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Leaders Of Transformation | Conscious Business | Global Transformation | Leadership Development

The Leaders of Transformation is a podcast, a community, and a movement. Want to make a positive impact in the world? Build a mission-based business? Transform people's lives with your ideas, strengths and passion? Every week our host Nicole Jansen interviews conscious business leaders and difference makers who are changing the world one conversation at a time. Tune in to hear inspiring stories of leadership, transformation, overcoming obstacles, and global impact. From transforming the way we do business and relate with others, to freeing women and children from human trafficking, and protecting our planet, these leaders of transformation will inspire and equip you to be the difference maker and world changer you are capable of being. Subscribe to hear all the latest episodes and get your weekly boost!


397: Healthy Strong Mind and Body with Mario Tomic 37:51 09/24/2021
396: Aligning For Greater Success with Art Johnson 29:15 09/17/2021
395: Stop Drifting and Pivot to Positive with David Ibarra 32:00 09/10/2021
394: Disrupting Corporate Culture Myths with David G. White Jr., Ph.D 40:39 08/27/2021
393: Social Media For Business Success with Adam Gray 45:50 08/20/2021
392: Ethical Leadership for a Modern World with Yonason Goldson 47:34 08/13/2021
391: Connecting with Yourself and Others with Maria Fudas 39:43 08/06/2021
390: Reinventing Capitalism Through Employee Ownership with Jennifer Briggs 48:14 07/30/2021
389: Career Changes That Matter with Barb Garrison 45:48 07/23/2021
388: Finding Your Healthy Place with Tim O'Brien 45:33 07/16/2021
387: Bridging The Leadership Gap with Jenn Donahue 34:09 07/09/2021
386: Fighting Against Child Sexual Abuse with Chris Wexler 44:35 06/24/2021
385: Leading Together with Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield, and Travis Marsh 45:48 06/14/2021
384: Alignment - Unlock Your Full Potential with JB The Wizard 42:53 06/07/2021
383: Becoming a Catalyst for Positive Life Change with Glenn Lundy 46:15 05/31/2021
382: How to Resonate as a Leader with Dr. Ginny Whitelaw 43:48 05/24/2021
381: Using Business as a Force for Good with Andrew Gottlieb 40:49 05/17/2021
380: Inspiring Literacy in Children with Susie Harder 50:53 05/10/2021
379: Leading the John Wooden Way with Lynn Guerin 48:01 05/03/2021
378: Transforming Lives in Kenya with Alayna Aiken 35:24 04/26/2021
377: Integrity in Politics: Redefining Leadership with Deke Copenhaver 39:16 04/20/2021
376: Post Traumatic Growth - Thriving After Trauma with Ken Falke 41:09 04/13/2021
375: Multiplying Your Impact As A Leader with Richard Medcalf 49:02 04/06/2021
374: Sexual Alchemy For A Better World with Nakula Das 54:04 03/29/2021
373: Living By Choice and Not By Chance with Chris Yonker 33:35 03/22/2021
372: Techno-Resiliency and the Mandate To Be Great with Dr. Rob Graham 39:20 03/15/2021
371: Empowering Human Trafficking Survivors To Be Changemakers with Sarah Symons 35:52 03/08/2021
370: Transforming New Leader Development with Thomas Kolditz 45:05 03/01/2021
369: Transforming How Companies Engage Former Employees with James Sinclair 40:45 02/22/2021
368: Protecting Our Oceans with Lilly Woodbury 37:52 02/15/2021