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Points to Ponder with Saint Pierre

Positive message! Food for thought! Encouragement!


Reclaim Your Hope
Whether misplaced, robbed, or left behind, you can reclaim your hope!
09:34 08/22/2022
Take Hope With You
Hope is a powerful force that can help us survive if we remember to take it with us. 
10:10 07/31/2022
Hate Has A Loudmouth
With words as weapons, the mouth of Hate spews disgust and disdain for everything not of its own. 
08:18 12/17/2021
The Hands of Hate
Hate sets its hands to destroy anyone in the way of its quest for domination. 
07:06 12/17/2021
Dream Big not American
Dreams are made to be lived! And they are not limited to geographical locations.
08:18 12/17/2021
Beware of Dream Killers
Not everyone wants to see your dreams come to pass. 
06:16 12/17/2021
When The Dream Dies
The death of a dream is not the end.
11:16 12/17/2021
The Heart of Hate
The Anatomy of Hate includes its heart -- The Heart of Hate.
09:40 12/17/2021
The Mind of Hate
Hate has a mind. It has a central place where belief systems and behaviors are borne.
06:36 12/17/2021