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Take a dive into all aspects of the paranormal, from bone chilling case of demonic possession to interviews with individuals who had their own personal encounters with spirits and creatures like Dogman. No stone is left unturned as we, along with you ask questions and face our fears on Induced Fear.


UFO Sightings, Bloodline Abductions, & Alien Hybrids w/ Leslie & Stephen Shaw
On this episode, authors Leslie and Stephen Shaw share their new book "Who Are They and What They're Up To". They also share personal encounters that they've experienced for themselves.Leslie and Stephens Info:
83:33 3/4/24
“Be Patient”: Experiences With Darkness and What Lurks Within
On this episode of Induced Fear, Kevin of “Where The Weird Ones Are” comes on the show to share his personal encounters. Experiences with shadow figures flying outside his window as a child and more in a basement. He also shares his battles with thoughts of suicide and overcoming in. Lastly ending with sightings what could only be described as “mushroom” people, a skinwalker and a possible Dogman! “Where The Weird Ones Are” LinksEvent: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
108:37 1/31/24
A UFO Sighting, An Abduction Of Consciousness, & Communication With Extraterrestrials
On this episode of Induced Fear we have guest Skeezy of Midnight In The Multiverse share his experiences with abductions, a ufo sighting, and meditating to contact extraterrestrials.Midnight In The MultiverseSpotify: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
76:59 1/9/24
Bigfooting Across The Country: The Return Of Mike Familant
On this episode of Induced Fear we welcome back Mike Familant of “In The Shadow Of Big Red Eye”.We discuss what he’s been up to since last being on the show, his travels, new tactics while searching for Bigfoot, new experiences, and what his plans for the future are!Mike's Info:https://shadowofredeye.com
86:25 12/23/23
“The Conjuring” Hauntings: The Truth About The Warrens and Movies with Marie
On this episode of Induced Fear we have Marie of the “Not A Strong Start” and “Marie Plays It All” podcasts. Marie joins Oscar to deep dive into The Warrens and the 3 “Conjuring” movies, going over the “real” stories that inspired the movies and how they differ from the source material. Lots of eye rolling, confusion, and disappointment!Marie’s Links: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
105:10 12/9/23
Happy Halloween: People Who Met The Devil
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tales of peoples encounters with The Devil himself...Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
48:43 10/31/23
Basement Spirit, Possible Vampire Cult, Hauntings While In Prison, and Haunted Road In Colorado
On this episode our guest Rob shares a handful of personal experiences. From a spirit in the basement to a haunted road with chilling stories between! Especially with the thought of a possible vampire cult here in Colorado!nduced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
42:10 9/7/23
Mystery In The Desert, Magnetic Forces, and Religion with Karim of "Lost In The Desert"
On this episode of Induced Fear, guest Karim of the Lost In The Desert podcast comes on the to talk about the story of Liam Collins and his troop who go missing in the desert after mysterious occurrences. He then shares some personal stories and we end up having a deep discussion on religion and was could possibly be on the side or in another realm. Lost In The DesertSpotify: Podcasts:
84:16 8/17/23
Roundtable Discussion: UFO/UAP Hearings and 7ft Tall Aliens in Peru
On this episode of Induced Fear, we have a roundtable discussion on the ufo/uap congressional hearings and the recent 7 foot tall alien beings attacking people in Peru. Guests on this discussion will be Jon Marshall of Cache Valley Bigfoot, Chaz of The Dead, and Karim of the Lost In The Desert podcast.are they telling us the truth? or is it something sinister?Jon Marshall/Cache Valley Bigfootinstagram: ofthedeadinstagram: In The Desertinstagram:
94:37 8/14/23
A Premonition and A Nightmare Visitor with Roman of The Obscure Files
On this episode of Induced Fear we welcome back our first ever guest Roman Padilla who runs The Obscure Files on Youtube. We catch up after 3 years, Roman tells us why he stepped away from the paranormal after visiting Zak Bagans Haunted Museum and what pulled him back in.Roman/The Obscure Filesyoutube: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
40:16 6/27/23
Sleep Paralysis, Personal Encounters, and The Paranormal Community with Mothboy Matt
Part 2 with Mothboy Matt of Mothboys.We dive into personal enounters and talk about the paranormal community as a whole.Mothboys Links:"The White Monster of Sherman, NY"purchase here --- Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
32:39 5/2/23
Cryptid Fight Club: The Goatman VS The White Monsters of Sherman, NY
Pilot episode of Cryptid Fight Club featuring Mothboy Matt of Mothboys.Mothboys Links:"The White Monster of Sherman, NY" purchase here --- Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
46:44 4/24/23
The Paranormal Trifecta: Experiences with Jordan Heath
On this episode of Induced Fear, Jordan Heath of “Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling” comes on the show to share his personal paranormal experiences, He gives us the paranormal trifecta with a ghostly encounter, a creature that shape shifts,  and finishing with a UFO.Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling Linktree:
58:19 3/6/23
Unwelcome Spirits, Shadow Figures, and UFOs With Tommy Cullum of Lets Gets Freaky!
