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Lisette Sutherland is interviewing people and companies doing great things... remotely! These interviews are packed with stories and tips for those whose business models depend upon successfully bridging distance to accomplish knowledge work.


308 - Psychological Safety In Virtual Teams
STEPHAN WIEDNER is a psychological safety expert whose career has focused on developing sustainable high performance leaders, teams, and organizations. He has developed a unique perspective on psychological safety by designing innovative and evidence-based training, building technology to help leaders and managers master their interpersonal skills, and leading a research study supervised by Harvard professor Amy C. Edmondson.   For more stories of remote teams doing great things visit
38:32 09/26/2022
307 - Better Teamwork With Personal User Manuals
Knowing what we need to be productive can help us do our best work and to design our lifestyles around the things we love the most. In this episode we dive into what personal manuals are and the important role they can play in team building.   For more stories of remote teams doing great things visit
14:03 09/12/2022
306 - What Makes Collaboration "Good"?
CRISTEN TORREY is the Director of Research at Figma, "the design platform for teams who build products together." Cristen lead the research team at Figma to produce a report that underscores the must-haves for better team collaboration. In this interview we talk about the components of good collaboration and why it's so hard for teams to achieve.   For more stories of remote teams doing great things visit
34:03 08/29/2022
305 - Building Trust: A Blueprint For Leaders
Dr. Darryl Stickel has devoted his career to understanding trust, what it is, how it functions, and how to increase it. He holds a PhD in Business from Duke University and wrote his doctoral thesis on building trust in hostile environments. After leaving Mckinsey & Company in 2001, Darryl founded Trust Unlimited. His clients have included financial services, telecoms, tech, families, and the Canadian Military in Afghanistan. He is also a professor at the Luxembourg School of Business teaching in the MBA program and in their executive education program. Building Trust: Exceptional Leadership in an Uncertain World is his first book. Darryl, who is legally blind, lives in Victoria, Canada with his two sons and his “trusty” sidekick, his seeing eye dog, Drake. For more collaboration, visit
37:40 08/15/2022
304 - Better Focus and Workflow with A/sync
ANDREA DARABOS and STEFAN MORALES are founding members of a/sync, a company offering experiential learning programs to help teams and their managers achieve focus and flow. In this interview we talk about why being deliberate about how we use our time is critical to good collaboration and what the skills are for resetting how your team collaborates. For more stories, visit
45:19 08/01/2022
303 - Don't Choose The Concrete Box Solution
LONA ALIA is a remote work advocate who’s worked and lived in 80+ countries. She's also the Head of Revenue for SAFETY WING, a company offering borderless health insurance, retirement, and pensions. On top of that, they are building the first borderless country on the internet called Plumia. In this interview, we talk about why remote first is a winning strategy for any company, what people are still getting wrong about working remotely, and of course, Plumia! And castles. Let's not forget the castle idea. For more stories visit
37:20 06/27/2022
302 - From the Archives: Shared Leadership In Virtual Teams
MAGDA FERRETTI is a business trainer and organizational psychologist helping Polish companies introduce home office policies. Her PhD research focused on leadership in virtual teams and she uses that knowledge to help managers transition to leading from a distance. In this interview we discuss why managers are hesitant to go remote and what they need to do to develop new competencies for leading remote teams. For more stories visit
39:57 06/06/2022
301 - Manage Your Information In a Modern Way
ARVIND JAIN helped found Glean to make it easy for people to find the information they need to be more productive and happier at work. In this interview, we talk about why information management is so important and how the Glean teams have been able to make in-person, remote, and hybrid work work for them. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
35:25 05/19/2022
300 - Greatest Hits VI
We've reached Episode 300 on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast! In this episode, I highlight 6 of my favorite segments from the last 50 interviews. Featuring: Rebecca Seal (How to Work Alone), Carlos Valdes-Dapena (Corporate Collaboration Resources), Darren Murph (GitLab), Dan Manian (Donut), Karim Reed (Suddenly Hybrid), and Rowena Hennigan (RoRemote). For more stories, visit
35:09 05/02/2022
299 - Document Your Know-How As You Work
JENNIFER SMITH is the CEO & Founder at SCRIBE, the world's first operating system for know-how. In this interview, we talk about how documentation can be like digital exhaust, tips for becoming a hybrid team, and how to onboard remote team members. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
