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Jackie Broyles and Dunlap have been watching Southern movies their whole lives, and now they're watchin' 'em for you, podcast-style. They ain’t film critics— Jackie’s the grizzled old proprietor of Jackie’s Market in Murfreesboro, TN, and Dunlap’s half-high and mostly drunk — but they know art when they see it. If you love truckdrivin’, shinerunnin’, stickhittin’, bareknucklin’, bootleggin’, carchasin’, bridgejumpin’, dirtbikin’, yes-ma’amin’, monkey-havin’, CBin’, beerdrinkin’, Jerry-Reedin’ downhome drive-in southern-fried films, then get your ears on, good buddy. We got a long way to go and an average-podcast-amount-of-time to get there.


BONUS: The Great John L. (Best of 20 Extra Minutes with Jackie & Dunlap)
Bonus episode! If you Patreon us at $5 or more a month, y'all get a weekly podcast called 20 Extra Minutes with Jackie & Dunlap. We asked  Patreonners for the least-unlistenable ones. Here's one of them! More coming over at the Red State Update podcast. Into it? We cover Breaker! Breaker! in Redneck Matinee Episode 6. More info, photos and notes at
63:25 12/1/19
Ep. 7: Every Which Way But Loose & Any Which Way You Can
Jackie and Dunlap on Clint Eastwood’s monkey movies Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. Geoffrey Lewis! Ruth Gordon! Sondra Locke! Toilet Cats! Palimony suits! Ratboy! Mel Tillis! Wild clams! Orangutan sex! Problematic bikers! And stay tuned to the end for the gross, troubling story of the Clydes. Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by @stephenmullinax Any Which Way You Can and Every Which Way But Loose are available for rent on the major streaming services. Every Which Way But Loose trailer: Any Which Way You Can trailer: Ruth Gordon Oscar Win: Sondra Locke One Too Many Women: I Seek The Night: Vanity Fair obituary: LA Times Articles: Eastwood Undermined Locke’s Directing Career, Attorney Says: Eastwood Settles Fraud Suit with Ex-Lover Locke: Washington Post Sharon Waxman article 20 Nov 1997: Reviews of Sondra Locke’s memoir The Good The Bad and the Very Ugly: Ratboy trailer: Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood: A Biography by Richard Schickel: Clint: A Retrospective by Richard Schickel: Clint Eastwood at 2012 Republican Convention: Gran Torino  theme: Clint Eastwood and Ray Charles sing Beers to You: Manis, Buddha, & CJ Bobby Berosini scandal: Clip of Bobby Berosini abusing orangutans backstage: LA Times piece by Rachel Ambramowitz 27 08 2008: Telegraph UK 07 Jul 2017: Mother Jones Feb 1997: Clint Eastwood boards: Interview with Makeup Effects Artist and Author William Munns: Kenneth Decroo: Gentle Jungle headlines of other mishaps Visions of Caliban: On Chimpanzees and People: CJ and the Bare: Eastwood Upstaged: Really Big Star:   Chantek, Chattanooga Escaped Orangutan Sibu the Orangutan fields prank calls    
69:41 8/20/19
Ep. 6: Breaker! Breaker!
