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3 MILLION downloads and counting! This is the podcast devoted to help you build a life that propels you forward - EVER FORWARD. Exclusive conversations with industry leaders in health and wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship, celebrities and entertainers, emotional intelligence, creatives, military members and many more. Join host Chase Chewning every Monday and Wednesday. Chase is a US Army veteran, ACE Certified Health Coach, and holds a BS in Exercise Science and MS in Health Promotion. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.


EFR 641: Superfoods that Improve Mental Health, Reduce Stress, and Eliminate Brain Fog with Living Prana
Brian Murphy and Ryan Seaman of Living Prana, creators of PranaCakesTM and BrainCakesTM, talk about the benefits of functional foods and superfoods in promoting healing and balance in the body. They also detail how their company, Living Prana, is supporting the world-wide evolution of mental health and wellness. Stress is oftentimes all we know as humans. Many people are in a constant state of stress and their body is so used to it, they don’t even know what it’s like to be in a state of balance. Stress can be created in your home environment, your career, past traumas, an imbalance in the body, and countless other sources. Tune in to learn how you can reduce stress, eliminate brain fog, and bring your body and mind back to balance - all by eating pancakes! Ryan Seaman and Brian Murphy are the Co-Founders of Living Prana, a company pioneering functional foods and building a nutritional pyramid on three fundamental tenets: Food as Medicine, Body as Temple, and Earth as Essential. They’re on a mission to make this world a better place, one pancake at a time.    Follow Living Prana @living_prana Follow Brian Murphy @bmurphy22a Follow Ryan Seaman @ryanscottseaman Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Ryan and Brian share the origin of Living Prana, a product that was born out of Burning Man and fueled by a psychedelic healing journey. The duo highlights the health benefits of adaptogens, such as ashwagandha, and how adaptogens, along with other wellness practices, can be used to bring your body out of a state of stress and into a state of balance. Chase also shares his personal experience of how adaptogens changed the quality of his daily life. Why do we reach for foods as a quick fix, rather than a long-term health solution? How long does it take to see the effects of functional mushrooms? Functional mushrooms are the superfood of the future! Brian and Ryan speak on the mind-blowing benefits of consistently consuming functional mushrooms, like Cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane.  When you’re integrating something new into your diet, especially with superfoods that have intense flavors, it can be tricky to stay consistent with it. Brian and Ryan share tips for integrating superfoods into your diet in delicious, enjoyable ways so you can continuously reap their benefits. Health education and awareness are keys to enhancing the health and wellness of the world, but so are sustainability and transparency in business. Listen in to learn how Prana Living is prioritizing sustainability and transparency in their business practices. Episode resources: Save 15% on Living Prana with code EVERFORWARD15 at Save 20% on Morning Recovery with code FORWARD at  Save 20% on men's skin care with code EVERFORWARD at  Watch on YouTube 
62:40 09/26/2022
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3 MILLION downloads and counting! This is the podcast devoted to help you build a life that propels you forward - EVER FORWARD. Exclusive conversations with industry leaders in health and wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship, celebrities and entertainers, emotional intelligence, creatives, military members and many more. Join host Chase Chewning every Monday and Wednesday. Chase is a US Army veteran, ACE Certified Health Coach, and holds a BS in Exercise Science and MS in Health Promotion. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.
00:54 09/22/2022
EFR 640: Keeping Your Wellness Goals in a Relationship and Ways You May Be Enabling Your Partner's Poor Health Habits with May Yazdi Chewning
Chase and May are back to discuss healthy relationships; the one with yourself and with your partner. Do you think your partner loves the gym more than you? Are you finding it difficult to get them on board with healthy food options? Do you argue about how you don't make time for them? Tune in to learn how Chase and May maintain their own healthy habits (and have for nearly a decade) as well as empower each other through clear communication to live their best lives individually and as a healthy, thriving couple. Follow May @mayyazdi Follow Chase @chase_chewning Episode resources: Join the Ever Forward Mentorship waitlist! Email "Mentorship" to chase(at)  Save 15% on Living Prana superfood pancake mix with code EVERFORWARD15 at Save 15% on any Cured Nutrition CBD and adaptogen product with code EVERFORWARD at 
45:07 09/22/2022
EFR 639: Using Anxiety and Grief to Your Advantage and Overcoming Emotional Regression with Britt Frank
Britt Frank is a trauma therapist and the author of The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward. Today’s conversation centers largely on the topic of emotional regression: that all-too-common anxiety-inducing feeling that you are younger than your chronological age. Britt says that this is an issue that needs to be talked about more, because it can affect anybody regardless of their mental health status—even the most successful men and women in society. Some signs of emotional regression? Indecisiveness, fear of making people angry, can’t say “no”, emotional explosions, wanting to be the “favorite” child/employee/friend, imposter syndrome, and many more. Believing that “surviving childhood is trauma in and of itself,” Britt asserts that, “if you don’t grieve the fact that your childhood is over, you end up repeating it.” At the same time, Britt notes that humans are a “sliding scale”, constantly swinging from equilibrium to one extreme to another and back again. According to Britt, instead of trying to practice “self-regulation” all the time on one end, or being overly emotional and passionate on the other, we need to be willing to embrace a dynamic way of life. This way, we allow ourselves to consciously shift from one emotional state to each other, and from a state of high energy to a state of rest, acknowledging that how we feel is completely and utterly how our body wants us to feel in the moment. Britt reminds us that “our brain is on our side”—that anxiety is simply a sign telling us that something needs to be addressed. This means allowing ourselves to grieve, as opposed to suppressing that grief, is what will ultimately lead to our healing.   Follow Britt @brittfrank Follow Chase @chase_chewning   Key Highlights Britt breaks down the phenomenon of “emotional regression”: those excruciating moments—usually taking place around one’s parents—where one feels younger than their actual age, and why many of even the most successful individuals go through it. Like the titular character in Alice in Wonderland, emotional regression makes us feel too big one moment and too small the next: your “yes” was really a “no”; you feel guilty when you fail and guilty when you succeed; you feel like an imposter half the time and a narcissistic monster the other half. Britt describes emotional regression as a psychological longing for “home”—by extension defining homeostasis as feeling at home in your body, mind, and heart. Britt unpacks grief as it relates to emotional regression and lays out the four steps to healthy grieving. She also explains why she sees anxiety as a superpower that can help us get unstuck on our road to healing. You don’t need to wait until you’ve hit rock-bottom to change. Britt shares how you can start taking those baby steps to turn your life around today, and explains why feeling “fine” is far from fine. Episode resources: Join the 2023 Ever Forward Mentorship wait list! Email the word "Mentorship" to chase(at)  Save 15% on the grass fed organ meat complex from Paleovalley at  Save 20% on the men's skin care line from Caldera + Lab with code EVERFORWARD at  Get Britt's book The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward
55:24 09/19/2022
EFR 638: The Future of Entrepreneurship, Creating New Opportunities and Innovation and How to Build for Tomorrow
