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The Biohacking Secrets Show

Biohacker and bestselling author Anthony DiClementi deconstructs the most effective, uncommon biohacking strategies to rapidly upgrade physical and mental performance. He sits down with world class experts from a wide variety of disciplines to tease out the latest research, products, routines, habits, and resources for hacking the human body and optimizing quality of life. Each episode reveals incredible new methods for improving body composition, energy production, cognitive function, athletic performance, and health span. Discover evidence-based, minimalist methods to enhance the quality of your life and achieve your physical, mental, and genetic potential. Learn more at


EP 256: Fixing Back Pain, Building Confidence, And The Science Of World-Class Leadership with Luka Hocevar 107:39 05/17/2022
EP 255: Killing Can(er Cells, Fixing Your Liver, And The Truth About Vitamin E with Dr. Barrie Tan 111:05 05/12/2022
EP 254: Smart Nutrition, Precision Medicine, And The Future Of Peak Performance with Ari Tulla of Elo.Health 63:35 05/10/2022
EP 253: Upgrading Your Energy & Vitality with Biohacking Expert Anthony DiClementi (Lucas Aoun of Ergogenic Health Guest Interview) 60:39 05/05/2022
EP 252: Tantric Sex, Daoist Breathing, And The Longevity Formula with The Urban Monk Pedram Shojai 71:29 05/03/2022
EP 251: Brain-Targeting Nutrients For Sex Drive, Cognitive Performance, and Increased Testosterone with Lucas Aoun 70:21 04/28/2022
EP 250: 15% Better Workouts, Ketones For Boosting IQ, And Continuous Ketone Monitoring with Michael Brandt 79:55 04/26/2022
EP 249: Self-Testing, Becoming A Health Detective & Taking Control Of Your Body + Brain with Reed Davis 76:49 04/21/2022
EP 248: The Truth About Blue Light, "Light Vitamins" and Healthy Lighting Hacks with Talia Ram 67:41 04/19/2022
EP 247: Shield Your Body From "Smart" Tech Radiation with R Blank 66:46 04/14/2022
EP 246: How To Fix Your Eyesight (And Why To Avoid Glasses / LASIK) with Jake Steiner 52:43 04/12/2022
EP 245: That Time I Bruised My You-Know-What & Other Funny Ish (live stream 3.27.22) 46:55 04/07/2022
EP 244: The Cause Of Can(er And Blood Sugar Problems with Dr. John Poothullil 57:58 04/05/2022
EP 243: How To Reverse Diabetes And Lose Weight With Dr. John Whyte Of WebMD 61:07 03/31/2022
EP 242: Productivity + Performance Hacks With Dr. Kara Larson 84:33 03/29/2022
EP 241: Longevity Secrets Of An 86-Year-Old Biohacker With James Flaherty 98:28 03/24/2022
EP 240: Fuel Your Mitochondria, Prevent Cancer, And Recover Like An Olympian with Catherine Arnston 83:59 03/03/2022
EP 239: How to Fix Your Thyroid, Burn More Fat, And Heal Autoimmunity with Risa Groux 72:42 03/01/2022
EP 238: How To Get Off Caffeine + Biohacking Sleep And Cognition Using Ketones with Frank Llosa 56:19 02/24/2022
EP 237: How Food Forests Are The Secret To Living A More Healthy, Free, And Abundant Life With Jim Gale 86:49 02/03/2022
EP 236: Nutrition Hacks For Peak Performance, Optimizing Your Sodium Levels, And The Healthy Rebellion with Robb Wolf 97:00 01/25/2022
EP 235: How To Build Resilience And Tap Into The Sacred Healing Energies Of The Earth with Hilda Labrada Gore 53:15 12/21/2021
EP 234: Part VI: The Biohacker's Guide To Upgraded Energy (storytime episode) 45:28 12/09/2021
EP 233: Part V: The Biohacker's Guide To Upgraded Energy (storytime episode) 43:35 12/07/2021
EP 232: Part IV: The Biohacker's Guide To Upgraded Energy (storytime episode) 49:49 12/02/2021
EP 231: Part III: The Biohacker's Guide To Upgraded Energy (storytime episode) 54:05 11/30/2021
EP 230: Optimize Your Immune System, Reduce Acidity, and Increase Oxygenation with Dean Kesarial 71:40 11/27/2021
EP 229: The New Orgasm, Sexual Attachment Styles, And Active Surrender with Anna Lindfors 69:43 11/23/2021
EP 228: The Perfect Water For Health, Hydration, and Vitality with Isabel Friend 67:24 11/20/2021
EP 227: Sexual Stratification, Beauty Hacking, and Human Biomechanics with Naudi Aguilar 87:37 11/18/2021