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Reacting to the Leaked XFL 2023 Team Names
We're going LIVE taking your calls and reactions to the potentially LEAKED XFL 2023 team names ahead of their announcement next week. The XFL shop had several screenshots taken from XFL diehards potentially spoiling some of the new and returning team names that will be taking the field when the XFL kicks off in February of 2023. The feeling amongst XFL fans is "mixed" to say it lightly and we want to hear from you!
76:01 09/23/2022
Episode 111 - XFL + NFL Alumni Academy = NFL Golden Ticket
XFL team names are coming NEXT week and we’re getting you prepared for the XFL’s big announcement! Plus we’re doing a deep dive into the XFL and NFL Alumni Academy’s partnership with Andrew Murray and talking CFL with Jason Gregor, Andrew Peirson of America’s CFL team the BC Lions, and Mike Moore of the Montreal Alouettes.Rod Woodson, head coach for the XFL Las Vegas franchise leaked some spicy details about the XFL unveiling its 2023 team names and colors on the Pat McAfee show this week. With 5 2020 XFL cities returning and 3 new cities joining the group for its 2023 kickoff, which XFL 2020 franchises (if any) will be making a return appearance for the 3.0 version of the XFL? We discuss.Andrew Murray returns to the program to discuss his potential theories about the XFL team name announcements next week and to run down the nuts and bolts of the XFL’s newly formed partnership with the NFL Alumni Academy. We’ve known since April about the XFL’s partnership with the NFL and specifically the Alumni Academy, but what does that mean? With hundreds of players attempting to get onto NFL rosters, how do the NFL’s Alumni Academy and a spring XFL season fit into the mix? The NFL Alumni Academy recently held a Zoom call to discuss these details and more with pro football agents and we bring you the very latest plus discuss how the XFL’s February to April timeline might be better equipped for certain types of players trying to make it back to the NFL as compared to the USFL’s late spring start.Jason Gregor, a long-time friend of the show returns to chat all things CFL week 16. We run down Garett Marino’s signing to the USFL, the BC Lions and Calgary Stampeders' recent “brawl” following the BC Lions’ road win last Saturday, talk about Hamilton’s upset victory over Winnipeg, and the state of the Edmonton Elks franchise.Then, we are fortunate to be joined by two player interviews on this week’s program. Andrew Peirson makes a return appearance courtesy of the BC Lions, and Mike Moore stops by on behalf of the Montreal Alouettes.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro7:47 XFL 2023 Team Name Announcements Coming Next Week! Analysis, Predictions41:18 XFL-NFL Alumni Academy Partnership Deep Dive, How the XFL Can Get Players to the NFL1:05:22 Jason Gregor, CFL Week 16 Interview1:37:07 CFL BC Lions’ Andrew Peirson Interview1:52:35 CFL Montreal Alouettes’ Mike Moore Interview1:59:27 Show OutroNFL Alumni Academy Zoom Session with Dean Dalton 9.13.22 -
121:08 09/23/2022
Episode 110 - The XFL Is Assembled!
The XFL has announced its FULL 8 team coaching staffs for the 2023 XFL teams and we’re doing a full breakdown and analysis of each XFL coach’s team with XFL Board’s Greg Parks PLUS we have two CFL all-time greats with CFL on TSN’s Rod Smith and the voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Derek Taylor joining us to talk all things CFL Week 15.Greg Parks of XFL Board returns to the show to do an in-depth breakdown and analysis of all 8 coaching staffs that were just announced this week for the upcoming February kickoff of the XFL 3.0. He details connections between the coaches, gives background insights into who is comprising each staff, and we pontificate about what these hires mean to the makeup of each team and the personalities they will bring when their players hit the field. Although not as “sexy” of an announcement as XFL team names or uniforms, these full staff reveals just how robust the XFL’s hiring has been ahead of its 2023 launch and the quality of football they hope to bring when they return in 2023. For more information on all 8 XFL team staff reveals with even more breakdown and analysis, please be sure to check out Greg’s article on XFL Board linked below!CFL on TSN lead commentary Rod Smith stops by the show to give his thoughts and expertise on every CFL as we approach week 15 of the CFL season. We chat through the recent BC Lions trade of Vernon Adams Jr., the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ dominance, struggles in the east, Bo Levi Mitchell’s future, and whom Rod sees as the two likely teams facing off in Regina for the 2022 CFL Grey Cup.Derek Taylor, the voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers makes a long-awaited return to the show to give a status update on all 8 CFL franchises as we approach CFL week 8. Derek chat’s through BC’s decision to trade for Vernon Adams Jr., grades the rest of the CFL’s remaining pivots through 2/3rds of CFL gameplay this season, reminisces over Gary Stern’s recent Twitter antics, and gives his thoughts and predictions on the health of the CFL moving forward through 2022 and the years beyond.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro7:32 Jason Gonella joins XFL as Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales9:39 XFL St. Louis to keep BattleHawks name? First home St. Louis Game in March?13:12 Greg Parks, XFL Board Interview, XFL Full Coaching Staffs Break Down57:07 Rod Smith, CFL on TSN Commentator CFL Week 15 Interview1:28:29 Derek Taylor, Winnipeg Blue Bomber Commentator CFL Week 15 Interview1:55:17 Show Outro, Giveaway PhotosGreg Parks’ Full XFL 2023 Coaching Staffs Breakdown -
117:50 09/16/2022
Episode 109 - Searching for Hidden Talent
Whom should the XFL and USFL be targeting to sign for their upcoming seasons, how can the XFL and USFL be both entertaining football leagues as well as developmental systems for their players, and where the HECK are our XFL 2023 announcements? We answer these questions and more on this week’s episode with guests Emory Hunt, Eric Merrida of FA Showcase, and David Boles of the Edmonton Elks.Emory Hunt, CBS Football Analyst and football draft expert joins the show to give his analysis and thoughts of this spring football landscape heading into 2023. Whom should the XFL and the USFL be looking to sign? Should the two competing alt-football leagues be targeting different types of players? We answer these questions and discuss the very real dilemma facing both the USFL and the XFL ahead of their 2023 seasons, how can a football league market itself as a developmental league whilst also providing high-quality content and talent continuity for fans of the league and individual teams? Emory sits down for an extended interview you won’t want to miss!Eric Merrida, one of the creators behind the upcoming FA Showcase in Texas stops by the program to preview their upcoming showcase next week. We chat about the difficulties that non-NFL players have when it comes to getting necessary reps and looks from pro football scouts, the importance of alt-football leagues like the XFL and the USFL, and why showcases like his are paramount in helping CFL, USFL, and XFL hopefuls get a chance to shine.Finally, David Boles sideline reporter for the Edmonton Elks sits down to chat all things in a chaotic and entertaining CFL Week 14. We cover the Edmonton Elks’ upcoming match at home against the Calgary Stampeders, react to Garrett Marino’s CFL release, and chat about other major storylines from the CFL season thus far including what the Elks can do (if anything) to right the ship of their subpar 2022 season.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro, “Where are the XFL announcements?”9:07 Emory Hunt, XFL vs. USFL Scouting/Talent Acquisition Interview54:52 Eric Merrida, FA Showcase for XFL, USFL, and CFL Hopefuls Interview1:17:02 David Boles, CFL’s Edmonton Elks Sideline Reporter, CFL Week 14 Interview1:42:14 Show OutroFA Showcase Player Registration Form:
104:35 09/09/2022
Episode 108 - Who Should Buy Into the XFL?
