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The Leaders of Transformation is a podcast, a community, and a movement. Want to make a positive impact in the world? Build a mission-based business? Transform people's lives with your ideas, strengths and passion? Every week our host Nicole Jansen interviews conscious business leaders and difference makers who are changing the world one conversation at a time. Tune in to hear inspiring stories of leadership, transformation, overcoming obstacles, and global impact. From transforming the way we do business and relate with others, to freeing women and children from human trafficking, and protecting our planet, these leaders of transformation will inspire and equip you to be the difference maker and world changer you are capable of being. Subscribe/follow us to hear all the latest episodes and get your weekly boost!


447: Unlocking Life Mastery For You with Dr. John Demartini
What does it take to transform your life? Get ready to learn from a master! Dr. John Demartini is a world-leading human behavior specialist, best-selling author, educator, and founder of the Demartini Institute, dedicated to empowering people all over the world to maximize their human awareness, potential, and leadership. A visionary thinker, Dr. Demartini educates entrepreneurs, board members, CEO’s, managers and employees through sharing revolutionary tools in modern psychology. Dr. Demartini has worked directly with companies including IBM, Shell Oil, Merrill-Lynch, and Maserati/Ferrari, as well as many other organizations and individuals looking to achieve results and excellence. He has authored 43 books that have been translated into 40 different languages and presented his insights alongside the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Steve Wozniak and more.   Harnessing almost five decades of research across multiple disciplines, Dr. John Demartini shares his life, business, financial, and leadership empowerment strategies with people all over the globe - enabling them to transform their lives according to their highest values. Today we discuss his latest book, the 7 Secret Treasures, and how living true to our values determines the quality and expansiveness of our life in all areas. Discover your personal hierarchy of values, how to stay motivated and empowered, and how to shift your perception even around the most painful experiences so you can activate your genius and live your best life every day. What We Discuss in this Episode with Dr. John Demartini Why this book and why now Mastering the 7 areas of life The power of intention Why prioritizing your values is essential in creating a fulfilling life The problem in comparing your success to others Differentiating between a fantasy and your true desires How your actions reveal your current highest values Discovering your hierarchy of values The 6 common values of super wealthy people Shifting perceptions Unlocking intrinsic values and lasting motivation Activating your genius zone The truth about affirmations and visualization The duality of life Overcoming self-defeating delusion   The 4 opiums of the masses Shifting your perception around offense and disappointment Gaining freedom from forgiveness Real-life examples of transforming perceptions Why the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life The real reason the COVID pandemic stressed people out The science of human behavior Breaking through the limiting beliefs of others Episode Show Notes:  
51:08 3/20/23
446: Leading From The Inside Out with Sope Agbelusi
What is the secret to leading transformation? Sope Agbelusi is an executive coach, international speaker, husband, father of two, and the founder of MindsetShift, a leadership development company focused on developing authentic leaders. Corporately, he is sought after for his ability to help shift perspectives and install new mindsets that create lasting transformations. He has worked with respected global brands such as Google, Spotify, Morgan Stanley, Philips, KPMG, Yale University, HSBC, and more. As an innovative leader himself, Sope contributed to generating $800M+ with several teams in the automotive and engineering industry. His valuable insights have been featured on BBC World News, BBC Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT, BusinessCloud, and SOCIAlight among others. He is also the host of the Everyday Leadership Podcast, where he explores the leadership experiences of real people and how they lead from the inside out, not just the outside in. Today we discuss the biggest mindset shift needed right now, transforming the stories we tell ourselves, knowing your value and boundaries, why work-life balance doesn’t exist, and how to truly lead from the inside out and create lasting transformation in your organization. What We Discuss in This Episode with Sope Agbelusi  The biggest mindset shift needed right now How COVID impacted our mindset Self-awareness and leading from the inside out Moving from Nigeria to the UK as a teenager Stepping into the fullness of who you are Having the courage to make the necessary changes in your life What does it mean to be an authentic leader Knowing your values and boundaries The key to building your self-confidence Demonstrating leadership at home Dealing with conflicting values in the workplace Embracing new career possibilities Why work-life balance doesn’t exist How to create psychologically safe environments using harmony Episode Show Notes: 
48:32 3/13/23
445: Healing Human Conflict with Hesha Abrams
How can we resolve conflict and defuse tension in a way that empowers both parties? Hesha Abrams is a professional peacemaker, an internationally acclaimed master attorney mediator, negotiator, and author, known for crafting highly creative settlements and resolutions in very difficult matters. With 30+ years in the trenches of resolving human conflict, Hesha has recently distilled her skills into an easy-to-use tool kit, her new book, Holding the Calm: The Secret to Resolving Conflict and Defusing Tension. Through stories and examples, she shares her secrets enabling anyone to learn how to approach tense situations to prevent explosions, disarm conflicts, settle disputes, and reduce drama. It is her mission to help make our world, our businesses, and our relationships less acrimonious and more harmonious. Today we discuss key concepts and techniques from her new book, Holding the Calm that you can begin applying right away. If you’ve ever found yourself in middle of a conflict or tense situation (who hasn’t?) you’re going to want to listen all the way to the end. When it comes to mediation and negotiation, Hesha is literally one of the best in the world. What We Discuss in this Episode The advanced class for resolving conflict and defusing tension How to hold the calm in any situation How to speak into the ears of the person or people listening Managing your amygdala triggers Creating a moat between your emotions and the conflict itself Why rational logic is never the answer The importance of diagnosing the underlying issue before attempting to resolve the conflict How to engage the law of reciprocity How to build rapport with someone who doesn’t like you or trust you The very best sentence stems to get anyone to listen to you How to validate someone when you really don’t like or agree with them Recognizing the needs of the other person Using your tone effectively to defuse tension and conflict Masterful negotiation and $100M deal-making techniques How to identify and align opposing self-interests Using humor to defuse high stakes tension The myth about winning and losing Understanding difficult people at the core When yelling is an appropriate response Applying servant leadership to conflict resolution Using the Holding The Calm book as a team building tool How to hold the calm for others Episode Show Notes: 
