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Want to stay plugged in to the biggest trends in technology, media, and telecom? Our TMT podcast series takes what you need to know and breaks it down into something more User Friendly. From social responsibility to the next emerging technologies, industry leaders join us to dive into the biggest topics shaping your business—and the world around you.


Scaling GenAI for the enterprise
Technology leaders are tasked with harnessing the power of AI at scale for the enterprise. But how can organizations implement Generative AI responsibly while creating business value? In this episode of User Friendly, the CIOs of Cisco and Deloitte US join us to explore promising GenAI use cases and the risk and governance controls that need to be in place to help organizations make the most of AI.
32:38 5/22/24
Creating a more customer-centric approach
It's often said putting the customer at the heart of your business can deliver an exceptional customer experience. But actually fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction isn’t always an easy feat. Tune in to this episode of User Friendly to hear how tech, media, and telecom companies can meet evolving customer needs and develop effective customer success strategies.
25:29 5/7/24
Diversity in Media and Entertainment
Media and entertainment plays a key role in shaping how people view the world, which is why inclusive representation in the industry is so critical—both in front of the screen and behind the camera. Tune in to this episode of User Friendly, as we discuss the importance of increasing diversity in the media and entertainment industry.
19:52 5/7/24
Space Technologies Podcast
Space technologies play an important role in our daily lives, and recent space innovations could open up even more exciting new commercial opportunities in technology and telecommunications. From satellites to renewable energy, how might these advances have an impact on life on Earth? Tune in to our User Friendly podcast for a look into the space industry’s future with leaders from Little Space Labs and Deloitte.
37:09 5/7/24
Value stream management
Today’s dynamic work environment may cause businesses to reevaluate how they manage workstreams. Solutions to these problems can be found through value stream transformation, from business-based product development to operational value streams. How might a shift to value stream management change the future of business?
28:33 5/7/24
Creator economy and monetization
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, Thomas Kim (TK), Director of Product Management – Creator Monetization at YouTube and Dennis Ortiz, Principal at Monitor Deloitte and US Advertising, Publishing, Social Media, and Platforms sector leader, join host Hanish Patel. They explore how creator economy platforms can support and encourage creators by providing opportunities for monetization and building loyalty, while prioritizing transparency and trust. They also consider the impact of generative AI on creator economy growth.
26:37 9/28/23
How can CIOs prepare for digital transformation? (part 3)
When it comes to digital transformation, technology is obviously a key component. But creating a clear business case and ensuring everyone is on the same page is just as important. So how can CIOs prepare for digital transformation? And how will the role of the CIO continue to evolve? Tune in to the third episode of our three-part miniseries to hear more.
38:19 9/6/23
Maximizing the impact of digital transformation (part 2)
Digital transformation is a necessity for businesses today, and many companies are making significant investments to reimagine their businesses. How can leaders align technology with business strategy and develop the processes and capabilities necessary to optimize value? Tune in to episode two of our three-part miniseries for insights from technology leaders at Paramount Global and Deloitte on the key actions that executives can take to drive enterprise success and embrace digital change.
33:58 8/14/23
Technology and digital transformation (part 1)
The pandemic, a potential economic downturn, and global uncertainty have amplified the urgency to transform businesses to be more agile and resilient. As a result, digital transformation has become an essential part of any business strategy, helping companies confront changing market requirements in the digital age. Discover how you can create a digital transformation strategy that leads your organization into the future by tuning into episode one of this three-part miniseries.
34:42 8/1/23
How connectivity is advancing health care
Technology innovations in health care, from wearable fitness trackers to virtual medical appointments, require strong and secure connectivity solutions to power them. Tune in to this User Friendly podcast as host Hanish Patel is joined by AT&T’s Joe Cutrell and Deloitte’s Jack Fritz to explore 5G and its impact on the future of health care. Discover how connectivity and technology enable improved health access, equity, and patient experiences.
33:28 6/12/23
AI and human-centered design
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, Mahesh Saptharishi, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Motorola Solutions, and Nitin Mittal, Global AI Business Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, join host Hanish Patel to explore the future of AI and the new role of human-centered design. They discuss the opportunities and risks presented by generative AI, why establishing guardrails is a business imperative, and the impact of AI on the future of work, trust, and human-machine interaction.
36:18 5/25/23
Fandom in the metaverse
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, J.R. McCabe, Chief Business Officer, Consumer Products at Sinclair Broadcast Group joins podcast host Hanish Patel. They discuss how Sinclair teamed up with Deloitte to build a fandom metaverse experience at the BNP Paribas Open that blends the virtual and physical worlds, deepens engagement, and drives new revenue streams. Patel and McCabe explore the possibilities ahead for experiential gaming and how virtual fan engagement in the metaverse can help build loyalty—and new business models—for brands.
35:50 5/4/23
Innovating with 5G and edge computing
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, we explore how private 5G networks and edge computing open the door to use cases across industries that can boost productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and create revenue opportunities. Hear perspectives from Jennifer Artley, senior vice president of 5G acceleration at Verizon Business, Robb Juliano, vice president of 5G solution sales at Verizon Business, and Rob Kasegrande, managing director in Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of Deloitte's 5G and edge computing practice.
27:35 2/23/23
Best of: Women in sports, digital transformation, connectivity, and startup trends
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, host Hanish Patel shares his recommended listening list to recap a few of our top episodes from past seasons. From advancing women in sports, to digital transformation, to connectivity, VC and startup trends, explore a few of our most popular episodes and revisit emerging topics in tech, media, telecom, and sports.
