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The Leadership Diet

Effective leaders will always outperform ineffective leaders over time! Hi, I am Pod OSullivan. For over twenty years I have coached, mentored and supported corporate leaders and leadership teams all over the world to become impactful, effective and high performing. This is a podcast that taps into that experience. It is recorded for and about senior business leaders, C suite leaders, Founders and CEO's.  I interview leaders and experts about ways to optimise leadership. What are the useful habits and thinking patterns? What are the secrets to high performing teams? How do they continue to nurture their effectiveness day after day? In other words, what is their leadership diet?


Reflections on my conversation with Dr Ty Wiggins 08:13 09/21/2021
Don't assume your new CEO will be successful. Insure it with Dr. Ty Wiggins 46:30 09/21/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Pádraig O'Tuama 07:32 09/14/2021
How to ensure your intentions have substance with Pádraig O'Tuama 58:18 09/14/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Brian Hartzer 10:02 09/07/2021
Enjoying the ups and overcoming the downs of being a CEO of a very public organisation 65:09 09/07/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Amy Edmondson and Kieran White 06:24 08/31/2021
What's the deal with psychological safety with Amy Edmondson and Kieran White 53:37 08/31/2021
Season 3 Opener! 04:56 08/24/2021
Bonus Episode #2! How to develop great leadership teams 49:52 08/17/2021
BONUS! Reflections on our conversation about ensuring your leadership development programs are effective 10:03 08/10/2021
BONUS episode! How to ensure your leadership development program works. 52:26 08/10/2021
The best of Season 2 Summary Session 68:22 06/29/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Peter Webb 06:16 06/15/2021
Peter Webb on wisdom and decision making during times of disruption 43:32 06/15/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Craig Le Masters 05:28 06/08/2021
Craig Le Masters on overcoming the 'thumb-sucking-in-a-foetal-position' that leaders often find themselves in! 36:00 06/08/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Michael Ilczynski 10:10 06/01/2021
Michael Ilczynski on opinions, mandates, humility and evening reflections 49:49 06/01/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Stuart Elmslie 08:32 05/25/2021
Stuart Elmslie on purpose driven organisations, agile tribes, trades, teams and why curiosity is the antidote to judgement as a leader 48:06 05/25/2021
Reflections on my interview with Warwick Fairfax 04:54 05/18/2021
Warwick Fairfax on overcoming failures, crucible moments and re-designing your life! 47:00 05/18/2021
Reflections on my conversation with Rachel Frizberg 09:31 05/11/2021
Rachel Frizberg on Leading at scale! 55:02 05/11/2021
Reflections on conversation with Michael Spayd 05:27 05/04/2021
Michael Spayd on all things agile 31:25 05/04/2021
Alex Condoleon on how curiosity and networks can drive your career 68:42 04/20/2021
Lance Little on taking Kiwi style Leadership to the world! 66:08 04/13/2021
Richard Neall who shares accept you are in charge, get over it and lead! 63:36 04/06/2021