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This is the premiere show featuring trailblazers who are building technologies today to solve tomorrow's toughest challenges.


M12 bets big on the digital frontier with Matt Goldstein 58:35 06/22/2021
Synthesizing High-Tech Food is TOUGH, featuring Kate Krueger of Helikon 52:43 04/08/2021
Exposing cancer with bioengineering, featuring Cyriac Roeding of Earli 65:44 03/23/2021
Jmill goes glamping while Forrest lands on Mars and launches a new company. 07:51 03/02/2021
Google Maps for gold? AI-Assisted Mine Prospecting is Tough! 53:51 02/18/2021
Unlocking new mRNA Treatments with Jake Becraft, CEO of Strand Therapeutics 59:57 02/02/2021
Freedom Without Fear - Making injections effortless with autoinjector tech to saves lives, with Conor Cullinane of Pirouette Medical 65:30 01/13/2021
Tough Tech Today in 2020 and Beyond (Year in Review) 42:29 01/01/2021
$2.5B Exit Entrepreneur, Sujal Patel, is Creating a Proteomics Startup to Upgrade Human Health 55:09 12/15/2020
A moon rover startup gears up for launch, featuring Justin Cyrus of Lunar Outpost 41:53 12/01/2020
When tough tech and dual-use ventures collide, with the U.S. Air Force Banshee Program 34:02 11/17/2020
Bringing heroes home, featuring Caleb Carr of Vita Inclinata 48:02 11/03/2020
Bootstrapping mass spectrometry, featuring Mazdak Taghioskoui of Trace Matters 45:12 10/20/2020
Tough Tech Venture Capital and America's Innovation Engine with Orin Hoffman 51:56 10/06/2020
Venturing into federal tech, featuring Will Dickson and Trinity Torres of FedTech 53:15 09/22/2020
Launching dual-use ventures, featuring Katy Person of the MIT Innovation Initiative 41:05 09/08/2020
Commercializing Satellite Propulsion, featuring Louis Perna 54:28 08/25/2020
Storing your data in DNA, with James Banal 55:57 08/11/2020