Society has changed, technology has changed, the way we work has changed, everything has changed! Change can feel overwhelming or confusing, but not if you know how to change with it. Allow us to introduce you to the one and only, Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, podcast host, author, startup advisor, keynote speaker, and “nonstop optimism machine”. Jason believes that change is inevitable, but thriving is up to you… and he’s here to tell you how. In this discussion, Chase and Jason talk about the present and future of work, what’s changed in the workforce and entrepreneurship space over the past two years (since covid began), and how to create opportunities and innovation in your life and business.   Follow Jason Feifer @heyfeifer Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights The pandemic has caused many companies to restructure their organization and work flows. If we focused less how much time people are spending working and instead focused more on what they produce, we can start to create more flexibility in how people work together.  Efficiency is necessary, but it can be the death of innovation. Do you know what really killed Kodak? Facebook.  Every company needs someone (or a team) whose job is to come up with new opportunities. The best type of opportunity you can pursue is the opportunity that is available to you that nobody is asking you to do. How do ensure we’re moving forward in a direction of expansion? Tune in to hear a story from Jason that illustrates his answer. What is Jason’s billion dollar question he wants entrepreneurs to ask themselves? He dedicated a whole blank page in his new book for this question: What is it for? “It’s just so valuable for all of us if we can think about the cycle of change we’re in right now as the conscious cycle,” Jason says, “This is the one that you pay attention to, that you take notes on, that you have documented evidence… so that when you get through it… [and] the next time you go through it, you can look back and you can say… it’s gonna work out again.” Episode resources: Join the 2023 Ever Forward Mentorship waitlist! Email "Mentorship" to Get a free Recharge variety pack with any purchase at Save 10% on Ketone-IQ with code CHASE at Visit his website Order his book, Build for Tomorrow by Jason Feifer
75:26 09/14/2022
EFR 637: Mindfulness Techniques for Minimizing Stress and Anxiety and How to Have a Better Relationship with Yourself with Eli Weinstein
How do you find meaning and stillness in your daily life? That could sound like a loaded question, but if you take a step back and think about it, meaning and stillness are things we get to relish in every single day… if we’re mindful about it! Eli Weinstein, a Licensed Clinical Social Work Therapist, is passionate about sharing tips and tools for no BS mental health, wellness, and everyday life. He’s here to do just that. In this discussion, Chase and Eli talk about navigating parenthood, partnership, and your relationship with yourself. He shares his simple, yet powerful techniques for minimizing anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and the societal noise we’re constantly exposed to. Then, he sheds light on three major mental health issues the world is facing right now and why we should be aware of them.   Follow Eli Weinstein @eliweinstein_lcsw Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Eli explains how to begin the process of “dating yourself”, getting to know yourself, and developing a healthy relationship with the Self. Remember, start small. Choosing to not do things can be just as powerful as choosing to do things. He details the impact of stillness on everything from productivity to self-awareness and relaxation, touching on how he finds stillness with ADHD.  The intensity of social media can cause our brain to go into survival mode, creating an internal stress system pumping adrenaline into your body. Turn off your push notifications, avoid mindless scrolling, and avoid picking up your phone the second you wake up. At the root, taking care of yourself and enhancing the quality of your life is about learning how to just BE with yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings, learning to enjoy your life where you’re at (not through a screen). When we isolate ourselves, we get stuck in our thoughts and we feel alone. The pandemic caused a lot of isolation, whether we wanted it or not, and that’s a slippery slope to mental illness. Embrace your whole self, your inner and outer worlds, and get help when you need it. It might just change your entire life. Episode resources: Join the Ever Forward Mentorship waitlist by emailing "Mentorship" to  Save 15% on CBD, adaptogen, and functional mushroom products with code EVERFORWARD at  Get 5 free travel packs of AG1 at  Listen to his podcast, The Dude Therapist Visit his website
47:59 09/12/2022
EFR 636: It's Not Me, It's You - Break the Blame Cycle, Relationship Better, and Untangle Common Barriers with Your Partner with John Kim and Vanessa Bennett
What would happen if you approached both your relationships with yourself and your partner through a lens of curiosity instead of judgment and resentment?  Chances are you’d experience more love, comfort, and happiness. In this episode, John Kim and Vanessa Bennett share their best insights on cultivating a quality relationship with yourself and your partner, the hard work it takes to “relationship better”, and tips and tactics for overcoming the barriers to having a healthy relationship. Most importantly, John and Vanessa talk about the power of approaching relationships through a lens of curiosity instead of judgment.  John and Vanessa, two psychologists, therapists, and life partners are the authors of the new book, “It’s Not Me, It’s You: Break the Blame Cycle. Relationship Better”. In its pages, as well as in this episode, the pair analyzes their own relationship to help untangle the common and frustrating barriers many individuals face on the road to a happy, loving, rewarding partnership.   Follow John @theangrytherapist Follow Vanessa @vanessabennett Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights John and Vanessa talk about how to constructively call your partner out. The trick? Trying to understand before trying to be understood. You’ll learn how to open up in a relationship and build trusting communication with your partner instead of sweeping issues and conflicts under the rug. You don’t know everything about your partner, which is exciting! John and Vanessa break down why it’s important to get out of judgment and get into curiosity and how to go about doing that in your partnership. Fire needs air, meaning if you want passion, you need desire, space, and an understanding of and connection with the self. If you do things for yourself that excite you, you’ll be more able to be excited by your partner. Is it okay to fantasize about and be attracted to other people when you’re in a relationship? Tune in to hear John and Vanessa’s answers! Episode resources: Unlock your brain in minutes with Ketone-IQ and save 15% with code CHASE at  Save up to 80% on 100% grass-fed beef sticks at Watch this on YouTube  Get their book on Audible with your free trial at  Buy their book, It’s Not Me, It’s You
64:10 09/08/2022
EFR 635: How to Overcome the Top Ten Limiting Beliefs and Go From IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE Mindset and with Colin O'Brady
Colin O'Brady talks about his life of adventure, tragedy, and perseverance. He details the 12-hour walk that changed his life, how to overcome your biggest limiting beliefs (including not having enough money), and what it means to live life with a “Possible Mindset”.   Colin is a 10-time world record breaking explorer and one of the world’s best endurance athletes. He isn’t your typical adventurer despite his unmatched athletic accomplishments including a world-first solo crossing of Antarctica, a world-first ocean row across Drake Passage (from South America to Antarctica), and summiting Mt. Everest twice. Colin is an expert on mindset, a highly sought-after keynote speaker and a New York Times bestselling author. He’s also a television host, an executive producer and an entrepreneur who has built and sold companies. And, he’s done it all after overcoming a devastating accident - that nearly left him unable to walk - to prove that anything is possible.   If you were told you could never walk again, would you believe it or would you start training for a triathlon? By the end of this episode, you’ll likely pick the latter.   Follow Colin O'Brady @colinobrady Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Colin shares his “why” behind the extreme endurance challenges he’s accomplished, from rowing Drake Passage to being the first human to cross Antarctica solo pulling a 375lb sled with no support. He also talks about what it was like to be told he’ll never walk again after suffering a tragic accident in a remote part of Thailand. Listen in as he breaks down the meaning behind his mom’s “Possible Mindset” and how he’s used it to unlock a life full of unlimited possibility. Colin speaks on how he gained traction and maintained momentum after severe injury. He notes the power of overcoming limiting beliefs, the fear of failure, and a scarcity mindset. What will a 12-hour walk do to your body and mind? Tune in to find out! Episode resources: Join the 2023 Ever Forward Mentorship waitlist! Email "Mentorship" to  Save 15% on instant organic lattes and coffee with code CHASE at Save 20% on The Good multi-function face serum with code EVERFORWARD at  Watch this video on YouTube  Visit Colin's website Get the book The 12-Hour Walk Get the audio book with your free 30-day Audible trial at 
73:14 09/07/2022
EFR 634: The Impact of Stress on Your Physiology and Wearable Adaptation Methods to Improve Resiliency and Nervous System Recovery with Kathryn Fantauzzi
