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Each week, Jen Weigel tackles the headlines with solutions, inspiration, and insights. From conversations with bestselling authors to thought leaders, game changers, and wellness experts, these episodes will connect and motivate you to stay spiritual, dammit!


143 | Healing for Empaths
Cindy Myers, a former naval engineer turned animal communicator and energy healer, discusses tools for empaths, connecting to animal totems, dream analysis, and more!
35:06 5/17/24
142 | Healing Hygiene
Jen discusses our "healing hygiene", and ways to navigate your intuitive toolbox, understand your "clairs", and figure out your energetic operating system so you can open your abilities and expand your consciousness.
29:57 5/3/24
141 | Functions of Intuition
Jen chats with medical intuitive and Near Death Survivor Laura Alden Kamm, author of 'Intuitive Wellness, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power; How to Read the Energy of Anything,' Laura has dedicated her life to the study of intuition, its structure, functions, and practical applications. She is a teacher of energy medicine and healing, and hosts the podcast "The Voice of Intuition".
34:10 4/19/24
140 | The Genius of Empathy
New York Times bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff, MD - discusses her latest book The Genius of EMPATHY; Practical Skills to Heal Your Sensitive Self, Your Relationships and the World. Judith gives tools to help empaths gain insights to find empowering techniques to master their operating system so they can thrive.
32:24 4/3/24
139 | Working With Your Energy
Jen interviews filmmaker, artist, healer, and intuitive Nate Scripture about how a reiki class caused a spiritual awakening that re-wired his operating system. Now he is doing his best to spread the word about healing, self-care, and how to cultivate your intuition.
30:27 3/30/24
138 | Meeting the Ascended Masters
Energy healer and intuitive Wende Rudnick talks about the Ascended Masters, some of their many attributes, and best ways to call them in for spiritual assistance.
35:32 2/10/24
137 | Switching On Your Light
Jen talks with Julie Burns Walker, medical intuitive and author of several books including "The Oneness Model" about how to "discover the most significant manifestation you can become."
42:25 1/26/24
136 | Every Brain Has a Story
Laura Mahony, a counselor who is certified in Neuro-feedback, explains how all brains are wired differently, and through brain mapping, we can learn the tools to re-wire our own brains. This process would greatly impact one's behaviors and mood, and in many cases, has replaced the need for medications. Learn more at
28:53 1/19/24
135 | Embracing Forgiveness and the Angels
Angel Intuitive and Clinical Hypnotherapist Maryrose Gutierrez talks with Jen about embracing forgiveness, the jobs of the Arch-Angels, and how to bring more angelic support into your life.
40:19 12/29/23
134 | Your Healing Hygiene
Healer Prajna Avalon talks about psychic attacks, how we can prevent dark energies from interfering with lightwork, and ways to stay grounded and tap into the Divine despite these disruptions to our frequency.
31:30 12/22/23
133 | Finding Moments of Magic
Trey Downes talks with Jen about his spiritual awakening and the knowledge he's absorbed through the interviews on his popular podcast Your Superior Self (@yoursuperiorself.
37:50 12/8/23
132 | Angel Communication
Jen interviews Lorna Byrne, author of seven best-selling books about angels, including “A Message of Hope From the Angels” and “Angels in my Hair”.  Lorna has been able to see Angels since she was four years old and gives encouraging messages of their presence, just when we need it most.
46:22 11/20/23
131 | Call In the Light
Psychic-Medium Lisa Najjar (author of "Dying to Tell You") talks about the channeled messages she received from Jesus and the Ascended Masters about the alarming rate of suicide, the current battle between the light and dark, and how to keep your frequencies in the "healing" setting.
46:26 11/10/23
130 | How Do You Heal?
Jen interviews family practitioner Dr. Julie Foster about how we can heal, connect to the oneness of all that is, and release the fear that causes illness. Julie didn't believe in any of this until her hands turned on a couple of years ago. Now experiencing a full transformation in her process and abilities, her journey is expanding in record time. Learn more about Dr. Julie here:
33:12 10/27/23
129 | Working Towards the Greatest Versions of Ourselves
Jen interviews Angel healer, medium, and communicator Julie Jancius, host of the top-rated podcast 'Angels and Awakening,' about how she came into her abilities, and how we can all surrender to the Angelic realm to receive messages.
