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Have a subscription box idea, but not sure where to start? You are in the right place! Subscription Box Basics is a podcast for new and aspiring subscription box entrepreneurs. Hosts Julie Ball and Renae Gonzalez have been in the sub box game since 2016, shipping over 65,000 Sparkle Hustle Grow boxes equating to nearly $2.5 million in sales before selling the business for multiple six figures. Over the years, we've helped hundreds get their box idea off the ground and it's our passion to empower other women to build a business they love. ♡ https://www.subscriptionboxbasics.comGet supplies on our Amazon storefront: We earn a small kickback for your orders from our Amazon storefront, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!


Subscription Box Photography Tips 📸
In this episode of Subscription Box Basics, Julie welcomes professional photographer Becca Bond, who shares valuable tips and insights on how to capture stunning images using simple tools and techniques. Becca discusses her journey into subscription box photography and introduces her new course, Snap for Success, which aims to help entrepreneurs elevate their product visuals (and sell more boxes!) Listeners will learn about color cohesion, essential supplies, and why you can rely on your smartphone for high-quality photos.Links mentioned:Subscription Box PhotographySnap for Success course - Use code JULIE25 for 25% off your enrollment!Support the Show.
34:26 7/22/24
The BEST Subscription Box Software
Wondering what software you should use to run your subscription box business? Or maybe looking to switch as your business needs change? We got your answer in today's episode where Julie interview Stefan, founder of Subbly. Subbly is an all-in-one commerce platform allowing you to launch, run, and grow any subscription business model: sub boxes, subscribe & save, meal prep, replenishment, memberships and more! Hear what makes Subbly different than other popular software options and be sure to take advantage of their generous offers before 10/31/2024!Starting from scratch? Get 3 months free with this link: to switch? Subbly will help you with migration and give you 12 months free. Just reach out to and tell them Julie Ball sent you!Support the Show.
32:36 7/15/24
Sub Summit 2024 Recap
In this episode, we share the highlights of Sub Summit 2024. While everyone will have a different experience based on what sessions and events they go to, we thought you might want to hear a little behind the scenes of what we got into!Links mentioned:Nancy Harhut (HBT Marketing)Get 12 free custom boxes at BoxUp (just pay shipping)SubblyGet on the Sub Summit waitlistSupport the Show.
28:40 7/8/24
Oh 💩 Moments with Katie of Year Cheer [Live from Sub Summit 2024]
In this episode, we had the honor of podcasting LIVE at Sub Summit 2024 in Dallas, TX. Yes, that means we had actual people in the audience while we chatted. SO fun! We decided to take a different approach with our topic, focusing on when things go wrong! As entrepreneurs, we must be resourceful, figure it out and have Plan B, C, and D ready to roll. Listen in as our friend (and Subscription Box Bootcamp graduate) Katie Richardson from Year Cheer, tells her stories of bouncing back from the inevitable issues we face as subscription box entrepreneurs...things like product delays, product mistakes and packaging errors. Laugh with us and share our misery, but also learn how to right the ship!Year Cheer - a busy mom's secret weapon for creating holiday magicYear Cheer on IGSubscription Box BasicsSubscription Box Basics on IGSub SummitSupport the Show.
22:51 7/1/24
🤩 Packaging that Pops! (FREE custom printed boxes)
While we are OOO at Sub Summit, you can enjoy the re-airing of this popular episode and take advantage of the free custom printed box offer! While you are listening, we're probably hanging out at the BoxUp booth, checking out their new custom packing tape (launching soon!)Use code SBB12 for 12 free custom printed boxes (just pay shipping) at on IG: on FB: the Show.
28:11 6/17/24
Claim Your Free Listing on A Year of Boxes
In this episode of Subscription Box Basics, host Julie Ball is joined by Jessica Principe, founder of All Girl Shave Club and the new owner of A Year of Boxes. They discuss the tremendous benefits of being listed on third-party review sites like A Year of Boxes, including increased visibility, SEO advantages, and access to a new audience. Jess shares her journey in the subscription box industry, the importance of having accountability partners, and tips for leveraging features in gift guides to boost sales. The episode also highlights the upcoming Subscription Box Awards and offers listeners a chance to get a free directory listing on A Year of Boxes.00:00 Introduction 00:55 Jessica's Journey in the Subscription Box Industry02:31 The Importance of Having a Box Bestie06:22 What is 'A Year of Boxes'?08:36 Benefits of Being Listed on Third-Party Review Sites19:16 How to Get Involved with 'A Year of Boxes'24:27 Conclusion and Final ThoughtsResources mentioned:A Year of BoxesClaim your free listingSelena Soo's free publicity calendarSupport the Show.