Chase talks with Kathryn Fantauzzi about the impact of stress on our physiology and well-being, how to become aware of and manage your stressors, and the secret to becoming more resilient. Kathryn shares how to understand and apply heart rate variability (HRV) and everything else you need to know about keeping your nervous system balanced and recovered so you can accomplish everything you set your mind to. Kathryn Fantauzzi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Apollo Neuroscience, which has developed the first scientifically-validated wearable technology that actively improves energy, focus & sleep. Take a deep breath. Unclench your jaw. Relax your shoulders. This week, we’re exploring all things stress, resiliency, and nervous system recovery.   Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights How do you define stress? “Stress is life, life is stress,” she says. Kathryn believes it’s all about keeping a balance of good stressors and bad stressors and making sure there’s enough recovery in your life so you’re able to cope and be resilient to stress. If we change our mindset around stress, can we eliminate stress from our life or even use stress as fuel for growth? Kathryn explains the role of awareness, perception, and mindset in stress management. Learn the signs and symptoms of chronic stress and how it affects the body as well as the relationship between HRV, human connection, and longevity. Apollo Neuro is a wearable device that uses low frequency sound waves to change the balance of your nervous system. Listen in to hear about the many benefits of Apollo, including managing stress responses, maximizing performance, improving the quality of your sleep, and balancing the circadian rhythm.  Episode resources: Join the 2023 Ever Forward Mentorship waitlist! Email "Mentorship" to  Save 20% on your Wild Health membership with code EVERFORWARD at  Get a free Recharge electrolyte drink mix variety pack with any purchase at  Episode 513 - "How Psilocybin Improved My HRV by 40%" Episode 559 - "10 Ways to Improve Your HRV" Visit Kathryn’s website Learn more about Apollo Neuro
53:01 09/06/2022
EFR 633: More Passion, More Love, and How to Live in Total Alignment with Erica Lippy
How to live a more passionate, aligned life… it’s something we’re all wondering, but this week’s guest seems to have the secret formula. Erica Lippy is a life and wellness coach, renowned fit model, podcaster, and creator of Passion Love Pursuit, and intentional movement that encourages you to be your best self, living a vibrant life more passionately and purposefully.  In this discussion, Chase and Erica talk about what it takes to live a more aligned, intentional life full of passion and purpose. They speak on the power of embodying your values, separating who you are from who people perceive you to be, and prioritizing self-love while in a relationship. Erica shares her bits of wisdom on seeking discomfort, building confidence, and maximizing self-growth.   Follow Erica Lippy @ericalippy Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Erica breaks down her holistic morning routine and shares how she uses superfoods like functional mushrooms and cacao, particularly in the morning, to optimize and “hack” her health. Confidence comes from mastering your body physically, mentally, and emotionally. “Very much of what you do in your life is all about being accountable and keeping your word to yourself and your standards,” Erica says. How do you live an aligned life? What does it feel like to embody your values and beliefs? Listen in as Emily shares her candid answers! Erica talks about her experience being a fit model, how it affected her relationship with her body, and how it drove her to find her life’s purpose. If you’re uncomfortable being alone, question that. Get curious why and go deep. What are you missing? What are you attached to? What needs to change? Get quieter with yourself and that will uncover why you feel that way.  Episode resources: Save 15% on any CBD or functional mushroom product with code EVERFORWARD at Get 5 free travel packs of AG1 at  Watch this on YouTube  Visit her website Listen to Passion Love Pursuit Podcast
59:51 08/31/2022
EFR 632: Harmful Narratives Around Manhood, Regulating Hormones, and Slowing the Aging Process with Saad Alam
Saad Alam is the CEO of Hone, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping men take charge of their lives and be the best they can be, especially as they get older. Hone believes that your body can be optimized to reach your peak performance for whatever it is that matters in your life. Whether it’s running an Iron Man at 45 or running in the backyard with your kids after a day in the office. In this discussion, Chase and Saad talk about new and unique approaches to men’s health, the misconceptions around Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), and the real impact of chemicals and microplastics on hormone levels and fertility. Saad gives insight into what it feels like to have low testosterone levels and a few habits and actions you can take to maintain your hormone levels as you age.    Follow Saad Alam @msaadalam Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights How are we, as men, supposed to show up in the world? What harmful narratives about manhood have we held on to that are no longer serving us? Saad sheds light on the biggest needs for men’s health right now in 2022 compared to when we were growing up and becoming men.  Chase shares his experience before and after Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) as a man in his mid-30s. Saad describes what it was like to be diagnosed with hypogonadism (low testosterone levels) and why it’s beneficial to split up your testosterone doses. How do you feel better and maintain your masculinity as you get older? Is testosterone the primary hormone men should be paying attention to? Tune in to find out! Saad answers: What does it feel like to have low testosterone levels? What happens to men’s bodies as they age? He then highlights the things men can do to maintain their hormone levels and slow the aging process. Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to take action. If you’re not feeling yourself, reach out to your doctor and consider using Hone to test your hormone levels or learn more about optimizing men’s health! Episode resources: Save 20% on the Build Muscle Stack with code EVERFORWARD from  Get a free trial of the best non-fiction book summaries at  Learn more about Hone
53:10 08/29/2022
EFR 631: Train Your Mind to Work FOR You Instead of Against You by Boosting Your Mental Fitness with Marc Champagne
Marc Champagne is dedicated to helping people level up their mental fitness and the host of the top 50 ranked podcast Behind The Human and co-founder of the journaling app (KYO) which reached 86.9 million people without any paid advertising. He is the author of Personal Socrates: Questions That Will Upgrade Your Life from Legends & World-Class Performers. As a “mental fitness strategist”, Marc has consulted with and spoken for many Fortune 500 companies on streamlining their systems and processes for increased employee happiness and organizational efficiency. Marc defines “mental fitness” as an umbrella term for anything you can do to train your mind—whether to boost your mental health, mental resilience, mental performance, etc. Listen in as Marc shares how anyone can build mental fortitude by asking themselves the right questions at every stage of life. Continuous growth, according to Marc, lies in pondering over these two basic questions to start with: “Who am I now?” and “Who am I optimizing to become?”   Follow Marc @behindthehuman Follow Chase @chase_chewning   Key Highlights How do you know if you’re asking yourself the right questions? Marc gives us some of his go-to prompts which he writes about in Personal Socrates. After closing down his first business, Marc once again had to ask himself the question, “What will give me purpose?” He explains how asking it felt the second time around after achieving massive success once. Marc talks about how anyone can start a mental fitness practice today for just a few minutes a day. Marc shares the daily habits he follows which maximize his creativity. One of the biggest impediments to growth is our tendency to rest on our laurels. Marc shares how we can ensure we don’t get stuck on “maintenance mode” in our life and career. Episode resources: Save 20% on The Good multifunction serum at  Save 15% on Ketone-IQ at  Watch this on YouTube  Learn more at 
42:01 08/24/2022
EFR 630: Veteran Mental Health Needs and Why Integration and Accountability Are Essential for Lasting Healing with Kelsi Sheren
Every veteran and first responder deserves healing, peace, and a thriving life. Unfortunately, too many veterans are struggling with mental illnesses like PTSD and struggle to live the lives they want and get the help they deserve. But there are silver linings! Meet Kelsi Sheren, a veteran, author, mother, wellness and mental health advocate, CEO & Founder of Brass & Unity, and Host of The Brass & Unity Podcast. Kelsi is an incredible force in the veteran community as she has dedicated her post-military life to helping her fellow soldiers get a second chance at life. In this discussion, Chase speaks with Kelsi about her efforts in raising mental health awareness for veteran communities. The pair talk about everything from psychedelic therapy and accountability to holistic tactics for healing yourself and others.   Follow Kelsi Sheren @kelsie_sheren Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Is there a safe way for people to do ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at home? As an enthusiastic user of and advocate for psychedelics and cannabis, Kelsi shares her honest answer to this question, emphasizing the importance of having a guide in the right set and setting. As veterans, how do we push past the fear of getting mental health support and treatment? Kelsi and Chase talk about how veterans can become more aware of their mental health and how they can cultivate a sense of safety in their lives. Integration and accountability are the keys to improving and sustaining your mental health. No one is going to come and save you or do your healing for you. “We have to take responsibility for our own healing,” Kelsi says, “When it comes to starting the process, go up the chain if you have to, go to a civilian if necessary… there are so many resources now in the veteran community that you can call and reach out to that are not within the system that can really, truly help advise you.” Kelsi sheds light on the powerful benefits received from veteran healing/mental health programs like Heroic Hearts Project, Defenders of Freedom, and VETS, which she herself has utilized to heal. Episode resources: Save 15% on any instant organic latte or coffee with code CHASE at  Save 20% with code FORWARD on Morning Recovery at  Shop Brass & Unity and use code EVERFORWARD35 for 35% off! Listen to The Brass & Unity Podcast If you’re struggling, reach out to Kelsi at 
