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Hampshire HistBites

A brilliant history and heritage podcast created by Hampshire History Trust, the charity that also organises Winchester Heritage Open Days.Our aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to delve into the past and go on a journey to discover hidden heritage and hear fascinating untold tales. We usually talk to experts and enthusiasts who are based in Hampshire and/or who have stories to share about Hampshire’s history and heritage. Occasionally though we may go further afield, it just depends where the research and the stories take us!


Walkeology: Wanders, Wonders and Wunderkammers 33:15 05/04/2022
Hampshire Cultural Trust: Linking the Past with the Future 20:32 04/27/2022
The Hidden House in Hursley Park 29:14 04/20/2022
Tragedy at Sea: Southampton's Connection to the Titanic 30:37 04/13/2022
The Life and Death of Henry V’s Navy in Hampshire 24:50 04/06/2022
Pear Tree Church: From the Bishop of Winchester to the Life of Pi 26:56 03/30/2022
How Two Millenia of History Shaped the River Itchen 33:59 03/23/2022
Dark Gold: The Lifeblood of Early Modern Europe 16:38 12/22/2021
Dark Gold: A Drink for Doctors and Kings 25:03 12/15/2021
Dark Gold: Bringing Chocolate from Mesoamerica to Europe 25:27 12/08/2021
Hampshire Ramblers’ Fight to Preserve our Paths 30:12 12/01/2021
A Story Around Every Streetcorner: Explore Winchester's Vibrant History 24:17 11/24/2021
30 Years of Hampshire Fare: Championing Local 23:34 09/18/2021
Archives Galore! 28:57 09/17/2021
Trenchers and Teapots: Food at Winchester College 26:24 09/16/2021
From 'Field to Fork' in World War II 27:50 09/15/2021
Oral History: Where do you start? 26:51 09/14/2021
Intrigue in the New Forest Leads to a Mystery at Winchester Cathedral 10:43 09/13/2021
The Heritage of Bell Ringing in Hampshire 41:23 09/10/2021
The Spitfires in the Ballroom at Hursley Park 27:57 08/25/2021
Matilda of Boulogne; a Bold and Valiant Leader 22:09 08/18/2021
Valkyries in the Water-Meadows: A Little-Known Piece of Winchester Folklore 21:04 08/11/2021
Romsey Abbey; a Haven, an Educational Opportunity or a Place of Power? 22:20 08/04/2021
From a Cloister Arch to Medieval Glass and Some China Eggs! 21:18 07/28/2021
Weaving History and Tradition with the Whitchurch Silk Mill 30:04 07/21/2021
Three Abbeys and a Castle: Hampshire's History of Royals 13:33 07/14/2021
When the Messiah came to Andover 30:36 07/07/2021
Celebrating and remembering with Hampshire's bells 32:33 06/30/2021
A Window Through Time: Florence Nightingale’s Hampshire Roots and Legacy 24:19 05/12/2021
Creatures and Kings: A Viking Tale’s Link With Winchester 14:11 05/05/2021