50:10 2/27/23
444: The 4 Dimensions of Culture with Greg Cagle
How do the best leaders in the world shape culture? With over 3 decades of experience building and leading successful companies in 5 different industries, Greg Cagle is passionate about authenticity and creating a healthy and transformative workplace culture. Some say he’s an acquired taste, perhaps even call him weird, however if you’re looking to go beyond normal into the realm of greatness, he’s your guy.  Greg is a transformational executive coach, corporate culture consultant, author, speaker, and trainer. He comes along leaders and guides companies to position them for breakthrough success in building a culture that blows by the competition. His skilled entrepreneurial spirit informs his expertise in negotiation, finance, organizational restructuring, and leadership development and is only matched by his zeal for helping business leaders achieve exceptional performance. Today we discuss his new book The 4 Dimensions of Culture, and why if culture is not your primary focus as a leader, you’re missing the boat. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or global business leader, this conversation will be valuable to you. What We Discuss in this Episode Why being weird is a good thing Leading through crisis and change The most important ingredients of great leadership Why you do NOT want to be the smartest person in the room The mindset shift required to build an empowered team What creates a great corporate culture The 3 critical functions necessary for business success Why you can’t plan for crisis, but you can be prepared The 4 dimensions of culture: Complacent, Compliant, Committed and Courageous Key pitfalls for each dimension and why most leaders miss it How to reduce stress and instill creativity and confidence in your people The problem with just focusing on efficiency Who is your beneficial adversary? How to avoid burnout within your team Removing the limitations to innovation Episode Show Notes:
52:38 2/20/23
443: Overcoming Workplace Bullying with Zenica Chatman
How do you regain your confidence after being bullied in the workplace? Zenica Chatman is a successful leader and certified personal and executive coach, helping women rediscover their inner strength and confidence in the aftermath of workplace related trauma. Her own journey into coaching and positive psychology began after being left emotionally broken by a pair of workplace bullies at the height of her marketing career. She went on a path to redefine her own self-worth and what it means to be successful at work. Now, as a coach she’s helped dozens of other women do the same.    Zenica also helps leaders develop their own unique leadership style and create work environments that are safe and equitable for everyone. She is the creator of an eight-week work detox program, Surviving Corporate and has been featured in Fast Company and on numerous podcasts including Authentic Leadership for Everyday People, and Kandid Conversations.   Today she shares her own experience with bullying, how an ally made a big difference in her career and well-being, and how you can establish a healthy relationship with work that puts you in the driver’s seat. What We Discuss in this Episode ·        Overcoming workplace bullying ·        How to identify bullying behaviors in yourself and others ·        Why high performers often get bullied by their managers ·        The effect of bullying on a woman’s psyche ·        Why leaving your feelings at the door is detrimental for everyone ·        How to be an ally in the workplace ·        Knowing your value and setting healthy boundaries ·        Standing strong and helping others ·        Regaining your self-worth and trust ·        How organizations create DEI transformation ·        The identity shift from achiever to manager ·        Discovering your strengths ·        Helpful tips if you’re being bullied right now Complete Episode Show Notes: 
38:43 2/13/23
442: The Feedback Fix with Dr. Joe Hirsch
How can you effectively communicate feedback without fear? An award-winning educational leader and researcher, Dr. Joe Hirsch has earned praise from Fortune 500 executives to NFL coaches for his transformational approach to feedback. Described by Adam Grant as a “breath of fresh air,” Joe uses relatable research, memorable stories, and powerful models that help leaders and teams turn feedback into a cause for joy, not fear. In his new book, The Feedback Fix, Joe presents a fearless alternative to traditional feedback. He has championed that message as a TEDx and global keynote speaker with executives at PepsiCo, T-Mobile, Adobe, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Telenor, AbbVie, members of the U.S. armed forces and intelligence community, and close to 30,000 others across three continents.  When Joe isn't sharing thought leadership in outlets like Harvard Business Review, Inc., CNBC, the Wall Street Journal or Forbes, he's probably doing something outdoors with his wife and four boys or hosting his popular podcast, I Wish They Knew. Today we’re going to explore the principles of feedback – what feedback is, what it’s not, and why understanding the principles of fearless feedback is essential for leaders desiring to communicate with lasting and effective impact. What We Discuss in this Episode Why we dislike traditional feedback What fearless feedback is and why it works Joe’s personal experience receiving feedback in the workplace Shifting our feedback focus from past to future Communication, self-awareness, and a feed-forward approach How to give feedback as a partner and not a power broker Helping people become their own agents of change The fearless feedback framework Real-life examples of effective feedback The problem with the praise sandwich The 4-step feedback W.R.A.P. The benefit of focusing on impact and contribution How we can prepare ourselves before giving feedback How feedback is often given differently to women vs men Why Gen Z is a huge feedback problem for most managers and what to do about it How gender and generational gaps impact the way your feedback is received The best way to receive feedback even if it’s painful Clarifying question sets Complete Episode Show Notes: 
43:59 2/6/23
441: Blending Your Career Passions with Rich Goldstein