The XFL is looking for money, but whom should they get to invest? What’s next for the latest cuts from the NFL and which league between the XFL or the USFL should those players be targeting for their next stop? What’s next for the CFL after this crazy week with Gary Stern’s departure from the Montreal Alouettes and the trade of Vernon Adams Jr. to the BC Lions? We tackle all of those questions and more with our slate of guests which includes Brendan Coffey from Sportico, Ric Serritella from NFL Draft Bible, TSN’s Matthew Scianitti, and Cody Grace from the Calgary Stampeders.Brendan Coffey of Sportico stops by the program to chat through his latest article coming out regarding the XFL looking for investors ahead of its 2023 launch. Brendan fills us in on why the XFL might be seeking money from outside investors, what types of partnerships they might be looking to form with these new investors and why the XFL needs to give up such a high stake (potentially) of the league to entice new investors.Ric Serritella from NFL Draft Bible makes a long overdue appearance on the show to recap some of the latest USFL cuts and signings as NFL teams completed their 53-man rosters this week. We talk about the success of the USFL season 1 by having at least one of its players on an active NFL roster, talk about what’s next for players cut by the NFL potentially heading to an XFL or USFL roster and the differences Ric sees in the scouting and talent potential for both XFL and USFL.TSN’s Matthew Scianitti sits down from his hotel room getting ready to cover the REDBLACKS at Montreal Alouettes game this week to run down all the craziness that was CFL Week 13 thus far. We discuss Gary Stern’s abrupt departure from the Alouettes’ day-to-day operations, discuss the big BC Lions acquisition of Vernon Adams Jr., commiserate Randy Ambrosie’s unenviable task of seeking out a new potential owner for the Alouettes, and pontificate over what’s next for Trevor Harris as the (potentially hesitant) face of the Montreal’s CFL franchise.Finally, Cody Grace courtesy of the Calgary Stampeders makes an appearance to preview the big Stampeders and Elks home and home games coming up. We cover his CFL season thus far, goals for the squad the rest of the year, and if the team can make a deep playoff run under the new (and permanent?) on-field leadership of Jake Maier.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:20 Show Intro7:34 Sportico’s Brendan Coffey, XFL Investor Interview24:59 NFL Draft Bible’s Ric Serritella, NFL Cuts to USFL/XFL Interview54:12 TSN’s Matthew Scianitti, CFL Week 13 Interview1:15:21 Calgary Stampeders’ Cody Grace Interview1:25:29 Show Outro, Giveaway Photos
89:12 09/02/2022
BREAKING! - Vernon Adams Jr. Traded to BC Lions, Live Reax + USFL to NFL Transactions, XFL Timeline?
We're going LIVE to talk about today's breaking news of Vernon Adam Jr. being traded to the Montreal Alouettes in exchange for the BC Lion's 2023 number 1 draft pick. We'll be talking your calls and reacting LIVE to this and all of this week's big CFL news and USFL news including Gary Stern's departure from the Montreal Alouettes, USFL to NFL player transactions, and more!We also chat about the XFL's kickoff timeline, when should we expect team names, logos and uniforms to be revealed and if the XFL is becoming too "heavy" with recent executive hires including Brian Westbrook Sr., joining the League today as Director of Player Engagement.
63:01 08/31/2022
Episode 107 - Spring Football's Identity Crisis
Are the XFL and USFL suffering from identity crises? Is spring football’s player turnover to the NFL sustainable, or interesting for viewers of alternative football leagues? This week on The Markcast we’re talking XFL and USFL player turnover, CFL Week 12, and much more with CFL insider Dave Naylor, Jake Russell of The Washington Post, long-time CFL journalist Marty York and David Côté of the Montreal Alouettes.Dave Naylor makes a long-awaited return to the program this week to run down the biggest storylines coming out of the CFL headed into week 12. We talk Nathan Rourke’s unfortunate injury, Bo Levi Mitchell being benched in Calgary, the Saskatchewan Roughrider’s dilemma with Cody Fajardo and Mason Fine competing for the QB1 spot, and much more. Dave also shares his thoughts on the USFL’s completion and the struggle that both the USFL and XFL might have in keeping viewer interest long-term with the announced goal of both alt-football leagues to get their players onto NFL rosters.Jake Russell of The Washington Post stops by to give his thoughts on the XFL’s announced return to Washington D.C. and why he thinks the fans there embraced the 2020 version of the XFL the way that they did. We talk USFL hub vs. XFL hub and the XFL’s need to balance being a captivating sports product while also trying to funnel players into the NFL. Can the XFL and USFL exist being a springboard for players into the NFL? We discuss.Marty York, a long-time journalist, and contributor to the CFL media landscape sits down to run down some of the biggest stories surrounding the CFL mid-way through the season. We run down the lack of “top-tier” CFL quarterbacks in 2022, talk commissioner Randy Ambrosie’s leadership through the last 3 challenging years, and look at the long-term health of the CFL with diminishing crowds in some of the CFL’s most popular franchises.Finally, David Côté of the Montreal Alouettes makes an appearance fresh off his game-winning field goal kick against the Hamilton Ticats last week. David talks about the Alouettes’ season thus far, goals for the team after a couple of big wins, and why he enjoys playing in the CFL and living in Montreal.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro6:23 TSN’s Dave Naylor CFL Week 12, XFL and USFL Interview40:32 The Washington Post’s Jake Russell XFL vs. USFL Interview1:07:04 CFL Journalist Marty York CFL Week 12 Interview1:41:21 Montreal Alouettes David Côté CFL Interview1:56:07 Show Outro, New Giveaway Details!!!
121:30 08/26/2022
LIVE 2022 CFL Week 11 Pre-Show - BC Lions at Saskatchewan Roughriders Call-In Show Episode 3
Join us LIVE on Friday, August 19 at 5:30p PST / 8:30p EST for a live CFL pre-game show ahead of America's CFL team the BC Lions taking on the Saskatchewan Roughriders at home in Regina. Football Canada President Jim Mullin, Krown Gridiron Nation on TSN Analyst Gord Randall, CFL reporter Andrew Murray and I will be taking your calls and questions live relating to the CFL, USFL, XFL, and more!Join the chat or call in, we'll post the link in the chat so YOU can be a part of the show!!Watch us alongside the Edmonton Elks at the Ottawa REDBLACKS game which is airing in the early timeslot on Friday.
99:00 08/20/2022
Episode 106 - The XFL Is Hiring...A LOT!!!
