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Green Healing explores alternative and natural healing from abuse and CPTSD/PTSD through knowledge, therapies and remedies. From Types of Abuse and Types of Abusers, to Guided Meditations, Herbal remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, EFT Tapping Therapy, and more. Everyone’s healing journey is different and I am sharing what I have tried and what has worked for me perchance it may also help you. Empower yourself, and be emotionally free.


Adding EFT to Pete Walker’s 13 Steps for Emotional Flashbacks – Abuse Healing (Green Healing S4E21)
Pete Walker is a psychotherapist who has made available on his website his 13 Steps to Managing Flashbacks and Emotional Flashbacks for Abuse and Trauma healing. I take these a step further and add EFT Tapping therapy, including affirmations and reframing concepts that may help you along your healing journey from abuse. #Abuse #Healing #Trauma […]
20:45 10/20/21
Orgonite Pyramids – Where To Buy That Ships Worldwide
I recently ordered some custom made orgonite pyramids and I absolutely love them. They are gorgeous and I am very satisfied with the service that I got. Several of you were wondering where you could purchase orgonite for your home and garden. This is not a sponsor nor are any links affiliate links, but I […]
07:36 10/13/21
Brew Herbs for Skin Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis – Natural Healing (Green Healing S4E19)
There are a number of herbs one can brew up and drink for problems of the skin, such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and more. This is natural healing with common brew herbs that I use frequently. This is not medical advice nor a replacement for it. #BrewHerbs #Herbs #HerbsforSkin #SkinRashes #Eczema #Psoriasis 🎹The Elements Healing […]
04:30 9/1/21
Personality Disorders & Their Clusters – Abuse Healing (Green Healing S4E18)
While we heal from trauma and abuse, it is important to understand those who may have hurt us in order to understand what they have done to us. Many who have suffered abuse, did so at the hands of someone with one of the 10 Personality Disorders. This episode looks at the disorders and their […]
05:21 8/25/21
ADD & ADHD Natural Remedies (Green Healing S4E17)
There are a numbers of natural remedies one can take for coping with, and alleviating symptoms of, ADD & ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder & Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). There are natural remedies that I use frequently myself as someone with ADD. This is not medical advice or a replacement for professional advice. If you are […]
04:50 8/18/21
Overcome Narcissistic Abuse Course Review – Richard Grannon Courses (Green Healing S4E16)
Another Richard Grannon the Spartan Life Coach Course done, the Overcome Narcissistic Abuse Course, and it is a good one to do when healing from abuse. The course has several sections to it, some exercises, information, and this I can combine with EFT Tapping Therapy. This is my honest review and assessment of the course. […]
06:25 8/11/21
CFS vs Burnout – Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Adrenal Fatigue (Green Healing S4E15)
There are a number of similarities and differences between CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Burnout (Adrenal Fatigue). It can be difficult to distinguish between the two at times due to the overlapping symptoms these two illnesses have. However, there are ways to distinguish them. #Burnout #AdrenalFatigue #CFS #ChronicFatigueSyndrome 🎹The Elements Healing Music: 💚Green Healing […]
12:45 7/21/21
Trying Out CBD Cream for my Skin Conditions (Green Healing S4E14)
For the very first time, I am trying out a CBD cream for my skin conditions: rashes, itching, eczema, warts, molluscum, etc. The cream I am trying out is called Support by the company Herb Angels. It is 100% pure CBD isolate. I don't typically use canabis products and this is a first. In this […]
10:26 7/14/21
Brew Herbs for Hangover & Liver Health (Green Healing S4E13)
Here are some Brew Herbs and Recipe, as well as the method of brewing with some tips, for Hangover and Liver Health. This is a natural way of treating the issue. (Not medical advice.) #Brew #HerbalMedicine #HerbalBrew #Anxiety 🎹The Elements Healing Music: 💚Green Healing Merchandise: 🎵Find Green Healing on iTunes: 💚Support Green […]
03:08 7/7/21

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