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Have a subscription box idea, but not sure where to start? You are in the right place! Subscription Box Basics is a podcast for new and aspiring subscription box entrepreneurs. Hosts Julie Ball and Renae Gonzalez have been in the sub box game since 2016, shipping over 65,000 Sparkle Hustle Grow boxes equating to nearly $2.5 million in sales before selling the business for multiple six figures. Over the years, we've helped hundreds get their box idea off the ground and it's our passion to empower other women to build a business they love. ♡


Shipping from home? You need this!
This is a video about Shipping from home? You need this! Get the DIY Warehousing workshop for only $25 at then click on Workshops.WHAT YOU'LL GET:--Details on the essential supplies you need to run your warehouse PLUS quick links, saving you hours of research--Training on the ins and out of receiving bulk products at your home-based business. --An entire module dedicated to staying organized in your packing and shipping workspace--Tips for a smooth and efficient shipping process PLUS my secret weapon to keep shipping costs down.--Lifetime access to your student portal BONUSES:  --Bonus 1: Interviews with successful sub box owners that DIY their box fulfillment: Take a peek behind-the scenes for inspiration and helpful advice.--Bonus 2: Inventory Spreadsheet template -  Use this to manually track loose inventory in a streamline and sharable  doc. Perfect if you want to sell excess inventory in bulk to other box owners. --Bonus 3: Packing Day Checklist -  Use this for organizing your  workspace for packing day! Available as a PDF download and an editable Canva template. --Bonus 4: Vendor Tracker:  Use this template to track your favorite vendors all in one place. It will be a great go-to doc each month when you are ready to place product orders. --Bonus 5: Monthly Product Planner:  Use this for organizing your game plan for each box. Available as a PDF download and an editable Canva template.Enroll now at then click on Workshops.Support the show
10:17 3/20/23
Five Social Media Trends for 2023
Join Renae, your Subscription Box Basics Marketing Coach, for a quick episode to chat all things social media. She'll share some actionable advice, along with some inspiration to get you moving forward...instead of dragging your feet on your social game!Support the show
17:22 3/13/23
Subscription Industry trends and Sub Summit news
On today's episode, Julie chats with Jennifer Cline, Director of Marketing at Sub Summit. Jennifer shares some interesting findings and data points from the 2023 Annual Report Preview. Plus, get a teaser of what to expect at this year's Sub Summit, including a brand new event that Julie & Renae at SBB are hosting! Be sure to use the link below to get the free PDF and register for the webinar that Jennifer talked about. PS: Walmart+ is joining the webinar lineup! Don't miss it on March 8th! AND that very special Sub Summit ticket promo! Shhh, don't tell but did she seriously say BOGO!?Sub Summit website for schedule and tickets: competition: Industry Report Preview & upcoming webinar: Support the show
20:53 3/6/23
Done-for-you ads on Tik Tok
In this episode, Julie interviews a fellow subscription box coach, Liam Brennan, who is an expert in scaling subscription boxes with different marketing channels. Listen as he shares his experience on the the Tik Tok Creator Marketplace where you can get ads done for you by content creators. Listen all the way to the end where Liam tells you a shocking story that really solidifies the need to diversify your marketing channels. Links mentioned: Liam’s FB group - it’s back!  Subscription Box Experts course (affiliate link) Support the show
23:52 2/27/23
Our Secret Weapon for Communication
In this quick episode, Julie and Renae share details about Voxer, their favorite app for communication. It can take the place of emails, zoom calls, and DM/messenger apps. This is the app that keeps ideas flowing in the Subscription Box Basics world and was an important tool in their success running Sparkle Hustle Grow.Check it out at!Support the show
14:57 2/20/23
Two Weeks Notice with Amy Porterfield
Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs! Do you secretly wish you could leave your 9-5 to launch that subscription box idea you have? Then this is the episode for you! Julie sits down with Amy Porterfield to chat about her new book Two Weeks Notice - Find the courage to quit your job, make more money, work where you want, and change the world. In this book, Amy delivers a practical, proven plan that’s helped thousands of women design their own destinies. Tackling everything from how to conquer perpetual feelings of “not enoughness” to how to build an audience even if you have no idea where to start, Amy demystifies and deconstructs complex topics so they’re accessible to anyone, no matter their background. Two Weeks Notice is a guide to online business building that leaves no stone unturned for those looking to go all in on the life of their dreams. From corporate cubicle dweller to $72+ million in sales, 46,000+ students, 42 million podcast episode downloads, all from the comfort of where, when, and how she wants… Amy Porterfield has built a life she doesn’t need a vacation from and is on a mission to help millions of others do the same.The book comes out on 2/21/23 but if you pre-order, Amy will spoil you with some special bonuses. Head to Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Before building a multi-million dollar digital course business, Amy worked with mega-brands like Harley-Davidson and Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, where she oversaw the content team and collaborated on ground-breaking online marketing campaigns.Through her bestselling courses and popular podcast, Amy’s action-by-action approach proves that even the newest online entrepreneurs can bypass the overwhelm, and instead generate exciting momentum as they build a business they love.Support the show
33:32 2/6/23
Behind the Scenes of Buying a Sub Box Business
Julie has told you all about selling her subscription box, Sparkle Hustle Grow, in late summer 2022. Now that it's been six months, we thought you might like to hear from Carol, the new Chief Sparkler at Sparkle Hustle Grow. She tells Julie why she and her husband decided to buy an established business, what it was like learning the ropes and what's coming down the pipeline for SHG subscribers.Carol invites you to try Sparkle Hustle Grow for 50% off your first month! Just use the special code JULIESUBBOX at women empower women - please subscribe, rate and review Subscription Box Basics podcast is your favorite podcast player. Support the show
31:18 1/30/23
They did it...You can too!
In this week’s episode you are going to hear from the Subscription Box Bootcamp students about their experiences which can be very helpful especially to those who are thinking of starting their own subscription box business. They did can too!Sandra Burley of Self Care Sundays Box Katie Richardson of Year Cheer Box Latonya Williams of Renew Box Brittany Rhodes of Black Girl MATHgic Kate and Jess of Bunny Funbox Valeria Weber Williamson of Do a Shot of Yoga BoxLeah B. of Mother Snacker Flavia Gabriel of The Fabulous Planner Jocelyn of Dog Mom LifestylesAshley Weinert of Counting our Heroes HomeDuffy Betterton of The Ballroom Box Becky Launder of Modern Direct Seller Box You are invited to enroll in Subscription Box Bootcamp, an online course and community created by Julie Ball, subscription box coach and founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow . It’s built to get you from point A to point B as quickly and easily as possible, holding your hand through the five stages of your Subscription Box Journey: Idea, Pre-launch, Launch, Systems and Scale stages. Over 60 short, actionable video lessons Worksheets to build your business plan Templates for creating your systemsMarketing swipe files and templatesPrivate online communityResources like peer-sourced vendor list and access to our Dream TeamOver $500 in BonusesSubscription Box Bootcamp will teach you how to launch a profitable subscription box business.Get more details at Support the show
14:47 1/23/23
📦 The New & Improved Subscription Box Bootcamp 📦