The XFL is hiring a TON of new people, including social media managers, art directors, and more. Is the XFL spending too much money too fast? I want to hear from you!! Plus Farhan Lalji from TSN, Nathan Rubbelke from the St. Louis Business Journal, and Steve Gera from BreakAway Data all join the show to chat about the world of CFL, XFL, USFL, and more!The XFL has posted a boatload of new roles they are hiring for ahead of their 2023 kickoff including not one but TWO social media managers for each of their 8 teams and more. Where the USFL was bemoaned for months (myself included) by fans about spending too little, is the XFL spending too much too fast? I want to hear your comments and feedback!Farhan Lalji, CFL on TSN insider returns to the program to chat all things CFL week 11 including Nathan Rourke’s historic performance with the BC Lions. We also chat about the potential of Nathan Rourke heading to the NFL after the 2022 CFL season and what that means for the CFL in the hierarchy of football leagues. Farhan Lalji also gives his thoughts on the recently wrapped USFL “inaugural” season and who he would place his money on between the XFL and the USFL in the US spring football market.Nathan Rubbelke from the St. Louis Business Journal stops by the show to give some insights into the XFL and their recently reported interest in bringing in investors ahead of their 2023 season kickoff. Nathan talks about the XFL’s “start-up” mentality and why now might just be the perfect time to invest in this 3rd version of the XFL ahead of its launch.Finally, Steve Gera, co-founder, and president of BreakAway Data also makes an appearance to fill us in on the recent work he and his company have been doing with the XFL from a player scouting perspective. We chat Jordan Palmer being brought in as the XFL’s Director of Quarterback Development, the XFL centralizing training under Sean Hayes, and the level of talent Steve is seeing at the XFL Showcases including offensives linemen and more.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:18 Show Intro6:41 Solo Commentary on XFL’s New Hires11:17 Farhan Lalji, CFL on TSN CFL Week 11, XFL, USFL Interview47:26 Nathan Rubbelke, St. Louis Business Journal XFL Interview1:12:42 Steve Gera, BreakAway Data XFL Interview1:35:45 Show Outro
97:29 08/19/2022
Episode 105 - "Next into the Shark Tank, the XFL"
The XFL is looking for more money, TOGETHXR has dropped its trademark lawsuit against the XFL, we’re chatting week 10 of the CFL, previewing the BC Lions traveling to Calgary to face the Stampeders, and interviewing a boatload of people! Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, Paul Reeths of OurSports Central, Darrin Bauming of Bonfire Sports, former XFL Dragons member Dontez Byrd, BC Lions standout WR Dominique Rhymes and newly signed Calgary Stampeder running back Dedrick Mills all join the show!BREAKING news coming in late to the newsroom, TOGETHXR has officially and voluntarily dismissed its trademark lawsuit against the XFL. The potentially disruptive lawsuit that’s been hanging over the XFL’s head since their logo relaunch earlier this summer is now officially over. There’s still one lawsuit hanging over the XFL (and CFL’s head) by way of David Adrian Smith, but for now, the XFL can breathe at least one breath of relief.The XFL is also in the news with reports that they are looking for more money, and are willing to give up to 35-45% of the company away to investors in order to get it. We bring on Daniel Kaplan from The Athletic to get his thoughts on the XFL’s movements thus far. He reacts to the USFL’s 2022 season, their business model’s results, and what the XFL could and should do to learn and grow from the efforts the USFL made last spring. I asked Daniel Kaplan to share his thoughts on why the XFL might be looking for investors now before they’ve even kicked off their inaugural XFL season and what he thinks that means for the long-term success and health of the 3.0 XFL league. Daniel Kaplan also shares some new insights into the XFL-ESPN TV deal and whether that gives the XFL a leg up over the USFL in the spring football landscape. We also chat the NFL Alumni academy and if he believes that means the NFL will give the XFL preferential treatment moving forward.Long-time fan favorite, USFL historian and owner of OurSports Central ( Paul Reeths returns to the show to give his take on the XFL’s recently announced investor plans. We compare and contrast the fundraising efforts the USFL is doing trying to find individual owners for their 8 named USFL franchises and what it means to investors that the XFL isn’t selling off teams (yet) and merely giving equity stake in the company. It’s a fruitful conversation looking at how the XFL and the USFL are basically going about league building the same way, only with slight modifications likely learned from each other.Lots of CFL talk on the podcast this week from friend of the program Darrin Bauming of Bonfire Sports ( Darrin talks through the biggest storylines going into CFL Week 10 including the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ dominance, the troubles the East division is facing, Saskatchewan trying to wriggle their way into a hometown Grey Cup showing, and whatever the heck is going on in Montreal with the Alouettes. We also talk about the need for fan-focused and fan-driven shows and podcasts related to the CFL and other non-NFL leagues to help build fan engagement.3 player interviews on this week’s show as we catch up with former XFL Dragons WR Dontez Byrd as he looks to make his return to the XFL when they hit the field in 2023. Dontez shares his thoughts on the importance of spring football leagues and how challenging it is for alt-football players to constantly keep themselves in shape during their nonexistent off-season, never knowing when the next opportunity will arise.We also get a first-hand preview of the big BC Lions at Calgary Stampeders game this Saturday by way of Dominique Rhymes of the Lions and Dedrick Mills of the Stampeders. Both gentlemen had stellar performances in their last games, Rhymes catching 3 TD passes from Nathan Rourke, Mills rushing for over 100 yards, and both look to make an impact this Saturday in this pivotal CFL Western Division matchup.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro7:07 TOGETHXR’s XFL Lawsuit Dismissed8:38 Daniel Kaplan, The Athletic XFL Investor, XFL-ESPN TV Deal Interview36:22 Paul Reeths, OurSports Central XFL vs. USFL Fundraising Interview1:14:23 Darrin Bauming, Bonfire Sports, CFL Week 10 Interview1:40:11 Dontez Byrd, XFL Interview1:55:03 Dominique Rhymes, BC Lions Interview2:10:27 Dedrick Mills, Calgary Stampeders Interview2:18:14 Show Outro, Giveaway Photo Slideshow
141:03 08/12/2022
Episode 104 - XFL v. USFL: Show Me the Money!!!
This week on The Markcast we’re talking XFL contracts, player pay and season timeline vs. the USFL, CFL week 9, and the shutdown of Major League Football (MLFB) on this eclectic episode with all of your alt-football news! Greg Parks of XFL Board, CFL legend Milt Stegall, Sarah Said of The Parleh, and Simone Eli of WKRG in Mobile, Alabama all join the show!Greg Parks of XFL Board joins the show to give his thoughts on the XFL’s recent announcements including cities, the decision to play their fist 3 seasons in a hub, and what they can do in terms of player pay to compete with the USFL for player acquisition. We look at the contracts the XFL will be offering, the time of year they will be playing, and whether or not they need to be concerned with the USFL’s 2-year contracts when it comes to locking down the best talent when the XFL takes the field in 2023. Greg Parks also shares his thoughts on the XFL’s Arlington “hub”, things they can do the increase local fan engagement while housing all of the players in Texas, and what we should expect from the XFL in terms of team “nicknames” and other announcements moving forward.Milt Stegall, CFL legend and CFL on TSN broadcaster makes a long-awaited return to the program to run down ALL the latest CFL news as we move into week 9 of the CFL season. We chat about the Alouettes’ recent coaching changes, Nathan Rourke and the BC Lions, his recent Twitter feud with Montreal Alouettes owner Gary Stern, and whether or not the CFL on TSN panel actually gets along. Milt Stegall also shares his thoughts on “the beard” that his co-panelist Matt Dunigan has decided to sport for his 2022 CFL on TSN appearance, let’s just say we cover ALOT!Sarah Said of The Parleh stops by the program to talk about her recent introduction to the CFL media. Sarah makes daily picks for CFL fans interested in sports betting and talks about using gambling, fantasy, and sports betting to help build new interest in the CFL by attracting new fans. Sarah covers the Toronto Argonauts so we also chat through their season thus far and the challenges she sees them potentially facing moving forward as the current top team in the CFL east.Finally, Simone Eli of WKRG in Mobile sits down to fill us in on ALL the Major League Football (MLFB) drama that she’s been covering during the last two weeks with the league’s abrupt shutdown. We talk about Frank Murtha’s absence during all the latest chaos, her experiences interviewing players being kicked out of their hotels and having to find their own way home, and if it’s possible that MLFB will EVER hit the field, now or in the future. This is an eye-opening interview covering ALL aspects of the Major League Football shutdown from someone on the ground in Alabama that your WON’T want to miss!0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro7:17 Greg Parks, XFL Board Interview, XFL vs. USFL Player Pay, Timelines1:04:43 Milt Stegall, CFL Hall of Fame Inductee Interview1:29:15 Sarah Said, The Parleh CFL Interview1:48:43 Simone Eli, MLFB Shutdown / Collapse Interview2:18:21 Show Outro, “Oh Canada” Giveaway Update
141:27 08/05/2022
Episode 103 - XFL Hub v. USFL Hub
XFL insider Mike Mitchell returns to the program to recap and analyze a BUSY week in the alt-football landscape. We cover ALL of the big XFL announcements from the last week including the 8 2023 cities the XFL will be playing in, the venues and coaches attached to those cities, and the XFL’s announcement that they will be housing and training all of their players in Arlington for the first 3 years in a recently announced “hub” format. Which alt-football league has the better plan for the more successful “hub” in 2023, the XFL’s Arlington-based hub with plans to fly teams out to local markets on the weekend, or the USFL’s approach of basing all their team in Birmingham and potentially a second (or third/fourth) market, we get Mike Mitchell’s thoughts. We also cover the latest lawsuit facing the XFL and the surprise collapse of Major League Football (MLFB) just weeks before kickoff. Daniella Ponticelli of 620CKRM also stops by the show to preview CFL week 8 including a match between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and America’s team the BC Lions.The XFL is FINALLY…making some big announcements that listeners of The Markcast and readers of XFL News Hub have known for quite some time, we now OFFICIALLY know the eight teams the XFL will be playing in when they return to the field in 2023. Mike Mitchell, XFL insider, and XFL News Hub contributor makes a return appearance to the program to give his in-depth thoughts and analysis on everything XFL. We talk about the venues the XFL will be playing in, the head coaches attached to the cities, and get Mike’s thoughts on the “Texas Triangle” of 3 Texas-based XFL teams while the league opted to pull out of New York, Los Angeles, and Tampa Bay. The XFL is potentially learning from some mistakes made by the USFL with their hub in 2022 and looking to spend more to build more connections with fans in their local markets. Will the spending spree of hiring local staff in all eight XFL team markets be enough? We discuss. Also, breaking news today coming into the newsroom also includes the recently filed NEW lawsuit against Vince McMahon, The Rock, WWE, and more over XFL “trade secrets” and the surprise (but not unexpected) collapse of MLFB which has left many of their players stranded without hotel rooms or plans for the future.Daniella Ponticelli of 620 CKRM also stops by the program to round out our alt-football coverage with a little CFL talk. The BC Lions are headed to Regina for the weekend to take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, we get Daniella’s thoughts on the match and the rest of the major storylines in the CFL headed into week 8. Should the CFL be scheduling more games on Sundays to take advantage of the recent uptick in viewers following the rescheduled Argonauts vs. Roughriders game? Whom does Daniella have pegged as her early MOP candidates? We tackle this CFL talk and much more!0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro5:20 XFL Insider Mike Mitchell, XFL Announcements Cities/Venues/Hub Analysis1:23:53 XFL Insider Mike Mitchell on NEW XFL Lawsuit1:31:30 XFL Insider Mike Mitchell on MLFB Shutdown/Collapse1:42:47 Daniella Ponticelli 630 CKRM Saskatchewan Roughriders, CFL Interview2:15:12 Show Outro, Giveaway Update
138:29 07/29/2022
XFL Hub Confirmed! All XFL 2023 Team Cities, Venues Announced!! LIVE From Texas! XFL Call-In Show!