Have you ever felt conflicted in terms of which career passion to pursue? Rich Goldstein is a highly successful patent attorney and founder of Goldstein Patent Law. He works with entrepreneurs to help them protect their ideas, products, and brands with patents and trademarks, and over the past 28 years has obtained more than 2,000 patents for his clients. Rich hosts The Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast and is the author of the ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent, published by the American Bar Association. Rich is also trained as a transformational coach and course leader, and previously served as CEO of Arete, which conducts weekend transformational retreats. In this episode, Rich explains why he chose a career in patent law, how it led him to the transformational space, and how he later managed to blend his two passions into a hybrid career he truly loves. You don’t need to quit your job to become a coach. As Rich demonstrates, you can have the best of both worlds and provide greater value to your clients than either career could ever offer. What We Discuss in this Episode How to blend your passions into a career you love Becoming the CEO of a transformational training organization Scarcity mindset and the if/then conundrum Making a difference where you are Going deep with clients Shifting to a new way of being How to find what you’re truly passionate about Differentiating between the role and the experience you desire Helping people see the best pathway for their life What it’s like to work with Rich as a patent attorney How patent and trademarks work Why the best time to register your patent is before you launch Complete Episode Show Notes:
30:58 1/30/23
440: The Truth About Visionary Entrepreneurs with Justin Breen
What gives visionary entrepreneurs their strategic advantage? To answer this question, we invited Justin Breen to share his perspective. A former journalist, Justin is the founder and CEO of the global PR firm Brepic and the exclusive connectivity platform Brepic Network. He is fascinated by visionary brains and works only with exceptional entrepreneurs – the visionaries who change the world. His newest book, Epic Life, features a foreword from Dr. Peter Diamandis, Founder and Executive Chairman at XPRIZE and Executive Founder of Singularity University. Epic Life has been the # 1 overall book for sales on Amazon Kindle. It also recently made the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller lists. In our conversation with Justin, we explore the mind of the exceptional entrepreneur. How are their brains wired? What do they focus on? How can you tap into your own potential as a visionary entrepreneur? Using his innate ability to see patterns, Justin unpacks these questions and more, offering valuable insight for building your network with the right people, and growing a global company while keeping your loved ones first. What We Discuss in this Episode Simplifying complexity into patterns From journalist to entrepreneur Focusing on purpose and family Understand yourself and others using the Kolbe Index and Strengths Finder Truth about high performing entrepreneurs and dyslexia Entrepreneurship as a mindset rather than an occupation Why ADHD is not a disorder but a sign of genius The simple formula for creating a successful global company The 2 most insulting questions for an exceptional entrepreneur Stop trying to fit in – find your tribe Writing bigger checks to be in smaller rooms with people making a bigger impact Sheep dogs and entrepreneurs Patterns and priorities in entrepreneur families Two 10X questions to ask yourself every day Complete Episode Show Notes: 
40:37 1/16/23
439: 5 Ls, The Gift of a Balanced Life with Sal LaGreca and Michael J. Mannix
Is it possible to enjoy a balanced life in today’s fast-paced workplace? Sal LaGreca and Michael J. Mannix testify that not only is it possible, it’s critical to living a life of happiness and impact. In their new book, 5 Ls: The Gift of a Balanced Life, Sal and Michael share as successful business leaders, how they learned to develop a healthy and sustainable work-life balance using the 5 Ls. A #1 bestseller on Amazon and IgramSpark, 5 Ls: The Gift of a Balanced Life is proving to resonate with busy leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as anyone seeking to gain more satisfaction and productive fulfillment. In this episode, we explore each of the 5 Ls, why they are important, how they work together, and how you can apply them in your own life and work. Sal LaGreca brings nearly four decades of global experience to the conversation, which includes several years as partner in a global audit, tax and advisory firm and as vice chairman and a board member of a multi-billion-dollar marketing and communications company operating in over 130 countries. In his own words, Sal has pretty much seen and experienced it all. The ups and downs and successes and the failures; he firmly believes that the 5Ls is the pathway to get through it all. His passion for the 5Ls and his vision to reach as many people as possible of all ages and stages in their life is his goal. Michael J. Mannix brings over 30 years of experience spanning multiple industries, advancing to become an Executive Board Member of a Global BPO organization. Throughout his career, Mike has always taken a "Servant Leader" approach. Combined with his passion for teaching, this methodology has enabled his teams to continuously exceed their goals, creating a strong legacy of industry top talent. For this, he has been recognized through numerous global awards granted for excellence in leadership. Michael also teaches as an Adjunct Professor at NYU, specializing in leadership, management, strategic planning, team building, and business development. Through Unparalleled Performance and their trademarked 5Ls – The Gift of a Balanced life program, Mike is fulfilling his lifelong passion of changing people’s lives around the globe for the better by giving them real tools to find true work-life balance. What We Discuss in this Episode How Sal came up with the 5 Ls as a student at Harvard in 1987 Unpacking the 5 Ls – Love, Laughter, Labor, Leisure and Leave Self-love and the fifth L (knowing when to Leave) The rise of a bestselling book Personal and professional testimonies of impact Reaching the next generation Integrating balance throughout all 5 Ls The power of choice Which Ls were the toughest for Sal and Mike as executive business leaders Prioritizing Labor in relationships The true measure of success Why self-love is critical to a life of balance and impact Proof that people who are happier and more well-balanced get better opportunities Why you need to prioritize your 5 Ls no matter how young or old you may be Practical steps to applying the 5 Ls to your life and work Complete Episode Show Notes:
43:41 1/9/23
438: Recognizing Unsung Heroes with Nicole Jansen