79:20 08/22/2022
EFR 629: Surviving Burnout in Your Relationship and 4 Ways to Support Your Partner with May Yazdi Chewning
Listen in to this month’s chat with May Yazdi, Chase’s wife, as the pair talks about burnout and relationships. In this discussion, Chase and May talk about how to manage burnout through nurturing your relationship with yourself and how to support your partner while they experience burnout. They share simple, yet powerful communication techniques for partners navigating burnout together along with tips and advice on gaining back your energy and inspiration after burning out. Follow May @mayyazdi Listen to May's podcast May's Anatomy Learn more about Field Trip Health Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Leave a 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and send a screenshot to or DM @chase_chewning for a FREE order of LMNT! Have a question? Email us at!   Key Highlights Burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance, or feelings of negativism or cynicism. Does any of this resonate with you? If so, you’re likely burnt out! May sheds light on how burnout caused her to feel uninspired and unmotivated in her career and how burnout impacted her physical, mental, and emotional health.  How do you effectively manage stress? May shares an analogy to illustrate the idea that when you react to and process your stress, the stress is able to be broken down and released without being stored in the body. If your partner is experiencing burnout, or if you’re both experiencing burnout, how can you get through it? May and Chase speak on the importance of acknowledging the space that each of you are in, sharing about your work day at a time that feels right for you, and allowing yourself the time to fully process your stress before involving your partner. Always be willing to listen, ask your partner what they need/want, and be willing to give them space. When your partner doesn’t want to talk about their day, be accepting of that and don’t take it personally. Managing and recovering from burnout is a non-linear process. There may be waves of emotions and feelings, some days might be better than others, but there’s always a way to overcome it.   Episode resources: Get 30% off for life during Paleovalley's anniversary sale at Get a free variety pack with any purchase of Recharge electrolyte drink mix at  Listen to The Alignment Show  Learn more about Field Trip Health Listen to EFR #462: Scientific Ways to Beat Burnout, Boost Energy, Reclaim Your Life and Stop Being So Effing Tired with Dr. Amy Shah, MD I’m So Effing Tired by Dr. Amy Shah, MD
58:21 08/17/2022
EFR 628: Ending Diet Culture Through Functional Nutrition and the Relationship Between Body Positivity and True Physical and Mental Health with Michelle Shapiro
What is a radically neutral approach to nutrition and health? It’s an approach rooted in compassion and intuition and it’s changing thousands of people’s lives. Meet Michelle Shapiro, a Holistic Registered Dietician and Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner who helps people use functional nutrition to heal gut issues, reverse anxiety, and approach weight lovingly. At the root of her practice is, you guessed it, compassion and intuition. In this discussion, Chase and Michelle break down a few controversial health topics along with what we can do to empower ourselves to have greater health. Michelle shares her thoughts on the effects of diet culture and anti-diet culture, fasting, intuitive eating, and functional nutrition practices that actually work for human beings. She also speaks on the relationship between body positivity, body image, physical health, and mental health.  This is a very insightful episode you certainly won’t want to skip over!   Follow Michelle Shapiro @michelleshapirord Visit her website Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Michelle sheds light on the role of “new-ancient” health and wellness modalities and the rising anti-diet culture movement. “Overtime, as we’ve seen, chronic illness rates in America have consistently gone up, regardless of the fact that we’re putting more and more [modern Western medicine] interventions into place,” she says. How do you separate yourself from the noise of diet culture and find information that serves you and your needs? Michelle emphasizes the power of intuition and intuitive eating in developing your ideal diet, lifestyle, and wellness practices. Ask yourself questions, especially when making changes to your diet or lifestyle.  “The way that I describe the body positivity movement is that it is an extreme knee jerk reaction to a tremendous amount of very real trauma after a really long time,” Michelle says. She then details the principles of compassion and coddling she uses with her clients to make health changes as well as with her opinions on HAES (Health at Every Size). Michelle shares her unique opinion on the individualization of fasting, highlighting the types of people that would benefit or would not benefit from fasting. Is fasting right for you? Tune in to learn more! Episode resources: Save 20% on your telehealth and health coaching needs at with code EVERFORWARD Save 10% on your first month of therapy at  Watch this on YouTube 
76:07 08/15/2022
EFR 627: How to Better Tell Your Story and Why It Matters with Ivana de Maria
Ivana De Maria is a producer, actress, activist, and tech entrepreneur. She is the founder of Storyplace, an empathy-driven digital platform where you can write and read stories from people all around the world. Tying all of Ivana’s varied passions is the same mission: to promote empathy through the most basic and powerful form of education, storytelling. Listen in as Ivana breaks down the magic of stories in their power to learn more about not just other human beings, but ourselves as well. It was thanks to her strong belief in the ability of storytelling to unite people of disparate background and beliefs that she was inspired to create the Storyplace platform. In the latter half of our conversation, Ivana reflects on her experience with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, as well as her very first Ayahuasca ceremony, and how these sessions caused her to wake up to a truer version of herself for the first time in her life. Asked what story she is currently writing now that she is in her third decade of life, Ivana tells Chase: “I feel like I was just born again. I realized I had never, in 30 years, asked myself, ‘What do I want?’”   Follow Ivana @ivanamaria Follow Chase @chase_chewning   Key Highlights If you open yourself up to hearing the stories of everyone around you, you level up your own life. It all starts by slowing down and truly listening to the other person. Going further embrace empathy by consciously separating listening from agreeing. Ivana shares what inspired her to establish her unique platform built to bring people’s stories together. Addressing the all-too-common reply of, “I don’t have a story,” Ivana explains that, instead of saying to someone, “Tell me your story,” it’s so much more powerful to say, “Tell me a story about…” Ivana talks about how her psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy experiences made her feel like she had “woken up from a 29-year-nap”. Episode resources: Get one year free vitamin D and 5 free travel packs of AG1 at Learn faster, get smarter, and read faster at Watch this on YouTube  Learn more about StoryPlace 
46:57 08/10/2022
EFR 626: Hack Your Health - Strategies That Actually Work and How to Achieve the Body and Mindset of Your Dreams with Sean McDevitt
