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We look back on X-Men comics, movies, tv shows, characters and more! Every month, we talk about a different topic, alternating between highlights, movies, and TV shows. Highlight: In these episodes, we zoom in on a comic, character, or creator. Previous episodes include character spotlights on Scarlet Witch and Mystique, discussions of Giant Size X-Men and the Gambit solo run, and interviews with comic book artist Alitha Martinez and Eric and Julia Lewald, showrunner and writer for the X-Men Animated Series. Movies: Each movie episode covers a movie from the X-Men franchise including production info and a detailed watch-through review. TV: Starting with the X-Men Animated Series, we go through the X-Men TV shows episode by episode.


X-Men The Animated Series: The Fifth Horseman and Jubilee's Fairytale
Eric and Hilary settle in for a pair of real doozies. It's The Fifth Horseman and Jubilee's Fairytale!
43:55 6/23/24
The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans
We tackle the epic crossover featuring The X-Men and the New Teen Titans by Chris Claremont and Walt Simonson!
42:25 5/19/24
X-Men The Animated: Phalanx Covenant and Storm Front
Hilary and Eric settle in for a pair of 2-parters in the final season of the original run. 
52:43 4/29/24
X-Men The Animated Series: Beyond Good and Evil
Eric and Hilary journey through time to cover the epic four-parter, Beyond Good and Evil. 
54:41 4/14/24
The Mutant Agenda and Mutant's Revenge
This time we turn to Spider-Man: The Animated Series for the 2-part X-Men crossover Mutant Agenda and Mutant's Revenge! 
36:07 3/31/24
X-Men The Animated Series: Lotus & Steel and Weapon X, Lies & Videotape
Eric and Hilary take a peek behind the curtain that is Wolverine's mind in these epic episodes. 
50:22 3/3/24
New Mutants: Karma in Love
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Karma and Galura navigate their budding romance as Karma's complicated past bubbles to the surface.  
31:34 2/11/24
X-Men The Animated Series: Family Ties and Bloodline
Hilary delves into a couple of sibling-themed episode as we continue on our quest to cover X-Men The Animated Series.
44:09 2/1/24
Comic Book Coffee Break: Giant Sized Annual #3
Eric presents a special episode of Comic Book Coffee Break where he and Nic discuss their favorite comics of 2023. 
59:04 1/3/24
X-Men The Animated Series: Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas
Ho Ho Horrible way to treat the Morlocks, but Eric and Hilary are here to spread a little Christmas cheer!
35:13 12/17/23
Ms. Marvel & Wolverine: Fists of Justice
Hilary and Nic tackle the X-Men/Ms. Marvel crossover Fists of Justice, and accidentally complete an unintentional Venom trilogy.
36:48 12/7/23
X-Men The Animated Series: Proteus
Hilary and Eric cover the epic two-parter Proteus from X-Men: The Animated Series.  Proteus Parts 1 and 2 Aired September 30 and October 7, 1995 Directed by Larry Huston Written by Bruce Reid Schaefer (Part 1) and Luann Wood and Matthew Malach (Part 2)  
30:57 11/19/23
Halloween 2023: X-Men: First Class Giant-Size Special #1
It's Halloween and Hilary is joined by Sally Jacoby Murphy as the classic roster rolls through a series of horror pastiches. 
32:07 10/29/23
X-Men: The Animated Series: One Man's Worth
Eric and Hilary dive into a lackluster time-travel 2-parter.  It's One Man's Worth! #xmen #xmen97
39:26 10/20/23
Poison X
Hilary's deep dive into the Venomverse finally pays off when she and Nic cover the 2018 X-Men/Venom crossover Poison X. 
43:42 9/24/23
X-Men The Animated Series: Secrets, Not Long Buried & Nightcrawler
Eric and Hilary dive into a couple of odd ball episodes.  The X-Men are on vacation!
41:06 9/4/23
Character Spotlight: Cable
Hilary and Eric buckle up and take a ride through the life and times of Cable.
45:58 8/4/23
X-Men The Animated Series: Xavier Remembers and Courage
Hilary and Eric take a look at a couple of classics from X-Men the Animated Series.  We get the return of old foes and an old friend.
41:31 7/2/23
Dark Web
The Spider-verse is in the air and Hilary buckles in for the expansive X-Men/Spidey crossover Dark Web. 
76:15 6/17/23
X-Men The Animated Series: Sanctuary Parts I and II
Hilary and Eric dive into the epic two-parter "Sanctuary" from X-Men: The Animated Series. 
42:14 5/21/23
The Wolverine Anime
This week Hilary takes a look at the 2011 Marvel Anime series, Wolverine.  Previously On X-Men is brought to you by the Radio Meanwhile Network.
21:55 5/7/23
X-Men The Animated Series: Juggernaut Returns and Deal with the Devil
Hilary and Eric tackle a couple of standalone episodes featuring the return of Juggernaut and Omega Red. 
34:20 4/10/23
X-23: Innocence Lost
Hilary takes a look at the origin of X-23 in Innocence Lost by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost and Billy Tan. Previously on X-Men is brought to you by the Radio Meanwhile Network.
36:40 3/25/23
X-Men The Animated Series: Orphan's End and Love in Vain
Eric and Hilary bond over their love of Corsair's vibe, plus Rogue is reunited with Cody! 
41:38 2/25/23
Character Spotlight: Nature Girl
This week we're taking a look at Nature Girl and X-Men Green.
46:03 2/5/23
X-Men: The Animated Series: The Dark Phoenix Saga Parts 3 & 4
Hilary and Eric conclude their discussion on the Dark Phoenix Saga from X-Men: The Animated Series.
34:52 1/22/23
X-Men The Animated Series: The Dark Phoenix Saga: Parts 1 & 2
Hilary and Eric dig into the first half of the epic Dark Phoenix Saga from X-Men the Animated Series.
42:10 1/15/23
Comic Book Coffee Break: Giant Sized Annual #2
This week we bring you a special episode of retired Radio Meanwhile show Comic Book Coffee Break where Eric and Nic break down their favorite comics of 2022!
62:02 1/8/23
X-Men: Misfits
Hilary and Nic take a look at X-Men: Misfits the ill-fated Del Rey Manga from Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman and Anzu.
49:04 12/12/22
X-Men The Animated Series - Savage Lands, Strange Hearts
Eric and Hilary return to the Savage Lands in this epic two-parter.
48:15 11/6/22