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Discussing all matters relating to serious spiritual growth! Suitable for students of Dr. David R. Hawkins, A Course In Miracles, Eckhart Tolle or any serious spiritual seeker who understands or who wants to understand the workings of the ego and consciousness. Also included are shows on different aspects of consciousness, reviews of spiritual books, and coverage of spiritual concepts with occasional interviews. This is a replay of the show 'Consciousness, Ego Enlightenment!' carried by CFBX radio 92.5 FM the X, in Kamloops, BC Canada. Hosted by Cara Beckett.


CEE Searching For The Truth
An overview of some of the philosophies that underpin various spiritual approaches. This show aired May 25, 2021.
46:09 10/19/2021
CEE Life Is Supporting Life
What we think of as our own body is life being supported by other life, rather than something we "own". It's hard to separate our body out from all the other life supporting it. The concept of a separate "I" based on a separate body is false. Adding to the May 4, 2021 show. This show aired May 11, 2021.
43:43 10/19/2021
CEE Life is Living Us
This is a radical concept that can be hard to hear. It can also be very effective in helping to let go of the ego. What if it were true - that life is living us - meaning there isn't an ego, and there can't even be an individual I? This show aired May 4, 2021.
44:17 10/19/2021
CEE Letting Go of the Physical World
It's a difficult thing to do! Changing how we look at just one principle - that the physical world is strong than we are and controls us - makes a huge difference.
44:20 02/28/2021
CEE Direct Experience Greg Goode
Looking again at the experiences we have and how they are more created by the mind than the body's senses - our mind tricks us into thinking our senses have told us about the world.
45:14 02/19/2021
CEE Non Duality Part 2
A continuing of a hopefully simple explanation of non duality (not-two). A key part of our seeing the world as duality (many things) lies in the use of the body as our boundary between ourselves (me) and the rest of the world (not me.) But is this a valid way to decide that there is a me, separate from all else?
45:53 02/03/2021
CEE Everyday Explanation of Non-Duality
Asked by a listener to provide an every day, "layman's" guide to understanding non-duality - a challenge! This is part 1, and it focuses almost entirely on understanding the role of awareness. Part 2 (planned for next week) will talk about the more abstract facets of non-duality, all of which come from the recognition of awareness. This is a non-scholarly attempt to explain non-duality from the inside out.
45:34 01/28/2021
Direct Path Options
Even though the words, "Direct Path" imply there is ONE direct path to enlightenment, in reality there are many paths considered "Direct Path" with differing orders of magnitude of difficulty.   Defining a Direct Path is not necessarily exact. There are many definitions. A Direct path usually has no Holy Text (but there are exceptions to that) and no church, ashram or sangha to attend (again, with exceptions.) A Direct Path is supposed to lead you directly to enlightenment - a quick pathway, but perhaps a hard path to follow. Without the support of a church or community, the seeker is left to seek on his or her own. Of the variations of Direct Paths, some are considered to be progressive or intermediate. A progressive path works to improve the human psychological condition at the same time as working towards the realization of enlightenment. An intermediate path is one which has set out steps, or levels of achievement or knowledge. Another variable is the lack of definition of enlightenment or awakening. Without a clear end goal, choosing a path can be difficult. Different teachers offer different approaches, and in the end, no one path is better or worse than another.
47:46 01/21/2021
CEE Touching God With Awareness
We've learned (and chosen) to believe that we are limited, and these beliefs draw our attention away from our own awareness. In fact, without your awareness you would have no experience at all. The two are inextricably interlinked. Your awareness never changes, it never ages, it never grows tired. As such, it can be said to be eternal and changeless - attributes we also give to God. Your awareness is always there, ever-present - also like God. What happens when you become aware of your own awareness? By doing so, are you getting in touch with God?
60:13 01/14/2021
CEE Ego and Absolute
The ego and the Absolute cannot be compared, as the Absolute is not definable. It is ironic that we spend so much time studying or training to come enlightened, when the Absolute is always there, and always has been.
40:30 01/07/2021
CEE Comparison as Ego Base
If the concept of past/ future is integral and needed for the ego to exist, so too is the concept of comparison. Choiceless awareness is the alternative. Podcast only version that does not appear on 92.5 the X.
40:47 12/30/2020
CEE Devotion As A Practice
Ever wondered what it would mean to be devoted to your God, or to your spirituality? What it would mean to be dedicated to God? This is a podcast-only version, as CFBX radio, where the show normally airs, is on hiatus over the Christmas season.
41:30 12/27/2020
CEE Time and Ego Part 2
Another look at time and the ego - a slightly different look at the same principle.   Aired Dec. 17 2020 as a follow up to the Dec. 10, 2020 show
44:10 12/17/2020
CEE Time is the Base of the Ego Dec 10 2020
By dividing time into past, present and future, we move out of the present moment. Our brains then decide that if we existed in the past, and we exist in the present moment, there must be an "I" that will exist, into the future - and the ego is born.