Subscription Box Bootcamp is a course and community to provide you the step-by-step training, templates and support to finally launch your subscription box! Its helped hundreds launch their box! Join at The NEWLY UPDATED course includes:🔥 Over 60 short, actionable video lessons (available in browser or our new app)🔥 Worksheets to build your business, step by step🔥 Templates and checklists for creating your systems🔥 Marketing swipe files and templates to make it easy🔥 Private online community for connection and support 🔥 Resources like planning calculators and vendor list to cut your research time dramatically   Plus amazing BONUSES!💥 Bonus 1: Welcome Box (over $100 value)💥 Bonus 2: DIY Photography Workshop ($150 value) 💥 Bonus 3: Build a Viral Giveaway training ($100 value)💥 Bonus 4: Private Pro Box Critique ($100 value)Check the website for more surprise bonuses!The course is self-paced and most launch their business within 3 months! Can you imagine!? Jan 2023 Updates:- Course has been moved to Kajabi, allowing you to access via app- Live Chat support during business hours- Software module including a new bonus from Subbly- Guest expert training on affiliate marketing from Share a Sale- Master checklists- Timeline - to-do list - More Digital worksheets- More examples- More calculators- Accountability checkins via email- Box Business Plan framework- Mindset training- Super special VIP upgrade now available that will give you one on one support during your first 3 monthsJoin at the show
32:20 1/16/23
Quick checklist to refresh your website ✅
When was the last time you refreshed your website? The beginning of the year is a GREAT time to go through Renae’s quick checklist to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Honestly, it’s a great exercise to come back to several times a year. Listen to today’s quick episode and take action on these easy website refresh to-do’s:Remove any holiday images, offers, banners, pop-ups and lead magnets. Don’t have a lead magnet to collect emails? Put that on your to-do list.Update any date specific content like your copyright footer or statistics that might be out of dateCheck all your links Update pictures with more recent photos Add excess inventory to your one time shopUpdate or add social proof like testimonials and ask your subscribers for feedbackCheck your website both on mobile view AND desktop view - Design, functionality, linksWe’d love to see your website! Send us a link at the show
19:17 1/9/23
Create your subscription box business plan
Having a business plan laid out neatly has so many benefits. It gives you clarity and builds a solid foundation on which you can grow. It helps you stay focused on the big picture plan, and it's an absolute necessity if you're seeking an investor or some other kind of funding.It's baaaack....Introducing Box Business Plan Live: A Five-Day Virtual Workshop To Get It Done. And you are invited. This is for you if you don't have a business plan for your subscription box yet, or if you're just in the idea stage. We’ve designed this workshop to get you results without overwhelm. The party starts Monday, January 16th And in just five days, you will have your very own subscription box business plan. The live program includes the following: 5 days of core trainingBonus mindset trainingPop-up Facebook group to connect Live office hours for Q&A (replay will be available)The transformation you’ll experience: More confidence AND a business plan by the end of the week. 🔥It's our hope that this program lights a fire for so many of you to take that next step. It's going to be so much fun. Get more details, FAQs, and enroll at the show
10:57 1/2/23
2022 Year End Wrap-up
We feel it’s so important to reflect back at the end of the year to celebrate your wins and see how far you’ve come. In this episode, we sit down to recap our past 12 months and encourage you to do the same! Wishing you a fabulous holiday season and we can’t wait to support you in 2023!Links mentioned:BoxBesties.comSubscriptionBoxBasics.comSupport the show
34:49 12/26/22
Dream up an ✨Amazing 2023✨ with Renae
Getting a clear vision of what you want your future to look like can be so impactful when doing towards your goals. If you don’t know where you are going, how are you supposed to know how to get there and how do you even know when you’ve arrivedYour Marketing Coach Renae is rolling solo today on the mic to share how you can manifest or dream up your future using vision boards, a fun exercise that she has done for decades to help her build an amazing life. This can be as practical or as “woo” as you want it to be. The fact is, both Renae AND Julie have seen this work in their own lives - both in work and personal lives. Her challenge to you: Visualize what your dream subscription box business will look like in 2023! Some people love the idea of a starting with a blank slate, but it can really be overwhelming to others. If you’d like some vision board resources to get you started, DM Renae on our Instagram @subscriptionboxbasics or simply use these templates on Canva: the show
