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Host Suli Breaks askes entrepreneurs to share the story of their success in a fresh and blunt chat about the mechanics of making a million. Seven Figures is a business podcast aimed at inspiring a young, diverse audience with tons of business ideas but no clue about where to start their journey. Seven Figures is a university course in business with advice from people that have been there and done it. Think "The Breakfast Club" meets "Shark Tank" mixed with the most practical business advice you've ever heard.


The 7 Figure Bakery in Tottenham | Story of Uncle John's, Changing A Company Culture Ft. Sam Mensah
id you know the Uk Bakery industry is worth 3.9 BILLION?Neither did Samuel Mensah and growing up; he assumed he would make bread another way. Neither did he expect that one day he would be firing 80% of his staff to revive his company culture.In this episode, Sam breakdowns the journey of growing his parent’s small community bakery, Uncle John’s, into an international company that owns two factories and stocks to over 200 stores in Europe. He goes over the tricks required to broker deals with major supermarkets, Tesco’s and Morrison — and the story of how they outsold Hovis. I also forced Sam to share some gems about surviving as a business in the black community and the tough decisions involved in innovating a company culture.I am proud of this episode as a testament to the multiple opportunities available to grow a 7 figure business if you focus on an industry and apply your hustle.
61:05 12/3/20
African Hustle| Building A Global Brand, Female Entrepreneurship, The Art of Multi-Tasking ft. Cuppy
Cuppy will make you question your hustle. A woman who once interned at Rocnation, was resident DJ on Charlamagnes MTV2 show, while having gigs worldwide and still studying for HER MASTERS at NYU — all at the same ime. Nigeria is a nation with a reputation from breeding business people and hustlers. From Nollywood to afrobeat, Nigeria has also established itself as a beacon of revolution in West Africa, while still boasting an economy that produces some the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Entertainment and entrepreneurship are woven into the lifeblood — Cuppy is no exception to the rule. In this episode, Cuppy tells us how forging letters to teachers, so she could sneak aout of boarding school to go clubbing helped shaped her passion for DJing, but also hustling. To give Cuppy one title would be a disservice; from DJ, to ambassador, to artist, to philanthropist she is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Cuppy is woman who prepares herself from every opportunity and her lessons on preparation and multi-tasking are invaluable. Listen as we discuss the importance of education, evolving as a business woman and her passion for Nigeria.
62:08 11/26/20
How To Create A Multi-Platinum Record Label | Finding A Music SuperStar Ft. Dumi Oburota
Having a Number 1 Hit single is hard, now imagine doing that 8 TIMES! Our next guest Dumi Oburota is no stranger to the top of the charts. From founding his music record label Disturbing London, he hit the ground running with his first artist (cousin and later business partner) Tinie Tempah. As a music entrepreneur there is no doubt that the journey has been an adventure! It is a pleasure to hear him give advise on the music industry From a young age, Dumi Oburota was no stranger to entrepreneurship from spending time at his Dad's grocers and Uncle's Cash & Carry, he knew that he always wanted to build something that embraced all communities. While balancing days at grammar school and nights growing up in the heart of South London, he honed his skills for navigating different worlds. A skill that will prove invaluable when it came to taking on the UK music industry head-on! Very few platforms have been able to capture the culture on so many levels and so many different genres from Fashion to festivals in Ibiza, from Popstars like Jessie J to Hybrid stars like Poundz. Disturbing London has managed to always have a finger on not just the pulse of the UK music industry, but culture. A success which has translated globally. Dumi Oburota has always focused on being a cultural supplier, and their recent JV with Parlaphone is a sign that he is ready to push even more barriers in years to come. Listen as Dumi breakdowns the logistics of starting a record label and navigating the music industry. The lessons, the hardships and the joys of building lifetime relationships while creating a revolutionary legacy.
92:20 10/28/20
The Art of Side Hustling | Leaving School At 16 to Grossing 50 Million Dollars Ft. Mark Tilbury
This week we have Mark Tilbury who didn’t get the encouragement he needed so he dropped out of school at 16 years old to take on the working world while pursuing his passion for radio-controlled models!Mark is generous with his wisdom and has mastered the art of side hustling (at one point he was working almost 4 jobs at once). Mark is almost too humble for a self-made entrepreneur that has built a commerce business and has grossed over 50 MILLION DOLLARS! I discovered him on TikTok dropping gems for the next generation. Mark has become extremely popular on social media (over 3 million followers) from his videos giving advice to young people on how to create passive income, manage finances and entrepreneurship. Our conversation covered his journey over the past 30 years; from having his entire business stolen, being rejected for bank loans and adapting to changes in industry and technology! Definitely not an episode to miss!!