We are going LIVE Monday morning following the Sunday XFL Dallas Town Hall and "Major Announcement" press conference on Monday morning from Choctaw Stadium in Arlington, TX to recap all the big news coming out from the XFL 2020 season ticket holders meeting with 2023 XFL ownership including Dany Garica and Dwayne Johnson and the Monday morning press conferenceJoin Andrew Murray from XFL News Hub and Reid Johnson from The Markcast at 8am PST / 12pm EST to fill you in on all the latest news coming out from the XFL approaching their 2023 relaunch. The XFL Arlington hub is officially a thing as announced by Chairwoman and Owner Dany Garcia, we react to that news plus the official announcement of the 8 XFL 2023 cities, assigned head coaches, and venues that the XFL teams will be playing in.
100:41 07/25/2022
Episode 102 - The Markcast LIVE from the XFL Arizona Player Showcase!
We are going LIVE following the latest XFL Player Showcase on Friday, August 22nd at 2pm PST / 5pm EST from Tempe, Arizona to recap the XFL Arizona Showcase with the writers of XFL News Hub!Join Reid Johnson from The Markcast, with Brandon Anderson, Evan Willsmore and Matt Lyons from XFL News Hub as they recap all of the day's events and look forward to the upcoming XFL Town Hall on Sunday, July 24th where we will potentially be learning the team cities, names and venues for the upcoming XFL 2023 season.
101:05 07/22/2022
Episode 101 - What Do YOU Want From the XFL?
In the upcoming showdown between the XFL and the USFL, we pose an important question in our best Ryan Gosling impression asking: What do you want (from the XFL)? Plus we have an ALL-star lineup of guests this week including Montreal Alouettes owner Gary Stern, James Larsen of USFL Newsroom, Sean Fitz-Gerald of The Athletic, and Sara Orlesky of TSN.Gary Stern, owner of the Montreal Alouettes joins our show in our continuation of A-list caliber guests from the Canadian Football League. In our extended sit-down interview Gary talks about his campaign to build the Alouettes fanbase through his use of Twitter and social media, his biggest concerns he sees facing the CFL right now, and what the CFL needs to do to help build the youth fanbase moving forward and how to best gets fans back in the stadiums now that the CFL is officially back in business with their 2022 season. We tackle the recent personnel changes in Alouettes team leadership including the release of head coach Khari Jones and Barron Miles and get Gary’s thoughts on both Alouettes quarterbacks Vernon Adams Jr. and Trevor Harris, you don’t want to miss this one!James Larsen of USFL Newsroom and XFL Newsroom makes a long-anticipated return to the program to chat through USFL expansion heading into 2022. Does the USFL have the advantage over the XFL right now in terms of attracting the casual football fanbase, and what, if anything can the XFL do to help regain some momentum. The USFL is bound to make changes in their offseason headed into their 2023 “second” season, what would James like to see the USFL do to best capitalize on their momentum thus far? We discuss.Sean Fitz-Gerald of The Athletic joins the show for a segment talking CFL, specifically Toronto Argonauts football. Sean recently wrote an article chronicling the “recent” downward spiral in Toronto’s interest in their Argonauts and with the recent resurgence of the BC Lions and the Edmonton Elks at the heads of motivated leadership, is MLSE the right ownership group to help re-build (again) the Toronto Argonauts franchise in the year 2022 and beyond.Finally, Sara Orlesky makes a much-awaited appearance on The Markcast to recap, preview, and talk about CFL week 6. We chat about the BC Lions’ loss to Winnipeg last week, grade Zach Collaros as a quarterback in the Canadian Football League, talk about Hamilton’s woes, Jeremiah Masoli’s injury and the REDBLACKS plans moving forward with Nick Arbuckle. We also preview the weekend’s most anticipated matchup between the Calgary Stampeders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers, in the battle of the CFL’s lone 2 remaining undefeated teams.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro6:58 Gary Stern, Montreal Alouettes Owner Interview34:41 XFL Commentary/Rant, What Do You Want From the XFL?42:20 James Larsen, USFL Newsroom USFL Interview1:26:38 Sean Fitz-Gerald, The Athletic Toronto Argonauts Interview1:58:44 Sara Orlesky, TSN Winnipeg CFL Week 6 Interview2:25:52 Show Outro, Giveaway Update
148:11 07/15/2022
Episode 100 - Advantage USFL?
The USFL has wrapped their “inaugural” season 1 and with the XFL’s return in sight, who has the high ground? We bring on Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal and Mark Perry of USFL News Hub (fresh off his appearance at the USFL championship in Canton) to tackle USFL v. XFL, USFL year 2 expansion, and much more. We also preview CFL week 5 and chat all things Canadian football with Kristina Costabile of and Chris Ackie of the Montreal Alouettes.The USFL has wrapped season 1, what’s next? We ponder this question, chat USFL TV/Championship ratings and compare/contrast their business model with the soon-to-be returning XFL with Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal. Ben Fischer discusses USFL team valuations vs. MLS and other professional sports, grades USFL season 1 as a whole, and looks forward to what the league could, should, and will do when they hit the field again in 2023.Mark Perry, editor of USFL News Hub also makes a return appearance to the program to discuss his time at the USFL championship game in Canton, Ohio. We get some behind-the-scenes details of his time there and discuss ways the league can improve with media relations (amongst other things) as they look at ways to improve when they return for a second USFL season. We also cover rumors of expanded USFL 2023 rosters, October OTAs with players in their home cities and much, much more!Kristina Costabile of makes an anticipated repeat guest spot on this week’s show to preview the big BC Lions hosting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers game this weekend in the battle of the two currently undefeated CFL franchises. We talk Tre Ford’s success in Edmonton, Nathan Rourke’s ascent in BC and why the BC Lions football team seems to be firing on all cylinders this 2023 CFL season. Chris Mackie of the Montreal Alouettes also sits down (pre-Khari Jones firing) to go over the Alouettes' bumpy season thus far, ways he’s looking to improve on the field coming off of injury, and what he makes of the QB dilemma in Montreal between Trevor Harris and Vernon Adams Jr.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:29 Show Intro8:33 Ben Fischer, Sports Business Journal USFL Expansion Interview35:12 Mark Perry, USFL News Hub Interview, USFL Season 1 Recap, Season 2 Plans1:28:33 Kristina Costabile, CFL Week 5 Interview1:46:31 Chris Ackie, Montreal Alouettes Interview2:00:06 Show Outro
122:51 07/08/2022
Episode 99 - XFL Cities SPOILED!!!