25:19 6/10/24
🖥️ Website Tweaks to Convert More Sales
In this episode of Subscription Box Basics, Julie Ball discusses the essential elements that your subscription box website needs to convert visitors into customers. She emphasizes the importance of having a professional website and covers five key components: offering an incentive, clear call-to-action, professional photos, social proof, and ways to collect email addresses. Julie also suggests using accountability partners to get feedback on your website and offers resources for further learning. Tune in to ensure your website is optimized for maximum sales conversion.Support the Show.
14:34 6/3/24
Summertime Work Life Balance ⚖️
While many look forward to the fun adventures of summertime, it can present challenges for entrepreneurs. On this solo episode, Renae shares some of her own summer strategies as a busy mom of two and business owner.  Have your own work life balance strategies? Share them on Instagram and tag us @subscriptionboxbasics. Support the Show.
13:44 5/27/24
Julie drinks shrooms 🍄‍🟫 🤔
Have you heard of mushroom coffee? Julie recently tested the new (to her) Ryze mushroom coffee subscription and shares her experience with Renae on this podcast episode. We LOVE trying subscriptions to experience the good, the bad and we can all learn from other brands!For those more interested in Ryze mushroom coffee, its loaded with adaptogenic mushrooms, delivering calmer energy, sharper focus, and immune support for a balanced body and clear mind.  All with less than half the caffeine of normal coffee.Get 10% off your first Ryze order(affiliate link)Support the Show.
20:01 5/20/24
What we've been up to
Here's a long overdue update on what's new in both the personal and business life of Julie & Renae, two years after selling Sparkle Hustle Grow. Resources mentioned:Get custom boxes at BoxUp - Use this link and code SBB12 at checkout for 12 free custom boxesJoin the BoxUp affiliate programSubscription Box Bootcamp self-study program (price cut!)Subscription Box Bootcamp workbookKathleen Kobel's Influence and Earn course (referral link for her amazing Amazon influencer course)Support the Show.
32:49 5/13/24
The oatmeal subscription that created raving fans
A subscription for protein oatmeal that you drink...soft of. In today's episode, Julie & Renae chat about a new (to us) subscription called Oats Overnight. Think oatmeal is boring? Think again! OO has created a large raving fanbase, all interested in eating oatmeal. We can all take notes from this brand on how to create an experience with a product replenishment subscription.  Oats Overnight (referral link) -'s favorites - Green apple cinnamon, Mocha dream and Boston cream.Subscription box pricing guideSupport the Show.
24:50 5/6/24
The Scoop on Sub Summit
Julie sits down with Sub Summit co-founder Paul Chambers for a candid conversation about what to expect at this year's event. From the CUBE Awards to his most anticipated speakers and more, this laid-back chat between two friends is a great way to learn more about the event and hear about how you might be able to go for free. Julie tells her story of how she cold-called the guys at Sub Summit (as a newbie back in 2017) and now has been on stage 7 times! Enjoy this fun, laid-back episode. https://subsummit.comSupport the Show.
32:35 4/29/24
Behind the Scenes with Antoinette of The Ring Boxes
Join me on a stroll down memory lane with the remarkable Antoinette Abrahamson, the entrepreneurial spirit behind The Ring Boxes and The Belly Bundle. Antoinette's passion for celebrations sparked the inception of her companies, offering brides-to-be and expectant mothers beautifully curated, cost-effective gifts. Our candid conversation takes us back to our early days, the trials of product sourcing, and the sheer delight of seeing our labors of love come to fruition. Listen in to her juicy story on a vendor gone bad and learn from her mistakes. As two entrepreneurs woven together by mutual support and growth, you'll love this conversation!RESOURCES MENTIONED Support the Show.
25:08 4/22/24
Add a subscription to your existing business
Thinking of adding a subscription service to your existing business? We've got what you need! Learn the 5Ps of successful integration in our new podcast episode.  You'll LOVE hearing how recurring revenue can change the trajectory of your business and how automatic shipments can be a HUGE win for your customers!Subscription Box pricing guide  Oats Overnight (referral link) Get $10 at Stickermule (new customers only, referral link) Support the Show.
12:20 4/15/24
Spring Cleaning your Subscription Box Business
Can you believe it's Q2 already? How about a little spring cleaning for your subscription box business? This episode is your guide to decluttering not just your physical space—be it a home office or a warehouse—but also your inventory and digital presence.  You'll ditch the clutter, feel rejuvenated and ready to get back in the game. Support the Show.
16:55 4/8/24
Facebook ads & napkin math with Josh Coffy (The Growth episode)
Prepare to have your mind blown, as e-commerce whiz Josh Coffy from E-commerce Alley joins us to reveal the secrets behind his clients' staggering $70 million sales figures, all thanks to Facebook ads and email marketing. If you're a subscription box entrepreneur looking to sharpen your ad strategy, this episode is your golden ticket. We're not just discussing the ins and outs of Facebook ads; we're diving into the compelling world of customer acquisition, strategic ad placements, and the nuances that turn good campaigns into great ones - like why that candid iPhone photo might just be your ad's best friend.Josh brings his years of expertise to the table, offering up a mix of foundational strategies (step-by-step) and advanced tactics that cater to the unique challenges of subscription box businesses, including understanding the pivotal role of lifetime customer value.Links:https://www.alleypodcast.comJosh's free group: for the Advantage Plus shopping campaign tutorialSupport the Show.
