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‘In The Know’ is a new monthly investment podcast brought to you by Magellan Asset Management, one of Australia’s leading global equities investors. We seek to bring you timely, unique and thought-provoking insights to help you make sense of today’s investment landscape. From deep dives into the latest macroeconomic and geopolitical issues, to our analysis on sectors and stocks on global markets. Join CIO Hamish Douglass, and others at Magellan, as they connect with a myriad of experts in their field, including CEOs of stocks we hold, global leaders and consultants in finance, investing, risk and politics, and key members of our investment team and business. ‘In The Know’ - a monthly podcast from Magellan is worth investing your time in! Magellan - Experts in global investing. For more information visit: and sign up to our regular investment insights programme.


Payments “Revolution” — Visa drives a surge in digital transactions 38:53 06/27/2022
The road to a sound investment — Transurban’s strategy for success 32:21 05/31/2022
In Conversation with John Sevior, a veteran Australian equities investor, on his long-term approach to markets over the last 30+ years. 45:22 04/26/2022
War in Europe 47:20 03/28/2022
Has the party run out of punch? A panel discussion with senior members of Magellan’s investment team 44:15 02/22/2022
Prudence in Volatile Times — A panel discussion with senior members of Magellan’s investment team 42:27 01/24/2022
The coming ‘viral blizzard‘ 39:03 12/23/2021
The Inflation Spectre Looming in the Global Economy 59:13 11/30/2021
”Trust your instinct” – In conversation with Sir Frank Lowy AC 42:22 10/26/2021
Building a world with a little more Yum! 43:58 09/27/2021
Riding America's Connectivity Wave 48:13 08/31/2021
Remaining rational in a tide of geo-political risk 35:36 07/27/2021
Building a better future – Nestle’s CEO on leading the world’s largest food and beverage business towards a healthier world. 44:30 06/29/2021
Steering financial markets through a crisis – a first-hand account 48:30 05/25/2021
Reimagining medicine: Novartis' breakthrough therapies 38:10 04/26/2021
On the Hunt for Super-Compounding Stocks 49:06 03/29/2021
Special bonus episode: The year of living dangerously 32:34 03/29/2021
Bought for a dollar - How ICE, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, became a $65 billion exchange business 42:41 02/23/2021
The rise and challenges of China - former CIA China analyst shares his views 49:07 01/28/2021
Winds of change: Vaccine relief, a new US government and the acceleration of e-commerce 39:36 12/28/2020
Votes, vaccines, and a re-emerging world for investors 49:23 11/23/2020
Reshaping RB: transformative strategies for a new world 39:22 10/26/2020
People over profits: how a dedication to culture and innovation has steered Starbucks through COVID-19 40:56 09/29/2020
How does CIA former deputy director, Michael Morell, view today’s biggest geopolitical risks? 36:13 08/25/2020
In The Know - An Introduction 00:38 08/19/2020