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Take a dive into all aspects of the paranormal, from bone chilling case of demonic possession to interviews with individuals who had their own personal encounters with spirits and creatures like Dogman. No stone is left unturned as we, along with you ask questions and face our fears on Induced Fear.


Bigfooting with Mike Familant
On this episode of Induced Fear, Mike Familant comes on the show to share his bigfoot experiences, his techniques while bigfooting, and his show Called "In The Shadow of Big Red Eye" where he take you along with him on the adventure! Mike's Info:https://shadowofredeye.com
67:41 09/16/2022
Cellular Memory: Memory Beyond The Brain
On this episode of Induced Fear we discuss the possibility of memories and even your personality being stored in more than just your brain. Could it be possible that your other organ can store memories or personality traits? And what if you can essentially become someone else after a transplant surgery?Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
55:26 09/09/2022
The Betz Castle: Ghosts and UFOs with Chaz of the Dead
Chaz comes on the show to share the amazing story of The Betz Castle. A castle steep in history and lore involving ghosts and ufos. This historic castle is in danger of being lost and Chaz wants to share its full story, along with the strange paranormal happenings thats accompanied with it!Chazs Info and how to save The Betz CastleBetz Castle petition:
86:02 08/26/2022
2 Years of Induced Fear: From Bigfoot to Possession
On this episode of Induced Fear Oscar and Alex discuss the 2 years of the show. They share their favorite episodes such as “Witchcraft and Drug Lords” and “Sierra Sounds and Strange Noises in The Woods” then discussing how their views have changed which makes Oscar go on a pointless rant!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
54:12 08/19/2022
The Haunted Hotel Colorado
On this episode of Induced Fear, I share some of the ghost stories from The Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. From the sounds of typewriters to a spectral woman watching you sleep, you’ll get some classic ghost stories from this hotel.The Hotel Colorado:http://hotelcolorado.comInduced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
12:32 08/05/2022
Ghost Stories with Tait: Whispers At Night and Sleep Paralysis
On this episode of induced fear, I read some ghost stories to Tait and then tell her about the time my sleep paralysis demon impersonated her….she was not happy!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
36:25 07/29/2022
Disembodied Whispers: EVPs with Phill
On this episode of Induced Fear, Phill from “Exploring with Phill” on YouTube shares his methods and encounters while during a paranormal investigation, using the Radonautica app, and exploring abandoned building. He also shares some amazing EVPs that will be sure to give you the chills!Phills Contact Info:Instagram: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
92:12 07/12/2022
Haunting Nightmares In Sleep And Life with Zac (Darth Ravenz)
On this episode of Induced Fear, Zac comes on to share his experience with a dark and maybe demonic attachment that followed him all throughout his life since childhood. It could’ve been brought on by a witch in the family or by the negative events that happen.Listen to his intense story and how he overcame this demonic attachment.Zac’s Info:YouTube: ravenzflesh88@gmail.comInduced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
63:22 06/28/2022
Haunted in the UK with Semz Nerd
Semz Nerd is a youtuber in the UK that talks all things in the “Nerd life” but on this episode he shares his personal paranormal encounters in his old family home. He also shares his plans on investigating paranormal hot spot from a haunted forest to a hotel that hides its spooky stories.Semz Nerd Links:YouTube: YouTube: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
77:35 06/21/2022
Haunted Colorado: Clairvoyants and Shadow People
On this episode of Induced Fear, I found local stories of peoples personal haunted house stories. From summoning satan and a few clairvoyants to a plethora of shadow people, we go off the rails and get a little offensive sharing these stories…sorrySource: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
41:12 06/14/2022
Witchcraft & Drug Lords
The drug trade is already a dangerous game but what happens when bullets turn into curses and murders are made to evil spirits and death? Join us as we discuss witchcraft, voodoo, and santeria in the world of gangs and drugs.Sources: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
44:37 05/26/2022
Getting All The Weird With Greg Morrill
On this episode of Induced Fear I chat with Greg Morrill host of Cryptocasters on Clubhouse, he also runs the page All The Weird on instagram, and most importantly he casts curses!We chat his encounters in the woods, ouija boards, and what would scare him most!Greg's Contact Info:
66:17 04/16/2022
Denver's Haunted Cheesman Park
Colorado has plenty of haunted locations but on todays episode we talk about Cheesman Park. An 80 acre park with beautiful trees and trail for local and tourists to enjoy...oh and all the thousands corpses below their feet!Info from: Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
38:16 03/21/2022
Time Keeps On Slippin': Stories of Time Slips
On this episode of Induced Fear we will discuss tales of people slipping in time or falling into an alternate reality. From vanishing hotels to a world war 2 pilot seeing a glimpse of the future, we traverse time and discuss whether or not it seems likely that a person or group can accidentally slip in time.Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
42:09 03/09/2022
The Possession Of Michael Taylor
A loving father and husband possessed into doing a heinous act? or did he snap due to depression?On this episode, I tell the story of Michael Taylor a man in Ossett, West Yorkshire who was said to be possessed. We break down the time before the so called possession leading up to the exorcism and what happened afterwards.sources: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
38:35 02/23/2022
What Happened In Portlock, Alaska?