44:28 04/18/2022
298 - Suddenly Hybrid with Karin Reed
KARIN REED is an on-camera communications expert, the CEO and Chief Confidence Creator at Speaker Dynamics. She was on the podcast exactly 1 year ago (episode 275) to talk about her book Suddenly Virtual. In this episode, Karin is back to talk about her latest book: Suddenly Hybrid. In this interview we talk about how to make hybrid meetings a success: from infrastructure to design to facilitation.  For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
35:40 04/04/2022
297 - Be a Virtual Space Hero
BARBARA COVARRUBIAS VENEGAS is the founder & Managing Director of Virtual Space Heros, a company designing and producing virtual events through event moderation, live streaming support, video creation and more. In this interview, we discuss why flexibility and hybrid are game changes for women an d organisations that want to foster gender inclusion, some best practices for hybrid teams, and what makes a great online event. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
37:05 03/21/2022
296 - unFIX Your Organisation For The 21st Century
JURGEN APPELO is an entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker on agility, leadership, and innovation. He is also an avid Wingspan player! After founding Management 3.0, Happy Melly, and Agility Scales, his newest project may be his most innovative yet: the unFIX model - an organisational design tool that specifically keeps in mind remote workers and hybrid working. In this interview, we talk about why he built this model and what he hopes people will do with it. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
58:03 03/07/2022
295 - Experiment, Learn, & Adapt For Hybrid Success
VALERII IVANIN is a Development Manager at SimCorp. In this interview, we focus on how Simcorp transitioned from working mostly in person - to going fully hybrid. Including: how they handle hybrid meetings, work-life balance, tools, and more. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
39:46 02/22/2022
294 - Architect Your Virtual Office With Intention
CLAIRE HAIDAR is the Founder and CEO of WNDYR and PATTYRN, 2 companies focused on shaping the world of work through AI-driven data analysis. Claire also serves as a board member for UNICEF and AccelerateHer: two organizations making monumental impact in working environments around the world. In this interview, we discuss chaos theory and why chaos is not as disorganized as it might seem. We also discuss how we can better manage our remote teams through automation, visibility, and working with the agile methodology. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
45:16 02/08/2022
293 - The Benefits and Challenges of Turning Your Cameras On
In the wake of the pandemic, video conferencing has become a common practice amongst workers worldwide. And the question about whether or not we should turn our cameras on has sparked great debate. In this episode, we explore the pros and cons of turning our cameras on during online meetings - and what we all sides can do to make the experience better. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
14:43 01/24/2022
292 - 2021 In Review
2021 in review. The purpose of this podcast has been to help you—whether you’re a team member or a team leader—know what it takes to work remotely, successfully, with others. But beyond the specifics of just what to do when and why, there is a larger, even higher message. Being a successful remote worker also makes you a more successful person, a better person. It calls for you to know yourself: to know what you need, what you’re made of, what you’re capable of.   Working well remotely calls for being more intentional, more conscious, more thorough. It calls for taking the time to take care of yourself, to be willing to try new things, to constantly work to improve, even to indulge in your passions.   Working well remotely calls for being more caring and helpful, more conscientious and aware of others. It calls on us to communicate more, to share more, to ask more, and to ask for more. To offer the benefit of the doubt, and to assume positive intent. To express appreciation. It calls on us to be curious—to learn about others. To respect others’ processes, and to trust that others will do what they say they will.   Connection happens when we pay attention to each other. And magic happens when teams align and dreams become goals and goals become reality. When we focus on trust, agree on how to work together, and cultivate closeness, we can do great things together. We can collaborate with people we respect in pursuing what we love most.   Doing great things means being an attentive parent, creating a new form of transportation, or stopping aging. It means working where we are most productive and pursuing what we love most. It means building a company we’re proud of, and collaborating with people we respect.   What I find so personally exciting about being able to work from anywhere is that those of us who want to change the world can easily find each other—and proactively make amazing things happen. Join us!
