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DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

"A poodocast about making things up and making things happen." L.A.-based writer-performer Dennis Hensley interviews a different creative person each week about what they do, why they do it, and how they keep it going. Past guests have included authors, actors, photographers, musicians, screenwriters, acrobats and one visual artist who makes cartoons centered around dead houseflies.


THE BOYS WHO BRUNCH: w/ writer Sean Abley, actors Bill Brochtrup and Parnell Damone Marcano and sound designer Jeff Gardner 40:45 06/14/2021
SHAPED BY SYLVESTER: Tiki Spills the Tea - hosted by Steven Reigns 27:47 06/03/2021
Author Michael Anthony ("Life at Hamilton"): The No-Look Pour Never Goes Well 88:30 05/30/2021
Singer-Actor-Dancer-Only Fans Entrepreneur Valton Jackson: "Everyone Should Be Unapologetically Who They Are" 95:04 05/15/2021
Comedian Jim David (Gay Jokes for Straight Cruisers): "I Finally Found My Niche" 33:08 05/06/2021
Actress-Singer Kathy Deitch ("Titanique"): "I Was Just Adorable" 78:34 04/24/2021
Actor Randy Harrison ("Cock"): I Want To Be Challenged and Amazed" 53:23 04/06/2021
Filmmaker Jon Garcia and actors Ernesto Reyes & Jesse Tayeh ("Luz"): "Love Takes Courage" 67:04 03/24/2021
Jackie Beat & Danny Pintauro (Who's Da Boss?): "My Feet Hurt From Paving the Way" 76:39 03/06/2021
2020 Movie Wrap Up w/ Glenn Gaylord & Michael Dougherty 107:07 02/15/2021
Actor-Writer Ryan J. Haddad (Hi, Are You Single?): "The Milkshakes Are Here!" 73:18 02/01/2021
Breaking Fast Filmmaker Mike Mosallam & actor Amin El Gamal: "A Journey That Looked Like Mine" 31:19 01/18/2021
Actor-Writer-Director Tom DeTrinis: "You Need To Dance Like Him" 60:19 12/29/2020
Deven Green & Ned Douglas: "I'm Not a Farmer. Of course, I'm Going to Get Dressed Up" 35:08 12/16/2020
Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell ("Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love 1850s to 1950s"): The Embrace Heard Around the World 80:51 12/07/2020
Writer-Producer Sean Dwyer ("Holiday Rush"): "We Had to CGI The Spring Flowers Out" 39:23 12/01/2020
Author Paria Hassouri ("Found in Transition"): "Now She's Super-Hugger" 63:55 11/12/2020
Jon Lawrence Rivera & Jon Imparato (Director & Producer of "March"): "It's Only 16 Cars, People" 31:23 10/22/2020
Filmmaker Nicol Paone ("Friendsgiving"): "The Turkey Leg Was Here and Not Here" 21:55 10/20/2020
Actor-Writer David Pevsner ("Musical Comedy Whore"): "The Only Comment is Puke" 71:20 10/03/2020
Singer-Songwriter-Actor Levi Kreis: "I Don't Walk Around Showing It To People" 78:27 09/10/2020
Neon Trees Frontman Tyler Glenn: "Elder Glenn Demos Were Floating Around My Mission" 91:42 08/31/2020
Comedian Misha D: "I Am A Little Extra" 75:49 08/13/2020
Author Byron Lane ("A Star is Bored"): "This Is Downton Abbey and You're the Downstairs" 83:05 07/29/2020
Author Matthew Todd ("Pride"): "I Needed to Hear 'Express Yourself' When I Was 16" 101:49 06/29/2020
Author Brent Hartinger ("The Otto Digmore Decision"): "A Transendant Bag of Doritos" 73:09 06/18/2020
Filmmaker Jeffrey McHale (You Don't Nomi": "We're Not Done With It" 39:14 06/08/2020
Filmmaker John Paul Su ("Toto"): Oh Wow, I Have a Feature Now 49:43 05/11/2020
Author/Actor Maulik Pancholy ("The Best at It"): "I Wrote the Book I Wish I Had at 12" 83:00 04/28/2020
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Brian Mahan: "That Car Wreck Was Just for Me" 60:01 04/20/2020