43:28 3/25/24
These subscription boxes nailed it
In this episode, Renae & Julie unpack the customer expeerience in our latest chit-chat, where we rave about the magic of subscription boxes like Universal Yums. You'll hear us gush over the immersive experiences Universal Yums create, not just through the savory bites but also through the cultural nuggets hidden within—think trivia, book suggestions, and the stories behind each snack. We're opening up about how these little boxes of joy connect us to far-off places, stirring up memories of almost-visits to Paris and ancestral ties to countries like Poland and Ukraine.Now, let's switch gears and talk savings and exclusive perks—but not the boring kind. We dissect the clever lure of Cinemark Movie Club's membership benefits and how accumulating credits can feel like finding hidden treasure.  We'll also give you the scoop on the ingenious marketing strategies that companies like Cinemark employ, such as a savings calculator that makes potential benefits feel tailor-made for you. So, tune in, get inspired to level up your own customer experience!https://www.universalyums.com the Show.
21:26 3/18/24
Buy Postage like a Pirate 🏴‍☠️
Are shipping costs plundering your subscription box profits? Anchors aweigh, my friends, because we have charted a course to treasure! Today's episode is like finding a secret map to shipping efficiency. We're talking about, a resource that's going to help you trim those sails on expenses and navigate the choppy waters of logistics. Get ready to hoist the Jolly Roger and let's set sail on the subscription box shipping adventure you never knew you needed! Too much pirate talk? 🤣 We couldn't help ourselves!Resources mentioned:Pirateship.comAmazon storefront for thermal printersSupport the Show.
11:18 3/11/24
The Art of Subscription Box Offers with Liam Brennan
Unlock the secret to irresistible subscription box offers as we welcome back Liam Brennan, co-founder of BusterBox.  If you've ever been puzzled about why some subscription boxes seem to magnetize sign-ups while yours may fall flat, this episode is for you! Discover how to craft offers that convert. 📦Liam is opening his Subscription Box Experts Academy on March 12th, 2024. This is the perfect next step if you are looking for more advanced training & its a great complimentary course to Subscription Box Bootcamp. ✅ Liam's Subscription Box Experts: If you use our link, we'll send you the Subscription Box Bootcamp workbook for free to make sure you have your foundations covered. ($199 value) It's over 250 full-color pages filled with training, templates and inspiration for your sub box journey!Support the Show.
18:30 3/4/24
10 Ways to Fund your Sub Box Business 💰
Ever dreamt of launching your own subscription box business but found your wallet less than cooperative? Fear not, as Julie Ball  spills the beans on 10 ways to fund your subscription box business. Ready to get a little scrappy to chase those dreams? Let's go!I see you checking out the list below...don't stop there! Listen to the whole episode for tips and stories to encourage you!Sell stuff on FB marketplaceSell clothes on Poshmark or a local consignment storeSell books at a local used book storeSign up for the Amazon Influencer program. My friend Kathleen has an amazing course to get you started! And here's my Amazon storefront.Offer Virtual Assistance (VA)Sell servicesCredit Card - Here's a referral link to my favorite (with cash-back rewards!)Pre-sell your boxShop around Cut backSupport the Show.
16:36 2/26/24
Sub Summit 2024 Preview
In this episode, you'll get all the details about Sub Summit 2024, the largest conference dedicated to subscription and membership businesses. Julie gets the scoop from Sub Summit Director of Marketing, Jennifer Cline. Hope to see you there!- When: June 17 - 19, 2024- Where: Dallas, TX- Pitch Competition $10k prize package, Applications close March 5, 2024- Cube Awards nominations close March 26, 2024Links mentioned:- (discounted room block)Support the Show.
38:39 2/19/24
Newbie Social Media Tips
Renae is rolling solo today with a focus on social media. While this episode is geared towards the newbies, it's loaded with great reminders for even seasoned sub box entrepreneurs! Grab a pen and paper for your notes and let's get crackin' on optimizing your subscription box's social media strategy!Support the Show.