On this episode of Induced Fear we have Tommy Cullum of the Lets Get Freaky Podcast come on the show. Tommy shares personal experiences hes had with unwanted spirits in his childhood home, sleep paralysis, and crazy ufos sightings that left him baffled!Lets Get Freaky! Podcast Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
70:49 2/7/23
The Possession Of Gottliebin Dittus
On this episode of Induced Fear we discuss the possession case of Gottliebin Dittus, a young woman in the 1800s in Germany who dealt with maddening haunting. From classic haunting occurrences such as scratching on the walls to a full on exorcist, this story is all kinds of crazy!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
43:38 1/23/23
Unexpected Paranormal with Phill: Spiritual Oppression, Apparitions, and Disembodied Voices
On this episode of Induced Fear we welcome back Phill from the episode “Disembodied Whispers: EVPs with Phill”. Phill comes back on the show to share more of his personal paranormal experiences. A story that’ll chill you to the bone along with some EVPs that he has captured, you don’t wanna miss it!Hit Phills linktree for all his social!“It’s An Odd World After All”https://www.itsanoddworldafterall.com
97:36 1/9/23
Ogopogos latest sighting and Paranormal TikTok with Greg Morrill
Follow Greg now!
71:22 12/9/22
Listener Stories 4: Sleep Paralysis Demons, Triangular UFO, and A Haunted Doll
Ooooweeee its another Listener Stories episode with Oscar and Alex with baby Ezra popping in at the end. Sleep Paralysis, A UFO and A Haunted Doll. What more could you ask for?Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comSpeakPipe:
35:04 11/16/22
The Denver Spider Man and The Stanley Hotel with Encounters From Ricky Walker
This is where show notes would be but I’m lazyInduced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
29:24 10/27/22
Past Lives with Isaac of Hidden In The Shadows
On this episode we have Isaac, one of the hosts of the Hidden In The Shadows podcast. He comes on the show to share his past life regression experiences and how he combats negative entities while investigating with his why. It’s definitely a wild ride!Hidden In The Shadows linktree to all their content
65:01 10/21/22
Bigfooting with Mike Familant
On this episode of Induced Fear, Mike Familant comes on the show to share his bigfoot experiences, his techniques while bigfooting, and his show Called "In The Shadow of Big Red Eye" where he take you along with him on the adventure! Mike's Info:https://shadowofredeye.com
67:41 9/16/22
Cellular Memory: Memory Beyond The Brain
On this episode of Induced Fear we discuss the possibility of memories and even your personality being stored in more than just your brain. Could it be possible that your other organ can store memories or personality traits? And what if you can essentially become someone else after a transplant surgery?Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
55:26 9/9/22
The Betz Castle: Ghosts and UFOs with Chaz of the Dead
Chaz comes on the show to share the amazing story of The Betz Castle. A castle steep in history and lore involving ghosts and ufos. This historic castle is in danger of being lost and Chaz wants to share its full story, along with the strange paranormal happenings thats accompanied with it!Chazs Info and how to save The Betz CastleBetz Castle petition:
86:02 8/26/22
2 Years of Induced Fear: From Bigfoot to Possession
On this episode of Induced Fear Oscar and Alex discuss the 2 years of the show. They share their favorite episodes such as “Witchcraft and Drug Lords” and “Sierra Sounds and Strange Noises in The Woods” then discussing how their views have changed which makes Oscar go on a pointless rant!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
54:12 8/19/22
The Haunted Hotel Colorado
On this episode of Induced Fear, I share some of the ghost stories from The Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. From the sounds of typewriters to a spectral woman watching you sleep, you’ll get some classic ghost stories from this hotel.The Hotel Colorado:http://hotelcolorado.comInduced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
12:32 8/5/22
Ghost Stories with Tait: Whispers At Night and Sleep Paralysis
On this episode of induced fear, I read some ghost stories to Tait and then tell her about the time my sleep paralysis demon impersonated her….she was not happy!Induced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
36:25 7/29/22
Disembodied Whispers: EVPs with Phill
On this episode of Induced Fear, Phill from “Exploring with Phill” on YouTube shares his methods and encounters while during a paranormal investigation, using the Radonautica app, and exploring abandoned building. He also shares some amazing EVPs that will be sure to give you the chills!Phills Contact Info:Instagram: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
92:12 7/12/22
Haunting Nightmares In Sleep And Life with Zac (Darth Ravenz)
On this episode of Induced Fear, Zac comes on to share his experience with a dark and maybe demonic attachment that followed him all throughout his life since childhood. It could’ve been brought on by a witch in the family or by the negative events that happen.Listen to his intense story and how he overcame this demonic attachment.Zac’s Info:YouTube: ravenzflesh88@gmail.comInduced Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
63:22 6/28/22
Haunted in the UK with Semz Nerd
Semz Nerd is a youtuber in the UK that talks all things in the “Nerd life” but on this episode he shares his personal paranormal encounters in his old family home. He also shares his plans on investigating paranormal hot spot from a haunted forest to a hotel that hides its spooky stories.Semz Nerd Links:YouTube: YouTube: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
77:35 6/21/22
Haunted Colorado: Clairvoyants and Shadow People
On this episode of Induced Fear, I found local stories of peoples personal haunted house stories. From summoning satan and a few clairvoyants to a plethora of shadow people, we go off the rails and get a little offensive sharing these stories…sorrySource: Fear Contact Info:Email: inducedfearpod@gmail.comInstagram:
41:12 6/14/22