Who are the unsung heroes in your life? In this special new year’s message, your host Nicole Jansen recognizes a few of her faithful friends and family members who have supported, encouraged, and challenged her to be better, do better, and make a greater impact. Specifically, those who have never been a featured guest on this show. Why? Because some of the greatest Leaders of Transformation operate behind the scenes. You have them in your life too. Perhaps you are one of them. As Nicole shares in this brief episode, we invite you to consider who in your life has made a positive impact. Who has been there to challenge you, disrupt your point of view, and love you through to the next level?  Who has made your day better in some way, and helped change the trajectory of your attitude and focus? Leaders of Transformation come in many forms. Perhaps it’s a parent, sibling, relative, friend, pastor, teacher, boss, co-worker, or coach. Maybe it’s the cashier who made you feel appreciated that day, the police officer who came to your rescue - or let you off on a ticket with an encouraging word to drive safe. Or maybe it's the one who gave you the ticket so that you'd learn not to do that again. Perhaps it’s the mean boss who gave you a hard time and inspired you to leave and start your own business. Or your first client, investor, or vendor who took a chance on you. When you see any person who has accomplished anything know that there is a whole army of people behind them lifting them up. There are no self-made millionaires just as there are no self-made leaders of transformation. Who is behind you? Who's made a difference in your life? And what if big was small and small was big? Tony Robbins may never be a guest on this podcast, but he's made a huge impact in Nicole’s life through his transformational work. He once asked a participant that question and it’s stuck with her ever since. What if the big things you want to accomplish are small in the grand scheme of life, and the small acts of caring and sharing are the big things that transform lives daily? Other than Jesus, the greatest Leader of Transformation of all time, Leaders of Transformation are not perfect. But they keep going. They keep believing, hoping, dreaming, learning, growing, and taking action. Little steps daily create big waves of impact long-term. Every single day we have the opportunity to be a Leader of Transformation. In our homes, at the store, in our community, with our friends, and in our workplace. What if big was small and small was big? We’ll still be featuring amazing Leaders of Transformation on this podcast in 2023 and beyond (God willing). Just keep in mind that the big ripples of impact they’re making didn’t start big. They first learned to lead themselves, then in their family, their circle of friends, colleagues and so forth. You can do the same. As Tim Storey said in Episode 300, we need to learn how to think big in small places. This helps the best Leaders of Transformation in the world stay humble, passionate, compassionate, and in pursuit of never-ending improvement. Leaders of Transformation take action. So today: #1) Take stock of the unsung heroes in your life. Make a list of their names. How have they supported, encouraged, or challenged you? How can you show them your gratitude and appreciation? #2) Consider the small steps you can take every day to transform the world around you. Transformation is defined as “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”. Every time you turn someone’s frown into a smile, you cause positive transformation. Every time you shift your conversation with another person from criticism to curiosity, frustration to fascination, you are catalyzing transformation in that moment. Every time you ask yourself, how can I be better OR how can this be improved, you are opening the door to transformation. #3) Pick an area of your life that you’d like to transform this year. There are 3 steps to transformation: Awareness Choice Change Be honest with yourself as to how you’re doing, who you are being, and what you need to improve on. Make a decision, and then take action daily towards your desired goal. You can do it, and it’s worth it. And lastly, be kind to yourself. You can’t love others if you don’t first love yourself. You’re going to make mistakes. That’s a given. The key is learning from your mistakes so you can be better next time. We hope this episode inspires you to be the Leader of Transformation that you’re capable of being. Thank you for making a difference. God bless you and happy new year!
12:29 1/2/23
437: Bringing Hope to the Hurting with Joshua Horgos
Where do you turn when you are feeling lost, broken or alone? Joshua Horgos grew up skating the streets of San Diego, CA. Public transportation and random house parties gave him a diverse outlook on life, and he often found himself as the life of the party. By the time he was 19 years old, drugs and alcohol had a firm grip on him, and he checked himself into a rehab center in North Hollywood. Although sobriety was short-lived, he was on a mission to become an extreme sports movie star and he chased this dream all the way to the Pacific Northwest. Continued alcohol abuse and recreational drug use brought on three DUI's and some very intimate conversations with God. Josh finally started listening to the voice in his head telling him to write. What started as a journal entry idea, became the first poem of his book, Lightyear. The poem is called 'Stumbled Some', which he says he wrote in fifteen minutes. "The words just kinda spilled out onto the page." Today, while still working his full-time job in the steel industry, Joshua Horgos is using his poetry, personal discoveries, and institutional education to help people understand why they do the things they do, so they can make better choices going forward. This is the main impetus for publishing Lightyear, which is a 31-day devotional comprised of poems, biblical scripture, and narrative from Josh based on his own experience. In this episode, Josh shares his redemptive story from drugs and alcohol to a humble faith in God, and how he’s been able to turn his pain into poetry that heals the soul. What We Discuss in this Episode Getting to know Josh Birthing his creative genius The power of the spoken word Reading the Bible with a new perspective The presence of God in our lives Finding hope and purpose Why bad things happen to good people Josh’s mission to reach the broken and hurting A prayer for us all  
29:23 12/19/22
436: The Top 3 Healthy Digital Habits for 2023 with Tommy Sobel
Are your digital habits costing you your health, happiness, and productivity? Tommy Sobel is the world’s premiere digital habits coach, having helped thousands of busy business leaders and top performers reclaim tens of thousands of hours of productive time. Using his background in neuroscience and behavior reconditioning, Tommy trains business leaders to improve their relationship with screens, so they can reclaim 20-40 productive hours each week, grow their business faster and enjoy more time off. Tommy previously had a career at DreamWorks Studios, where he assisted Steven Spielberg and became the first junior executive in their growing digital department. Before the entertainment industry, Tommy worked as the key researcher and co-author of neuroscience studies alongside PhDs at Duke University and UCLA. In this episode, we explore the top 3 healthy digital habits that will make the greatest impact in our lives in 2023, and how these habits also improve our communication effectiveness and ability to make a great living AND have a great life. What We Discuss in this Episode Surprising statistics about average American phone use The cost of unhealthy phone habits What is conscious control and how we develop it The correlation between phone use and mental health The 3 pillars of digital habits mastery (the Freedom Formula) How you know you’re addicted to your phone The power of the Brick Hour A better use of digital technology for communication and productivity The most important digital habits to stimulate creativity and flow state in 2023 Complete Show Notes:  
35:25 12/12/22
435: Decoding Sustainability with Lizzie Horvitz
