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Been searching for an England football podcast only to find the proverbial cupboard bare? Well search no more. Finally there is a podcast for England fans - by an England fan. When we couldn’t find a podcast dedicated to our beloved national football team there was only one solution. Make our own. And this is the result.


Italy and Ukraine Preview
Ep 253: Finally England are back in action, so It’s the Italy/Ukraine preview episode, so much to cram in, I’m joined by Michele Borrelli from @NapoliTickets & the 'Shadow Of Vesuvio' Podcast and also Andrew Todos from @ZoryaLondonsk & 'Ukraine Plus Football' Podcast. Running Time: 1:17:52 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
77:53 3/21/23
Postponed, Cancelled and Abandoned
Ep 252: Thankfully, most England games go ahead as planned, but on the odd occasion something comes needing to postpone or cancel them and on a couple of occasions, abandon them altogether. Here is a look when just that, has happened to the Three Lions. Running Time: 22:32 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
22:33 3/16/23
World Cup series 2022 Qatar with Paul Letters
Ep 251: Just before the Euro 2024 campaign begins, it’s an ideal opportunity to round-off the World Cup series, this time I’m joined by Paul Letters who takes us back to Qatar 2022 and tells us some of the great experiences he had. Running Time: 58:50 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
58:50 3/9/23
2023 Arnold Clark Cup Review
Ep 250: The Lionesses have retained the Arnold Clark Cup, after beating Korea, Italy and Belgium, I’m joined by Dom Smith to take a look back over it all and towards the World Cup in the summer. Running Time: 36:00 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
36:01 2/28/23
Three Lions and a kitten with Aza Fogelburg
Ep 249: Three Lions and a Kitten, is the new book as written by Aza Fogelburg, stories of following England from afar, then finally getting to see the Three Lions in the fresh was the start of a journey with many ups and downs, twist and turns. Find out a little more as Aza joins me to chat. Join the debate in our Facebook group at
53:30 2/23/23
2023 Arnold Clark Cup Preview
Ep 248: The Arnold Clark Cup returns, this time the Lionesses face South Korea, Italy and Belgium, can they retain the trophy for the 2nd year, join me and Rich Laverty as we discuss it all. Running Time: 32:09 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
32:10 2/14/23
The Marshall Islands with Lloyd Owers
Ep 247: Slightly different this week, Join me as I chat with Lloyd Owers the technical director of The Marshall Islands, the last nation on earth to not have an international football team, how, what, when, why – It’s all here. Plus, I explain the latest U21 news and your chance to be on tele. Running Time: 31:42 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
31:43 2/9/23
On The Ball Travel
Ep 246: Have you ever considered just how much effort goes into organising a coach for England away games. I’m joined by Mark Griffiths from On The Ball Travel who tells us how it all began, some stories from the past and also the issues he’s faced recently. Also talking January transfers and Nations League. Running Time: 54:29 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
54:30 2/2/23
The Match of the Century with Matt Clough
Ep 245: 1953 England v Hungary, a game that was to change everything, so much so, it became known as The Match of the Century, I’m joined by Matt Clough, author of the book, of the same name to tell us more about that period of time. Running Time: 55:24 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
55:25 1/26/23
Get it Kicked! with Jon Driscoll
Ep 244: Jon Driscoll (@DriscollFC) is a TV and radio commentator and also an author, he joins me to talk about his latest book ‘Get it kicked!’ looking at the past and the present of the game, including a take on our national side. It’ll certainly make you think. Running Time: 35:13 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
35:14 1/19/23
The Graham Taylor Episode with Lionel Birnie
Ep 243: Time for another in our England Manager series, I’m joined by Lionel Birnie who helped Graham Taylor write his autobiography, we hear all about Graham’s life and how he got the England job and the troubles that came with it. Running Time: 1:26:34 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
86:35 1/12/23
England in 2023
Ep 242: What does 2023 have in store for England and the Lionesses? When and where are they playing, how can you get tickets? Tune in for all the information you’ll need for the year ahead and I’ll also pay tribute to George Cohen. Running Time: 23:48 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
23:49 1/1/23
The 2022 Review Episode
Ep 241: That’s it for another year, 2022 has had its ups and downs, here to go over it with me is Aidan Smith and Gary Lambert, an episode that looks at the Three Lions, Lionesses, Gareth Southgate and the World Cup. Running Time: 54:28 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
54:29 12/19/22
Three Lions on a Shirt Book with Jim Drewett
Ep 240: The Three Lions on a Shirt book has been a labour of love for all involved, I’m joined by Jim Drewett from Vision Sports Publishing to talk about just some of the amazing Three Lions shirts and stories captured within it. Running Time: 53:33 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
53:34 12/14/22
Qatar 2022 France Review
Ep 239: Once again, England are out of the World Cup, but they leave with their heads held high after a spirited performance against France, here to go over it with me is Matt Astbury. Running Time: 39:18 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