The XFL spoils their own 2023 city release announcement, the USFL is heading into their 2022 championship game and looking towards expansion in 2023 and we are chatting CFL week 4 on this week’s episode of The Markcast. Special guests on this week’s program include Brock Huard talking USFL, Sam Just running down the latest XFL news, Bob “The Moj” Marjanovich of the BC Lions chatting “America’s CFL team” and Avry of Avry’s Sports Show previewing CFL week 4.Larry Lee, Director of Player Personnel in the XFL 2023 recently spoiled the 8 cities that the XFL plans to play at when they return to the field in 2023 on a local sports podcast. We break down the “blunder” coming out of the XFL, update you the listener on the 8 cities that will be hosting XFL teams in 2023, and what to look forward to as we approach the 6-month window heading into the 2023 XFL return.Brock Huard, FOX Sports sideline reporter for the USFL returns to the program to preview the USFL championship game this weekend between the Philadelphia Stars and the Birmingham Stallions. We also get Brock’s thoughts on the USFL heading into their 2nd season in 2023 as it relates to expansion into multiple hubs or host cities and where the XFL fits into the mix in the ever-growing spring football landscape.Sam Just of Sam Shady Sports stops by the show to give his thoughts on the XFL spoiled 2023 city release. We also get Sam to share his master list of 2022 XFL Showcase players who are trying out in an attempt to hit the field with the XFL when they return in 2023.Bob “The Moj” Marjanovich of the BC Lions makes a long-awaited appearance on the podcast to chat all things CFL and the BC Lions as they continue their “red hot” run through the CFL into week 4. We talk changes behind the scenes, team mentality headed into the season and Nathan Rourke’s success thus far in the still young 2022 CFL season.Avry of Avry’s Sports Show also sits down to chat CFL week 4 including QB changes in Edmonton, James Wider’s recent injury, the recent struggles of the Hamilton Ticats, and which teams he feels most bullish on and most down on headed into CFL week 4. It’s a loaded weekend of CFL talent as we head into Canada Day (and Reid’s birthday) so be sure to check out all the latest CFL chatter from our great lineup of guests.Finally, we name off the winners of our big 2k subscriber giveaway. Make sure to check out the episode to see if you won, and please subscribe if you feel so inclined so you can be a part of our next big giveaway! Thank you all SO much for your support!0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:29 Show Intro6:27 Brock Huard, USFL FOX Sports Reporter Interview34:11 XFL Cities SPOILED, XFL Player Showcase List1:13:01 Bob Marjanovich, CFL BC Lions Interview1:42:02 Avery, Avry’s Sports Show CFL Week 4 Interview2:06:20 Show Outro, Subscriber GiveawaySam’s XFL Showcase Player List -
131:50 07/01/2022
Episode 98 - USFL Playoffs?!?
The USFL playoffs are here, we’re previewing CFL week 3 and looking forward to the USFL championship next weekend on this week’s episode of The Markcast. A loaded slate of guests join us this week to break down the latest CFL, USFL and alt-football news with Josh Shepardson of Fantasy Pros, Jordan Dajani of CBS Sports, JJ Adams of Postmedia, recent CFL HoF inductee Paul McCallum and Richie Sindani of the Calgary Stampeders.We’re previewing the USFL playoffs in Canton, Ohio this weekend with two great guests: Kosh Shepardson of Fantasy Pros and Jordan Dajani of CBS Sports. The Philadelphia Stars are facing the New Jersey Generals in a USFL North Division battle and the Birmingham Stallions are trying to make it to the USFL finals by coming out victorious in their South Division matchup against the New Orleans Breakers. We break down, analyze and give our thoughts on the two “heated” divisional rival games that comprise the 2022 USFL playoff slate. We also cover the recently announced USFL MVP and other “Top Awards” from the season including Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year and Coach of the Year. We also get Jordan’s thoughts on the USFL moving into the off-season and standout players he sees from the USFL transitioning to an NFL roster in the fall.Lots of CFL news to cover this week as we approach week 3 of the regular CFL season. JJ Adams of Postmedia Vancouver makes a long-awaited appearance on the program to that the BC Lions hosting the Toronto Argonauts this Saturday night. We recap the strong work that Amar Doman and the rest of the BC Lions crew have done to build fan interest heading into the 2022 CFL season and if they’ve done enough to keep the moment going after the BC Lions “bye” last week. Recent Hall of Fame inducted for the Canadian Football League Paul McCallum makes a return appearance to the program to chat about his thoughts on being recognized by the Canadian Hall of Fame for his achievements over his 20+ year CFL career. Richie Sindani of the Calgary Stampeders also sits down to reflect on his CFL 2022 season thus far (which included standout performances the last 2 weeks) as well as preview the Stampeders’ week 3 bout against the winless 2022 Edmonton Elks.0:00 The Markcast - Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro9:11 Josh Shepardson, Fantasy Pros USFL Playoffs Preview35:15 Jordan Dajani, CBS Sports USFL Playoffs Preview1:01:00 JJ Adams, CFL BC Lions Weekend Preview1:26:41 Paul McCallum, CFL HoF Inductee Interview1:35:45 Richie Sindani, Calgary Stampeders CFL Interview
104:38 06/24/2022
Episode 97 - BC Lions Szn!
The BC Lions are taking over the CFL, the XFL is kicking off their player showcases and we’re previewing week 10 of the USFL and week 2 of the CFL with a STELLAR group of guests! Greg Park of XFL Board, Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun, Keon Hatcher from America’s CFL team the BC Lions, USFL historian Paul Reeths and Coach Craig Sports all join the show!The XFL Showcases are kicking off this weekend in Washington DC and Florida as the XFL moves forward with its 2023 relaunch of the XFL brand. Greg Parks of XFL Board (who will be attending the XFL Florida showcasE) joins the show to preview what he’s going to be looking for from the XFL over the weekend. We also break down the XFL’s recently announced partnership with BreakAway Data and talk through the XFL’s potential summer timeline as we look forward to XFL cities and team nickname announcements. We also get Greg Parks’ thoughts on the recently announced XFL offensive and defensive coordinators as well as the Directors of Player Personnel that the XFL has brought into the fold.Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun stops by to recap a thrilling week 1 of CFL action and we look forward to this weekend’s matchups as we get the 2nd week of the CFL 2022 schedule. We recap the BC Lions BIG home-opener against the Edmonton Elks and look ahead to a rematch of the Ottawa REDBLACKS and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Keon Hatcher, wide receiver for the BC Lions (America’s CFL team) sits down during his “bye” week to talk through his standout performance against the Edmonton Elks in the BC Lions’ home-opener. We look forward to CFL week 3, discuss the team’s motivations moving forward and get his thoughts on the JAM-packed crowd that packed BC Place last Saturday.USFL historian Paul Reeths makes a return to the program to give his thoughts as we approach the season finale of season 1 of USFL football action. The USFL relaunch has made it further than any other spring football league in recent memory, is that enough? We also discuss the rumored “2nd hub” for the USFL’s 2nd season with recent comments by USFL executive Daryl Johnston alluding to the league wanting to find a “second” home base for the USFL’s 2023 season.Finally, Coach Craig of Coach Craig Spots makes an appearance on the program to preview week 10 of USFL action, talk quarterback play in the 2022 USFL season, and make suggestions for improvement if and when the USFL returns to the football field in 2023. We also discuss the rumored 2nd USFL hub city and discuss team game-plan decisions heading into the final (and lame-duck) weekend of USFL gameplay before the USFL playoffs.At the end of the show, we fill you in on the details of how to participate in our big 2K subscriber giveaway with LOADS of awesome items you can win including a custom football jersey from Royal Retros, an AAF Commanders jersey, CFL Grey Cup toques, scarves, and more!0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:28 Show Intro7:39 Greg Parks, XFL Board, XFL Showcases / XFL News Interview50:42 Tim Baines, Ottawa Sun, CFL Week 2 Preview1:18:44 Keon Hatcher, BC Lions WR, CFL Interview1:27:38 Paul Reeths, USFL Historian, USFL Week 10 Preview2:02:54 Coach Craig, Coach Craig Sports, All-USFL Team Interview2:28:46 2K Subscriber Giveaway, Show Outro