How do your favorite consumer products measure up? Lizzie Horvitz has been passionate about sustainability since the age of 16 when she lived off the grid. It was there that, depending only on wind energy and rainwater, she saw the solution of climate change before fully understanding the problem. She later worked in supply chain and sustainability at Unilever and then became Chief Operating Officer at Muuse, a startup that aims to mitigate single-use plastics in the to-go industry. Now the founder of Finch, Lizzie Horvitz and her team are decoding sustainability, to help consumers like you and I make more informed buying decisions. In this episode, we explore the six key factors in scoring consumer products for sustainability, how the consumer market is changing, and what Lizzie has learned as a startup entrepreneur who is changing the way consumers purchase. What We Discuss in this Episode Defining sustainability Focusing on a bright future vs fear and shame The six key factors that determine sustainability A holistic view on human wellbeing How Finch gathers consumer product data Surprising consumer product categories that are problematic Small changes that make a big impact What stops people from acting on sustainability Are metal straws actually better than plastic straws? When reusable bags are not a good option Navigating their relationship with Amazon Partnering with Microsoft Bing How companies can impact sustainability scores Kindle, iPad and Print books – which is actually better? What you need to know when launching a startup What startup founders should NOT do Balancing speed to market with quality Complete Show Notes:  
31:49 12/5/22
434: From Stressed To Resilient with Dr. Deborah Gilboa
How can you reframe stress and use it to build your resilience? Dr. Deborah Gilboa is on a mission to transform how people think about stress and change so they can accomplish what they need to in the world. She is a resilience expert who works with families, educators, executives, and businesses to identify the mindset and strategies to turn stress to an advantage. Known to many as Dr. G, she is a board-certified attending family physician and a leading media personality seen regularly on TODAY, Good Morning America and is the Resilience Expert for The Doctors. She is also featured frequently in the Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffington Post, and many other media outlets. Today we’re going to discuss her new book, From Stressed To Resilient – the guide to handle more and feel it less. Why our brains hate change, the truth about stress, and eight key skills to build resilience in your life and career. Dr. G has used these principles with her patients and in helping turn around hundreds of organizations including a group of banks that were suffering from a high staff turnover and a major construction company that was imploding from a lack of loyalty. To replace one of your employees’ costs 2-3 times their annual salary. Bleeding talent leads to bleeding cash.  Teaching your people to move from stressed to resilient stops this from happening and leads to greater productivity, happiness, loyalty and profitability. Listen as Dr. G shows us how! What We Discuss in this Episode What is stress Why we only need leaders when there is change Why change is so uncomfortable Reframing change for your employees Why adversity alone doesn’t guarantee resilience 8 key skills for building resilience G’s favorite skill that she would love everyone to know The good news about the resilience cycle Why the “just get through it” approach is not enough How building connections increases our resilience The importance of laughter in handling stress and change The #1 thing leaders can do when asking their team to make a decision Full Episode Show Notes:
41:27 11/21/22
433: Disrupting the Global Energy Industry with Bill Nussey
How can you tap into the global energy market and help empower billions of people? Bill Nussey is a career tech CEO with three successful exits, including an IPO. He worked at Greylock as a venture capitalist and after selling his marketing tech company Silverpop to IBM in 2014, he was promoted to IBM’s VP of Corporate Strategy, helping the CEO and SVPs set the company’s overall strategy. As a CEO, his companies have raised more than $400 million, created thousands of jobs and billions in shareholder value. In 2016, he left IBM to create the Freeing Energy Project. It began with his 2017 Ted talk then grew into 100+ articles and most recently, the #1 ranked renewable energy podcast, The Freeing Energy podcast. Today we discuss Bill Nussey’s new book, Freeing Energy. What is local energy, how you can get involved, and the 10 big ideas driving growth and innovation in the global energy market. We also delve into the common myths about solar power, batteries, carbon footprint, recycling issues, and much more. Get ready! Bill shares a wealth of insight and clean energy business opportunity with us. What We Discuss in this Episode with Bill Nussey The historic opportunity available to innovators and entrepreneurs Dispelling the common myths about solar panels and batteries Tesla, lithium, battery recycling, and other concerns Why clean energy must be seen as a technology instead of a fuel The real battle the clean energy industry faces today Benefits and economics of local energy vs utility-scale renewables Why solar is currently cheaper in Australia than in the U.S. The growth of micro-communities in Florida, California and beyond Paying for your beer with solar energy? The next hot startup market The Five Order framework for evaluating the risks and financing needs for clean energy technology The biggest business opportunity in history and why you don’t want to bet against technology Complete Show Notes:
36:25 11/7/22
432: Brand Storytelling with B2B Podcasts w/Graham Brown
How can brands use podcasting to engage their internal and external business audiences? Graham Brown is a published author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication. His work has been featured in the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal and he has helped shape the communications strategies of some of the world's leading organizations such as McKinsey, AirAsia, Nokia, UNICEF, Disney, Monster Energy Drinks, The Singapore Institute of Management, and The European Commission. Listen as Graham takes us on a journey of storytelling brilliance, through which we explore the power of storytelling, the 3-box method that the best storytellers use, and how to use podcasting to engage your internal and external stakeholders. Discover the key to authentic communication and brand transformation, and how to have your message stand out in a noisy marketplace. What We Discuss in this Episode How to use storytelling to create positive change What we can learn from great comedians The key to agile storytelling that works Making your business communication come alive The storytelling method that the best movies and books have in common How podcasting can help you authentically engage your team The problem with traditional corporate communication methods The real secret to creating a great brand experience for customers Giving your internal influencers a platform to build upon Complete Show Notes: 
41:57 10/24/22
431: Bridging The Global Literacy Gap w/Rebecca Chandler Leege
