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Welcome to The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast where your hosts Aaron Agte and Trishul Patel go beyond traditional finance questions to help you explore how to use your money to achieve the freedom you want in life. Aaron is a Financial Planner from the Bay Area, and Trishul is a Wealth Manager on the East Coast. For more information about Aaron, check out And for more information on Trishul check out We thank you all for listening, and stay tuned for our latest episode on our website, Graystone Advisor, LLC is a registered investment adviser offering advisory services in the State of California and in other jurisdictions where exempt from registration. Investing Forever LLC (d/b/a, Investing Forever Advisory) is a registered investment adviser offering advisory services in the State of Pennsylvania and in other jurisdictions where exempted.


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#89. Are independent RIAs better? Here's what to consider first. 62:24 08/24/2021
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#72. How many people actually beat the market? 65:10 04/27/2021
#71. Three ways to hack your refinance. 67:56 04/20/2021
#70. Which state pays the highest taxes? These latest numbers will shock you. 49:47 04/13/2021
#69. Uncover the unknown unknowns of cost basis to unlock real savings. 40:52 04/06/2021
#68. Don't get burned by what you don't know about cost basis. 56:19 03/30/2021
#67. If you are in this lucky minority, the Biden Tax Plan will burn you. 69:29 03/23/2021
#66. Brittany Mollica: Master your credit score. 54:12 03/16/2021
#65. The most important financial advice for someone in their 20's. 55:40 03/09/2021
#64. Don't let FOMO take control of this critical part of your life. 60:01 03/02/2021
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#61. The market's at an all-time high (again!). Now what? 54:57 02/09/2021