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Welcome to FroshFM – your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about your first year at Queen’s. Whether you’re fresh from high school and ready to take the big leap into University, or if you’re a Grad Student who has already experienced post-secondary – this podcast will have important information for you. You’ll hear interviews with clubs, information on all the different resources for you, and fun banter with our panel of alumni and current students who are all here to help make sure your questions are answered. Do you have a question you need answered? Check out our instagram page @frosh_fm where you can comment or DM us and we’ll get you your answers on one of our upcoming episodes. Are you new at Queen’s and want to produce a segment for FroshFM, all about your first year experience? Interested in developing your own podcast? Want to explore CFRC’s impressive music library? Reach out to to get in on our next volunteer training session!


Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting at Queen’s
In this segment, recent graduate Alex (ArtSci ’21) sits down with upper year students Sadie (ArtSci ’22) and Kieran (ArtSci ’22) to discuss the things they wish they knew before starting at Queen’s. They discuss the experience of making friends all over again, getting involved with on campus clubs, mental health check-ups, privileged experiences at […]
37:15 8/26/21
Meet the Queen’s Korean Student Association!
QKSA is cultural and social club that focuses on making connections and fostering lasting relationships. It is open to anyone who is interested in the Korean culture!
08:26 8/25/21
Meet the Inquire Publication!
Meet the Inquire Publication on campus – a social activist inter-university publication featuring a wide range of topical local, national, and global issues.
08:22 8/25/21
Meet the Queen’s Native Student Association!
Silvia sits down with Sarah of QNSA to discuss the club and what it offers to students! QNSA is comprised of a diverse group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students that share an interest in Aboriginal cultures and traditions. QNSA seeks to promote increased cultural understanding on campus and hopes for solidarity and cooperation towards achieving […]
16:18 8/25/21
Meet Queen’s Cultural Exchange!
Meet Queen’s Cultural Exchange, a club on campus devoted to helping Queen’s international students go through cultural transition and adaptation process when they come to a new environment.
10:28 8/24/21
Meet Queen’s Hillel!
In this segment, Silvia sits down with Reagan and Georgia from Queen’s Hillel, the centre for Jewish life on campus. They provide social, educational and religious opportunities to ensure that there is a vibrant Jewish community at Queen’s University.
29:45 8/24/21
Meet Queen’s South Asian Association!
Silvia sits down with Shreya Anil Kumar of the Queen’s South Asian Association to discuss the club and all it offers during the school year! Check them out @queenssouthasianassociation on Facebook!
21:04 8/24/21
In this segment, Silvia sits down with Yunbo Jiang from Queen’s University of QTAKU, the Queen’s Anime Club! Learn more about this club and check them out on Facebook @queensanimeclub today!
09:36 8/24/21
What’s CFRC and How To Get Involved!
Welcome to FroshFM! This first episode dives into the history of CFRC 101.9FM, the world’s longest running campus radio station right here at Queen’s University! Learn more about us and how to get involved!
07:04 8/13/21
Queen’s Tamil Students’ Association
Learn more about the Queen’s Tamil Students’ Association in which they strive to spread awareness about Tamil culture, which includes Tamil customs, festivals, cuisine, and identity.
37:47 4/14/21
Learn more about QBAS!
In this segment, learn more about the Queen’s Black Academic Society, a passion project seeking to advance Black academics and enrich the lives of self-identified Black students through a focus on education, equity, wellness and, issues pertinent to the Black community.
28:39 4/14/21
Japanese Relations at Queen’s
In this segment, we speak with students apart of the Japanese Relations Club at Queen’s University! JRQ is made up with a group of students from different cultural backgrounds with common interest in the Japanese culture
20:29 4/14/21
Hong Kong Students’ Association
In this segment, learn more about the Hong Kong Students’ Association at Queen’s University and all the amazing things they do!
30:01 4/14/21
Students 4 Wishes
Want to know how you can make a difference in the local Kingston community? Check out the Students 4 Wishes organization at Queen’s! As an extension of the Make A Wish Foundation, Students 4 Wishes helps make dreams happen for families all over the greater Kingston area.
13:23 9/10/20
What is the School of Graduate Studies?
Are you a new or returning Graduate student? Are you interested in Graduate studies at Queen’s? Then this episode is for you! Tune in while Steph chats with Colette from the School of Graduate Studies. Want to hear more from Colette and about Grad Studies at Queen’s? Tune into Grad Chat every Tuesday at 4pm […]
44:41 9/10/20
Get Involved with CFRC!
