going to Finally, they briefly discussed a book called The Blue Zones that looked at seven different communities around the world with a high percentage of people over 100 years old, all of which had strong communities. She ended the conversation with the takeaway of taking risks and being open to new experiences, and having fun.
33:06 2/20/23
Learning Moments in Retirement
Kathe Kline talks with columnist Steve Lopez about retirement and retirement lifestyle
40:06 1/9/23
Summer of Reconnecting
The Rock Your Retirement show talks with new retiree Barbara Mock about her summer of reconnecting.
35:00 8/29/22
Adapting in Retirement with Barbara Mock
Barbara Mock is back on the Rock Your Retirement show to update us on what is going on in her world and how her retirement is going.
31:41 6/27/22
Kindness Keeps Marriages Together
In this episode, I will share a few secrets about relationships. If you are not married, you can use this information with your friendships so keep listening! We'll be talking about the following: • Be flexible - things don't always go as planned. • Have Adventures with each other. • Take time for yourself too. • Be kind!
22:27 5/9/22
Retirement journey updates with Kathe and Barbara
We update the listener on Kathe and her journey toward retirement and also give an update on Barbara Mock’s retirement adventures.
41:14 2/21/22
End of 2021 with Barbara Mock's Retirement Journey
Barbara Mock talks about her Thanksgiving Holiday, a new RV adventure, and her goals going into 2022.
48:40 12/27/21
Section 16: Barbara's RV Retirement Adventure Part 2
Kathe Kline talks with Barbara Mock about retirement lifestyle and her RV Retirement Adventure.
47:29 11/29/21
Section 15: The RV
In this episode, Barbara tells us about how she and her husband decided on a huge new purchase, and the feelings they are having about it.
42:02 10/25/21
Section 14: Finding our Purpose in Life
For this episode, Kathe Kline gives us an update on her retirement quest. We have a health segment on Pickleball, and Barbara will give an update on how her actual retirement is going.
43:58 9/27/21
Section 13: Pre-Retirement and Post-Retirement
As you may know, we have been following Barbara Mock’s retirement. This is our one-year anniversary. Barbara went from pre-retirement in other words, the preannouncement to the day of the announcement and now we are following her post-retirement
41:54 8/30/21
Section 12: Focusing on Health in Retirement
Barbara Mock and Kathe Kline discuss health in retirement. Barbara has had some people close to her with some health issues. When loved ones have health issues we tend to rethink our priorities. We also talk about renting e-bikes and what is next in Barbara's retirement journey.
51:09 7/27/21
Section 11: Retirement Lifestyle- Endless Summer Vacation
We last spoke with Barbara about a month ago and she is still in the honeymoon stage of retirement. She said it is like she is on an endless summer vacation. Barbara and her husband were planning a trip to St. George Utah, but they decided since she is retired, and they have more time, and life is more flexible, that they would drive instead of fly. Her husband planned a wonderful trip to get to their destination. They went from Washington to Oregon and from Oregon to Boise, Idaho, and then to Utah from there.
43:32 6/28/21
Section 10: The Honeymoon Stage of Retirement
Starting in August of 2020, we started following the life of a pre-retiree Barbara Mock. The goal was to follow her from pre-retirement through the retirement process so you and I can live vicariously through her experience. We want to know what's happening as she goes through the process so we can better prepare ourselves. Barbara has been retired for a month now, so I asked her what stage of retirement she is in. Barbara says it has been such a fun adventure and it feels a lot like a honeymoon stage. We talk about why it feels like a honeymoon stage and things that have helped Barbara transition so quickly.
38:50 5/31/21
Section 9: Farewells During a Pandemic
Retirement is a time that marks the passage from a life full of work to a life of leisure, accomplishment, and choice. As most people feel defined by their job, that transition to retirement is not always easy. Like other major life transitions, it can be filled with various emotions and concerns and it has been a crazy two weeks of farewell for Barbara. Not everyone would actually go through what she did, but some people would. And it's good to be prepared for the emotional roller coaster. Besides, retirement marked as a life passage into the next chapter of your life.
40:24 4/26/21

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