24:24 12/19/22
It Doesn't Have To Be So Lonely
Have you ever felt like you’re on an island when working from home? We’re both extroverts and thrive best with social interaction… which doesn’t happen all that often as entrepreneurs.In this episode, we chat about how being a part of a community can make entrepreneurship less lonely, with benefits like…Finding new opportunitiesGet and give support to people who really get what you’re going throughConnections can become true friendships, or even like familyHaving a sounding board and collaboratorsAccountability and encouragementIf you are looking for an amazing community to share your subscription box journey with, look no further than Support the show
22:00 12/12/22
Let's be Box Besties! 💖
On today’s episode, Julie and Renae dish all the details on Box Besties, a small group coaching program for subscription box business owners. This brand new program is like no other!Box Besties is...Part group coaching, part mastermind, part girls trip! Starting March 2023, we’ll spend six weeks together online growing our businesses and making connections that will last well past the programs end date.SIX WEEKS OF✨Live Video Calls to network and have fun✨ ✨Short, actionable micro-trainings✨ ✨Private Community to connect✨ ✨Guest Experts to share their experience and teach✨ ✨The Support System you've been craving✨ ✨Access to Subscription Box Coaches Julie Ball and Renae Gonzalez✨🌴  PLUS Exclusive Box Besties Retreat Ticket 🌴(Retreat will be stateside in fall 2023 TBD; travel expenses not included) Enrollment includes over $1k in bonuses! Enrollment is now open. Only 30 spots available!Get all the details and join at Support the show
38:21 12/5/22
Sweet Success with Candace Nelson
As you know by now, personal development is our jam at Sub Box Basics. We built an entire subscription box business around it. There’s so much to learn from other entrepreneurs, especially those that pepper FUN in the game!In today’s episode, Julie interviews Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, judge of Cupcake Wars and author of Sweet Success: A Simple Recipe to Turn your Passion into Profit. (which just came out Nov 8th!)Candace Nelson is a serial entrepreneur, a New York Times bestselling author, Wall Street Journal contributor and an expert in turning one’s passion into a profitable business. Her book, Sweet Success: A Simple Recipe For Turning Your Passion Into Profit will be published by HarperCollins Leadership in November 2022. Candace Nelson revolutionized the baking industry when she left a career in finance to start Sprinkles, the world's first cupcake bakery and Cupcake ATM. Nelson followed with the launch of Pizzana, a growing chain of Michelin Bib Gourmand-awarded pizzerias leading the third wave of pizza in the US. She continues to expand her portfolio of investments with CN2 Ventures and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, and Norwich terrier, Willy.LINKSGet Candace’s book, Sweet Success, at (affiliate link)Learn more about Candace Nelson at https://candace-nelson.com be eligible to win Julie’s copy of the book, screenshot this podcast episode and share on Instagram, tagging @candancenelson and @subscriptionboxbasics. We’ll pick a winner on December 5th, 2022. Support the show
21:35 11/28/22
Five easy ways to make Holiday bundles
It’s game time for product business owners like you. In today’s episode, Julie talks about 5 easy ways to make holiday bundles. They don’t take weeks of planning and in fact, you can launch these bundles with items you already have. Add these to your Q4 playbook to increase your average cart value, move inventory and make more sales!Support the show
14:53 11/21/22
Video apps we love for IG Reels
It can be daunting to get in the game when it comes to video marketing. Instagram has made it quite clear that their algorithm favors accounts that use Reels. Listen to today’s episode as we chat about our favorite video editing apps that might it easier to create reels, plus we share some of our top tips on managing the process. Links you want:InStories - Videoleap - -  (affiliate link)The trip montage reel that Julie mentioned - simple box flip reel that Renae mentioned: Support the show