39:19 12/12/22
Qatar 2022 France Preview Senegal Review
Ep 238: After beating Senegal England are now into the World Cup quarter-finals with a match against France. I chat with Dom Smith about Senegal and look ahead to France with Hugo Malim. Running Time: 47:58   Join the debate in our Facebook group at
47:59 12/7/22
Stories from the 2022 World Cup
Ep 237: What’s it like to follow England at a World Cup, I catch up with Glynn Davies and Howard Taylor who are going about it in a slightly different way. Running Time: 38:16 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
38:17 12/3/22
Qatar 2022 Senegal Preview Wales Review
Ep 236: Iran, USA and Wales down and once again England are into the knock out stages of the World Cup, join me as I chat with Matt Astbury about Wales and look towards Senegal with Adama Ndione from @SenegalEnglish Twitter account. Running Time: 54:18 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
54:19 12/1/22
Qatar 2022 USA Preview Iran Review
Ep 235: What a way to start the Qatar World Cup, Iran well and truly beaten, now we move on to the USA, can we finally beat them on the biggest stage of all? I’m joined by Aidan Smith from to look back over Iran and also American resident Gaurav Singhvi to look forward to USA. Running Time: 49:00 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
49:00 11/23/22
Qatar 2022 Iran Preview
Ep 234: Here it is, the Qatar World Cup is about to commence, England’s first opponents are Iran and I’ve been fortunate to speak with Arya Allahverdi from Gol Bezan all about them. Also I feature 2 more musicians who have written some England songs from The 12th Man & George White. Running Time: 51:03 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
51:04 11/19/22
50 years on. The story of England women's first game
Ep 233: 50 years ago today, England’s women played their first official international match away to Scotland, this, following half a century of the game being banned for them. Recently I visited the stadium where this historic match was played and have spoken to some of the people involved in the game. Whilst the Lionesses are having great success, it wouldn’t have been possible without these pioneers. Running Time: 51:23 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
51:24 11/18/22
World Cup series 2018 Russia with CJ Joiner
Ep 232: We’ve done it, the final part in the World Cup series. Made it to Russia 2018. Throughout the year I’ve been talking with various England fans who have followed England to the tournaments, this time Coventry fan CJ Joiner reminds us of the lengths he went to follow England around Russia. Running Time: 56:29 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
56:30 11/13/22
2022 World Cup squad and fan songs
Ep 231: Gareth Southgate has announced his second World Cup squad, who is in and who is out, tune in to find out, also what comes with tournaments are musicians writing and recording songs to help the team along, I have a selection here for your musical pleasure. Running Time: 26:32 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
26:33 11/11/22
Lionesses - Friendlies, Finalissima & the World Cup
Ep 230: The Lionesses are once again in action, this time in a couple of friendlies against Japan and Norway in Spain, I’m joined by Rich Laverty to talk this, Finalissima and the World Cup. Running Time: 34:56 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
34:57 11/8/22
World Cup Series 2014 Brazil with Dean Cornish
Ep 229: 2014 and the World Cup makes its way back to South America and Brazil and once again England are (briefly) involved. Join me and Dean Cornish as he tells us about his time following England there. Running Time: 52:32 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
53:33 11/5/22
World Cup Series 2010 South Africa with Glynn Davies
Ep 228: 2010 and the World Cup makes it’s way to a new continent, Africa and it’s most southern point, South Africa. Join me and Glynn Davies as he tells us about his amazing adventures following England there, so much so, he wrote a book about it. Running Time: 49:00 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
49:01 10/30/22
Qatar - The final countdown with Ben Williams and Kunal Sapat
Ep 227: The 2022 Qatar World Cup is nearly upon us. For those going, are you ready? Once again I catch up with England fan and Qatari resident Ben Williams who tells us some last minute tips and also to Fan Leader Kunal Sapat who recent visited for the Lusail Super Cup . Running Time: 58:03 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
58:04 10/26/22
World Cup series 2006 Germany with Howard Taylor
Ep 226: The 2006 Germany World Cup, despite being 16 years ago, it almost feels like yesterday, the golden generation were pretty much at their peak, could they come home with the trophy? Join myself and England fan Howard Taylor as he explains his travels around that time. Running Time: 51:05 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
51:06 10/19/22
Euro draw and Lionesses review
Ep 225: The Euro 2024 qualifying draw was made, I give my take on that and also speak with Dom Smith about the recent Lionesses games against USA and Czech Republic. Running Time: 31:03 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
31:04 10/13/22
We need to talk about life after Gareth Southgate
Ep 224: Gareth Southgate. Arguably England’s second most successful manager. Is his time coming to an end? If it is, then there needs to be a successor, but who? Join me and Channel England Football's Gary Lambert as we discuss who could one day take over in the hot seat. Running Time: 1:11:30 Join the debate in our Facebook group at
71:31 10/9/22