Chuck Norris stars in Don Hulette's 1977 truckin'/kickin' epic Breaker! Breaker!, also starring George Murdock, Jack Nance, Terry O'Connor, Miranda Garrison, and The Great John L. Trucking! (Barely.) Kicking! (Plenty!) Armwrestling! (More than you'd think.) Beards and mustaches! (Some, but not on Chuck.) CB talkin'! (Poor.) Dirt bikin'! (Yes! But they even make that weird.) Plus doll bars! Shakespeare! Salad! Star Trek V! Dirty Dancing! Vans, flies, answering the phone, and other 70s relics. Also, jumping through a window will mess you up. Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by @stephenmullinax Breaker! Breaker! is currently available on DVD from Amazon and streaming rental on Vudu. Trailer: Chuck Norris autobiography Against All Odds: My Story: Chuck Norris advice from Karate Kommandos: Chuck at Survivor Series in 1994: Top Dog  Trailer: Actor George Murdock: ("What does God need with a starship?") (as Scanlon on Barney Miller)   Director Don Hulette:   Miranda Garrison: (Dirty Dancing)   Jack Nance: New York Times review: Follow us for more clips, links and background: Red State Update - Home | Facebook Red State Update podcast: 100 Ways to Love a Cat podcast:
68:16 5/13/19
Ep. 5: White Line Fever
The late Jan-Michael Vincent stars in Jonathan Kaplan's 1975 ode to honest truckers White Line Fever, also starring Kay Lenz, Slim Pickens, Sam Laws, L.Q. Jones, R.G. Armstrong, Dick Miller, and Leigh French. Written by Ken Friedman Trucking is hard! Ernest Borgnine explains Airwolf! Goober! Gomer! Pot euphemisms! Billy Jack! Walking Tall! Movin' On! Merle Haggard! Martin Scorsese! Symbolism! Leather pants! Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by @stephenmullinax Thanks to Foreign Exchange Blu-Ray Imports: Ernest Borgnine interview: Scott Von Doviak's ( encyclopedic redneck-movie round-up Hick Flicks: Jonathan Kaplan discusses White Line Fever at Trailers From Hell: Goober's Truck Stop Paradise: Roger Ebert's review: Truckers Go To Washington: Truck Strike: Movin' On Episode One: Follow us for more clips, links and background: Red State Update - Home | Facebook Red State Update podcast: 100 Ways to Love a Cat podcast:
64:08 3/19/19
Ep. 4: Convoy
Jackie and Dunlap on Sam Peckinpah's 1978 film Convoy, starring Kris Kristofferson, Ali McGraw, Ernest Borgnine, Madge Sinclair, and Franklyn Ajaye.  C.W. McCall! George "Goober" Lindsey! Speed limits! Jimmy Carter! Coburn directs! The country music charts of 1976! Cocaine! YovnoC! Ernest Borgnine's secret of longevity! Leonard Nimoy! Mannheim Steamroller! James Earl Jones! Ernest raps! Do lions get married? Johnny Cash's dirty lake!    Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by Stephen Mullinax. Patreon! Twitter! Facebook! Our other podcast! And another!
72:02 1/22/19
Ep. 3: Smokey and the Bandit
Jackie and Dunlap on the greatest movie of all time, 1977's Smokey and the Bandit. Starring the late, great Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, Mike Henry, Enoses Big and Little, Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice, and Happy as Fred. Dog contests, chimp bites, maid arrests, Star Wars, Tarzan, Coors, and freedom. Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by Stephen Mullinax. Patreon! Twitter! Facebook! Our other podcast! And another!
83:31 9/13/18
Ep. 2: Gator
Jackie and Dunlap explore the 1976 film Gator, starring both early 70s Burt Reynolds and late 70s superstar Burt Reynolds. Gator McClusky is back! But completely different.   Directed by Burt Reynolds, with Mike Douglas as an anti-semitic Jimmy Carter, Jack Weston as a grimly dispatched comic foil, Lauren Hutton, Alice Ghostley, some cats, some boats, Burton Gilliam, and Jerry Reed in a role that should still be winning him Oscars. Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by Stephen Mullinax. Patreon! Twitter! Facebook! Our other podcast! And another!  
89:28 6/27/18
Ep. 1: White Lightning
Jackie and Dunlap explore the 1973 film White Lightning, starring a pre-mustache Burt Reynolds, a sweat-slicked Ned Beatty, Jennifer Billingsley, and Bo Hopkins. Directed by Jaws IV's Joseph Sargent and written by gunrunner Bill Norton.  Plus: Burt sings! Spielberg ankles! Pond sex! And the men of Benton, Arkansas get a little Burt hurt. Theme by William Sherry Jr. Art by Stephen Mullinax. Patreon! Twitter! Facebook! Our other podcast! And another!  
82:13 6/27/18

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