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Gays Are Against Biden and Log Cabins Will Be Built 33:44 02/09/2021
The Gay Left are Desperate So They Lie 29:45 02/09/2021
How to Tell if a Trump Supporter is a Racist 20:22 02/09/2021
Does Sports Have a Trans Women Problem 11:31 02/09/2021
Homicide is on the Rise But When Will Milo Be Deported 218:54 01/26/2021
Milo Yiannopoulos Fuck Marry or Deport 06:30 01/26/2021
America Won’t Trust Elections Until The #VoterFraud Is Investigated 21:55 11/13/2020
Every legal Vote Counts 17:09 11/13/2020
Vote Rigging How to Spot the Tell-Tale Signs 12:47 11/13/2020
You do not have to be afraid of the Boogieman you have to be afraid of the democrats 22:10 11/13/2020
Tyrants want to Take Control of America 16:22 11/13/2020
Just What Does the Constitution Do in the Case of a Tight Election 26:18 11/13/2020
Is America a Democracy or Republic 09:41 11/13/2020
Independent Fact Checkers and Election Fraud 13:43 11/13/2020
Anita ReCount To The Rescue The Time of Karens Is Upon Us To Find The Fraud and Stop The Steal 29:11 11/13/2020
The Qiew Crew Recruits a Michigan Lesbian For Trump 25:02 10/25/2020
Just What Is Hiding On Hunters Laptop ENOUGH TO HANG A MAN 26:14 10/25/2020
How To Handle Censorship From Main Stream Social Media PREPARE PREPARE 11:51 10/25/2020
Why is Facebook Fact-Checking Joe Biden's Racism 34:09 10/25/2020
Facebook is Publishing Mistruths WHEN WE SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT THE HUNTER LAPTOP 247:37 10/24/2020
Democrats are the Party of Corruption Collusion and Pedophilia 04:37 09/28/2020
President Trump Announces Executive Order Protecting babies Who survive Abortions 09:50 09/28/2020
An Ex Democrat Who Decided to Go Right is Floored by the Size of Gays For Trump 28:23 09/28/2020
Who Let The Demons into Childrens Education THE LEFT thats WHO 08:29 09/28/2020
The Qiew Discusses Abortion and The Murder Involved 17:35 09/28/2020
The Qiew Offers Their Love Advice and a Bit More 14:27 09/28/2020
Leftist Violence is on The Rise Due to Ignorance The Cure is Four More years of Trump 34:07 09/28/2020
If you benefited from a Trump Administration yet you are going to vote for Biden you are a GD Idiot 82:37 09/18/2020
We Told You So .. New poll shows 45 percent of LGBTs backing Trump 46:06 09/16/2020
NAMBLA consider this a CEASE AND DESIST WARNING from Gays For Trump and the Go Right Movement 13:21 09/14/2020