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Impact Makers

The Impact Makers Podcast with Jennifer McClure is a weekly podcast for people who are interested in making a positive difference in the world not only through their work, but also through how they choose to live their lives.


058: The Return of the Impact Makers Podcast 02:30 07/14/2022
057: How to Live Hard, Embrace the Future, and Create Success With Dr. Todd Dewett 44:40 02/04/2021
056: Helping Leaders Succeed in Relationships, Work, Community, and Life With Mike Sipple, Jr. 58:36 01/28/2021
055: Redefining HR: Embracing Modern People Practices To Fuel Business Success With Lars Schmidt 55:26 01/21/2021
054: Turning Passion Into Purpose: From Career Coach to Recruiting Tech Company Founder With Ariel Lopez 47:13 01/14/2021
053: Putting Yourself First and Finally Taking Control of Your Career With Laurie Ruettimann 52:39 01/07/2021
052: How Human-Centered Workplaces Will Transform the Future of Work With Derek Irvine 35:42 12/03/2020
051: The Value of Taking a Strategic Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion With Jennifer Ingram 45:24 11/19/2020
050: Balancing a Strong Personal Brand With a High Profile Corporate Career With Amber Naslund 49:06 11/12/2020
049: Discovering the Hidden Forces That Drive You to Do Your Best Work With Todd Henry  51:22 11/05/2020
048: Creating a Life of Adventure While Making the Workplace and the World Better With Kate Bischoff 41:28 10/29/2020
047: Combining the Power of Moonshot Thinking With Actionable Plans to Make an Impact in Work and Life With Ozan Varol 48:48 10/22/2020
046: Creating High-Impact Presentations and Building a Profitable Speaking Business With Jennifer McClure and Dr. Daniel Crosby 67:21 10/15/2020
045: Using the Content Fuel Framework to Find Your Story and Create Better Content With Melanie Deziel 46:47 10/08/2020
044: Get Out of Your Head and Just Get Things Done With Julie Turney 44:45 10/01/2020
043: Creating Your Reset Story With Kendra Ramirez 42:05 09/24/2020
042: Developing a Strong Personal Brand That Enables You to Lead From Where You Are 28:52 09/17/2020
041: How Leaders Can Step Up to Promote Racial Justice and Equity in the Workplace with Katie Augsburger 42:09 09/10/2020
040: Leading With a People First Approach with Steve Browne 52:20 09/03/2020
039: Four Strategies to Meet Business Challenges in the Future and Deliver Maximum Impact on Results 74:43 02/20/2020
038: How to Identify Your Career Drivers and Take Action 57:36 01/30/2020
037: 10 Things You Need to Do to Make This Year Your Best Year Ever 59:38 01/09/2020
036: The Random Show — Conversations with My BFF Laurie Ruettimann 43:26 12/26/2019
035: My Favorite Apps and Online Tools 58:44 12/19/2019
034: How to Start a Movement - the Origin Story of DisruptHR 38:28 12/12/2019
033: Intentional Networking Strategies For Introverts (And Extroverts!) 48:56 12/05/2019
032: Why Self-Care Isn't Selfish - and How to Make It a Strategic Priority 43:25 11/28/2019
031: Coaching Session - How to Choose Speaking Topics and Create Great Presentations 53:07 11/21/2019
030: Where In The World Has McClure Been? 09:38 10/12/2019
Success, Leading To Win and Faith with Eric Peoples 50:50 10/04/2018