43:56 12/10/2020
CEE A Loving Society - Love From The Inside
A loving society would be one that is built with love for others as the criterion in every matter. Can we build this? What would it take? To start with, your personal commitment to love for all.
49:38 12/03/2020
CEE Being Loving in a Negative World
Are you finding it hard to be loving in a negative world? Is it hard to be positive when you see natural disasters, crime, plague and other terrible issues affecting the world? The climate crisis, climate change deniers, political polarization, and more... how does one stay positive and loving with all that going on? Some suggestions in this show.
44:30 11/26/2020
CEE Religions As One
What if the major similarity between the world's major religions, was at the core, nothing but love?
46:36 11/19/2020
CEE 12 Spiritual Steps
The ego is addicted to itself, the ego. Is it possible to use a 12 step process with the addiction to the ego, just as we use a 12 step process for many other addictions? 
46:20 11/05/2020
CEE Surrender and the Ego Oct 22 2020
Surrendering the ego is never easy. "Letting go" may be a short cut to surrender. Both "letting go" and surrender achieve the same end goal - the lessening of the ego and greater happiness in life.
44:45 10/22/2020
Compassion - Way of the Mind, Heart or Service
Considering compassion can help us become more compassionate. This show suggests three different, but interlinked ways to consider and increase your compassion. All decrease the ego. Special emphasis on information from the book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, by Karen Armstrong.
53:00 10/15/2020
The World Doesn't Need You
Questioning the spiritual concept that "we don't need to change the world" is confusing to many people. What? We shouldn't help the homeless or help out in a natural disaster? These people are working off karma and we should just let them work it off? The answers may be just as confusing, as they appear to be both complex and applying differently at differing levels of spiritual consciousness. To someone at a very high level of consciousness, who fully understands that we are spirit, not bodies, other people are also spirits, not bodies and do not need help. Yet the idea that pulling together in a natural disaster joins us as one in a common goal is both spiritually compelling and compassionate. It seems cruel to simply walk away and ignore the great need. Closer to home, you may be confronted with a homeless person, a drunk or an addict, all crying out for help. Does ignoring them (aka leaving them to their karma) feel compassionate? Does it add negative karma to you if you walk away from someone needing help? These confusing questions don't seem to have easy answers. Is this the pathway through the confusion? Kindness, discernment, and surrender.
44:42 10/08/2020
CEE Understanding the Ego
A follow up show to the August 27th show on the ego being brain function. It's useful to understand how the ego got started, the value of lessening it, how the ego resists spirituality and some simple tips on lessening the ego.
44:14 09/24/2020
Book Overview Shortcuts to God
Written by Gerald Jampolosky, MD, the book is an engagingly simple set of 18 steps called 'Shortcuts to God". Despite the use of the term 'shortcuts' none of these steps are simple to implement although the description of what is needed is valuable.  For example, forgiveness (the first shortcut) is a crucial way to God, but the book does not suggest a means to forgive, just that we should forgive. The benefit is in the consideration of forgiveness as a way to God, and the reader being inspired to forgive.
45:54 09/17/2020
CEE e-book review
An overview/book review of the Choose Again Toolbox. 
45:29 09/10/2020
Moving Closer to God?
How does one move closer to God, if you don't know what God is? A discussion of what God could mean, and how one could express the dedication of moving closer to God. Perhaps the question, How do I move closer to God, should really be, How do I uncover that which is already within me?
47:11 09/03/2020
Ego as Brain Activity
We've considered the ego as a built up sense of self; in effect a psychological self and an illusion. Take this a step further. The ego is nothing more than brain activity. Basically, the ego is the mind thinking about itself and setting up what the minds thinks of as a person.
51:08 08/27/2020
The Relationship Between Trust and Judgment
There is an inverse relationship between trust and judgment. The more you trust God; the less you judge. The more you judge, the less faith you have in the world and God. When you judge, you are trusting the ego.
45:24 08/20/2020
Judgment and Discernment Aug 13 2020
Judgment is often, well, judged as bad in spiritual circles. The reality is that we all have to make choices. We can make them with discernment or with judgment. 
43:54 08/13/2020
CEE Trust Aug 5 2020
What is trust? How do we trust? Trust is a social construct, of an image that we believe in. This includes our spirituality. We trust our concept of the spiritual.
46:05 08/06/2020
Watch the Mind Operate July 31 2020
It's not always easy to just watch your mind (being mindful), especially when you are just learning to be mindful. Rather than pure vipassana (insight clarity) meditation, you can go through your day, watching the mind, by throwing your ego a bone. We throw a dog a bone to keep it busy. You can do this with your ego, by suggesting that there are specific things going on in your ego that can be watched for. This show discusses a few 'bones' to offer your ego, to keep it busy and stop it from pulling you back and away from mindfulness. Due to covid 19 restrictions, all shows are now pre-recorded and air on Thursdays at 10AM. 
48:32 07/30/2020