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Boston Confidential Beantown's True Crime Podcast

An unflinching look at Boston's criminal underbelly. The host, Barry Maguire, a veteran private investigator, will take you on a compelling journey through some of Boston's most infamous crimes! Barry was born and raised in South Boston and brings a unique Bostonian perspective to the true crime genre.


Ayla Reynolds 2011-A toddler disappears from her bed, no signs of break in, police say they haven't received the whole truth 37:30 12/05/2021
REPLAY-Robert Garrow- In 1973 B.U. Senior Susan Petz, crossed paths with a madman in paradise 52:17 11/29/2021
Amy Carnevale 1991-Amy was a classic victim of domestic violence, her death should of been prevented 34:29 11/22/2021
The Boston Strangler Part 2- Serial Homicide, Serial Rape, Prison Escape and Madness 32:08 11/15/2021
The Boston Strangler 1962- 13 victims, the police were stymied, until a local sex fiend confessed 35:28 11/07/2021
REPLAY-Station Nightclub Fire 2003-100 people perished, Rhode Island Still morns this tragic loss 62:11 10/31/2021
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist Part 2- A 10,000,000 reward is still available in this case! 37:12 10/24/2021
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist-FBI says they solved the heist? So where's the loot? 31:55 10/17/2021
Plymouth Mail Truck Robbery 1962-The equivalent of 13 Million in cash stolen, and never recovered 29:54 10/10/2021
The Wakefield Massacre 2000-Michael McDermott shot and killed seven co-workers 37:10 10/04/2021
Blackfriars Massacre 1978-Five men with strong organized crime ties, shotgunned in a dank basement 34:41 09/26/2021
Kimberly Rae Harbor 1990- On Halloween night Kim, was fatally savaged by her neighbors 36:09 09/20/2021
Jeffery Curley-Part 2 Charles Jaynes is the poster boy for capital punishment 28:00 09/12/2021
Jeffery Curley 1997 Part 1-Two maniacal pedophiles set their sights on 10yr Jeffery Curley, Metro-Boston would change permanently 29:37 09/05/2021
Sean Ellis Part 1 (replay) The HBO series Trial 4 is fatally slanted toward the defendant 30:03 08/30/2021
Sean Ellis Part 2 -Replay- The HBO Series Trial is a farce 31:02 08/22/2021
Donald Eugene Webb-1980 A professional thief, murdered Chief Greg Adams and was never apprehended 50:59 08/15/2021
Station Nightclub Fire Part 2- Author Scott James discusses his new book on the tragedy 62:11 08/08/2021
Station Nightclub Fire- Part 1- 2003 In 90 seconds the temperature rose to 1100 degrees 45:37 07/30/2021
Lisa Ziegert-In 1992 a 24yr old teacher in Agawam, Ma. crossed paths with a madman 39:09 07/25/2021
Amy Lord Part 2-(Replay) Amy was killed by a maniac on a rampage it never should have occurred! 34:04 07/18/2021
Amy Lord Part 1-An urban boogeyman story, A 2013 crime spree changed Boston forever 28:52 07/10/2021
Phoebe Prince 2010 Phoebe was bullied, but new information casts the case in a new light 33:22 07/04/2021
Robert Garrow- In 1973 B.U. Senior Susan Petz, crossed paths with a madman in paradise 52:17 06/26/2021
Sean Ellis Part 2-The Trial 4 series on Netflix is an intentional attempt to deceive viewers 31:02 06/18/2021
Sean Ellis- Trial 4 on Netflix is so biased it should come with a warning label 30:03 06/13/2021
REPLAY:Bella Bond age 2, living in a cornucopia of disfunction, she soon washed up on Deer Island 27:06 06/06/2021
Danny Croteau 13-This case resembles a Law and Order episode, but the horror was real 38:45 05/30/2021
Shaun Ouillette 1986-Sean went over a friend's to play pool, but this guy, was no friend 28:57 05/23/2021
Thomas Shay Jr- In 1991 killed one Boston Police Officer and possibly blinded another 28:55 05/16/2021