22:35 11/14/22
One on one Subscription Box Coaching
ICYMI, check out last week’s episode to hear about our recent rebranding and how coach Renae is joining the podcast on the regular! SO exciting!Along with the rebrand, we’re adding new opportunities to help you! In today’s episode, we break down the new one on one subscription box coaching offer. Whether you want to do a virtual VIB (Very Important Box) day or a series of shorter calls, we will meet you where you are to maximize your success. Find more details at our brand new website at the show
27:36 11/7/22
Big Announcement - Cha Cha Changes
Join us, your hosts Julie Ball and Renae Gonzalez, for a big announcement on the SBB brand and future subscription box coaching programs! After the sale of Sparkle Hustle Grow, we were often asked "Now what?" Today's episode covers that topic. Come along for the ride!Check out all the details at the show
17:29 10/31/22
Sub Summit 2023: A Sneak Peek with Jennifer of SUBTA
We've been talking about the value of in-person events over the past two weeks and I've been sharing about events I already have on the calendar for 2023. Last week, you met Allison and Cat, founders of the Ultimate Product Party. This week, I'm chatting with Jennifer Cline, Director of Marketing for SUBTA and my favorite event of the year, Sub Summit. We chat a bit about navigating Q4 and then she spills the tea on some incredible opportunities available to you. Links mentioned: the show
29:39 10/24/22
Ultimate Product Party
Last week, I shared 10 reasons why in-person events should be a part of your budget. Clearly, I very much believe in the power of events. So over the next two episodes, I'm interviewing some friends that run events for our industry. Today, I am joined by Allison and Cat from the Ultimate Product Party. I'm super excited to be speaking at this event in Nashville TN in May 2023. Check out and if it sounds like a good fit for you, grab you a ticket!Links:Get your UPP tix at  (affiliate link)Follow UPP at the show
35:13 10/17/22
10 Reasons to Budget for In-Person Events
#135 - Welcome back to Subscription Box Basics; I'm your host, Julie Ball. Last week, we shared tips on getting featured in Holiday Gift Guides - why it’s important and where to find opportunities to pitch. If you haven't listened yet, you should check that one. Today, I will share ten(10) reasons why in-person events should be a part of your budget.Tune in now, and don't miss out on helpful tips!Summary:One: Building relationships (01:04)Two: Brand visibility (01:57)Three: Meet vendors (03:47)Four: Collaborations (04:53)Five: Learning new things (05:33)Six: Unique opportunities (06:35)Seven: Earning revenue (07:55)Eight: Access (08:59)Nine: Team building (10:50)Ten: To have fun (11:46)Support the show
15:21 10/10/22
Get Featured in Holiday Gift Guides
#134 - Welcome back to Subscription Box Basics, I'm your host, Julie Ball. Last week, we are joined by Jessica Principe and Becky Hoy of The Subscription Box Planner as they talk about the story behind the creation of the Planner. If you haven't listened yet, you should go check that one. Today, I am so happy to share some tips on how you can get featured in Holiday Gift Guides which can have a huge impact on Q4 sales. Listen to it now and go on, take action!Summary:What’s the big deal about Q4? (00:21)Why is it important to get featured in holiday gift guides? (03:23)Sparkle Hustle Grow being featured in Forbes + Its Ripple Effects (04:19)Where to find opportunities to pitch  (05:15)The easiest way to find opportunities (05:39)Let’s talk about “What to Pitch + Three Categories” (10:34)How should you pitch? (11:59)What to do if you’ve never been featured in a holiday gift guide before (18:01)Sample pitch———————I’m writing to submit my subscription box for your holiday gift guide! Let me know if you need a sample box sent to you! Also, we are on ShareASale, if that's a platform you use.Sparkle Hustle Grow is a monthly subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. It's for the boss babe, the go-getter, and the side hustler. Each box includes 4-6 items like books, chic office supplies and tech gadgets. In addition to the physical items, subscribers also get access to online business training and a vibrant online community. ⭐ Forbes: Best Subscription Box To Gift the #BossBabe.