Join Steph and Dean, two of your FroshFM hosts, as they talk about all the ways that you can get involved with CFRC (your campus and community radio station – a.k.a. the people who created and host FroshFM!). Tune in to hear about all the opportunities for people who want to explore great music, have […]
16:43 9/10/20
Learn All about the AMS from YOUR Executive!
Join us for this special episode of Frosh FM featuring an interview with Jared Den Otter, Alexandra Samoyloff and Alexia Henriques, YOUR 2020-21 AMS Executive Team!  These super keen and extremely resilient student leaders talk about their respective roles with the AMS, their inspirations toward student leadership, how COVID 19 has changed still accessible services […]
40:36 9/10/20
Get involved with Queen’s Health Outreach!
Join us for a conversation with Rosie Papp of Queen’s Health Outreach (QHO) in this Club Sandwich installment of Frosh FM!  Learn more from Rosie about this AMS club, what it does, and how new and returning students to Queen’s University can get involved this year!
11:16 9/9/20
Fun with the Queen’s Asian Students’ Association
Join us for a great conversation with some fun folks with the Queen’s Asian Students’ Association!  New and returning students to Queen’s can learn about this super fun club, what activities are in store this year, and how they can get involved!
08:00 9/9/20
TALK-Here for You Wherever You Are
In this Club Sandwich edition of Frosh FM, we’re chatting with Grace Rowed of TALK-Telephone Aid Line Kingston.  New and returning students can learn about volunteer opportunities with this critical campus/community service and how to access this resource if they ever need to reach out and talk to someone.
06:41 9/2/20
Check out Habitat for Humanity Queen’s Chapter Opportunities!
Join us for our chat with some great folks from Habitat for Humanity Queen’s Chapter!  We learn about how new and returning students can start volunteering, the kinds of opportunities available and how H4H programming is running this year!
07:01 9/2/20
Get Active with Students 4 Special Olympics!
Chloë Dean-Moore and Holly Reis of Students 4 Special Olympics join us in this Club Sandwich installment of Frosh FM!  They chat about this awesome and active AMS Club, how new and returning students can get involved, and how their programming is working this coming year!
12:57 9/2/20
All About Queen’s Television
Tune in where we sit down with Alex, the founder of Queen’s Television to discuss what the club is all about and how you can get involved! Check it out – especially if you like content creation and news-style reporting!
13:07 9/2/20
Get Wise with QWISE!
Are you a student in STEM?  Tune in for a fun episode with the great folks at QWISE, Queen’s University Women in Science and Engineering!!  New and returning students to Queen’s can learn about the great events and initiatives in which they can participate safely this year and about how to get involved as a […]
09:31 8/28/20
Love Music Production? Check out QWAVE!
Tune into this fun episode of Frosh FM!  Adam Ben David, Founder and President of QWAVE, joins us! This very cool, very new music production club for students at Queen’s!  Learn more about the fun, skills-building opportunities new and returning students to Queen’s can take part in and how things are looking for programming with […]
11:28 8/28/20
Accessing the Sexual Health Resource Centre
In this episode, new and returning students to Queen’s University learn about the amazing resources and services available to them from the Sexual Health Resource Centre with Director Antonia Racz!  Have you heard about the new bursary SHRC offers to help offset costs of purchasing retail value sexual health products?!  Tune into this episode and […]
11:53 8/28/20
ASUS Is Here for You!
David Niddam-Dent and Narges Jamali of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) join us for a super fun discussion about all things ASUS!  New and returning ArtSci students at Queen’s University can learn about the many many opportunities ASUS offers students to get involved, even remotely, and to make their mark while making new […]
19:08 8/27/20
SGPS Services and Resources
Graduate and Professional Students at Queen’s University will enjoy this conversation with Justine Aman of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) at Queen’s University.  Ms. Aman chats with us about all of the amazing resources and services the SGPS offers, ways in which students can get involved, and ways they can stay connected […]
16:12 8/27/20
Principal Patrick Deane on Frosh FM!
Principal and Vice Chancellor Patrick Deane of Queen’s University joins us in the virtual studio for this segment!  He chats with us about new University initiatives and ways students can stay connected, engaged, and safe this year.
24:31 8/27/20
A Chat with Rector Sam Hiemstra
Join us for an exciting discussion with Queen’s University Rector, Sam Hiemstra! We chat with Sam about his role working on behalf of all students at Queen’s University, the ways in which students can engage with the Office of the Rector, and otherwise stay connected and engaged in the Fall 2020 term!
18:37 8/24/20