What is health hacking? Can you really hack your way to better nutrition, fitness, and mental health? Let’s dive in and find out! Sean McDevitt, the Co-Founder of DLDNation nutrition and fitness coaching, is back on Ever Forward Radio to talk about his incredible new book, Hack Your Health. In this discussion, Chase and Sean explore the worlds of health hacking and psychedelic medicine, shedding light on the practices and mindsets that can help you improve all aspects of your health. Sean shares all the hacks you can use to make gains in your health, fitness, mindset, and nutrition starting right now.    Follow Sean McDevitt @fitnessshaman Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Sean shares the story behind his book, Hack Your Health, highlighting the pandemic’s effect on his coaching business, DLDNation. The word “hack” often makes us believe that we need to adjust because we’re doing something wrong or shameful… but this isn’t true! Hacks are in place to help us make small adjustments that lead to big gains. When trying to hack your health, Sean emphasizes the power of the pause. Essentially, create a stillness practice in your life through meditation, breathwork, journaling, time for rest, etc.  A huge part of hacking time is planning ahead. Sean talks about how he uses a “Journal of Truth” to better manage life’s challenges and break through the mental blocks he experiences throughout the week. He breaks down the historical origin of the placebo effect and how he uses the placebo effect to shift into different mindsets and perspectives. Integration is the key to receiving benefits from psychedelics, self-help books, coaching, etc. If you’re not consistently integrating what you’ve learned into your daily life, how do you expect to gain anything or achieve the outcome you’re looking for? Episode resources: Save 15% on any CBD product with code EVERFORWARD at  Get a FREE variety sample pack with any Recharge electrolyte drink mix purchase at  Get his book Hack Your Health Visit DLDNation Episode 491 with Sean and Dala McDevitt
63:23 08/08/2022
EFR 625: How to Be More Confident, Stay in Great Shape, and Succeed as a Modern-Day Creative with Davi de las Morenas of How to Beast
David de las Morenas is Boston-based personal trainer, certified strength coach, bestselling author, and the personality behind the widely popular How to Beast YouTube channel, which now boasts over 1.1 million subscribers. David’s content is focused primarily around fitness and dating advice. Today’s conversation centers on David’s success as an internet personality and business owner, as well as his advice to those who are looking to create content and start their own online brand in our influencer-saturated world. A fan of Marcus Aurelius, he stays true to the philosophy of stoicism in both his personal and professional life. In fact, David attributes much of his success to his determination to stay grounded, collected, and introspective as challenges and opportunities continue to come his way. Finally, David shares his thoughts on the dating world and how things have changed for himself since getting engaged. He also talks about what he has done to keep his relationship with himself healthy now that he is committed to sharing life with his partner.   Follow David @howtobeast Follow Chase @chase_chewning   Key Highlights David reflects on what Marcus Aurelius and the stoic philosophy in general means to him and how he applies it in his day-to-day life. David shares how his biggest insecurity growing up caused him to struggle in the dating world. Once you have a romantic partner, how do you keep your relationship with yourself healthy and flourishing at the same time? David talks about how it feels to be a modern-day influencer and creative entrepreneur. In today’s social media and content-saturated world, Chase and David agree that it’s best for any creative to lean into the things that they are most passionate about. Episode resources: Save 20% on men's skin care with code EVERFORWARD at Save 20% on Morning Recovery with code FORWARD at  Watch this on YouTube  Watch David on Don't Be Sour with Maxx Chewning  Edge Lifestyle
65:38 08/03/2022
EFR 624: Boost Brain Performance, Get More REM Sleep, Increase Longevity, Decrease Inflammation, and Key Supplementation for Brain Health with Louisa Nicola
Louisa Nicola is a neurophysiologist, brain coach to elite athletes, and Founder of Neuro Athletics, a full-service neuroscience diagnostic testing company.  Back in episode #436, Louisa Nicola gave us an introduction to the brain and nervous system, setting the foundation for us to understand how neuroscience can help us get more out of life. This week, Louisa is back to dive deeper into the science behind brain performance.  In this discussion, Chase and Louisa talk about the three domains of peak brain performance: nutrition, physical exercise, and neurophysiology. Louisa breaks down how to utilize nutrients, exercise, and sleep, so you can better optimize your brain health. The pair also talk about keeping the blood-brain barrier strong, the benefits of using exogenous ketones, and why you need to be more mindful of maintaining your dopamine levels.  Plus… Can our brain cells regenerate or are the connections just getting stronger? Stick around until the end to hear Louisa’s shocking answer!   Follow Louisa Nicola @louisanicola_ Learn more about NeuroAthletics Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Sleep: “Sleep is probably the most underrated high performance tool we have,” Louisa says. If you’re an athlete who doesn’t get enough quality sleep, it affects almost every aspect of your performance and increases risk for injury. Louisa goes on to describe the impacts of sleep on brain health, brain disorders, and brain aging. Nutrition: “When it comes to the brain, there are certain things that the brain favors, especially as it relates to nutrition and supplementation,” Louisa says. Listen in to learn how stress, inflammation, and supplementation of key nutrients, like EPA and DHA, can play a role in longevity and cognitive performance. Plus, Louisa explains the benefits of going on a high fat diet immediately after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion). Hydration is a key indicator of brain functioning. If we are 2% dehydrated, we can have a decrease in our cognitive performance by 30%. Exercise: “You can grow the gray matter of your brain by physical activity alone,” Louisa says. She then recaps various research studies that show the relationship between exercise, particularly resistance training, and cognitive performance as well as how exercise can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Your brain loves quality time with other humans, loving relationships, social interactions, and of course, self-love.  How will you know these practices are actually improving your brain health? Tune in to find out!   Episode resources: Save 20% on your wellness and telemedicine needs with code EVERFORWARD at  Save 15% on Mello magnesium superfood drink mix with code EVERFORWARD at  Watch this video on YouTube EFR #436: Neuroscience That Will Help You Perform Better, Think Faster, and Live Longer with Louisa Nicola EFR #612: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on Plant Protein Versus Animal Protein and How to Prevent Disease and Promote Longevity Using Muscle Centric Medicine Listen to The Neuro Experience episode with Layne Norton, PhD  FITLIGHT 
76:05 08/01/2022
EFR 623: Conscious Consumerism, At-Home Farming, and Putting the Wonder Back in Food with Jacob Pechenik
Imagine a world where growing your own food is as nutritious and cost-effective as grocery shopping at your favorite store. Jacob Pechenik, the Founder and CEO of Lettuce Grow, is on a mission to make this happen now. Referring to the company as the answer to industrialized big agriculture, Jacob’s mission through Lettuce Grow (and its parent company The Farm Project) is to “democratize the growing of food for all” by “providing families access to clean, unprocessed food, [...] decreasing transportation emissions, drastically reducing water usage, and recycling ocean-bound plastics from places that lack recycling initiatives.” Having always had a passion for sustainable farming, Jacob began with a dream to transform the wasteful industrial food system. He started with the question, “How do I get more people to the farm?”, but later on began to ask, “How do I get the farm to more people?” That question led to his mission to create a million farmers throughout the country and by extension empower consumers to choose healthier, locally-produced alternatives. In the process, he hopes more people can reclaim that age-old sense of pride that comes with preparing one’s own meal. Follow Lettuce Grow @lettucegrow Follow Chase @chase_chewning Key Highlights People have become so disconnected from how their food is sourced, grown, and prepared. The fact that ever-changing fad diets exist makes this obvious. Jacob explains how conscious consumerism aims to help us rediscover our food heritage. Industrial food distribution typically wastes 52% of the plant before it gets to the consumer. Jacob breaks down The Farm Project’s innovative “distributed farming” model, which ensures maximum freshness throughout the whole process. Jacob shares his journey to becoming empowered in choosing the healthiest food he could for his children. How much of an impact does Jacob hope Lettuce Grow and The Farm Project will have on the food distribution industry? Episode resources: Save 80% on the 100% grass-fed beef sticks from Paleovalley Save 15% on all natural CBD products with code EVERFORWARD from Cured Nutrition Watch this interview on YouTube 
51:20 07/27/2022
EFR 622: Overcoming Food Allergies for True Internal and External Health with Sonia Hunt
