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The Real Deal On...Success!

Get the Real Deal On success, business, relationships, health, finance and more from real deal masters! As a master practitioner and trainer of NLP, published author, participated in multiple Grammy-winning records and a former Top National Trainer with Tony Robbins, Dug has unique insights and skills to uncover success formulas.


ReInvention after Prison. How to start over! Cesar R Espino gets Real! 70:55 12/28/2021
Kidnapped and held hostage for 20 months and survived to share his tale! Living with Purpose! 86:52 09/27/2021
ReInventing your health after injury! How to turn passion into purpose! 61:38 09/20/2021
Get Fit Now! KUTImack shares The Real Deal On... Success and Fitness! 67:05 09/13/2021
Grow Your Blog and Vlog with Tim Gillette! How to build an audience organically 72:48 09/12/2021
What is Radio Promotion? How to succeed in Radio Promotion. Munsey Ricci of Skateboard Marketing gets REAL! 79:49 05/17/2021
How to Gamify Coaching! Joseph Varghese shares The Real Deal On... Success! 92:49 05/03/2021
How to create an online coaching business. How AJ Mihrzad transformed from personal trainer to online coach! Get the Real Deal! 78:53 04/19/2021
The Right Side host Doug Billings shares how to overcome your fears and go for your dreams! 79:59 04/05/2021
Creating lasting success in the music industry! Shane Keister, county music icon gets Real! 73:45 03/29/2021
How to Succeed as a Magician and Entrepreneur! Greg Gleason shares the Real Deal! 108:55 03/22/2021
How to Succeed in Sales! Matt Millen, CEO of and superstar sales leader gets Real 75:59 03/15/2021
How to succeed in the Sales and Consulting industry! What it takes to make it happen! 55:31 03/08/2021
How to create raving fans! Fanocracy author David Meerman Scott gets Real! 46:00 03/01/2021
How to succeed in Real Estate after losing it all! DJ Thielen get Real! 102:12 02/22/2021
How to master our relationship with Technology and Succeed! What is the future of technology? 86:30 02/15/2021
How to succeed in the music business! Peter Zizzo, Emmy and Grammy winner, gets Real. 102:32 02/08/2021
Can Laughter heal trauma? Has political correctness killed comedy? Have we lost our funny bone? 49:51 02/01/2021
How to succeed networking! How to Grow your Network and Networth with The Go Giver, Bob Burg. 33:54 01/25/2021
How to create win win opportunities for charities. Pay it Forward to Profit. 81:35 01/18/2021
How to market your speaking business. David Newman shares The Real Deal On... Do It Marketing 57:06 01/11/2021
How to Succeed as a Professional Speaker! James Malinchak shares The Real Deal On... With Dug 55:21 01/04/2021
How Let Go, Let God and experience awareness! The Awareness Process with Sophie McLean 73:21 12/28/2020
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How to create Health and Wealth during chaotic times! Make Money at home! Dr. Fab gets Real! 66:56 12/14/2020
How to succeed in the music industry. Live drums vs programmed. Steven Wolf shares The Real Deal 109:47 12/07/2020
What is Cost Segregation? Julio Gonzalez shares The Real Deal On tax strategies and beyond! 46:22 11/30/2020
How to be a Successful Magician with Murray Sawchuck - Get The Real Deal On... Magic 61:13 11/23/2020
How to create 100 Millionaires - Gualter Amarelo shares The Real Deal On... Real Estate Investing 100:34 11/16/2020
How to Be a Power Couple.James Arthur Ray and Bear get Real with Dug & Heidi guest hosting 79:12 11/09/2020