Show cover of Frosh FM – CFRC Podcast Network

Frosh FM – CFRC Podcast Network

Welcome to FroshFM – your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about your first year at Queen’s. Whether you’re fresh from high school and ready to take the big leap into University, or if you’re a Grad Student who has already experienced post-secondary – this podcast will have important information for you. You’ll hear interviews with clubs, information on all the different resources for you, and fun banter with our panel of alumni and current students who are all here to help make sure your questions are answered. Do you have a question you need answered? Check out our instagram page @frosh_fm where you can comment or DM us and we’ll get you your answers on one of our upcoming episodes. Are you new at Queen’s and want to produce a segment for FroshFM, all about your first year experience? Interested in developing your own podcast? Want to explore CFRC’s impressive music library? Reach out to to get in on our next volunteer training session!