Food is what’s killing us in this country. Did you know that living in the United States for 10 years increases your risk of developing food allergies? That’s pretty nutty, but not as nutty as our guest, whom we have dubbed “Certified Nut Job,” Sonia Hunt. Sonia Hunt is a Tedx Speaker, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and #1 Best-Selling Author of “NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies to Thrive”. Sonia is known for her journey of, after almost dying four times, becoming food allergy-free from 32+ foods. Horrific experiences with anaphylaxis led her to optimize her life and share the lessons she learned with the world and with you! In this discussion, Chase and Sonia talk about all things allergies – what’s in our foods that may or may not be causing internal and external havoc and, more importantly, what to do about your food allergies. She details her holistic approach to finding the root cause of her severe food allergies and the mind-blowing realizations she had along the way. Follow Sonia @soniahunt Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning Key Highlights Sonia dissected every area of her life and worked with a variety of medical practitioners to get to the root cause of her suffering. A decade later, in 2020, she found out that she had eliminated all her food allergies and is still in remission today. How did she do it? Listen in to find out! “The very first step to change is changing your mindset,” Sonia says. She didn’t love herself and she had been living on autopilot based on how society was telling her to live. This realization was her catalyst to start pivoting her mindset, taking back her power, and healing her health issues. Sonia sheds light on how she manages the inner critic and the fear of “relapsing” and reacting to former allergens again. Gut health was a major part of what Sonia and her doctors investigated and worked to improve. More research is coming out showing the correlation between Leaky Gut Syndrome, which Sonia has, and food allergies. Exercise, Ayurveda, supplementation, and eliminating environmental toxins in the home also helped her eliminate her allergies. Sonia shares what she’s excited for in the future, highlighting her recent health coach certification, Three to Be™ program, and the role of technology and the metaverse in improving our physical self holistically. Episode resources: Save 20% on any new service from Save 20% on Morning Recovery from  Watch this on YouTube  Listen to the Chasing Health podcast with Chase Smith Watch Sonia Hunt - TEDx Talk – Stay Safe, Live Healthy, & Eat Well with Food Allergies Watch Reimagining our Foodways in the Metaverse – Sonia Hunt Learn more about Sonia’s Three to Be™ program Visit her website Buy her book, NUT JOB  
50:48 07/25/2022
EFR 621: The Healing Power of Downtime, Six Gram Psilocybin Journey, and Being a Psychedelic Sitter with May Yazdi Chewning
Maybe you have seen the new Netflix documentary "How to Change Your Mind" with Michael Pollen? Maybe you are becoming interested in learning more about psychedelic healing? May Yazdi, Chase’s wife and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy Family Nurse Practitioner, is back for a summertime chat and recap of a very special trip they took to the desert of Southern California – one that involved lots of love, connection, grounding, and psilocybin. In this candid discussion, Chase and May talk about the incredibly healing power of downtime as well as intentional alternative medicine therapies such as psilocybin and ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Chase dives deep into what his recent six gram psilocybin experience was like and May reflects on what it’s like to be a professional “trip sitter”. Then, the duo sheds light on how to choose your trip sitter along with tips for holding space for someone in altered states of consciousness.   Follow May @mayyazdi Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Chase reflects on his decision to have a very high dose (6 grams) psilocybin experience and what he gained from the trip.  May shares her experience as a professional “trip sitter”, as well as her experience being present during Chase’s big trip. She speaks on her strategy for holding space for people taking psychedelics and why it can be harmful to trip sit somebody when you’re not trained. Next time you travel, when you get to your destination, try grounding yourself for a few minutes. Take your socks and shoes off, go to an area where you can stand on earth (if possible), and just soak in the presence. It’s the first thing May does anytime she travels! Listen in as she describes the first time she ever did this. Set and Setting: May explains why it’s so important to create a safe space and to be a neutral, unbiased trip sitter during someone else’s psychedelic journey. Remember the phrase “your feelings are valid.” Choosing your trip sitter is a very important, intentional decision and there are many benefits to working with a trained Psychotherapist. May also shares why your best friend, partner, or family member might not be the best person to trip sit for you.  Chase addresses his recent decision to revisit his mental and emotional health through at-home Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Episode resources: Save 20% on Morning Recovery with code FORWARD at  Get a free variety pack of Recharge with any purchase at  Listen to May's podcast May's Anatomy Learn more about Field Trip Health Email us at
62:27 07/20/2022
EFR 620: Bridging the Gap Between Fitness and Functional Medicine and How to Improve Gut Health Through Trauma Healing with Rachel Scheer
Rachel Scheer shares how she came to discover her natural talent for weightlifting which, combined with an insatiable work ethic and trust and belief in herself, led her down an unexpected path that would challenge everything she knew about health and wellness. After a series of gut-related issues reared their heads at the beginning of her fitness career, it all came to a head when the motility in her gut completely halted. After being told that the only solution to her condition was the removal of her entire large intestine (an option she seriously considered for a while), Rachel eventually decided that there had to be another way. She threw herself into studying as much as she could about the gut, leading her to discover the power of the microbiome and a pathway to healing she never realized existed. She talks about how to identify and eliminate the stressors that contribute to gut-related problems—whether they be dietary, emotional, or environmental stressors. “Our body has an innate ability to heal,” says Rachel, “once we can get out of our own way.” Rachel reflects on the final piece of the puzzle she had to solve on her healing journey: addressing unresolved trauma. She shares how she forced herself to practice brutally honesty in order to evaluate the stories she told about herself and rewrite the ones that didn’t serve her. Needless to say, Rachel’s progress has completely surpassed all of her doctors’ expectations. To her, healing and growth ultimately comes down to embracing our truth and choosing what brings joy and love into our lives. Rachel Scheer is a Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist with her own private nutrition and counseling practice now in Southern California.   Follow Rachel @rachelscheer Follow Chase @chase_chewning   Key Highlights Rachel never grew up expecting to be the most talented person in the room. However, what has served her well in life is her trust and faith in her potential coupled with a lot of discipline to fully unlock that potential. The rock-bottom moment for Rachel was when she was told that the only solution to her condition was the removal of her entire large intestine. She talks about how she dealt with the weight of this life-altering decision and how it all led her to pursue functional medicine. Rachel breaks down the three main stressors that lead to disease (i.e. dis-ease) in the body: emotional stressors, dietary stressors, and environmental stressors. The less obvious healing work that Rachel had to do was address unresolved trauma to rekindle the link between her gut, her head, and her heart. She explains how she was able to do this, starting with forcing herself to embrace radical honesty. Episode resources: Get 5 free travel packs of AG1 and one year of vitamin D at Save 10% on your first month of therapy at Watch this on YouTube  Learn more about Rachel's program and save with code CHASE at 
64:33 07/18/2022
EFR 619: How to Train Your Mind to Lose Fat, Make Healthier Choices, Love Your Body, and Enjoy Life with Natalie Newhart
Whether you’re struggling to lose weight, burn fat, gain muscle, or improve your health in any way, there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed to be in your way… your mind. Natalie Newhart is the Founder of Fit Addicted Nutrition, where she specializes in female-specific fat loss, as well as a mindset coach for those who want to master their mind and body. She believes that in order to master your body, you have to train your mind… but what does that mean and how do you start to train the mind? Natalie and Chase talk about what it means to train the mind while breaking down the 4-phase training approach she uses to maintain her health and create the life she wants to live. Natalie shares her thoughts on why mindset is more important than diet and exercise and how your mental health and mindset could be preventing you from losing excess fat.  Follow Natalie Newhart @natalie.newhart Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning Key Highlights Natalie shares the meaning behind her motto/mindset: “Train your mind. Love your body. Become your best self.” and how she has used that to overcome disordered eating and exercise habits.  The 4 phases of training Natalie uses are focus (training thoughts), emotions (training the nervous system), vision (painting a picture of the life you want to create), and intuition (bridging the gap from where you are to where you want to be).  Most people struggle to take the first step of retraining the mind because of fear of uncertainty. You’ve got to have faith and trust that this process can work. Once Nat saw other people living a healthy, free life, she started to shift her focus from the version of herself she thought she had to be to the version of herself she wanted to be. Ultimately, awareness is key in shifting thought and behavior patterns. The mind thinks there’s some type of benefit to overeating, restricting, or whatever action that’s not serving you. But when you become aware of that, you have the power to shift your thoughts and behaviors to healthier ones. Natalie sheds light on her relationship with gratitude, how gratitude and stillness play a major role in her health and wellness journey, and what she does when gratitude doesn’t come easy to her. Natalie also talks about how she discovered the impact of mental and emotional stress on the body, specifically women’s bodies, and the research she’s done on stress, health, and weight gain/loss. Episode resources: Save 20% on your entire first order with code EVERFORWARD at  Get a free variety pack of Recharge by LMNT with any purchase at  Listen to FitChic for Life Podcast