On this episode of Induced Fear, we talk about the abandoned town of Portlock, Alaska. What caused this entire to seemly pick up and leave everything overnight, never to return? Could it be a murderer, a sasquatch, or a wild shrek???Things get silly on this episode, so get ready!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
55:24 02/18/2022
Paranormal Urban Exploring W/ Cory
On this episode of Induced Fear, we are joined by Cory who is an urban explorer, paranormal investigator, and photographer. Cory shares his paranormal experiences that he has come across during investigations and while he's simply exploring. From mansions to abandoned schools Cory works hard to take amazing pictures of places that were once full of life and if he catches the paranormal in the process then that's just icing on the cake!Cory's InfoYoutube: &
55:13 02/08/2022
Mexican Cryptids & Legends
We're back!On this episode of Induced Fear we discuss Mexican cryptids and legends.  Cryptid hybrids to Demons, we talk about 5 legends which have a few tie-ins with well known monsters.  This episode was inspired by Robert Bittos book "Mexican Monsters: The Cryptids and Legendary Creatures of Mexico".Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
50:35 01/25/2022
Halloween: Doppelgangers, Ghostly Calls, and Dark Spirits
Halloween encounters episode filled with ghosts, doppelgangers, calls from the otherside, and more. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
27:01 11/01/2021
Paranormal investigating, high vibrations, and non-human entities w/ Ainsley
On this episode, I chat with Australian paranormal investigator Ainsley aka @Sydneyspooks on Instagram located in Sydney, Australia. She's had a link with the paranormal ever since she was little and to this continues to learn while also helping others. Paranormal encounters, high vibrations, non human entities, Ainsley shares her thoughts on it all so listen and enjoy!Contact Ainsley:Instagram-
49:17 09/20/2021
TommyKnockers Of Colorado and Strange Black Forest
On this episode we talk Tommyknockers here in Colorado.  Little creatures that either warn of mine related doom or they steal you stuff and seeing them could mean death. We also talk about a strange event that happened in Black Forest, Colorado.Follow:Greg: O: Sam Shearon: Blackburn: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
53:42 09/07/2021
New York Hauntings: Ghost Kids, Voices, And Paralysis Spiders
On this episode, Tate shares here many hauntings in New York while growing up till her early adult years. Hauntings involving ghostly children, ghost feet, spooky voices and sleep paralysis spiders. Be sure to listen to her last story at the end of the episode, its super spooky!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
41:46 08/10/2021
Investigation Recap and A Tease Of Haunts
On this episode Oscar and Tate recap the investigation at Vision Comics & Oddities here in Colorado. We talk about things that happened and share what the owner told us. Its definitely a true sad story of two sisters who struggled. Then we tease Tates haunting that she grew up with that may have connected her to the other side.SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE 800-273-8255Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
31:05 08/02/2021
Zak Bagans Haunted Museum and Spiritual Attachments
After visiting Zak Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, many people report having effects that follow them home. Shadow figures, disembodied voices, and nightmares plague visitors. Whats causing this? Could it be the numerous haunted objects? or is it all in the head?also listen to Alex's constant moving around.....Museum: Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram: music:
34:49 07/20/2021
Paranormal Happenings In Big Bear, CA
In this episode we are covering the paranormal happenings in Big Bear, California hitting the big three. Cryptids, ghosts, and UFOs (uap). The stories and encounters such as a woman suing the state of California to recognize sasquatch as a real animal and a good old fashion haunting in The Captains Anchorage restaurant and bar then finishing with a man encountering UFOs zipping through the sky! Listen and enjoy! Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram: Notes:Sasquatch Encounter: Video:
43:41 06/15/2021
Disneyland's Ghostly Specters
Welcoming back Sess for our Disneyland episode! We'll discuss all of Disneyland hauntings and legends in this spook filled Disney episode with still less ghosts than the Haunted Mansion has itself!From Walt to people slinging ashes, we got it all PLUS a live Disneyland encounter sharing with Vivi who is Sess's sister!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
35:16 05/26/2021
Listener Stories 3: Spirits, a UFO, and Bigfoot Walk Into a Bar
On this episode of Induced Fear we share personal stories that were shared with us by listeners and friends of the show. From Bigfoot to UFOs and Spirits, we even share 2 stories involving our fathers spirit. Things get a little real in this episode but we hope you enjoy it!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
40:34 05/05/2021
The Red-Eyed Entity
On this episode of Induced Fear, listener and friend Bussy shares her childhood experience with a dark red eyed entity who terrorized her and her family. From bikes being throw, to the list of paranormal occurrences that'll put you in her shoes. Join us and face your fears! Bussy's Instagram: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
29:30 04/26/2021
Hatman Theories/Experiences and A Hint Of Atlantis with Kyle (2hatman.ftw88)
On this episode of Induced Fear, Oscar talks with Kyle who runs the page @2hatman.ftw88 on Instagram. We talk about his personal experiences with the entity known as The Hatman, along with his own theories and encounters. Kyle then closes with his theories on ancient aliens and their connection to Atlantis.Follow Kyle on Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
38:52 04/12/2021
I Was One With The Universe: Near-Death Experiences
Life's biggest question is, What happens when we die?Oscar and Alex discuss personal experience involving near-death experiences and what people see. Is it truly spiritual or just the brain?Visit the to see more and read resources.Contact: inducedfearpod@gmail.com
43:21 04/05/2021