How can we address educational inequality worldwide? Rebecca Chandler Leege is the Chief Impact Officer of WorldReader, a non-profit organization that has reached 20M readers in the past decade and is set up to reach their next 200M in a few short years. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Rebecca previously led a global education technology initiative of USAID, World Vision, and the Australian Government, and spent 15 years living and working throughout Africa and Asia. She also has six years of experience working in the private sector in international human resources consulting and holds a Master of Science in Multinational Commerce from Boston University. Today we discuss the global issue of illiteracy – its impact, and Worldreader’s technology solution for scaling educational literacy; how they reach underserved communities around the world, select their curriculum, engage families, find partnership and funding for their initiatives, and more. What We Discuss in this Episode Why there are so many children (and adults) who are illiterate How technology can help scale literacy Involving the whole family in the child’s learning experience Modeling a new way of living The power of strategic partnerships Common barriers to reading and learning Linking reading with Habitat For Humanity home ownership opportunities How WorldReader selects their reading curriculum What we can do to help solve global illiteracy Complete Show Notes:
28:34 10/3/22
430: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life with Tommy Newberry
How can you experience joy, no matter what is happening around you? Our guest today is bestselling author and founder of The 1% Club, Tommy Newberry. He beautifully illustrates for us that it’s not only possible but necessary! Listen as we discuss the 4:8 Principle and why it is so important to our joy and wellbeing both personally and professionally. In a world where fear and negativity are rampant, we can shift the narrative and bring about positive change in our lives and for others. Tommy Newberry is the author of seven books—including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, The 4:8 Principle, as well as the motivational classic, Success is Not an Accident—both of which have been translated into dozens of languages. He is also the founder and head coach of AchievingOPTIMAL, an organization focused on helping Christian entrepreneurs and their families maximize their full potential. He has dedicated the last 30 years to helping entrepreneurs and their families work less, earn more, and create greater significance with the right accomplishments. Tommy has appeared as a guest on over 200 radio and television programs, including Fox & Friends, The Lou Dobbs Show, Your World With Neil Cavuto, Janet Parshall’s America, The Fox News Strategy Room, and many others. What We Discuss in this Episode How to have a have a joy-filled life The power of focusing on the good in situations Philippians 4:8 as a tactical tool for life Why you don’t won’t wait until struggle comes to condition your mind Differentiating joy and happiness The hidden costs of scattered thinking The advantage of being a B-talent Creating a TO STOP list How to improve your self-concept The underlying barrier to self-confidence Creating a detailed personal mission statement Complete Show Notes:  
43:29 9/19/22
429: Extracting Strength from the Struggle with Joel Green
What separates high achievers from those who struggle to get ahead? Joel Green is a man who can tackle this question head on. A successful leader and a former professional basketball player, many would define him by his successes, but it’s what he did to achieve his success that he is most interested in sharing with others. Joel is CEO of Pro Level Training, the National Director of Nike Sports Camps, and a renowned motivational speaker, having reached thousands of people through his TEDx Talk. He is also a professional sports and fitness model and actor, and has been featured in commercials, ads and on television. Most recently he was the face of Cheez-It crackers Celebrity Crunch Classic campaign, in which he was solely featured on millions of snack boxes. As a motivational speaker Joel’s unique differentiator is his ability to see life objectively from multiple vantage points. Unfortunate circumstances as a youth helped groom and refine Joel into adulthood. Growing up in an abandoned home in North Philadelphia and seeing both sides of life has allowed him to connect with many different people groups very powerfully. Joel has a B.A. in Psychology from Rider University and just published his first book, Filtering: The Way to Extract Strength from the Struggle. Today we discuss his book, and specifically what separates achievers from non-achievers so you can reach new levels of fulfillment, accomplishment, and impact in your own life. What We Cover in this Episode Filtering difficult situations Converting negative emotions into fuel for growth How achievers think differently than non-achievers Eliminating options to increase focus Breaking free from the fear of failure Filtering emotions in the heat of the moment The beauty of a broken heart How to get unstuck Filtering guilt The importance of GOALS The Pyramid of Desire Pursuing fulfillment instead of happiness Complete Show Notes: 
36:47 9/5/22
428: Transforming Your Child's Learning Ability with Dr. Kimberly Berens
Statistics reveal that more than 60% of children in America are scoring below proficiency across all academic subjects. Why is this happening and what can we do about it? Kimberly Nix Berens, Ph.D. is a scientist-educator and Founder of Fit Learning.  She co-created a powerful system of instruction based in behavioral science and the Technology of Teaching and has been transforming the learning ability of thousands of children worldwide for over 20 years, including those who are struggling, average, gifted, or learning disabled. Join us as we discuss her groundbreaking new book, Blindspots: Why students fail and the science that can save them, along with her system of instruction which has been proven to produce one year’s worth of academic growth in only 40 hours of training. We explore common myths about learning ability, the current state of the American education system, the science of learning, and the correct approach for raising proficiency in students. In this episode, you will discover: Why more than 60% of students in the United States are below proficiency in all academic subjects. Why proficiency scores are lower in high school than they are in elementary school. How educators can increase the learning ability of students based on the science of learning. What you can do as a parent to help your child avoid being labelled with a learning disorder. Helpful resources available for parents and educators to empower children to excel. Parents, teachers, and students, this is for you! Discover the science behind learning and proficiency and help build a better educational system for everyone. Full Episode Show Notes:  
46:45 8/22/22
427: Serving Our Warriors Better with Shelly Rood
