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Join Adam Beaumont - Strategist, Facilitator, Regulatory Consultant and founder of ‘With Purpose Solutions’ for insightful discussions with prominent experts in the areas of Strategy; Leadership; Regulation and Regulatory Practice.


Can we really drive conservation and human rights impact through markets?
In this podcast we explore – the role of business and consumers in driving conservation and human right impacts. Can we really drive impact through markets? To unpack this, I’m joined by Daniel Katz co-founder and Chair of the Rainforest Alliance.
37:35 05/25/2021
What Makes for Good Regulatory Practice Provisions in Trade Agreements?
Adam speaks with Stuart Trew, Director of Trade and Investment at the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives about the inclusion of Good Regulatory Practice Provisions in recent Trade Agreements, including the UK's EU agreement post Brexit, and if they can actually help reduce harm and improve regulatory cooperation. ____________________________________________ As the full implications of Brexit begin to roll out in the UK, I was intrigued to see a press release promoting the EU agreement that included a section titled. ‘Good Regulatory Practice and Regulatory Cooperation’. Good regulatory practice is often talked about as the job of the regulator. It's the practice of applying the black-and-white law in context to get a desired regulatory outcome. That might be about changing behaviors, or reducing harms, or protecting markets, or keeping public order. I wondered if it was novel for trade agreements to include ‘good regulatory practice principles’, and if they actually work. Stuart Trew is the Director of Trade and Investment at the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, an independent research institute focused on social and economic issues and environmental justice. Stuart has edited a number of books and papers discussing trade and in 2019 authored a paper on the role of good regulatory practices in trade agreements. So join me as I chat with Stuart on what makes for good regulatory practices in trade agreements. Can they actually help reduce harm and protect communities?
40:26 04/22/2021
Can innovation exist without implementation? Turning ideas into reality
Adam speaks with innovator and entrepreneur Andrew Morgan about reclaiming precious timber from flooded forests, transforming good ideas into tangible outcomes and if innovation can really exist without implementation
38:27 10/22/2020
Is economic regulation just about markets? Regulating to protect consumers and vulnerable people
Join Adam as he chats with Simon Corden, Regulatory Economics and Social Policy expert and Commissioner at the Victorian Essential Services Commission about what is economic regulation and how economic regulators intervene in markets to stop market failures, protect consumers and minimise the impact on vulnerable people and communities
35:32 10/12/2020
Is culture really a soft skill? Culture as a defence against corruption
Adam speaks with Cheryl Batagol, Public Service medal holder and experienced Board Chair and regulator about corruption and culture. Organisational culture is often seen as a ‘soft skill’ – but is culture just as much a ‘hard skill’ as oversight and assurance? Could culture be at the very heart of defence against corruption?
39:44 09/08/2020
Is strategy still important? Strategic planning in a reactive world
Adam talks with Stan Krpan, CEO of Solar Victoria on the difference between strategic planning in Government and Private organisations, and the role and importance of strategy in a rapidly changing world
19:02 08/27/2020
So where are we going? Building strategy in complex organisations
Adam chats with Kelly O'Shanassy, CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) about the role, challenge and importance of setting strategy in organisations with complex governance
27:29 08/27/2020
Red and Beige Tape: Is Regulation a Dead Weight on the Economy?
I talk with Chris Webb, Executive Director Regulatory Practice and Strategy at the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Victoria about how do we define red tape when talking about regulation and the concept of beige tape.
29:05 08/24/2020
Happiness, acceptance and blame in a Covidtime
Join Adam as he chats with David Hall - Physio, Facilitator and Silent Disco Host about happiness, culture, acceptance, blame and navigating the Covid world.
29:25 08/16/2020