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Sharing things is about people and what makes them tick. It’s about their stories. Each episode is a conversation between two members of our university community. It could be a student, a member of staff or a graduate, the only thing they have in common at the beginning is Edinburgh. Sharing things also starts with an object. A special, treasured or significant item that we have asked each guest to bring to the conversation. The conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always unexpected. Subscribe now and get to know our community a little bit better.


Sharing things trailer 00:58 08/09/2019
Prince and Kezia: Food and cultural identity, diversity in politics and family. 30:20 09/26/2019
Lori and Russell: Fringe coping strategies, artistic choices and fish funerals. 33:27 10/03/2019
Rosie and Melanie: Sensory memories, empowerment and self-expression. 33:24 10/10/2019
Beth and Udita: Role models, women in leadership and voyages of discovery. 31:11 10/17/2019
Srishti and Abrisham: Self-expression, dangerous women and writing things down. 29:32 10/24/2019
Anne and Hadrien: Internet wormholes, Starbucks and the CIA, and living without tech. 30:09 10/31/2019
Geoff and David: Slavery and the Scottish economy, questionable statues and favourite beers. 26:34 11/07/2019
Martha and Julia: Horror movies, spoilers and whether Canada produces the world’s best maple syrup. 27:26 11/14/2019
Beth and Catherine: Winning something, being nice and gender bias in bus routes. 26:37 11/21/2019
Sharing things taster 01:56 11/28/2019
Ross and Catherine (Christmas special): Seasonal rituals, pets and favourite festive tunes. 30:13 12/17/2019
Sharing things: season one assortment. All the guests and some of the conversations. 48:47 04/02/2020
Max and Melissa: Sexy science, flea market mysteries and early internet nostalgia 37:47 04/09/2020
Ellen and Rachel: Dying and not dying, familial love and ketchup splatters 33:04 04/16/2020
Shy and Jamie: Crossing borders, revisiting the past and comic book inspiration. 35:53 04/23/2020
Peter and Christine: Early memories, unexpected generosity and maritime meanderings. 36:04 04/30/2020
SJ and Mona: The flying frisbee of death, evocative smells and taking ownership of faith. 33:50 05/07/2020
Niamh and Hollie: Social media trolls, changing paths and finding confidence in yourself. 29:32 05/14/2020
Andrew and Jennifer: Linguistics, widening participation and dog borrowing. 31:27 05/21/2020
Sharing things: season three trailer 01:29 09/17/2020
Richenda and Amalie: New skills, impostor syndrome and sudden departures 37:18 09/24/2020
Charles and Rianna: Woolly mammoths, deep sea gigantism and knowing your place in the family hierarchy. 35:54 10/01/2020
Daisy and Dalia: Childhood excitement, happy folders and love over hate. 32:57 10/08/2020
Claire and Rowland: Vintage stuff, lost meanings and viral transmission. 47:01 10/15/2020
Helen and Daniel: Gifts that mean something, the concept of home and being out there. 31:17 10/22/2020
Svenja and Shannon: Data biases, the danger of apathy and saucepan-enabled smuggling. 36:27 10/29/2020
Tom and Kirsty: The joy of listening, extreme expeditions and the Portuguese concept of longing. 32:48 11/05/2020
Doug and Nikki: Paradiddles and flams, the pitfalls of perfectionism and weird left turns. 38:44 11/12/2020
Aisha and Barbara: Black Lives Matter, speaking up and the mystery of time. 30:36 11/18/2020