Show cover of Julio Caezar presents JuliTunzZz Radio

Julio Caezar presents JuliTunzZz Radio

You'll grow an addiction to this Audio Caffeine! Disclaimer: Do not listen to the show if you’re allergic to good vibes, productivity, motivation, physical fitness, or any physical activity related to extreme elation. Otherwise ... Let’s jam through the second half of 2021 with the continued discovery of new music in the world of Electronic Dance! #JuliTunzZzRadio comes in as a bi-monthly dosage of the grooviest transitions & House TunzZz available, broadcasted across the globe. Setting records within the Electronic Dance Music community by holding the #1 spot under the Music Podcast category in 2018, Julio Caezar continues to rock the house as a source of music discovery for ravers and DJs alike! Visit the website for playlists, free downloads, merch, personal blogs & more.