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Diary of a Doer

Trivinia Barber is an entrepreneur, recruiting expert, and team builder who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs get the support they need to uplevel their lives and their businesses. She's a recruiting expert and integrator for busy, high level entrepreneurs typically involved in multiple businesses that have too many projects and not enough support. Diary of a Doer features interviews with business owners and practical strategies for businesses, thought leaders, and influencers who want to determine the next steps in their business and grow.


The Retention Roadmap: Encourage 19:19 01/18/2022
The Retention Roadmap: Equip 17:55 01/11/2022
The Secret to a Successful Relationship With Your EA 20:01 01/04/2022
That's A Wrap: 2021 Year In Review 21:51 12/28/2021
Are Annual Reviews Still Relevant? 22:25 12/21/2021
How to Kick Ass at Onboarding 19:03 12/14/2021
Is There a ‘Best Time’ to Hire? 13:27 12/07/2021
Don’t Fear Hiring In The Great Resignation 20:11 11/30/2021
Define Success By Freedom — Not Revenue 18:07 11/23/2021
Priority VA is Preparing for a Rebrand 13:51 11/16/2021
Three Words That Changed My Life And How I Served 09:29 11/09/2021
How to Stop Delaying And Take Action On Your Dreams 14:33 11/02/2021
Overcoming Decision Fatigue 16:29 10/26/2021
Stop Identifying As What You Do 13:59 10/19/2021
Your Business Should Serve the Whole Person 11:41 10/12/2021
Making Healthy Boundaries a Habit 15:55 10/05/2021
Reflecting On Imperfect Leadership 17:25 09/28/2021
3 Ways To Revive A Strained Relationship With Your Executive Assistant 18:11 09/21/2021
Why Working With People Who ‘Figure It Out’ Is a Key To Success 18:37 09/14/2021
How to Rebuild Strength in Your Business After Atrophy 19:03 09/07/2021
Hiring an Executive Assistant Again After Being Burned 18:55 08/31/2021
You Should Always Ask Clients for Feedback: What's Stopping You? 18:17 08/24/2021
11 Ways to Keep Your Passion Alive In Your Business 18:17 08/17/2021
7 Strategies to Prioritize Your Time as an Entrepreneur 13:55 08/10/2021
How to Create a Culture of Accountability 13:49 08/03/2021
How to Show Your Power, Not Your Desperation As a Business Owner 21:09 07/27/2021
7 Strategies for Meeting the Emotional Insecurities of Your Team 20:55 07/20/2021
Before you LIE about your skills on an interview, listen to this 17:37 07/13/2021
Managing Interruptions: 8 Tips For Staying Focused 14:53 07/06/2021
Detach: Empower Your Team 12:47 06/29/2021