18:14 12/13/2021
291 - Digital Dialogue for Results & Relationships
JENNIFER BRITTON is a former leader with the United Nations and has led hybrid and remote teams since the 1990's. She is currently the CEO of Potentials Realized, the co-host of the Remote Pathways podcast, and the author of Reconnecting Workspaces. In this conversation we talk about how to boost trust, safety, and connection on virtual teams and what leaders can learn about managing a digital workforce. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
33:54 11/29/2021
290 - From The Archives: Get In The Mud With Your Team (Wade Foster)
WADE FOSTER is the CEO and co-founder of Zapier, a workflow automation tool used by over three million people to connect the work apps they use every day. Zapier is a 100% remote company with over 200 people. In this interview we talk about hiring, managing, aligning, and building a 'rockin remote team. Wade shares his experiences, challenges, and recipes for strong team building. For more stories, visit
37:49 11/19/2021
289 - Hiring can be equitable, transparent and efficient
JOSH BRENNER is the CEO of Hired, an AI-driven hiring marketplace that helps companies such as Instacart, Postmates, Capital One, and Peloton identify and employ diverse talent – through a more efficient, transparent, and equitable hiring process. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
48:54 10/25/2021
288 - Build Work-Life Harmony With Paul McKinlay
PAUL MCKINLAY is the Vice President of Communications & Remote Working at Cimpress & Vistaprint. In this interview, we discuss how Cimpress & Vistaprint transitioned into being a "remote first" company and how they made how and when they work a towering strength of their culture and a competitive advantage. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
36:47 10/11/2021
287 - Async Consent Based Decision Making
AVIVA PINCHAS is the Head of Growth at the fully remote company, Parabol, your "Agile Meeting CoPilot". In this interview we talk about how Parabol operates as a fully remote company, what their asynchronous decision making process looks like, and how to separate work and life. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
39:36 09/27/2021
286 - Join The Digital Workplace With Neil Miller
NEIL MILLER is the host of The Digital Workplace podcast. He has interviewed over 175 leaders about what it will take to thrive in the digital age. For over 5 years, he has managed remote teams and worked with Kissflow. In this interview we talk about culture, productivity, and the 5 levels of a digital workplace. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
37:39 09/13/2021
285 - Live The Remote Dream
DARREN MURPH is the Head of Remote at GitLab and the author of Living The Remote Dream,’ GitLab’s Remote Playbook, as well as ‘iPad Secrets’ and ‘iPhone Secrets’. He is also has the Guinness World Record for most blog posts ever written! In this interview, we talk about how GitLab works as the world's largest all remote company, what the Head of Remote position entails, and what companies are getting wrong - and right - about hybrid working.
48:35 08/30/2021
284 - Create Casual Collisions, Equal Access, and Fun Online
ALEX HOWLAND is the co-founder and President of Virbela, a virtual world for work, education and events. In this interview, we discuss how virtual worlds can mitigate burnout, how to foster a healthy company culture, and how companies can support their employees while returning the new "normal". For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
43:28 08/16/2021
283 - From The Archives: Don't Invest To Get To Average
ROBERT GLAZER is the founder and Managing Director of global performance marketing agency, Acceleration Partners, one of the biggest, fully-remote workplaces in the US with over 100 employees. Bob's secret to success is hiring great people and rewarding for results, not hard work. For more stories, visit
33:13 08/02/2021
282 - From The Archives: Evolve Your Rituals To Include Remote Colleagues
DOM PRICE is the Head of R&D and Work Futurist at Atlassian. Originally from Manchester, now living in Sydney Australia, Dom spends half his time on the road between the US, Europe, and Australia. We discuss what Atlassian struggles with and how they share and scale the knowledge throughout their organization. We also discuss how they manage communication with teams having different backgrounds, cultures. and rituals - and what they do when conflict arises. For more stories, visit
44:18 07/19/2021
281 - Building Blocks of Hybrid Collaboration
A hybrid team is a configuration where part of the team works in the office, and part of the team works elsewhere. Admittedly, this is the most difficult style of working but when the right processes are put in place, it can be just as successful. In this episode, we highlight the building blocks of successful hybrid collaboration. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
28:48 07/05/2021
280 - Turn Video Calls Into Shared Knowledge
MIKE ADAMS is the Founder of, a tool that allows you to caption & clip zoom video segments - so that you can compress hours worth of meetings into summaries. In this interview, we talk about why recording and managing our spoken knowledge can help teams work better together. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
36:14 06/21/2021
279 - The ABC's of Collaboration With Tobias Windbrake
TOBIAS WINDBRAKE is the Director of the DACH region for iObeya a digital visual management platform. He has developed a curated collection of resources for personal study and discovery about... collaboration. In this interview, we talk about the components of good collaboration, the role of leadership, and why most teams need to be thinking about visual management. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
40:50 06/07/2021