Why is it critical that we learn to better connect with our military service members? Our guest today shares first-hand what it means to protect and care for others and why it is so important. Shelly Rood served in the United States Army Reserves for 16 years as an Intelligence Officer and now is a small business owner and ordained minister, advocating for selfless service in action. Attaining the rank of Captain, Shelly served as an S2, a Company Commander and more, leading covert intelligence briefings and orchestrating security programs for nearly 4,000 Soldiers. Her military awards include the Shield of Sparta and the St. Joan D’Arc. A Distinguished Military Graduate from Western Michigan University, Shelly graduated in May 2022 with her M.A. in Ministry Studies at Moody Theological Seminary. She is the creator of Others Over Self®, a leadership mindset company serving people in positions of influence to make a lasting impact on others. One of the main programs Shelly Rood facilitates is the Warriors With Warriors Program: Connecting Spiritual Warriors with Earthly Warriors. Through this program, Shelly and her team empower faith leaders to better connect with military persons through enhanced military cultural competency, shared life experiences and deepening interpersonal skills. The impact is profound. In just five minutes, you can make a huge difference in the life of a military service member. Listen to this episode to learn how. What We Discuss with Shelly Rood in this Episode Career turning points Becoming a Military Intelligence Officer When the door to your dream job closes Having a mission first mindset The creativity that military service fosters Why only 60% of veterans qualify for veteran care Mental health issues that our warriors face Practical ways we can reduce suicide statistics Why “Thank you for your service” is NOT the best way to honor service members Dispelling the myth around why people join the military PRY first time engagement tips The Warriors with Warriors program Teaching faith leaders how to support the military better What is military cultural competency Crisis awareness and crisis intervention Finding a way to launch your passion project Embracing a leadership mindset Complete Show Notes: 
41:23 8/8/22
426: The Shoe That Grows with Kenton Lee
How can a shoe become a catalyst for global change? Kenton Lee is founder of Because International, an innovative accelerator that uses products as solutions to alleviate poverty. Listen as he shares a simple idea that is now impacting hundreds of thousands of children across the world. Kenton Lee founded Because International after traveling to Nairobi, Kenya in 2007 following graduation from Northwest Nazarene University. While volunteering at a small orphanage, he noticed a little girl wearing shoes much too small for her feet—sparking his idea for The Shoe That Grows. Today, Kenton primarily works on fundraising with major donors and foundation partners. Since graduating from college, he has received master’s degrees from Regis University, Regent University and Northwest Nazarene University. He also runs an innovative accelerator helping other entrepreneurs turn their solutions for alleviating poverty into viable companies that make a profound social impact. In his spare time, you can find Kenton with his nose in a good book, taking part in local business organizations or spending time with his wife and two children. What We Discuss with Kenton Lee in This Episode Why and how he came up with the idea for The Shoe That Grows Illustrating the shoe’s features Adapting to the needs of end users From 3,000 to 400,000 shoes distributed Why some startup ideas succeed while others don’t The importance of passion for your work The power of YES Differentiating conviction from delusion Don’t give up – it might be hard, but it will be worth it Style Her Empowered (SHE) school uniforms that grow for girls in Togo How they demonstrate their faith through practical love Creating your own ripple of impact Complete Show Notes: 
39:50 7/18/22
425: Finding Your Entrepreneurial Rhythm with Jim Carter III
How do you stay ahead of the content curve and make an impact through social media? Digital marketing pro Jim Carter III specializes in marketing your brand online.  At the peak of his career, Jim found himself feeling dead inside, and decided to shift from chasing money to fueling impact. He has since built two 7-figure companies, supporting cause-based organizations with marketing expertise, masterminds, and more. Listen as he explains how to grow your podcast, utiliize SEO, create content that resonates, and optimize your impact on different social media platforms. Complete Show Notes:
53:22 6/28/22
424: The Champion Mindset with Dr. Jason Richardson
How can you apply the principles of elite training to your everyday life? Dr. Jason Richardson is a world champion BMX bike racer, Pan Am Games Gold medalist, Olympic psychologist, speaker and high performance coach. Listen as we discuss the lessons that Jason has learned from his 15-year career as an elite athlete, as well as coaching elite athletes at the Olympic level. You will discover how to overcome your own limitations, get unstuck, and develop the mindset of a champion in your everyday life. Dr. Jason Richardson is the author of the new book More Better Happier, in which he teaches through practical examples how to get out of the proverbial rut and play to your strengths while recontextualizing your weaknesses. Whether you are an aspiring athlete, winning at the highest levels, or competing in the business world, you will find golden bars of wisdom and inspiration in this conversation. What We Discuss with Dr. Jason Richardson in This Episode Developing the mindset of a champion Sustaining a 15-year career from youngest champion to the oldest The inner work of responsibility Staying focused Overcoming your limitations Normalizing peak performance and success It’s all part of the game The field is smaller at the top You can define your success The benefit of sticking with it Embracing change and transitioning to a new career Giving yourself the same grace that you give others Create your own headline Complete Show Notes:
39:30 5/30/22
423: Stepping In When It Counts with Kelly Charles-Collins
How do we know when to intervene and help someone in need? Kelly Charles-Collins is a retired employment law attorney, TEDx Speaker, coach, and founder of Ladies Who Leverage and CEO of HR Legally Speaking, LLC. She’s been an adjunct professor at several universities, an international arbitrator, founder of a nonprofit for breast cancer, and she has written multiple books including: ACE Your Workplace Investigations and Conversations Change Things. Listen as we discuss the bystander effect, why it happens, the impact of social media on our behavior, and how we can avoid inaction and safely intervene when a crime or abuse is taking place. There is always something we can do to help, even in the most sensitive situations, however it’s not always being the “hero” that’s best. Kelly unpacks the 4 C’s to safe intervention and provides real-life examples of appropriate action and how we can use our influence to help those in need. What We Discuss with Kelly Charles-Collins in This Episode The Bystander Effect Real-life examples There’s always room to do something Factors why people get involved or not Unpacking George Floyd’s murder Race, ethnicity, and religion The 4 C’s for safe intervention Enrolling others to help someone in need Interrupting the pattern The impact of social media Helping people who say they don’t want help Complete Show Notes: 
34:57 5/16/22
422: Sacred Startups with Bill Woolsey
