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The Balls of Steel Show

The Balls of Steel Show brings up the journey of those entrepreneurs who are still in the process of touching the peak of Everest. The ones who have done something and are still unknown. The ones who have enough balls to have set their foot on the paddle of following the path they wish to ride and not what the world directs them to. Let's jump in and have an insight into their minds and see how they're doing their dhandha.


BOSS MINI EP35: Geethika, Journalist-turned-Entrepreneur created a Supermarket of Categorised Content Platform Amid a Content Flood - Geethika Sudip, Chief Executive Officer, Resorcio 70:26 06/30/2022
BOSS MINI EP34: Raj’s Hirect India is Bridging the Gap between Employers and Jobseekers to Create a Perfect Hiring Mechanism – Raj Das, Co-Founder, CEO, Hirect 49:32 06/18/2022
BOSS MINI EP33: Rishav Agarwal Is Aiding Youth To Upskill Them Across Domains - Rishav Agarwal, Founder, Picxele 68:42 05/30/2022
BOSS MINI EP32: Anuj Developed An Employee Welfare Platform is Reimagining the Health Insurance Sector- Anuj Parekh, Co-Founder, CEO, HealthySure 52:32 05/30/2022
BOSS MINI EP31: Ekansh is Creating Boutique Travel Experiences for Luxury Travellers with Touch Down India - Ekansh Saxena, Director, Touch Down India 71:35 04/28/2022
BOSS MINI EP 30: Shameek with TrusTrace is Helping the Fashion Industry to Be Climate Conscious - Shameek Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder, TrusTrace 77:53 04/22/2022
BOSS MINI EP29: Jay Started His Business With a 1000 Bucks, Only to Scale it as One of India's Most Happeneing Marketing Agencies - Jay Sitlani, Founder, Crash Boom Bang 75:19 04/17/2022
EP 66: Meghna and Barkha's, By Women, Of Women Clothing Enterprise Greendigo Is Pivoting the Clothing Instry to a Conscious Lifestyle - Meghna Kishore, Barkha Bhatnagar Das, Co-Founders, Greendigo 108:01 04/10/2022
BOSS MINI EP28: Santosh Sarraf is Simplifying User Experience Through Technology With ReQlaim - Santosh Sarraf, Director, Reqlaim Technologies 65:34 03/23/2022
BOSS MINI EP27: Shreh Madan of Burgrill Is Adding A Tinge Of Health To The Fast Food Sector - Shreh Madan, Founder, Burgrill 79:02 03/21/2022
BOSS MINI EP26: Dr. Anish with Intellimed Healthcare Solutions is turning health adversity into prosperity - Dr Anish Desai, IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions 67:09 03/20/2022
BOSS MINI EP 25: Anil is Volatizing the Media Sector By Monetising Video Content of the OTT Platforms, Voiro - Anil Karat, CTO, Voiro 74:01 03/19/2022
BOSS MINI EP24: Putting a Halt to the Prosaic Way of Marketing, Marketpreneur is Innovating the Domain With it's Newfound Approach - Simran Bhatia, Founder, Marketpreneur 58:40 03/03/2022
BOSS MINI EP23: Sparked by the Passion of Writing Avinasha Now Runs a Full Functioning Creative Content Agency - Avinasha Sharma, Founder, Creative Creations 71:01 02/27/2022
BOSS MINI EP22: Generating, Organising and Managing Visual Data from CCTVs Kunal's Integration Wizards Solutions is the Ultimate Technological Wizard - Kunal Kislay, Co- Founder and CEO, Integration W 54:34 02/26/2022
BOSS MINI EP21:Designing, Packaging and Marketing, Sumangal Pugalia's Innovative Approach in helping HORECA businesses - Sumangal Pugalia, Founder, Pacific Designs 44:58 02/25/2022
BOSS MINI EP20: Sakshi Mithal's TKC Foods is Tantalizing Taste Buds With 'Ready To Cook' Premium Gourmet Food - Sakshi Mithal, Co-Founder, TKC Foods 62:55 02/24/2022
BOSS MINI EP19: From One To More Than Thousand Colleges This is how Mayank's ETG Is Innovating Engineering - Mayank Arora, CEO and Founder, ETG 89:34 02/14/2022
EP65: From Brewing Coffee to Raging Coffee Bharat Sethi is All The Rage On Disrupting The Coffee Segment – Bharat Sethi, Founder, Rage Coffee 78:53 02/12/2022
BOSS MINI EP18: Organising the Textile Sector of India Saurabh and Mayank are the Modern Day Trendsetters - Saurabh Agarwal, Co- Founder, Reshamandi 67:40 02/11/2022
BOSS MINI EP17: 'Uber for Trucks' Arham’s Trucknetic Helps Truckers To Never Return Empty Handed - Arham Pratap Jain, Founder, Trucknetic 88:15 02/10/2022
BOSS MINI EP16: Making a Behavioural Change Ms Sonal's White Cub has Created Food Options For Vegans in India - Sonal, Founder, White Cub 62:12 01/31/2022
BOSS MINI 15: Professing Men's Sexual Wellness Dr Chirag is Changing Perceptions about Sexual Health - Dr Chirag Bhandari, Founder-Director, Institute of Andrology and Sexual Wellness 56:51 01/29/2022
BOSS MINI EP14: Giving Solutions Based on Research and Three Ws What, Why & When, Mayank Is Bringing Clarity and Quality to The Marketing Industry, Mayank Saxena, Founder Photosyntesis Branding Soluti 53:09 01/17/2022
BOSS MINI EP13: Linking Forests' Growth To Livelihood, Saurav Is Sowing Seeds Of Trees As Well As Of Employment - Saurav Malhotra, Co-Founder & Designer, Rural Futures Model, Balipara Foundation 50:08 01/05/2022
BOSS MINI EP12: With Nth Variety in Indian Food Industry, Dheeraj Chose to Offer The Best of All With Desi Burger Franchise, Jumbo King - Dheeraj Gupta, Founder, Jumbo King 44:05 01/03/2022
BOSS MINI EP11: Innovating Luxury Travel and Tailor-Made Travel Experiences, Gunjan's Tripoetic Has Become The Poetry of Travel Industry - Gunjan Indrayan,Co-Founder Tripoetic 50:09 12/21/2021
BOSS MINI EP10: Vandana Tolani is helping Entrepreneurs by Providing Them The Right Investment Opportunity, Vandana Tolani, Founder, Convanto 35:50 12/17/2021
BOSS MINI EP9: Journeying from Consultancy to Kansaltancy, Tushar Kansal is the New Facilitator of Founder-Investor Ecosystem - Tushar Kansal, Founder-Investor CEO, Kansaltancy Ventures 59:01 11/30/2021
BOSS MINI EP8: Innovating The Mundane, This is How Komal's Tute Consult is Adding Its Own Spice to Creative Communication - Komal Lath, Founder, Tute Consult 71:29 11/22/2021