32:00 10/22/23
128 | Tuning In to Your Anxiety
Jen interviews psychic-medium Nick Lodato, an ICU nurse by day, and intuitive teacher by night. Nick was overcome with anxiety as a teen before he figured out how to harness his energies to tap into his intuition. Now he teaches others how to use their intuitive toolbox, tackle anxiety, and thrive.
29:27 10/8/23
127 | Healing Yourself Before Healing Others
Karen Schultz, LCSW and author, talks about healing grief brought on through trauma. As a survivor of abuse when she was a child, she learned to connect with her higher self and God to get through the darkness. She now teaches self-love and healing techniques to her clients, and wrote about it in her children's book "Little Karen and the Egyptian Priestess."
31:46 9/15/23
126 | We Can Have Heaven Here and Now
Rebecca Rosen, author of "What's Your Heaven? 7 Lessons to Heal the Past and Live Fully Now" talks with Jen about soul lessons, suicide, learning to trust those signs, and seeing things "through Divine eyes."
31:20 9/1/23
125 | Connecting with Horses
Farm owner Lynn Diettrich talks with Jen about connecting to the heartbeat of the horse, and how being with the animals helps not only adults, but anxious kids and teens to be more focused, calm, and productive. They also discuss "The Great Escape Retreat in South Dakota", and how you can make a soul connection just by being around the animals, without ever having to ride a horse.
33:15 8/26/23
124 | Traveling to Other Dimensions
Jen interviews the bestselling author of the book "American Psychic" Marla Frees about the power of healing through sound frequencies, and what began as a "reluctant" talent for being able to travel to other dimensions. She will be a featured speaker at the All Souls' Retreat in Fontana, Wisconsin Nov 3-5 of 2023. More info can be found at
30:25 8/5/23
123 | Opening Your Third Eye
Jen talks with healer and best-selling author Pat Longo about the subtle ways the Divine will work through us, and how to be sure you are listening to those important messages.
29:19 7/17/23
122 | Dealing With Stuff So It Doesn’t Deal With You
Jen talks with bestselling author John St. Augustine about his two near death experiences, tapping into your inner wisdom from source, and trusting the process when life throws you for a loop.
37:28 7/10/23
121 | Connecting With Loved Ones on the Other Side
Teana Tache, grief counselor and author of the popular children's book 'Turned Upside Down,' talks with Jen about clear ways to get signs from our loved ones in Spirit.
29:13 6/9/23
119 | Working With the Light
Jen talks with internationally renowned healer and author Pat Longo about setting your intention, manifesting your desires, and ways to win the battle between the light and the dark.
27:20 5/3/23
118 | Connecting To Your Divine Self
Jen talks with Heather Sprigg talks about how she went from having crippling anxiety to channeling the Angels and Arch Angels.
32:06 4/21/23
117 | The Skill of Hope
Kathryn Goetzke, Chief Hope Officer of the Shine Hope Company, talks about how hope is "not a wish, but a teachable skill that can save lives." For more information to access Kathryn's hopeful mindset programs, and to activate hope in your school, business, or home, visit
27:13 4/11/23
116 | Turn On Your Inner Light
Jen talks with intuitive and business mentor Emily Marie about strategies to turn on your inner light, work with your spirit guides, and set the right intentions for activating your divine purpose.
37:21 3/24/23
115 | The Beatitudes from Jesus
Jen talks with "Pastor Tim" - back by popular demand, Tim Tengblad worked as a Lutheran Minister for 35 years. He and Jen discuss the power of surrender, some misinterpretations of ancient Aramaic texts, the lost Gospels, Mary Magdalene, and his latest blog series about "The Beatitudes" from Jesus.
30:45 3/10/23
114 | Connecting With You
Jen talks about the power of following the signs, and setting your intention, and answers listener emails about different psychic-medium recommendations.
33:00 3/3/23
113 | You Can Have Wealth in your Life
Jen talks with money expert Julie Marie Murphy - author of the new book "The 4 Spiritual Laws of Money" about ways to change your relationship with money and call in abundance.
34:28 2/24/23

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