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My Stuttering Life

Navigating life with 80% fluency. This is my life with all its trials and tribulations as a person who stutters. I believe in the power of positivity and I use it in my daily struggles with stuttering. I truly believe that it is OK to stutter and that I can accomplish any goal in my life with a positive mindset. As a husband, a father, a USAF Gulf War Veteran, and as an entrepreneur, I use many tools in my tool belt to become successful in all my endeavors. My goal is to share my journey so that others can see it is possible to be confident, determined, and live a life of positivity. If you are a PWS, you are not alone!


I Am Who I Am Because Of You 86:44 04/01/2022
Accept, Embrace and Empower: A New "SSStart" 135:52 02/21/2022
Stuttering Through Life.....And Learning To Be Okay With It 222:51 02/07/2022
Your Struggle Is Your Superpower 60:01 12/17/2021
You Are Worthy, Never Settle, You Are Enough 116:33 12/12/2021
Choose To Stand Up 130:21 11/22/2021
Stuttering Sneaker Reseller 100:07 11/16/2021
Think Less.....Talk More 108:31 10/24/2021
Stuttering Is Not A Defect 174:20 10/12/2021
Running A Business & Raising Children With A Stutter 118:21 10/05/2021
Uncovering the Research and Neuroscience of Stuttering 190:48 10/02/2021
My Words Are Worth Waiting For 120:04 09/27/2021
Every Day Is A Battle, And I Chose To Fight 118:57 09/19/2021
I Am Not My Stutter 109:34 08/17/2021
Smile I Stutter 66:27 08/14/2021
Now I Stutter Without Shame 113:43 08/14/2021
The Funny Side of Stuttering 52:11 08/10/2021
100th Episode! 19:40 08/10/2021
Two Petes In A Pod 104:43 07/25/2021
Starting A Conversation About Stuttering 52:08 07/18/2021
Speech Without Fear: Story of a Man From A Small Town In India 117:27 06/17/2021
Every Little Step 27:43 05/05/2021
For 9 Year Old Bradley 24:02 04/25/2021
Producer/Director of My Beautiful Stutter 83:01 04/20/2021
Meditation Can Help Remove Imagined Obstacles 50:55 04/14/2021
From College Flunkout To Teacher Of The Year 88:26 03/28/2021
Becoming Comfortable In Your Own Skin 106:27 03/21/2021
Find A Reason To Stutter 142:56 02/11/2021
From Stuttering To A Successful Public Speaker 104:06 01/30/2021
Early Stuttering Life of Rob Greenlee 147:23 01/24/2021