155:18 06/17/2022
Episode 96 - Not "Just" an XFL Podcast
Leaked XFL cities, XFL coaching announcements, CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie, Brandon Anderson and Evan Willsmore of XFL New Hub, Darren Heitner analyzing the TOGETHXR vs. XFL lawsuit, Greg Mescall of Fan Controlled Football talking The People’s Championship, and a USFL Week 9 preview with Jovan Alford of The Sporting News, all on this episode of your (hopefully) one-stop-shop for spring and alternative football news!The XFL shop has leaked the 8 previously rumored cities for the 2023 Dany Garcia, The Rock, and Redbird relaunch of the XFL and has also officially announced the Directors of Player Personnel, Offensive Coordinators, and Defensive Coordinators serving under the 8 XFL head coaches in the 2023 XFL season, we bring on Brandon Anderson and Evan Willsmore of XFL News Hub to break down all of the details. We also talked about the breaking news announcement of a November 2022 XFL draft, update the timeline on the XFL relaunch moving forward and analyze the major coaching and director hires announced by the XFL this week ahead of the 2023 XFL relaunch.In our biggest interview to date, CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie stops by the program courtesy of the Canadian Football League to talk about the CFL moving into their 2022 season and beyond. We talk expansion, the recently passed CBA agreement, changes to the Canadian ratio, MLSE’s Larry Tanenbaum’s recent comments, and moving on from the XFL in this exclusive, long-form sit-down interview with the commissioner of the CFL, Randy Ambrosie.Darren Heitner, legal expert and sports trademark and IP lawyer takes time out from his busy schedule to give his thoughts and analysis of TOGETHXR’s recently announced lawsuit against the XFL for trademark infringement. Is this simply a publicity stunt? Is the lawsuit warranted or justified? Darren gives his thoughts and also shares whom HE would rather represent in the upcoming litigation.Greg Mescall, lead play-by-play announcer for Fan Controlled Football makes an appearance on the program courtesy of Fan Controlled Football to talk about their upcoming season 2.0 championship, The People’s Championship. We cover the quality of play in the season thus far, storylines headed into this weekend’s championship game, and where Fan Controlled Football exists in the current landscape of spring football offerings.Finally, Jovan Alford of The Sporting News sits down to preview week 9 of the 2022 USFL season. We rank the remaining teams in contention for the 2022 USFL championship, try to figure out what went wrong with the Houston Gamblers and Pittsburgh Maulers, and take picks on what team will take it all when the NEW USFL crowns their inaugural champion in Canton, Ohio in just a few weeks.Thanks to everyone for your support of the program, please consider “liking” and subscribing to the podcast to help us continue to grow!0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:26 Show Intro7:17 Randy Ambrosie, CFL Commissioner Interview29:33 Brandon Anderson, XFL News Hub Interview, Leaked XFL Cities, Coaching Announcements57:38 Evan Willsmore, XFL News Hub Interview, Leaked XFL Cities, Coaching Announcements1:13:29 Darren Heitner, TOGETHXR vs. XFL Trademark Lawsuit1:27:24 Greg Mescall, Fan Controlled Football Interview1:48:31 Jovan Alford, USFL Week 9 Preview Interview2:11:07 Show Outro
132:59 06/10/2022
LIVE 2022 CFL Week 1 Alouettes vs. Stampeders Pre-Game Show! - Call-In Show Episode 2
We are going LIVE for the week 1 kickoff of the CFL 2022 season featuring the Montreal Alouettes facing the Calgary Stampeders at home.We'll be going live at 430pm PST / 730pm EST for the 2022 CFL kickoff and taking viewer calls with Tim and Cliffy of the Montreal Alouettes Flightdeck podcast and some of the crew over at CFL News Hub, so LET 'EM KNOW!!!Be sure to stop by before the 2022 CFL kickoff and hang out, should be fun!!
85:22 06/10/2022
Episode 95 - The XFL Gets Sued!
The XFL is being sued! TOGETHXR, owned in part by Sue Bird is suing “The Rock’s XFL” over trademark infringement. Plus we welcome ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, XFL News Hub’s Mike Mitchell, and Mark Drumheller of Yahoo! Sports to chat XFL, CFL, preview week 8 of USFL action, and more!TOGETHXR, with a founding group comprised of Sue Bird, Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, and Simone Manuel is suing the XFL over trademark infringement. They claim the XFL’s recently rebranded logos look and feel “confusingly similar” to TOGETHXR’s logos. The group claims to have made repeated attempts to contact the XFL and the XFL’s legal teams and has now resorted to a lawsuit as a way to remedy the situation. Is the XFL’s new rebrand in danger? Time will tell but this is another wrinkle in the already stretched out and fatigued relaunch of the XFL property under the helm of Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Redbird Capital.Kevin Seifert of ESPN joins the show to share his thoughts on the ongoing XFL 3.0 launch as it relates to the alternative football landscape. Kevin Seifert spent years covering the XFL 2.0 relaunch in 2019 and 2020 and has loads of insights to provide when looking at the new regime's relaunch as it relates to Oliver Luck and Company’s 2020 efforts. Is the XFL working behind the scenes to provide a stellar on-field experience for their 2023 XFL relaunch, or should more be known by the public at this stage in time? We discuss.Yahoo! Sports Betting Analyst Mark Drumheller stops by the program to give his thoughts on 7 weeks of USFL action thus far as we head into USFL Week 8 this weekend. Mark has an in-depth knowledge of the USFL team rosters (due in part to his own research necessitated by lack of information provided by the USFL) and has a ton to say in regards to this weekend’s matchups. We also talk, as we normally do in regards to the USFL, at ways the USFL could increase fan engagement by providing and sharing more content from the crowd-sourced alternative football media that covers the league. Mark provides times of sports-betting content that the league could be used to grow the USFL fanbase, we pontificate as to why the USFL chooses not the embrace that.Finally, long-time friend of the show and contributor to XFL, USFL, and CFL News Hub Mike Mitchell joins the program for a late-night record session covering EVERYTHING XFL, USFL, CFL, and more. We cover the XFL-TOGETHXR lawsuit, go over the latest XFL coaching rumors including Bob Stoops to Dallas and Anthony Becht to St. Louis and wonder “what the heck ever happened to that rumored June 1st announcement date?” Lots to go over with Mike Mitchell in what should prove to be an extended and in-depth look into the world of the XFL, USFL, and CFL.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:26 Show Intro7:14 Kevin Seifert, ESPN Reporter XFL / USFL Interview39:03 Mark Drumheller, Yahoo! Sports Betting Analyst USFL Interview1:19:34 Mike Mitchell, XFL News Hub XFL / USFL / CFL Interview
175:04 06/03/2022
Episode 94 - The CFL is Back!