⭐️ Brit + Co: Featured as one of the best subscription gift boxes⭐️ Mashable: Best box for Entrepreneurs: By women, for women.⭐️ #2 Best Lifestyle Box by USA Today 10Best What makes us unique:💖 Women-owned, family operated.♻️ Our boxes are recyclable and together with our box printer, we plant 20x the trees used for the boxes.📌 The purchase is a write-off for small business owners, unique to our industry. #BestBusinessExpenseEver Links:* Website:* Instagram:* HARO: * Media assets: (url)  Happy to send a sample box - just let me know where to ship!Thanks for considering us! ———Support the show
20:38 10/3/22
Planning for Sub Box Success with Jessica Principe and Becky Hoy of The Subscription Box Planner
#133 - In this week's episode of Subscription Box Basics, you will meet Jessica Principe and Becky Hoy of The Subscription Box Planner. Jessica and Becky will talk about how you can successfully run, grow, and organize your Subscription Box Business using a planner designed specifically for you. SUMMARY:Meet Jessica Principe and Becky (00:51)How they started the Subscription Box Planner (02:25)How does the Subscription Box Planner work (09:52)Using Task Batching effectively (17:28)Their favorite part in the subscription box planner (24:36) LINKS AND RESOURCES:Subscription Box Bootcamp: Page: Subscription Box PlannerConnect with Jessica:LinkedIn: with Becky:IG: the show
31:44 9/26/22
Sell Your Sub Box Business with Christine of The Magnolia Fiirm
Christine McDannell is the Principal and Lead Business Intermediary of The Magnolia Firm, a boutique brokerage consultancy helping business owners achieve the perfect exit.She is passionate about all things business - especially helping empower female entrepreneurs to manifest the life they deserve through their dream business sale.www.TheMagnoliaFirm.coIG: TO ASK A BROKER / BUSINESS INTERMEDIARYSupport the show
32:37 9/19/22
How I Sold my Subscription Box Business
Links mentioned:In the last episode, I shared WHY I sold my subscription box business. And now I'm sharing HOW I sold my sub box business.The Magnolia FirmLoom for SOPsHashtag LegalSupport the show
37:24 9/12/22
Why I Sold my Subscription Box Business
I'm so happy to be back from my summer break and have some big news to share...Did you hear? I sold Sparkle Hustle Grow! Yes, I sold my subscription box business! This business was started as a side hustle and it sold for multiple six figures in only 94 days! Listen to this episode to hear why I sold my subscription box business...and in my next episode, I'll share how I sold it. Links mentioned:Sparkle Hustle GrowThe Magnolia FirmSupport the show
19:11 9/5/22
Making your First Hire Easy with Abbey Ashley of Hello Savvy
#129 - In this week's episode of Subscription Box Basics, you will meet Abbey Ashley of Hello Savvy. Abbey will help us understand more on how freelancers in general can help you grow your business. Abbey will also talk about her new platform “Hello Savvy” - a platform to hire freelancers. So grab your pen and paper now and take note of the things that you might need when hiring a freelancer for your business.SUMMARY:Get to know Abbey (1:40)What is a freelancer (4:57)Tips on hiring a freelancer (8:30)How does Hello Savvy work (26:22)LINKS AND RESOURCESSubscription Box Bootcamp: Page: Hustle Grow: Use the code SBBPODCAST to get $10 off of your first boxHello Savvy: the show
30:51 7/11/22
Email Marketing with Brittany the Queen of Evergreen
#128 - In this week's episode of Subscription Box Basics, you will meet Brittany Long also known as the Queen of Evergreen and the Founder of Win with Systems that helps business owners bring in more revenue through email marketing.Brittany will help us understand the importance of email campaigns and how to effectively use them to grow our business.SUMMARY:Get to know Brittany (1:10)Pre-Launch and Launch Tactics with Evergreen (6:35)Tips from Evergreen (19:54)Resources from Evergreen (29:14)LINKS AND RESOURCESSubscription Box Bootcamp: Page: Hustle Grow: Use the code SBBPODCAST to get $10 off of your first boxWin With Systems Site: and Wow: Anyday: the show
31:00 6/27/22