48:46 10/16/20
Running A Restaurant Empire In London | The Food & Hospitality Hustle Ft. Omar Sahah
The UK hospitality sector reached a value of more than 100 billion Euros in 2018. Despite the consequences of Brexit and staff shortages, the number of hosting and food services facilities has grown nearly 20% in the last five years. There has probably never been a better time to set up shop. Our next guest has set up shop—literally—multiple times. Founder of first Filipino ice cream parlour, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, in the UK. As well as, pan- Asian restaurants: Bintang, Ramo Ramen, Moi Moi Island and Guanabana. Omar Shah knows his way around the kitchen and the offices. Most man pride themselves on running the strip, so does Omar, except his hustle is restaurants. Walk down Camden, and you will see his restaurants lined up back to back. As well, as one in Chinatown (and another pending in Westfield Shepherds Bush). While most of us were finishing school and rushing home to watch Goku finish off Frieza, Omar was finishing his homework in the Bintang basement then heading upstairs to wait tables and wash plates.An unpredictable journey wouldn't do his experience justice. Omar has done everything from accounting, opening a marketing agency, designing a clothing line to learning how to cook Suya. He takes us through the secrets to opening a restaurant, the importance of marketing, menu psychology, applying streetwear principles to selling desserts and his plans to build an empire! I also had to grill him (no pun intended) on why an Asian man chose to open a NIGERIAN takeaway!
74:31 9/23/20
Real Estate Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Trevlynn Properties sits with Suli Breaks to breakdown, making seven figures the real estate business. Trevor discusses how he has successfully sold properties ranging from £250k to 20 MILLION POUNDS. He breaks down house buying, mortgages, stamp duty, credit and finding your feet in the UK property market in 2020. The conversation covers the steps to get on to the property ladder, whether you are an amateur or a property entrepreneur. Trevor also addresses the commonly asked questions:⁣What do you need to buy your first house?How to invest in property?Why a lot of people from low-income homes struggle to get on the property ladder?About Trevor:Trevor has advised thousands of clients in selling, buying, renting and investing in property over the past 20 years within the property industry. Trevor is now one of the innovative minds behind Trevlyn Properties. Trevor passionately believes in mixing the traditional values of a property agent with technology in order to provide an excellent client experience. Building strong client relationships through excellent communication, integrity, and professionalism is at the heart of the service provided by Trevor and his team. Trevor has been able to cultivate a team of property agents/advisors who have been/are landlords, tenants, property owners and investors themselves. This gives Trevlyn Properties the unique gift of understanding and being able to exceed the needs of any client. Contact:
88:45 9/17/20
Entrepreneur Alex Klein discusses how he co-founded and raised venture capital for his do-it-yourself computer kits.Co-founder of Kano Computers Alex Klein joins Suli Breaks to talk about his journalistic ambitions, academic credentials from studying ethics, politics, economics at Yale University, and politics at Cambridge University to raising venture capital for his revolutionary computer company. He breaks down the mindset behind Venture Capitalists, how to approach them and what they are looking for in potential business.
44:33 9/3/20
Founder of SBTV Jamal Edwards joins Suli Breaks to talk about how his business & entrepreneurial journey started. From hustling sweets in school, getting his first camera at 16 to building a Million Dollar Business and one of the most disruptive start-ups in youth culture in UK History! Contributing to the emergence of musical superstars like Ed Sheeran Stormzy, Emeli Sandé, Rita Ora. He talks about learning what business actually was, starting with no money, leveraging his resources in school and working with his friends helped create his empire!About Jamal Edwards:Jamal Edwards, MBE is a British entrepreneur, author, and the founder of the online urban music platform SB.TV. Born in Luton, England on 24 August 1990, Edwards spent his early years there before moving to Acton, West London. In 2018, Edwards was announced as the first ambassador for Mercedes Benz X-Class, through his ambassadorship Edwards launched his own YouTube series JE: SELF-BELIEF and JE: WHAT'S YOUR DRIVE. Edwards is keen to inspire other creatives and entrepreneurs through his vlogs, exploring the challenges and dreams of a true entrepreneur of the digital native era. In 2019 Edwards set up Jamal Edwards Delve, a project aimed at refurbishing and reopening youth centres.
32:54 8/27/20
HOW TO RAISE MONEY FOR A BUSINESS IDEA (Raising $100,000 from one conversation)
Co-founder of Sofar Sounds Rafe Offer joins Suli Breaks to talk about his entrepreneurial journey from the southside of Chicago working with Disney, Diageo to building one of the most disruptive start-ups the music industry has seen in recent years. Find out how he learnt to pitch his business, sell ideas, find investors and build a culture on passion and value.
43:39 8/20/20

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