The CFL is returning, finally, again! The CFLPA and their players have voted to ratify the CBA headed into their 2022 CFL season and we have all of the latest to keep you informed with Football Canada president Jim Mullin and CFL Hall of Fame reporter Darrell Davis. We’re also previewing week 7 of the USFL and chatting all things USFL with Eric Eager of PFF and Cody Main of Establish The Run plus with big XFL news on the horizon, we have all sights set to next week!In a late-night, last-minute ordeal, the CFL players have voted to ratify the CBA ahead of the 2022 CFL season. The good news is that the CFL season rolls on, big is it all good news as it relates to the CFL Canadian ratio, player pay and salary caps heading in the 2023 season and beyond? We bring on Football Canada president Jim Mullin to provide some breaking analysis and the news came out on Twitter. Jim has reservations that the players might have given up TOO much of the “Canadian” in the Canadian Football League in an attempt the get the 2022 CFL season underway. What long-term ramifications with the changes to the Canadian ratio have on the CFL moving forward and what could have been done alternatively? We discuss. Darrell Davis, Canadian Hall of Fame reporter also joins the show to explain why this was the correct time for the CFL players to take a stand and what goals they were hoping to achieve with their work stoppage.The USFL season is past the halfway point and we welcome two fantastic guests to share their thoughts on the 2022 USFL season thus far. Eric Eager of PFF and Cody Main of Establish The Run stop by to talk all things USFL. We cover the latest USFL player transactions, rank the 8 USFL teams heading into the USFL playoffs, grade the quality of play by the USFL players and talk things the USFL can do to improve fan engagement moving forward. The USFL recently implemented a contract addendum prohibiting players in the USFL from transition to the CFL or the XFL, we discuss that and whether the USFL season timing is the ideal time for players transitioning from the USFL to an NFL practice squad this summer. There’s TONs of news in the world of the USFL right now and we have you covered with two of the best covering the USFL 2022 season, I hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening!!0:00 The Markcast Show Promo2:23 Jim Mullin, Football Canada President on CFL CBA Ratification24:27 Darrell Davis, CFL HoF Reporter on CFL vs. CFLPA Issues50:04 Eric Eager, PFF USFL Week 7 Preview1:18:33 Cody Main, Establish The Run USFL Interview2:03:33 Show Outro, XFL TV Deal Rant, Redbird To Buy AC Milan
128:57 05/27/2022
Episode 93 - Broadcast Wars
The XFL is back in the news in a BIG way! A brand new TV partnership and chatter coming out of both Houston and St. Louis of XFL teams returning there. We bring on Evan Willsmore of XFL News Hub to break down the latest XFL TV announcements, potentially confirmed XFL cities and more! Plus we’re at the midway point of the 2022 USFL season and to recap 5 weeks of USFL action we welcome Ian Hartitz of PFF and Adam Levitan of Establish The Run to break down all of the action. Finally, with the CFLPA coming to an agreement with CFL management for the 2022 CFL season, Jim Mullin, president of Football Canada makes his return to chat the future for the CFL and the healing that needs to take place between players, fans and management to get the CFL back on track for the future.Could the XFL’s return to Houston and St. Louis have been spoiled? Sure seems like it. With rumors of the both cities preparing for the XFL’s return in 2023 we welcome Evan Willsmore of XFL News Hub onto the program to give his thoughts and analysis on all of the action. We also break down the new XFL TV deal, compare it with the current broadcast slate of the USFL and dissect the future of both league’s potentials with their broadcast partners moving forward.We are halfway through the USFL 2022 season and we have tons of USFL action to break down this week with TWO special USFL guests. Ian Hartitz of PFF and Adam Levitan of Establish The Run join the program to give their hits and misses of the 2022 USFL season thus far. We talk standout players, the best and worst teams of the league, what the USFL is doing right and also what the USFL could do to improve. Both Ian and Adam are involved fantasy/DFS/sports-betting and bring a unique outlook and opinion of the 2022 USFL season, good voices to bring into the mix in our 2022 USFL coverage.With the CFLPA coming to an agreement with CFL management ending their players strike ahead of the 2022 CFL season, a rift has been caused between CFL players, CFL management and CFL fans. With the players agreeing to return to the CFL field in 2022, what can be done now to repair the trust that has been potentially lost during CBA negotiations. Jim Mullin, president of Football Canada and host of KGN on TSN makes a return to the program to give his thoughts, analysis and feedback about what all signs of the CFL 2022 negotiations can do moving forward to look out for CFL player safety, while also allowing the owners to put a quality football product on the field for the CFL fans.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:14 Show Intro7:39 XFL News, New XFL TV Deal, XFL to Houston + St. Louis?33:09 Ian Hartitz, PFF, USFL Interview1:11:17 Adam Levitan, Establish The Run, USFL Interview1:41:06 Jim Mullin, Football Canada President, CFL/CFLPA Negotiations Interview2:11:46 Show Outro
134:21 05/19/2022
Episode 92 - Talent Wars
We’re talking XFL + USFL talent wars, USFL week 5, the XFL’s 2023 timeline and more on your (hopefully) number 1 stop for XFL, USFL and CFL news. We welcome former XFL Director of Player Personnel Eric Galko and current Director of Football Operations and Player Personnel for the Shrine Bowl onto the show as well as Run The Sims creator Justin Freeman and USFL historian Paul Reeths to weigh in on the USFL season thus far, what they are doing right and what changes could be made to increase fan engagement and interest moving forward. With the USFL and Fan Controlled Football already in season and the XFL close behind, is there enough quality non-NFL football talent to satisfy all three leagues? What can the USFL do to retain their talent and what can the XFL do to procure it before it’s too late?The USFL is almost midway through their inaugural 2022 season but have they hit a wall when it comes to quality talent to enter the league? With reduced roster sizes because of cost-cutting measures, the USFL has been forced to have special teams players do double duty and some of the teams are playing without a backup quarterback on the roster. We bring on former XFL Director of Player Personnel Eric Galko, current Director of Football Operations and Player Personnel for the Shrine Bowl to give his 2 cents on the USFL’s place in the spring football landscape and to talk about their quality of play. With the XFL looming on the horizon, are there enough quality non-NFL players to fill BOTH an XFL and USFL roster in 2023? We discuss. Plus Eric Galko talks the XFL’s return to the field in 2023 and what steps they should take from a player scouting and personnel point of view to compete with the USFL when both alt-football leagues are on the field in 2023.Justin Freeman, founder of Run The Sims to talk the USFL’s accessibility for fantasy players and single-sports game bettors who want to follow and play along with the league. Is the USFL’s lack of information a hindrance to USFL fantasy play, should timely and accurate roster reporters be a requirement for the new spring football league and is there more they could be doing to cultivate fan engagement between USFL games? Justin weighs in and gives tangible ways the USFL could work to improve even during their 2022 season.Finally, long time friend of the show USFL historian Paul Reeths stops by to weigh in on the inaugural 2022 USFL season thus far. Is the USFL hitting his expectations in terms of quality of play on the field? What are the negative effects of the USFL’s short-term cost cutting measures on their longterm growth and what could and should be done both now during the 2022 USFL season and during the offseason to best set up the USFL for success as they hopefully enter their local city markets for the 2023 USFL season? The USFL is appealing to hardcore alt and spring football fans, now what can be done to push the USFL into the casual football fan’s mindset as the USFL moves forward to their inaugural championship game in Canton, Ohio?0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:24 Show Intro7:55 Former XFL Director of Player Personnel Eric Galko Interview47:25 Justin Freeman, Run The Sims USFL Fantasy Interview1:21:16 USFL Historian Paul Reeths Interview1:58:50 Show Outro
120:57 05/13/2022
Episode 91 - XFL Road Trip!
