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Weekly sermon podcast from Wishart Community Church in Brisbane, Australia. A church committed to knowing, obeying, and sharing the truths contained within the Word of God, for the glory of God.


Counterfeit deity
Preacher: Jack De Vries Scripture: Revelation 13 Support the show
40:31 12/04/2022
Jesus' baptism and the new creation
Preacher: Troy Smalley Scripture: Matthew 3:15-17 Support the show
26:05 11/27/2022
An open door to heaven
Preacher: Gerhard Oberholzer Passage: Revelation 11 Support the show
32:49 11/20/2022
The writing on the wall
Preacher: Francois van der Walt (de Hoog) Passage: Daniel 5 Support the show
20:55 11/13/2022
Finding victory
Preacher: Jack De Vries Passage: Revelations 12 Support the show
36:18 11/06/2022
Living in the light of God's faithfulness
Preacher: Jono Deenick Passage: Genesis 24 Support the show
43:34 10/30/2022
Two ways, words and witness
Preacher: Jim de Witte Passage: Mathew 7: 13-23 Support the show
32:02 10/23/2022
Reformed distinctives 2: A Christian worldview
Preacher: Bill Berends Passage: Romans 12:2 Support the show
31:39 10/16/2022
A lasting legacy of life
Preacher: Marty Robinson Passage: 2 Timothy 1:1-7 Support the show
36:38 10/09/2022
Come up here
Preacher: Jack De Vries Passage: Revelation 11  Support the show
37:44 10/02/2022
Walking in truth and love
Preacher: Nathanael Remminga Passage: 2 John Support the show
32:00 09/25/2022
Don't worry
Preacher: Jim de Witte Passage: Matthew 6:25-34 Support the show
31:36 09/18/2022
The moment of truth
Preacher: Francois Van der Walt Passage: Daniel Chapter 4 Support the show
31:20 09/11/2022
Reformed distinctives, 1: Worship
Preacher: Bill Berends  Passage: Exodus 32: 1-8 Support the show
40:12 09/04/2022
The foundation of evangelism
Preacher: Joshua Hartog Support the show
30:38 08/28/2022
The gift of prayer
Preacher: Jono Deenick Passage: Matthew 7:7-12Support the show
34:47 08/21/2022
Through the powerful working of the Holy Spirit
Preacher: Gerhard Oberholzer Passage: Acts 19:1-10 Support the show
29:35 08/14/2022
What to do when the heat's turned up
Preacher: Francois van der Walt Preacher: Daniel 3 and 2 Corinthians 4 Support the show
31:06 08/07/2022
The Ark and the Lord is re-established in Israel
Preacher: Juhan Klooster Scripture: 2 Samuel 6 Support the show
36:37 07/31/2022
Where is your heart?
Preacher: Jim de Witte Passage: Matthew 6:19-24 Support the show
30:50 07/24/2022
On fire for Christ
Preacher: Dr. Bill Berends Passage: Luke 24: 13-32Support the show
32:00 07/17/2022
Sweet and sour
Preacher: Jack de Vries Passage: Revelation 10 Support the show
36:26 07/10/2022
Investing the gospel
Preacher: Tony Van Drimmelen Passage: Luke 19: 11-27Support the show
39:45 07/03/2022
Prayer is powerful
Preacher: Juhan Klooster Scripture: Luke 11:1-13 Support the show
30:16 06/19/2022
Preacher: Jack De Vries Scripture: Revelation 7 Support the show
27:22 06/12/2022
Grace Changes Our Relationships
Preacher: Nathanael Remminga Passage: 1 John 4:7-12 Support the show
34:06 06/06/2022
Promote life
Passage: Matthew 5:17-26 Preacher: Jono Deenick Support the show
35:02 05/29/2022
Living out the Beatitudes
Preacher: Jim de Witte Passage: Matthew 5:13-16 Support the show
31:37 05/22/2022
The fruit of justification is peace and hope
Passage: Romans 5:1-5 Preacher: Juhan Klooster Support the show
27:54 05/15/2022
How long until the Lord Jesus will return and make all things new?
Passage: Revelation 6Preacher: Jack De VriesSupport the show
34:46 05/08/2022