21:27 12/16/22
Leadership in an age of disruption
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, Jason Girzadas, managing principal - Businesses, Global, and Strategic Services, and Jessica Kosmowski, US Ecosystems & Alliances leader, join host Hanish Patel to explore the key trends and forces shaping the future of business and other business leadership topics. They discuss the exponential pace of change in business and society accelerated by technological shifts, how TMT companies are at the center of these changes, and the role of leaders to navigate these disruptive dynamics and sustain success.  
21:42 9/12/22
Social Impact of Technology with HPE
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, Monica Batchelder, chief sustainability officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Rafi Addlestone, global TMT ESG leader at Deloitte UK, join host Hanish Patel to discuss the impact of technology in society and how it can help accelerate change—whether connecting ecosystems and enabling digitization or reducing e-waste and providing more transparency through tracking and automation. Together, they examine how companies can play a variety of roles to accelerate progress on equity, health, and education, and better support ESG initiatives overall.
29:00 8/4/22
Shifting sports landscape with US soccer
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, David Wright, chief commercial officer at US Soccer, and Chad Deweese, senior manager in Deloitte’s sports practice, join host Hanish Patel to explore the shifting sports landscape through the lens of Major League Soccer’s explosive growth in the United States. Together, they look at how technology and innovation may impact the fan experience over the next 10 years—and how sports organizations can create a cohesive and seamless experience for their fans across all channels while adding value.
31:22 5/19/22
The future of search with Google
Natural language processing, neural networks, and other technological advancements are expanding our ability to access the world’s information. In this episode, User Friendly podcast host Hanish Patel sits down with Google’s Pandu Nayak and Deloitte’s Ragu Gurumurthy to examine technology’s ability to supercharge the types of information we can understand and how that can translate into enterprise value.
29:55 3/24/22
Semiconductor trends to watch
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, host Hanish Patel is joined by Deloitte’s Christie Simons, Audit & Assurance TMT industry leader, and Duncan Stewart, director of TMT research at Deloitte Canada, to explore how semiconductor companies can take steps to become more agile and sustain a competitive advantage. They also share their hopeful predictions about the future of semiconductors. Explore the articles discussed in this episode: 2022 semiconductor industry outlook Five fixes for the semiconductor chip shortage 2021 Semiconductor Transformation Study  
28:44 3/1/22
The Metaverse Explained
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, host Hanish Patel is joined by Mic Locker, US Telecom, Media & Entertainment sector leader for Deloitte Consulting, to explore the many different facets of the metaverse and its applications. They also discuss the opportunities, challenges, and future of the metaverse for TMT companies, the tech sector, the creator economy, and more.
27:40 2/4/22
Venture capital and startup trends with Lightspeed
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, host Hanish Patel is joined by Arif Janmohamed, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners; and Heather Gates, national Emerging Growth Company business leader at Deloitte, to discuss venture capital trends and the opportunities and challenges startups may face in the year ahead. They'll also explore the current landscape, from initial public offerings (IPO) and special-purpose acquisition companies (SPAC), to an increase in global startups, as innovative companies continue to introduce new digital solutions and investors seek promising opportunities in new markets.
38:01 9/14/21
Digital behaviors and connectivity trends with Zoom
In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, host Hanish Patel is joined by Harry Moseley, chief information officer of Zoom Video Communications, and Jana Arbanas, US Telecom, Media & Entertainment leader at Deloitte, to discuss how technologies have altered our daily lives and accelerated demand for a fast-evolving suite of connected digital devices and services.
34:24 8/16/21
Digital Transformation with Thomson Reuters
Host Hanish Patel is joined by Steve Hasker, president and CEO at Thomson Reuters, and Janet Foutty, executive chair of the board at Deloitte US, to discuss how businesses can build agility and resilience through digital transformation.
38:12 7/26/21
Advancing Women in Sports
This episode of Deloitte’s User Friendly podcast series explores the role value-driven businesses can play in advancing gender equity in sports.
31:34 5/10/21
Empowering Employees in Sustainability
This episode of User Friendly discusses how engaging employees in sustainability can help them make positive climate choices for themselves at home, at work, and within society.
22:31 4/22/21
Redefining the Future of Advertising
As the advertising landscape rapidly evolves, what might the future hold? Tune in to this User Friendly episode to find out.
31:19 3/29/21
Coming up in Season 5
Get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the remainder of Season 5 and in the meantime, check out an exciting episode from our friends over at That Makes Cents podcast series, covering the game plan for growth in sports retail. Tune in later this month for our next episode and tell us what you think of the show by leaving us a rating or review.
01:52 3/18/21
New Wireless Technology and 5G Trends
What 5G trends have we already observed, and how do we expect the next year to play out? In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, we take a deep dive into the future of 5G and new wireless technologies.
42:08 1/26/21
Creating workforce resilience in tech, media, and telecom
This past year, the race to upskill talent has jumped into the spotlight as not only a business imperative, but a social expectation. In our rapidly transforming digital landscape where the only constant is change, what can organizations do to build employee resilience and prepare the future workforce to reinvent itself?
28:01 10/23/20
Supporting racial equity in the tech industry
In this episode, Hanish Patel is joined by Rev founder Alma Derricks and Deloitte’s Ayo Odusote to explore the importance of discussing racial equity, key structural challenges the tech industry faces, and what business leaders can do to combat racism in their organizations.
38:21 8/25/20