The XFL has announced their XFL Player Showcases and they are hitting the road to find the best talent to join their 2023 XFL relaunch. We are talking USFL with FOX Sports Sideline Reporter Brock Huard, discussing the USFL player unionizing with UFPA president Kenneth Farrow II and chatting CFL draft fallout and CBA negations with Canadian Press and CFL Hall of Fame reporter Dan Ralph. We’re also joined by Quan Bray of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes and we learn about the American 7s Football League with commentator and producer Matt Ryan on this JAM-PACKED show!The XFL is continuing to make moves ahead of their 2023 relaunch including a new hire to the executive board with a new Senior Vice President of Team Services and the announcement of their 2023 XFL Player Showcases. We break down what this recent hire means as it relates to the potential for an XFL 2023 “hub” season or if the evidence points towards a “hybrid-bubble” season for the league’s 2023 return. We also update you on the 6 locations feature player showcase events for hopefuls trying to play in the 2023 XFL relaunch and the next steps to participate with the league’s return.LOTS of USFL chatter on the show as well as we welcome FOX Sports Sideline Reporter (and Pacific Northwest football legend) Brock Huard onto the show. We discuss Brock’s involvement in the 2022 USFL launch, his thoughts on the season thus far and get insights into the USFL broadcast. Brock also rates the quality of play coming out of the USFL and talks the importance of alt-football leagues to player development. United Football Players Association president Kenneth Farrow II returns to the program to give updates on the news coming out this week with the USFL players signing up to unionize with the help of United Steelworkers. Kenneth shares the importance of a union as it relates to players in alt, non-NFL football leagues and lets us know the goals they hope to accomplish with their unionization.Plenty of CFL discussion as well this week with Canadian Press reporter Dan Ralph making a return to update us on the 2022 CFL Draft fallout and the upcoming expiration of the CFLPA current collective bargaining agreement. Is the 2022 CFL season in jeopardy? We discuss. Dan Ralph also gives the rundown for the 2022 CFL Draft and 2022 CFL Global Draft including notable players drafted and stories coming out of this week’s affair. Quan Bray of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes also sits down to talk his CFL off-season thus far, retuning to Montreal for the 2022 CFL season and the nature walks (?) he likes to enjoy in his spare time!Finally Matt Ryan, commentator and producer for A7FL fills our listeners in on the great work the league is doing growing their specific brand of American football and why purveyors of alt-football would enjoy and should think about checking out their unique take on the game!0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:19 Show Intro8:02 Brock Huard, USFL FOX Sports Sideline Reporter Interview46:26 Kenneth Farrow II, UFPA President Interview, USFL Union Talks1:04:07 USFL Rule Updates, New Time Clock Thoughts1:07:36 XFL News, XFL Player Showcase Announcements, New XFL Hire, No “Hub” Season???1:20:56 Dan Ralph, Canadian Press, CFL Hall of Fame Reporter Interview, CFL Draft and CFLPA CBA1:47:46 Quan Bray, CFL Montreal Alouettes Interview1:59:21 Matt Ryan, A7FL Interview2:21:07 Show Outro
142:08 05/06/2022
Episode 90 - The XFL Is Leaking Info
Is the XFL headed to back to Seattle AND Las Vegas?!? Did June Jones accidentally confirm the XFL’s return to Seattle? Is The Rock busy in Las Vegas setting up a new XFL franchise? Plus Amar Doman, owner of America’s CFL team the BC Lions joins the show, you cannot miss this week’s episode! We also recap week 2 of the USFL and preview week 3 with FOX Sports announcer Kevin Kugler, welcome CFL/XFL/USFL Newshub writer Evan Willsmore onto the program and chat with Edmonton Elks defensive end Jake Ceresna on a truly can’t miss episode of The Markcast!More 2023 XFL news has begun to leak and we have you covered with ALL the latest XFL news, notes and speculation on this week’s program. We chat June Jones returning to the XFL under head coach Jim Haslett for the XFL’s Seattle team, plus The Rock hanging out in Las Vegas talking “future plans”. Does that include an XFL franchise there? We’ll find out soon enough.Then we are incredibly blessed to welcome CFL team OWNER Amar Doman of the BC Lions onto the program. We spend 30 min chatting all things CFL including growing the CFL game, the Genius Sports deal, single-game sports betting, working with the other CFL ownership groups, future plans for the BC Lions and more. A phenomenal deep-dive interview that you won’t want to miss!Lots of USFL news to dissect as well including United by Football takeaways, week 2 USFL TV ratings and more. We welcome back friend of the program Kevin Kugler from FOX Sports to share his excitement and experiences thus far 2 weeks in to the USFL season. We also discuss FOX’s excitement and commitment to their brand of spring football. Lots of other USFL discussions with USFL Newshub writer Evan Willsmore who also shares his thoughts on the quality of play thus far in the USFL and games to look forward to in week 3. We also break down and analyze the recently announced CFL rule changes ahead of their training camps starting soon.Finally, with all the BC Lions love on the podcast, we sit down with Edmonton Elks defensive end Jake Ceresna to talk his motivations heading into the 2022 CFL season. With the recent passing of his mother, Jake had a heavy chip on his shoulder to excel and find success on the CFL field this season, we wish him the best of luck!Here’s a link to the Edmonton Elks’ fundraiser benefiting women’s ovarian cancer - The Markcast Show Promo2:27 Show Intro7:30 Amar Doman, CFL BC Lions Owner, Interview36:19 Kevin Kugler, USFL Play-By-Play Announcer, USFL1:02:25 June Jones Spoils XFL to Seattle, XFL to Vegas1:21:35 USFL Week 2 Recap, USFL Week 3 Preview, USFL TV Ratings1:44:22 CFL Rule Changes, Analyzing New CFL Rules1:53:12 Jake Ceresna, Edmonton Elks, Interview2:06:38 Show Outro
128:36 04/29/2022
Episode 89 - The XFL Is Moving to Texas
The XFL is moving to Texas to set up shop for the 2023 season, but why? Is it going to be a base for their operations or are they setting up a “hub” season? Plus your USFL week 1 recap and week 2 preview along with a stellar guest-list with Greg Parks of, trademark and IP lawyer Michael Cohen, Pat Rifino of USFL News Hub and Ja’Gared Davis of the Toronto Argonauts!The XFL is in Texas and meeting with their head coaches. The Rock has tweeted about a new “XFL HQ” and Dany is Instagramming photos of downtown Dallas, but what does it all mean? We bring back friend of the program Greg Parks of to chat through some possibilities. What does Greg think of the rumored XFL “bubble” season? We dissect the pros and cons and chat the latest XFL news including the new head coach hires, rumored 2023 XFL cities and get Greg’s feedback on the XFL relaunch thus far.The “real” USFL lawsuit against FOX Sports came to a quiet halt before the USFL kickoff last week but is that the last we’ll hear of Steve Ehrhart and crew? We welcome back Michael Cohen, trademark and IP lawyer out of Beverly Hills who’s been following the case alongside us from the beginning to weigh in.Pat Rifino of USFL News Hub joins us to recap week 1 of the USFL season, including all of the games, standout players and drama that has emerged thus far. We talk USFL tv ratings, USFL attendance, USFL players to watch and preview week 2 of the USFL season. Pat also shares his thoughts on the XFL news today including a potential Texas base for 2023 XFL operations.Finally, Ja’Gared Davis of the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts calls into the program to fill us in on his off-season CFL activities and to share what he believes the CFL could be doing to expand their audience even further in 2023 and beyond. Is the CFL doing enough with all the new opportunities that are being presented to them? We discuss.0:00 The Markcast Episode Promo2:29 Show Intro8:11 Greg Parks, Interview, XFL to Texas? Recap of XFL News46:34 Michael Cohen Trademark and IP Lawyer, Recap of USFL Lawsuit59:18 Pat Rifino USFL News Hub Interview, USFL Week 1 Recap, USFL Week 2 Preview1:44:56 Ja’Gared Davis CFL Toronto Argonauts Interview2:00:13 Show OutroLink to Pat’s QB Salary Article -
122:03 04/22/2022
LIVE USFL Week 1 Bandits vs. Maulers Pre-Game Show! - Call-In Show Episode 1
We're going LIVE to conclude USFL week 1! Join us before the Monday night game between the Tampa Bay Bandits and the Pittsburgh Maulers on FS1 to discuss everything week 1 in the USFL!! We'll be taking calls and listener comments, so hop on an hour before kickoff to share your stories from your weekend watching USFL football!
59:13 04/18/2022
Episode 88 - Live From the USFL Kickoff!
We're going LIVE from the USFL 2022 kickoff from Protective Stadium at The Southern Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham on Saturday April 16, 2022. Come stop by live or watch us online, we'll have suprise USFL guests, USFL commentary and USFL analysis to get you all set for the 2022 USFL kickoff featuring the New Jersey Generals taking on the Birmingham Stallions at Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama.Your guests include:Roy S. Johnson of al.comRon Frederick, former USFL Birmingham StallionMike MitchellMark PerryDustin of Royal RetrosAndrew Murray of XFL News Hub
123:26 04/16/2022