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*This podcast is now archived but I'm actively still producing b2b marketing and the attention economy episodes over on 'The Digital Dispatch Podcast'. And maybe throwing in a complaint or two about the Jaguars. Follow along with all of my content/socials at:


What I Learned After Launching a Membership Site 51:19 10/08/2020
Joe Budden, Rogan, and The Business of Podcasting 84:44 08/31/2020
How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts 25:06 08/06/2020
My Quarantine Project: Freight School Playbook 13:21 07/26/2020
Making Your Virtual Event Not Suck 31:25 05/20/2020
How Waitressing Can Set You Up For Success 08:59 04/16/2020
How to Overcome Creative Blocks 24:54 04/09/2020
'Work From Home' tips that will keep you sane 30:23 03/14/2020
2020 Goals, Overspending on Software, and The Truth About Content Marketing 57:30 02/06/2020
Why Time Is Your Most Important Commodity 19:37 01/22/2020
What counts as a video view? The REAL data behind social media numbers 18:05 01/10/2020
Lunch Break Nuggets: How to Plan Your Content for 2020 19:15 01/03/2020
4 Lessons and behind the scenes stories from a decade of creating content 50:04 12/28/2019
Disney+ Lessons, Content Planning for 2020, and Email Marketing Gone Wrong 84:22 11/28/2019
Facebook Caught Lying About Video Views, Star Wars, and Losing a Big Client 71:06 10/25/2019
Life events >> Football, Gary Vee’s Content Model, and Top Money Making Podcasts 58:47 10/07/2019
New Show Alert: Calming Anxiety and Avoiding Fake Authenticity in 'The Scouting Report' 40:58 09/24/2019
Easy Ways to Get Started with Podcasting 23:08 08/01/2019
Big Girl Pants: Preparing for My First Conference Speech 43:10 06/25/2019
What's next for GuysGirl? 11:30 03/11/2019
Jaguars, Unsportsmanlike Behavior, & Favorite Cities to Visit 65:03 12/05/2018
Interviewing Cincinnati Reds GM Brad Kullman on his new draft concept to avoid tanking 14:03 11/29/2018
Jessica Blaylock: Interview with Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers Sideline Reporter 51:12 11/09/2018
Overeating and Overcompensating: A Jaguars Halloween Story 72:50 10/31/2018
Throw This Whole Jaguars Team in Rice 52:26 10/17/2018
Bad Blake Rears Its Ugly Head Again 48:43 10/11/2018
Jaguars Get to 3-1; Face Undefeated Chiefs Next 57:12 10/03/2018
Mackenzie Thirkill: Interview with Orlando Magic Sideline Reporter 30:28 09/28/2018
Alyssa Lang: Interview with SEC Network Reporter 37:51 09/26/2018
Bortles outplays Brady; Faces Gabbert's Titans Next 48:13 09/19/2018