43:40 07/13/2022
EFR 618: Higher Self Behaviors, Living on Brand, and the Vivid Spectrum of Psychedelic Healing with Emily Duncan
Being a human means you’re going to experience difficult emotions, traumas, and hardships… but being a human also means that you have the ability to heal, connect with your Higher Self, and make an impact in the world.  Meet Emily Duncan, CEO of Emily Duncan Fitness, a science-based and human-centric fitness coaching company. Emily is not only passionate about transforming bodies and minds through health and fitness, she’s also passionate about the impacts of spirituality, mindfulness, and psychedelics on the human experience. In this discussion, Chase and Emily have a cozy conversation about psychedelics and microdosing, connecting with your Higher Self through Higher Self Behaviors, what it means to live on brand, and how she helps others find health and wholeness through fitness coaching. Follow Emily Duncan @em_dunc and @edfcoaching Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Emily describes (for the first time publicly) her experience during a psychedelic trip that initiated healing from deeply rooted traumas. She speaks on the existential crisis that blossomed out of that experience, how she overcame that, and the lessons she learned along the way.  Living on brand, having conviction in who you are now and how you might change tomorrow, is immensely powerful. “To really solidify who your people are, to become more aware of the growth you’ve had, just to really connect with other human beings in a totally different way happens so much more significantly when you can look at a person and it’s just like, you are fully fucking you,” Chase says.  Can we experience life-changing realizations on our own volition, without psychedelics? Listen in as Emily and Chase share their candid thoughts on how to reach a psychedelic state of mind without taking psychedelics. One of the biggest joys Emily has experienced in life is the opportunity to learn about herself and understanding why she has functioned the way she has. This is also what she helps her coaching clients do. We are not static creatures, so taking risks, believing in yourself, and trusting the Universe seems to be the root of all joy and growth. Emily breaks down how she integrates behavior change, emotional awareness, and other teachings into her coaching practice. What does a day in the life of your Higher Self look like? What is your Higher Self’s brand? When you break down your Higher Self Behaviors (HSBs), especially the small details and moments, pick one of the easiest things you can start doing right now. Then, continue doing that and see how your life and mindset shift. Emily believes you’ll start seeing that you’re not as far away from who you want to be as you might think… Episode resources: Get 10% off your first month of Better Help at Save 15% on Cured Nutrition with code EVERFORWARD at  Listen to EMBody Radio Watch this interview on YouTube at 
98:53 07/11/2022
EFR 617: Make No Small Plans - Lessons on Thinking Big, Chasing Dreams, and Building Community with Jeff Rosenthal
You’ve heard people speak about the power of community in healing, making change, and even living longer, but did you know that community has been the single driving force of many leaders’ and companies’ success?  Revolutionary tech founders, presidents, and world-renowned artists have one thing in common… they know how to build and leverage communal thinking and collaboration. Jeff Rosenthal is no different. Jeff is a Co-Founder of Summit, a forward-thinking organization founded on building relationships, connecting with people, and fostering generosity to build successful and fulfilling businesses. Through a series of invitation-only events, Summit fosters a global community of entrepreneurs, academics, athletes, artists, astronauts, authors, chefs, engineers, explorers, philanthropists, spiritual leaders, scientists, and beyond. In this discussion, Chase and Jeff talk about the beauty and challenges of launching, growing, and scaling a start-up and building community in the entrepreneurship space. He shares his biggest revelation since starting Summit, the self-care practices that keep him at his peak, and why it’s so important to bet on your friends. He also describes the purpose and process behind his new book, Make No Small Plans: Lessons on Thinking Big, Cashing Dreams, and Building Community. Follow Jeff Rosenthal @reffjosenthal Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning Key Highlights Jeff sheds light on the creation and development of Summit, detailing how he and his team worked through failure and defined their meaning of success as a new, growing social impact start-up. Is it healthy to hustle and grind as an entrepreneur? You’ll hear Jeff speak on his belief that the core of entrepreneurship is being afflicted by your ambition to create, along with why you need to believe in yourself irrationally. There’s immense power in community, collaboration, and the exchanging of wisdom between business and thought leaders. You don’t need to have an existing community to build community. You just need to find a passion so that when you meet people who share that passion and hold a deeper knowledge of it, you get to exchange wisdom and therefore, build community. Sometimes, as a business leader, it can feel like people are only building a relationship with you to capitalize on it. Listen in as Jeff shares his best advice for not being a capitalist in your community. Jeff highlights his opinion on one of the biggest economic and environmental movements of our lifetime, the decarbonization of our economy, and why that’s so exciting to him. Is it possible to create, develop, and build trust virtually? How can you transition from a virtual community to an in-person community post-pandemic? Tune in to hear Jeff’s answers! Episode resources: Save 20% on men's skin care with code EVERFORWARD at  Save 15% on Mellö with code EVERFORWARD at  Learn more about Summit Buy his book Make No Small Plans or get it free with your 30-day trial at 
76:36 07/06/2022
EFR 616: Andy Chan on How to Get Stronger, Recover Faster, & Understanding Fascia Using Chinese Medicine
As the world of health, wellness, and longevity continues to evolve, Eastern and Western philosophies continue to inform and integrate with one another. This means we have a more holistic approach to health, wellness, and longevity than we’ve ever had before. Let us introduce you to Andy Chan, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Master Trainer, and educator who blends Traditional Chinese Medicine with his training philosophy to help clients build a more dynamic and balanced body. His training philosophy was founded on the concept that harmony between all aspects of life is a prerequisite to optimal health and human performance. In this discussion, Chase and Andy talk about his book, Dynamic Balance, and what it means to be a dynamic human being both in the gym and in life. They discuss the interconnectedness of diet, emotion, and fascia as well as how you can apply the principles of traditional Eastern medicine to strength training and conditioning. This is a fascinating “East meets West” conversation that unveils simple, yet practical strategies for intuitive eating, training, and living. Follow Andy Chan @tszchiuandy Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning Key Highlights Andy breaks down his understanding of the mind body connection and the philosophical aspect of movement, strength, and resilience. He describes the poetry of the human body along with how you can begin to understand the poetry of your own body. He details the Eastern approach to health and wellness, including the relationship between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the fluidity of the human experience. What does it mean to have an imbalance in the body? Andy explains how to find imbalances in your body and mind as well as some key imbalances that are important to address. He also breaks down the ying yang philosophy and relates that to imbalances you may experience in the gym. Andy and Chase talk about why breathing (yes, breathing) is a vital health and wellness practice. He touches on the role of breath in decreasing stress, regulating the fight or flight response, and even decreasing the rigidity of your muscles. Plus, they explain why right before and after eating is a perfect time to practice breath work. Embrace the yin. Embrace the rest and recharge period. “We are born to sleep and we are born to recover,” Andy says. Rest and recovery is essential if we want to reach the health outcomes we’re working towards. The #1 concept Andy says you can apply to your life today: Live according to how you should be living, meaning eating and living intuitively.  Plus, Andy divulges the strategy he uses with clients for practicing intuitive living and training. Episode resources: Visit his website Buy his book Dynamic Balance
