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Glint Advertising brings a branding, advertising, and marketing perspective to help marketers and business owners learn about the crazy world of advertising. The Glint Standard provides unexpected insights about culture, clients, and careers. Glint Advertising is from the Dallas, Fort Worth area and has been inspiring brands since 2000. If there's a topic or story you'd like us to discuss, email us:


The Glint Standard Podcast - Credit Union Marketing Tips
Erayne and Miriam sat down to talk about their time working as credit union marketers and how they are bringing that attitude to Glint. Let us know what you think and comment down below what your favorite tip from this podcast was.Learn more at: US:Blog: the show
19:25 11/15/2022
The Glint Standard Podcast - Tips on becoming a boss
We sat down with Craig and let him discuss everything it takes to be a boss. Hopefully, you're inspired to start your business. Let us know if you have any more questions belowLearn more at: US:Blog: the show
25:40 10/15/2022
5 things not to do in digital advertising
We had so many topics we still wanted to talk to you about, so here's our part 2! We also have a new guest, Lindsay Huffman. Lindsay, our digital strategist, had a lot of great insight on this topic, and we loved having her. Let us know in the comments what you think!Learn more at: US:Blog: the show
14:46 09/15/2022
5 things not to do in advertising
We are jumping on the trend and sharing the 5 things that we would never do in advertising. Let us know if these tips were helpful and ask us any questions you have if you're having struggles in this space.Learn more at: US:Blog: the show
15:38 08/17/2022
Loving Lately
We took some time and sat down to discuss what we are all loving lately. Erayne brought some of her favorite must-need products while Craig discusses the life changes he’s made. Make sure you comment for your chance to win one of Eraye’s loving lately.Learn more at: US:Blog: the show
24:25 07/14/2022
How to stay productive
After our last podcast on general time management skills. We knew we had to make a follow-up on our personal favorite strategies. We discuss how the Pomodoro technique and the Eisenhower method are so helpful for our agency. Let us know what you think of these methods and if you think they could help you.Check out our blog on this topic:'s recommended articles: more at: US:Blog: the show
30:55 06/15/2022
Time Management
Time management might be the single best tool for productivity. Join the Glint team this month to discuss tips, best practices, and philosophy to save you those precious hours. Make sure to come back next month for part 2 because we have so much to talk about with this topicLearn more at: US:Blog: the show
19:48 05/19/2022
The Law of Attraction
The law of attraction can be a very useful tool for all aspects of life. You can use the law of attraction to manifest positive things in your life or, use it to create a strategy for your clients. Let us know if you have any questions on the subject or suggestions for future episodes below.Learn more at: US:Blog: the show (
17:55 04/21/2022
Interactive Marketing Examples
There are so many ways interactive marketing can be implemented into your business. You probably are even doing some simple ones already but, let us give you some more examples so you can expand your knowledge further.Have questions? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comLearn more at: US:Blog: the show (
15:28 03/21/2022
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to improving your brand's online presence. It's that simple! SEO may seem like a virtual vortex you want nothing to do with, but we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be that complicated. From on-page to off-page, we give you the basics of SEO and how this can help your brand's visibility. Have questions? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
20:56 02/24/2022
Tips for Starting Your Career
Job hunting, resume building, and interviews, oh my! What would you tell your 22-year-old self if you were applying for jobs with the knowledge you have now? Our workplace experience has given us the inside scoop to what potential employees are looking for. In this episode of The Glint Standard, we discuss our tips and tricks on finding the perfect job and landing the position. Have questions? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
21:37 01/27/2022
How to Establish Good Company Culture
Creating company culture is one of the top priorities businesses should take on today for employees and customers alike. Company culture's role in business is invaluable to creating productive, dynamic work environments that support long-term growth. So how can leaders establish this environment, and what can employees do to help? We have the answers. How does your company establish good culture? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
30:10 12/21/2021
Social Media for Business
Are you capitalizing on social media marketing? The digital frontier is ever-changing, and consumers are constantly looking up their favorite brands before committing to a purchase. So how do businesses take advantage of this? In this episode, the Glint team provides valuable insights into promoting your brand using social media tactics. From organic to paid, we give you tactics you can start implementing today!How do you use social media? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show
15:31 11/19/2021
Emotional Appeals in Advertising
When thinking of different advertising strategies, you may think of art direction, marketing automation, or brand awareness. While all these initiatives push the needle in our industry, the most significant influence on purchase behavior is appealing to emotions. Using emotional appeals is a common strategy amongst advertisers, and for a good reason. In this episode of The Glint Standard, our team discusses the primary areas of emotion and how to capitalize on these to drive consumer purchase. Give us your thoughts! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
23:58 10/20/2021
Intern Insights: Amanda Dickman
We love sharing our knowledge as an agency, whether that be with our clients or employees, but especially our interns! Ryan interviews our intern Amanda about her time here this summer on this episode of The Glint Standard. From gaining more confidence to managing client relationships, Amanda dives into the most valuable things she learned and how she plans to apply that to her senior year at college. Is a Glint internship right for you? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show
11:23 09/13/2021
The Value of Client Relationships
Businesses that develop great relationships with their clients are more likely to achieve overall business success and long-term client satisfaction. Excellent client relationships open up more opportunities because your clients are more willing to communicate with you. So how do you develop these relationships? In this episode, our team discusses the value of good client relationships and how working in tandem can bring more success on both sides. How are your relationships with your clients? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show
18:46 08/27/2021
How to Pitch a Winning Idea
It all starts with an idea. Communicating to move people to take action is difficult to acquire but can easily be taught. Pitching a winning idea consists of explaining your concept well while simultaneously appealing to your audience. After all, they are the ones who will be investing in it. Is there a standard process? Do you need to tell a story? How long should it be? We answer all these questions and more in our newest episode of The Glint Standard! How does your team pitch a winning idea? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show
21:32 08/12/2021
Getting Uncomfortable
Stepping out of your comfort zone is essential to growing in your career. Some of the smartest people in the world continue to get uncomfortable because they understand it's the process of acquiring a new skill set. The biggest challenge is in your head and knowing that no one is looking for you to fail. In this episode, we talk about expanding your knowledge by losing that security blanket and how to do that with a purpose.How do you get out of your comfort zone? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
19:21 08/03/2021
Defining Target Audiences
How do you define your target audience? No matter the industry, each business has a specific target audience. The more knowledge you have of your top customers, the better the marketing initiatives. Who they are, why you're going after them, and your purpose are all factors that come into play when defining your target audience. We want to know your thoughts! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
21:53 07/15/2021
Celebrity Agencies vs. Traditional Agencies
We see more celebrity-owned marketing agencies today than we ever have before. Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and LeBron James are just a few of many who have stepped into the industry. High-profile celebrities such as these are a walking brand, continuously representing themselves throughout all aspects of their lives. What's the value they bring to our industry? In this episode, we discuss celebrity agencies versus traditional agencies and the differences between the two. Give us your thoughts! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
17:33 07/02/2021
When Is Good, Good Enough?
