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Titans as Teens

Sixteen year old Brody Herrick has in-depth conversations with entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders to find out what kinds of things they learned as teenagers that continue to influence them today.


Sunniva Sorby: Expeditioner & Citizen Scientist
Episode 16: It's not every day you get to talk with an explorer and adventurer who just spent a year in a tiny cabin in the high arctic. Sunniva Sorby shares her experiences as an adventurer and citizen scientist.
58:03 6/23/21
Ernest White II: TV Show Host and Entrepreneur
Episode 15: As a kid growing up in Florida, Ernest White II was fascinated by exotic sounding foreign cities and countries. He transformed his love of travel into a blog and hit TV show.
61:36 6/9/21
Chafic Kazoun: CEO and Angel Investor
Episode 14: Chafic Kazoun is an entrepreneur, CEO and angel investor. Born in Lebanon, he started coding while in elementary school. He's the co-founder of B-Line Medical.
42:54 5/26/21
James Tamplin: Investor & Entrepreneur
Episode 13: Investor and entrepreneur James Tamplin was the co-founder of Firebase. Acquired by Google, it's a set of tools that software engineers use to build iOS, Android and web apps.
34:29 5/12/21
James Gray: Film Director and Screenwriter
Episode 12: James Gray is a film director and screenwriter. Recent films include Ad Astra, The Lost City of Z, The Immigrant, Two Lovers, We Own the Night, The Yards and Little Odessa.
66:13 4/28/21
Tom Staggs: Board Member, former COO Disney
Episode 11: Tom Staggs is the former Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney company, where he worked for 26 years. He's now on the board of directors for a number of companies, including Spotify and The Forest Road Company.
55:13 4/14/21
Marc Weinstein: Investor and Podcaster
Episode 10: Marc Weinstein is an investor, writer and podcaster. He's also featured in the Emmy nominated documentary Fyre, about the ill-fated Fyre Festival.
45:53 3/31/21
Andrew Murray Dunn: Wellness Technology Advisor
Episode 9: Andrew Murray Dunn describes himself as an all-win leader, bridge weaver, healer and pioneer at the intersections of technology, wellness, finance and systems change.
55:35 3/17/21
Paul Ollinger: Comedian, Author & Podcaster
Episode 8: Paul Ollinger is a comedian, author, and podcaster. He's also a former VP at Facebook. He shares thoughts about school, success and why he doesn't do shots anymore.
65:22 3/3/21
Grant Sabatier: Author and Podcaster
Episode 7: Grant Sabatier is the best-selling author of Financial Freedom, and host of the Millennial Money podcast and website. He talks to Brody about his approach to learning and finding success.
46:35 2/17/21
Tina Hay: Entrepreneur and Author
Episode 6: Tina Hay has been an entrepreneur since she was in high school. It's what she's always wanted to do. She's the founder and CEO of Napkin Finance. She shares her thoughts on what it takes to be successful and happy.
34:13 2/3/21
Neil Strauss : Author and Journalist
Episode 5: Neil Strauss is an author and transformational journalist. A ten-time New York Times best-selling author, he's also written articles about the biggest names in music for Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Esquire, Spin and other magazines.
49:00 1/20/21
Ho Nam: Venture Capitalist
Episode 4: Venture Capitalist Ho Nam is the co-founder and managing director of Altos Ventures. His unique journey started in Grade 9 in Los Angles when he was recruited to attend a prestigious east-coast boarding school..
41:30 1/13/21
Amy Chan: Author and Breakup Expert
Episode 3: Amy Chan's new book is called "Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart". We talk about breakups, but we'll also talk about her early years growing up and hanging out with the tough crowd.
51:18 12/30/20
Nikolai Bratkovski: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Episode 2: Entrepreneur Nikolai Bratkovski "I wish as a teenager I found that balance not being so serious about myself and running that business"
57:18 12/16/20
Craig Sherman: Venture Capitalist
Episode 1: Venture Capitalist Craig Sherman. "I get to meet the coolest, most courageous startup execs in the world. eople who basically have some cool idea of how they want to change reality, bend it, and do what they want it to be"
45:02 12/2/20
Titans as Teens is Coming Soon
Promo: Brody Herrick is the host of a new podcast called Titans as Teens. New episodes every 2 weeks starting in December 2020.
00:23 8/24/20