52:08 07/04/2022
EFR 615: Dr. Louis Ignarro and the Discovery of Nitric Oxide, How It Prevents Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, & Why It Is So Important For Our Overall Health
What do heart health and erectile dysfunction have in common? A tiny molecule called Nitric Oxide (NO)… but we’ll let the “Father of Viagra” explain that. Today’s guest, Dr. Louis Ignarro, PhD is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology at UCLA and has been a research scientist for over 40 years. Dr. Ignarro is known for his discovery of Nitric Oxide and its many life-critical biological actions in the human body, a discovery that led to winning a Nobel Prize and Viagra. In this discussion, Chase and Dr. Ignarro talk about his Nobel Prize-winning discovery and how Nitric Oxide plays a critical role in improving cardiovascular health, longevity, and even your sex life. He also shares a few simple and actionable insights on what you can do to naturally boost your heart health and prevent disease. This is truly a discussion you won’t want to miss!   Follow Dr. Louis Ignarro @dr.louisignarro Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Dr. Ignarro first breaks down what the free radical Nitric Oxide is and how it affects the human body, particularly in terms of cardiovascular health. Our body produces tiny amounts of NO which has been found to lower blood pressure and prevent harmful blood clots, thus supporting heart health and preventing strokes. Why is the discovery of Nitric Oxide so important for the human race? Simply put, this enabled the scientific community to discover how we can naturally boost NO in the body to improve heart health: through nutrition and physical activity.  Dr. Ignarro highlights the role of nutrition in NO production and how a quality, balanced diet contributes to heart health. “If you don’t eat enough protein, you’re not going to make enough NO,” he says. Plus, Louis emphasizes the crucial role of antioxidants in heart health and what fruits and vegetables have the highest amounts of antioxidants. One of the keys to increasing longevity (and quality of life) is increasing cardiovascular health and mental health. Dr. Ignarro shares his thoughts on the obesity epidemic, the harmful relationship between Nitric Oxide and body fat, and how that’s impacting the severity of cardiovascular disease in America. Why is Dr. Ignarro known as the “Father of Viagra”? How does NO impact erectile dysfunction? Listen in as he shares the story behind his discovery that made the development of Viagra possible.   Episode resources: Save 20% on the Sexual Performance Booster with code EVERFORWARD at Get one year free vitamin D and five free travel packs of AG1 at  Get his book Dr. NO: The Discovery That Led to a Nobel Prize & Viagra by Louis Ignarro PhD Visit his website
49:22 06/29/2022
EFR 614: Dr. Trish Ferrer on Developing a Healing Mindset, Intimacy and Sexuality, and Embracing Your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy
True healing begins with your mindset. Health, wellness, and healing goes beyond the physical experience. There’s an esoteric, or spiritual, branch of medicine that’s little talked about but majorly impactful. Let’s unpack that concept and explore how spirituality might help you heal. Dr. Trish Ferrer, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor by trade and a Healer by purpose. She is also a speaker, writer, activist and coach that combines healthcare, feminine energetics, and spirituality to sustain your health. Ultimately, she “specializes in people, who they are and the complexity of their humanity”. In this discussion, Chase and Trish discuss the interconnections between modern medicine and esoteric medicine, how to develop the healing mindset, and the powerful relationship between physical, spiritual, and emotional health. She also shares her top advice on men’s health, divine intimacy and sexuality, and the benefits of embracing your masculine and feminine energies.   Follow Dr. Trish Ferrer @dr.trishferrer Visit her website Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Dr. Trish sheds light on how our physical health is connected to our spiritual and emotional health and wellness. So often, people come to Trish struggling with chronic conditions or health issues, having seen several doctors with no success or diagnosis. Trish helps treat their physical ailment, but also helps them look at other areas of their life, like childhood or relationships, to find the root cause of their issue. Once they do that, physical health will be restored. Trish breaks down her meaning behind spirituality and esoteric medicine and talks about how to develop the mindset that’s needed to heal.  Empowerment and education are critical in the healthcare system and medicinal space. The philosophy of healing is really about being present in the moment. Once we are aware, informed, and empowered, we’re able to tackle the obstacles to health and wellness. Listen in to hear Trish describe the role of empowerment and education in her naturopathy practice and how this impacts her patients’ outcomes. Trish shares her #1 tip for men’s health (and smashing the patriarchy): Let go of “what a man should be”. Embrace your masculine AND feminine energies. Connect with your vulnerabilities and sensitivities because those are also your strengths.  Chase and Trish break down the role of “kingship” and “queenship”, or the divine masculine and feminine, in sexual health. Plus, Trish shares how you can be strong AND tender at the same time as well as how to make your partner (or potential partner) feel safe around you. Episode resources: Save 15% on any CBD and functional mushroom product with code EVERFORWARD at  Save 20% on the Sexual Performance Booster with code EVERFORWARD at  Subscribe and watch on YouTube 
75:34 06/27/2022
EFR 613: Robert Sikes Talks Natural Bodybuilding, Keto, Transforming Your Relationship With Food, and Addressing Diet Culture Controversies
Have you ever considered trying a trendy diet? Not sure if it’s right for you? Are you turned off by the controversy surrounding it? What is the best diet for bodybuilding and transforming your body? Robert Sikes is a natural competitive bodybuilder and entrepreneur who attributes much of his health and wellness to adopting the ketogenic lifestyle. Although this diet isn’t for everyone, Robert gives us a valuable perspective on how diet and lifestyle can create a ripple effect of benefits in one’s life if done with intention, care, and commitment. In this discussion, Robert and Chase talk about how the ketogenic diet has transformed Robert’s life in many ways, from bodybuilding to his relationships to entrepreneurship and more. He shares his candid thoughts on the controversy around the ketogenic diet, the psychology of eating and dieting, and important things you should know if you’re considering adopting a keto diet and lifestyle. Robert also talks about his new book, “Ketogenic Bodybuilding”, and where he thinks we have room to grow in the health and fitness industry.   Follow Robert Sikes @ketosavage Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning   Key Highlights Robert sheds light on his history with dieting and disordered eating and how that has affected his mental health and OCD. He also shares about his discovery of the ketogenic diet and how that had positive effects on his mental and physical health, productivity, and his relationship with food. Since there’s immense controversy surrounding the keto diet, Robert talks about the various uses of the keto diet and how that has evolved over the years. “I think in 2017-2018 is when it really spiked… and since then, there’s been a massive influx of products and just marketing around the ketogenic diet, paling it as this miracle weight loss diet. There’s some truth to some of that marketing but a lot of it has been overly hyped for sure,” Robert says. Robert details his improvements in various health markers after going keto, as well as the power of combining research on diets and health trends with personal experimentation to come to your own conclusion. Want to test out the keto diet for yourself? Robert gives you this advice: Get some baseline panels done, take initial progress photos and measurements, get a composition scan done, and then try the keto diet for 3-6 months before making any conclusions. He also highlights the importance of tracking your progress and details how he maintains the keto lifestyle year-round. When you find a diet/lifestyle that makes you feel great mentally and physically (and is sustainable), you’re going to see tremendous changes in other areas of your life, like work/business and family life.  Episode resources: Click here to save 80% on grass-fed & grass-finished beefsticks from Paleovalley Click here to get a free variety sample pack of Recharge by LMNT with any purchase  Learn more about Robert Sikes
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