When can we let go of our perfectionism to get things done? Time is money, and constantly trying to make something better is a mindset that can eat up your time quickly. There's always going to be something to tweak, but knowing when to stop is what matters. In this episode, our team discusses the balance of trying to make an idea better while also knowing when it gets the job done. How do you know when something is good enough? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
18:18 06/18/2021
The Value of Email Campaigns
How many emails do you get a day? Although email has changed drastically over the years, it's still a significant part of our lives and is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. So how do we capitalize on this as marketers? Making your email campaigns trackable and analyzing those results will not only provide your business with so much value but will also allow you to gauge your audience at a higher level. Want to know more? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
22:30 06/04/2021
Work Ethic and Speed
Although they go hand in hand, there is a big difference between work ethic and speed. Some people have a great work ethic but don't produce, while others are quick to get the job done because they want the paycheck. In this episode of The Glint Standard, our team talks about the critical differences between work ethic and speed, how both fit into the workplace, and how it differentiates generationally. We want to hear your thoughts! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show
21:27 05/20/2021
How Creativity Plays a Role in Thinking Bigger
We immediately interpret creativity as the ability to design, make art, visually conceptualize, etc. However, the parameters of being creative far exceed the realm of design. At our agency, we define creativity as thinking outside the box and knowing how to solve the problem. Everyone is creative to some degree, all in different ways. No matter the industry, it's about how you apply your creativity that will determine the success of your business.Tell us how you're creative! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
19:23 05/06/2021
Old and New as it Relates to Marketing
When it comes to marketing, selecting the right strategy is an age-old question. Depending on your marketing goal and your audience, do you go the traditional route or the digital route? In this episode, we discuss the stark differences between traditional and digital advertising and how we implement and adapt both in today's world. Which marketing technique do you prefer? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
17:05 04/21/2021
Websites and Why They Matter
Websites: every business should have one. Think of a website as an extension of your marketing team, readily available to your audience 24/7. Having an established online presence gives your business more credibility and gives your audience a better understanding of your brand. From domains to content, we dive into why having a website is so important and how to structure it to be most beneficial for your business. We want to hear your thoughts! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
18:35 04/02/2021
Reputation Management
When it comes to managing your reputation, you should be looking at all platforms, and if you're not, know that is affecting your business. Why? Because in today's world, your reputation directly correlates to online reviews, which are so important to have in your marketing strategy. Ninety percent of sales happen before those people even walk through the door, so the reputation that precedes your business must be a positive one. How do you manage your business's reputation? Email us at Support the show
14:07 03/24/2021
Guide To Effective Branding
A lot of people have misconceptions as to what branding entails. The reality is that branding is the impression someone feels when they engage with your company. Not only do you want your brand to be consistent in a competitive market, but you also want to set the standards for effective branding. In this episode, we discuss the elements that tie your brand together and how to utilize them to strengthen your business. Join the conversation! Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
18:48 03/05/2021
How to Handle Client Conflict
When we use the word conflict, it comes with a very negative connotation. However, it is not always a negative thing. More often than not, conflict leads to a better understanding, a better relationship with clients, and even better solutions. In this episode of The Glint Standard, we tackle the causes of conflict and how to work through those conversations. When you have two open-minded people passionate about an idea, it will only help drive your business forward in the long run. How do you handle conflict in the workplace? Email us at Support the show (
21:54 02/11/2021
Creating Valuable Content
Content is king. We hear this phrase repeatedly. Content is a big piece of advertising and marketing, but how do we make that valuable to our audience? As it is one of the easiest ways to get people through your front door, it can also run the gamut. However, the right content will put your brand in front of people, make you relatable, and prove that you have a stake in the game by showing you're a company committed to helping by being informative. What kind of content do you think is valuable? Email us at agency@theglintstandard.comSupport the show (
19:17 01/29/2021