How do you activate your God-given calling as an entrepreneur? Listen as we talk with Bill Woolsey, who is President and Founder of FiveTwo. FiveTwo is a network that equips faith-based entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable startups and nonprofits. Bill began leading FiveTwo in 2015 when they launched a “Mother Teresa meets a friendly Mark Cuban” training process that helps entrepreneurial leaders to grow organizations that make a difference in financially sustainable ways. Over the past decade, Bill has led countless entrepreneurs to grow businesses and nonprofits to better communities across the country. In our conversation with Bill Woolsey, we explore entrepreneurship, faith-based startups, what the Bible teaches about our calling in the marketplace, managing a busy schedule, and so much more. What We Discuss with Bill Woolsey in This Episode The uniqueness of faith-based startups Clarifying your calling Becoming Jesus aware, self-aware, and community aware Principles of feeding the five thousand Types of entrepreneurs Staying connected to God despite a busy schedule Prayer as a constant activity for quality decision-making What the Bible says about our place in the marketplace What’s the line you’re not willing to cross? Education and micro schools Distinctions between faith-based and secular entrepreneurship Real life examples of community impact Complete Show Notes:
36:19 5/2/22
421: The Perception Index with Dr. Maja Zelihic
As a leader, how do you establish a cutting-edge advantage in the global business world? In this episode we discuss with Dr. Maja Zelihic the power of perception and how you can use it to eliminate boundaries and become a successful global leader. Dr. Zelihic co-authored the book, The Power of Perception with Dr. Diane Hamilton, and both women were recently listed in Global Leaders Today - Global 100 Inspirational Leaders of 2022 alongside Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Oprah, for their global leadership impact. Dr. Maja Zelihic is a Fulbright Specialist, Full Professor, and a Department Chair of the Advanced Management Studies at the Forbes School of Business and Technology and a co-founder of Dima Innovations.  Dr. Zelihic is also a Global Dialogue Partner at NAFSA, the world’s largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education. She serves on the Board for multiple global organizations, has published in over 20+ peer-reviewed journals, has received several honored awards and grants for her studies, and has spoken in 20 countries. What We Discuss with Dr. Maja Zelihic in This Episode The power of perception in leadership and everyday life Factors that shape our perception Differentiating between our perception vs reality How perception ties into developing global leaders Communicating effectively to diverse audiences The 4 components of the Perception Index Distinguishing between a leader and a manager Gender differences in perception Why diversity is essential in global conversations Leveraging the strengths of women in business Shifting the way others perceive us Transforming the perceptions in your organization Full Show Notes:
34:39 4/25/22
420: Accelerating Your Startup with Steven Hoffman
How do you turn your brilliant startup idea into a successful business? Steven Hoffman (Captain Hoff) is the Chairman and CEO of Founders Space, a global innovation hub for entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors, with over 50 partners in 22 countries. He is also a venture investor, founder of three venture-backed and two bootstrapped startups, and author of several award-winning books, including Make Elephants Fly, Surviving a Startup, and The Five Forces. In this episode we explore the startup world – what entrepreneurs need to know when launching a startup, how to avoid deadly mistakes, build your team, and some behind scenes tips on how to accelerate your success. What We Discuss with Steven Hoffman (Captain Hoff) Inside the startup world Avoiding the common entrepreneurial pitfalls The “brilliant idea” myth Turning your startup idea into a viable solution that people want Finding the right people to execute on your idea How YouTube, Google and Groupon had to pivot to succeed How to gain traction in the marketplace When and how to attract investor money for your startup Why getting too much investor money too early is bad for business How startup accelerators and incubation hubs work Building your leadership team Leadership skills as a startup CEO Full Show Notes: 
36:52 4/11/22
419: Uncompromising Success with Steve White
How does a kid from the housing projects make it to the corporate boardroom? For Steve White, the climb from the housing projects to the corporate boardroom was the result of an uncompromising attitude and work ethic. As president of Comcast’s West Division for eleven years, Steve was responsible for all Comcast operations in the Western U.S., leading nearly thirty thousand employees, serving almost eleven million customers, and driving annual revenue of nearly $18 billion. Today, Steve serves the role of special counsel to the CEO of Comcast Cable—the largest division of Comcast Corporation and one of the top 20 companies in the U.S. He is the author of the book, Uncompromising: How an Unwavering Commitment to Your Why Leads to an Impactful Life and a Lasting Legacy. Today we’re going to discuss Steve’s journey and what it REALLY takes to rise beyond your circumstances and live a life of impact, purpose and success. What We Discuss with Steve White in This Episode Learning the value of hard work, family, and teamwork Living your life with purpose The American Dream is available Finding your WHY The gift of adversity Radical responsibility Be careful who you surround yourself with The 7 pathways to success and impact The mindset of You Inc. Navigating the Great Resignation as an employee and as a leader Daily habits for success Compete against yourself not others Episode Show Notes: 
36:45 3/28/22
418: Better Together with Rita Fuerst Adams
Rita Fuerst Adams is the President of the Charitable and Philanthropic Management Counsel. She has a passion for building community for the common good and creative teams driving swing-for-the-fences social change. Rita serves charitable and philanthropic organizations, large and small, working with causes in education, youth, the arts, community and economic development, historic preservation, health care, international relations, and professional and civic affairs. In today’s conversation with Rita Fuerst Adams, we explore how to increase and diversify income streams as a charitable or philanthropic organization, how to move from organic growth to planned growth as a leader, the keys to building an effective board, and the importance of diverse voices for the greater good. Whether you’re a nonprofit leader or an entrepreneur or business owner building a team, you’ll find what Rita has to say very valuable. Check it out! What We Discuss with Rita Fuerst Adams in This Episode How to increase and diversify income streams as a nonprofit organization The intersection of entrepreneurship and nonprofits Monetizing what you do best How leaders shift from organic to planned growth The difference between charity and philanthropy Real-life examples you can learn from Establishing an effective Board of Trustees or Directors Building community and creative teams Giving voice to diverse perspectives for the greater good Episode Show Notes:
34:18 3/21/22