26:05 2/12/24
Ultimate Product Party 2024
Meet Allison and Cat, the dynamic duo from the Ultimate Product Party, the GO-TO EVENT for product based businesses ready to sell, scale, and level up.  The event is May 7-9, 2024 in southern California.Through the buzz and energy of in-person connections, they invite you on the path to business growth and visibility, all set against the picturesque backdrop of Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County. They spill the tea on what to expect at this year's event - speakers, foundational workshops, networking & relationship-building. Learn about the the brand new "London Creates Things" UPP scholarship opportunity and how to get involved. We particularly love how Allison & Cat share behind-the-scenes of what it's like to put on a successful event like this! Get the details at and save $25 with code UPPJULIE. Apply for the scholarship here. Support the Show.
32:37 2/5/24
Beginner Email List Strategies with Jo Harris
New to email marketing? Feel empowered today with the wisdom of Jo Harris, professional conversion copywriter and the beautiful mind behind Virtual Mama. We cover 3 tangible tips to cultivate your email list—from garnering your first ten enthusiasts to hitting every milestone en route to your launch list goals. Join along as we brainstorm lead magnet ideas and share how stay consistent with our own email marketing.Links mentioned:The Virtual Mama on IGJo's List Lingo courseSupport the Show.
26:01 1/29/24
Why Start a Subscription Box Business?
Ever dreamed of crafting your own subscription box business, one that weaves together passion and profit? From the thrill of personalizing your business to creating a flexible work-life balance, we reveal how subscription boxes can be a platform for both financial growth and individual expression. Why do YOU want to start a subscription box business? Plus, we're buzzing to share our just-launched free video training series & new free resources for aspiring box creators. Not registered yet? Register here: the Show.
21:22 1/22/24
5 tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs 🌱
New to entrepreneurship? That's okay! In this episode, Julie drops 5 tips to apply to your new entrepreneurial journey. Even if you aren't new to running a business, these tips serve as a great reminder that you are in control and have exactly what you need to succeed!PS - here'a link to that tea Julie drinks to calm her racing mind. (Amazon affiliate link)Support the Show.
11:24 1/8/24
✨Word of the Year✨
Ever find yourself scribbling down New Year's resolutions, only to leave them behind like last year's forgotten leftovers? We've been there, and that's why this episode is all about forging a new path with the cue of a single guiding word. Join us as we dive into the transformative practice of setting intentions with a "word of the year." Forget the pressure of resolutions—this is about embracing adaptability and growth. Let this episode inspire you to embrace the 'less is more' philosophy, starting with a January office declutter challenge to set yourself up for a year of clarity and productivity. And remember, we're just a click away on Instagram, ready to connect over subscription box creativity and storytelling—let's make 2024 a year of meaningful connections. ✨Vision board episode 🛍️ Julie's products on Amazon are Swedish dishcloths, an eco-friendly alternative to sponges & paper towels. Support the Show.
21:12 1/1/24
Happy Holidays from Julie & Renae
As the holiday season approaches, we're setting aside our usual business chatter to welcome you into our cherished family traditions. Join us, your hosts Julie Ball and Renee Gonzalez, as we reveal our intimate holiday celebrations and the ways we keep our family traditions alive no matter the distance. Julie brings to life her family's long-standing Christmas Eve customs that have their roots in Slovakia and Poland. Get a taste of the unique old-world customs passed down through generations.Renae shares her family's NYE tradition of exploring the world together as a family! Where have they been and where are they going next? Tune in to find out!So gather 'round, and let's celebrate the holiday spirit and the joys of tradition together!Support the Show.
11:43 12/25/23
Holiday Wishlist for Sub Box Owners
We've rounded up a few of our favorite gifts for subscription box owners. Use for yourself or a box bestie. And remember, qualified business purchases are a tax write-off so check with your accountant on how this saves you on taxes!  Julie's wishlist for you: Rollo printer: Subscription Box Planner: (Physical planners have sold out since we recorded this episode, but digital versions still available!)Logitech pop keyboard & mouse: Renae's wishlist for you:Gratitude Journal : Dot: : (Try Audible Premium Plus and Get Up to Two Free Audiobooks)PS - Some of these are affiliate links, which gives us a little reward if you use our link, at no cost to you. Support the Show.
23:42 12/18/23
Source books for your box? Here's how to make it easier.
In today's episode, Julie sat down with Carrie Severson of Indie Book Box, to explore books and subscription boxes. As the co-founder of this innovative platform, Carrie takes us on her journey to launching Indie Book Box and how it's changing the game for indie authors. We dive into the specifics of their operations - the guidelines they follow when onboarding authors and publishers, and how they're shaking things up in the publishing world. Carrie even shares her personal experiences with burnout, offering relatable insights for those in the startup world.But that's not all! We also explore the multitude of advantages Indie Book Box offers to both subscription box owners and authors. Tired of endlessly scrolling through Amazon or other boxes to discover something worthwhile? Carrie explains how Indie Book Box simplifies the process and saves precious time. If you're an author or subscription box owner (or both,)  you'll want to learn this insider's perspective on how Indie Book Box operates and how it can streamline your operations. Support the Show.
20:23 12/11/23