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The Naked Gospel

Our hope is to see a revival of sexual integrity and dignity throughout the Bride of Christ. To that end, we invite guests on for candid and raw discussions around sexual ethics, pornography, sex trafficking, singleness, marriage, and everything in between. Produced by Proven Ministries.


Masculinity and the Sex Industry w/ Alan Smyth 45:18 03/23/2022
Inside the Industry with a Former Porn Star: Crissy Outlaw 66:12 03/16/2022
Fantasy, Shame, and Love vs. Lust w/ Corey Latta 67:11 03/08/2022
Lewis and Tolkien: Imagination and Sexuality w/ Michael Ward and Holly Ordway 74:06 03/02/2022
Life After Porn 37:43 02/23/2022
How to Get Free from Porn w/ Ted Shimer 51:33 02/16/2022
Josh McDowell: Porn and Abuse in the Church 32:21 02/09/2022
The Last Relapse w/ Sathiya Sam 37:43 02/02/2022
Questioning God w/ John Hopper 38:31 01/05/2022
Year-End Review: Looking at 2021 23:54 12/22/2021
Dispatch: Billie Eilish and Porn 10:49 12/15/2021
What is Masculinity W/ Justin Camp 34:54 12/15/2021
Sam Allberry: Hook Up Culture and our Bodies 42:40 11/24/2021
Should Christians have Desires? w/ Curt Thompson 64:06 11/03/2021
Theology of the Body w/ Christopher West 78:00 10/27/2021
Sex and Singleness w/ Heather Cate and Beca Bruder 64:02 10/20/2021
Social Media in the Christian Life w/ Rob Singleton 46:16 10/13/2021
The Death of Porn: Ray Ortlund 34:21 09/29/2021
A Culture of Abuse and Porn w/ Drew Boa 60:00 09/22/2021
Peter Kreeft: Porn, Pleasure, Boredom 39:52 09/15/2021
Sex Work and Our Role in It w/ Harmony Dust 52:13 09/08/2021
A Story of Porn and Sex Trafficking w/ Lexie Smith 54:36 09/01/2021
Desires and Lust w/ Drew Boa 37:58 08/25/2021
An Honest Conversation with my Dad w/ Jim O'Neill 49:42 08/18/2021
Learning From C.S. Lewis w/ Dr. Harry Lee Poe 40:47 08/11/2021
Sex in Marriage w/ Sheila Wray Gregoire 38:50 08/04/2021
Resources to Kick Porn w/ Proven Ministries 24:30 07/23/2021
Dispatch: Three Ways to Kick Porn! 13:59 07/21/2021
How Technology Makes Us Less Human w/ Christopher Miller 54:46 07/14/2021
C. S. Lewis: Sex, Sexuality, and Marriage w/ Michael Ward 52:13 07/07/2021