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Enlightenment - A Herold & Lantern Investments Podcast

Financial Podcast featuring Mr. Keith Lanton, President of Herold & Lantern Investments, Melville, New York. Every week Keith enlightens his audience with intuitive insights, personal development, and current market commentary. Press interviews or commentaries, please contact Keith or Sal Favarolo at 631-454-2000 | CREDITS: Sophie Cohen - Disclaimer | Alan Eppers - Introduction - Closing | Sal Favarolo - Producer, Sound, Editing, Artwork**For informational purposes only, not intended as investment advice. Views and opinions subject to change without notice **


When Will The Market Uncertainty End? 21:28 04/25/2022
Are The Markets Frustrating You? Use The Milk Carton Rule To Avoid Frustration 33:44 04/18/2022
The Tax Man Cometh 32:35 04/11/2022
Bond Speak: What is Meant by Yield Inversion? 24:37 04/04/2022
Regrets: Are They Signs of Weakness or Strength? 35:27 03/28/2022
How Do We Measure Investing Success? 32:33 03/21/2022
Are We In a Bear Market ? 34:16 03/14/2022
Will The USA Need To Cut a Deal For Oil? 33:42 03/07/2022
Can Higher Oil Prices Lead Us Into a Recession? 35:32 02/28/2022
Russia, Inflation & Volatility - What is an Investor To Do? 32:21 02/14/2022
It's Official! The Bond Markets Are In Control Of The Financial Markets, Worldwide 28:58 02/07/2022
Investing in an Inflationary World - A Wharton Study 31:42 01/31/2022
Is Knowing When To Sell Harder Than Knowing When To Buy? 30:50 01/24/2022
Inflation, Investor Anticipation and A Sea of Red 29:00 01/18/2022
Will Inflation Outwit The Federal Reserve? 29:48 01/10/2022
How To Get Into The Right Mindset For 2022 30:08 01/03/2022
8 Rules Emotionally Intelligent People Follow 31:52 12/27/2021
Do You Have the Mental Strength to Handle Everyday Volatility? 31:03 12/20/2021
Market Trends You Should Be Aware Of In 2022 34:57 12/13/2021
The Surprising Power of Negative Thinking 32:47 12/06/2021
Understanding Your Investment Strategy - Asset Allocation and Margins of Safety 30:32 11/29/2021
How Important Are Big Winners to Your Portfolio? 35:32 11/22/2021
It's Officially Tax Loss Harvesting Season !! 28:59 11/15/2021
Why Flattening of The Yield Curve Should Matter To You 31:33 11/01/2021
How to change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want 31:49 10/25/2021
Try These Simple Anxiety Exercises 34:06 10/18/2021
It's Not What You Look At That Matters, It's What You See 32:22 10/11/2021
Life Is Not Fair; Get Used To It! 28:41 10/04/2021
What do you have planned for today that energizes you? 33:54 09/27/2021
Be Optimistic, Confident, and Goal-Oriented, and Financial Success Will Follow 33:53 09/20/2021