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The Mothers of Desperation is a YouTube comedy group that gets together to discuss whatever distracted them this week. Warning, topics include pop culture, comic books, television, movies, politics, religion, and some insects. Darn auto-correct! That should have said sometimes sex.


Non-Christmas Christmas Movies and Die Hard
What are some of our favorite non-Christmas Christmas movies and why we love Die Hard so much!
37:56 12/07/2020
'twas the pod before the 'ween
CJ and Sarah prepare to celebrate Halloween 2020 and begin the holiday season.
28:38 11/01/2020
The Black Panther and Hollywood Integrity
Discussing the loss of the Black Panther star and the question of integrity in Hollywood. Would he have been given the opportunity to play such a huge role if the public had known about his diagnosis, and should that matter?
32:07 09/26/2020
096 - The Year of Living Disappointedly
CJ and Craig spoil the year's best finales while they test out their  live stream setup on YouTube. If you loved the finales to some of these  great titles you won't want to listen to this episode. You have been warned.
51:22 12/19/2019
095 - Podcast Like Nobody's Listening
Attending Los Angeles Comic Con and character inspired clothing,  crossplaying suggestions for Jack, Los Angeles Comic Con, hours and  after parties, line management and attending panels, our most popular  podcast subjects, nerdbait controversies and subjects, nerdbaiting,  supporting cosplayers and content creators, Twitch and Twitch Prime care  of Amazon, the mad orange man himself is one of our most popular  subjects, not winning the presidency two consecutive terms in a row,  Trump and Kanye versus the 13th ammendment, nicknaming the  name-caller-in-chief, discussing Gitmo, Stan Lee's longevity, vip  upgrades, Craig "Big Poppa" Chenoweth and his new streaming channel Into  the Derbyverse,, interesting things this  week, puppert news, The Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry, The Curious  Creations of Christine McConnell. Please like, subscribe, and comment  below!
59:01 12/19/2019
094 - Breaks, Purges, Kitchens, and Cocktails
CJ and Jack are back from our summer break and discuss upcoming  episodes. Subscribers please comment and vote for the name of the  upcoming cooking show on the Desperate Mothers. Will it be Cook Stupid,  CJ's Crazy Kitchen, or Chronic Kitchen? The taco juice video that  started a blender cocktail binge. Upcoming nugget series of videos. We  also wax whimsically about the poor timing of our video releases. Will  Stan Lee be at LA Comic Con this year? Ant Man & Wasp Infinity War  spoiler! Comment below!
40:16 12/19/2019
093 - Infinity Spoilers
Spoiling Marvel's Avengers Infinity War. Nerdgasms galore! X-Men's  status in the MCU is discussed. How can the Marvel Cinematic Universe be  put back together again? After the credit spoilers. The biggest opening  weekend of all time. Bemoaning the lack of cosplayers at the local  movie opening. Thanos the Eco-Terrorist. More mumbo jumbo. Subscribe to  us today. Leave comments and ratings using your favorite podcast app.
56:34 12/19/2019
092 - Stealing Stan Lee's Blood
Is Stan Lee being abused by his handlers? Who is profiting off the  living legend? Did someone steal Stan Lee's blood and use it to sign  comic books? The Talent's Twitch channel is Ketchin_Games subscribe now!  Jack berates CJ for doing RPGs wrong. No spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers  Infinity War!
51:17 12/19/2019
091 - What Should Have Blend
CJ and Jack talk about the final cut of That Blender Guy porg video, key characteristics, editing down the footage to a final short video, CJ's car will turn 21 and be allowed to drink legally, convention loop reels, attention grabbers, Tomb Raider, future episode ideas, DC movie openings and disappointing dark and gray climactic battles, Superman's air sac, fist fights at terminal velocity in the Black Panther movie, Wakandan Americans, magic mumbo jumbo defying the laws of physics, pop up video ideas and porg revisions.
51:58 03/29/2018
90 - Foibles, Faux Pas, and Porgs
Outtakes and the aftermath of our latest video, That Blender Guy. CJ and Jack also discuss the upcoming comic book conventions and attending shows in the future.
36:58 03/09/2018
089 - Flat Track Roller Derby and the Convention Experience
Flat Track Roller Derby and the resurgence of the full contact sport with Craig Chenowith, WFTDA, upcoming season of the local roller derby league, photographers Chuck Gay, Mike Weiss, Tristan King, roller derby photography, community involvement, the roller derby season starts this week, #NoBeerForCJ, comment below, porg ideas, cease and desist letters, why CJ is not allowed to have a PayPal account, Disney annual pass prices increase, SDCC prices, outlaw con-goer, Long Beach Comic Expo, alternate comic conventions, anime expo, Gallifrey One convention, Strategic Con, Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, personalities signing autographs, The Stan Lee Experience, CJ's Truly Authentic and Trustworthy Comic Grading Company, the 30 second pause, Dashiki denied, cultural appropriation, movies that have fallen out of favor, montages are a must for modern movies, this week's homework assignment is to watch the new Marvel Black Panther movie. Click like, subscribe, leave a comment, and hop on!
77:43 02/18/2018
088 - That Blender Guy
YouTube channel. Unfounded dislike of Star Wars porgs. Porg traumatic stress syndrome. Planned video shoots that may not make it to our channel. Planned future podcast guests. Crickets. Yngwie Malmsteen show in Beverly Hills. Peepshow Menagerie and the Fais Do Do Club. Cherry Potter and the Wizards of Burlesque. Magic Castle. Bree Larson in the new Captain Marvel movie takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe into unchartered territory. Leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe!
47:50 02/13/2018
087 - Spoiling the Last Jedi
Part two of our Christmas podcast continues with out casual fan review of Star Wars The Last Jedi. What we like, what we didn't like, and what we think is going to happen next. Fan theories may be included in this episode.
81:35 12/28/2017
086 - Christmas Porgs!
It's Christmas time in the Womb and the Mothers talk about porgs, Star Wars, Space X, and the most inappropriate Kylo Ren toy they found. This episode stays away from The Last Jedi spoilers.
42:13 12/26/2017
085 - Porgs and Cons
CJ and Jack talk about upcoming convention plans, meeting Stan Lee and Nichelle Nichols, Star Was The Last Jedi, penguins, porg, and evil beachballs, Star Was licensing and merchandise, the Endor compromise, gerrymandering, citizen journalists, bad presidents, and upcoming streams.
72:58 11/10/2017
084 - Fracking K'un-Lun
The Mothers talk about Marvel's misses, space penguins, The Inhumans, and Stan Lee.
108:23 09/23/2017
083 - Preparing the Defenders
This episode is mostly about Wonder Woman, the movie, not the series. We also set up next week's episode guide - watch Marvel's The Defenders to keep up!
56:08 09/01/2017
082 - We Shall Call Her... GG!
Sorry, we just saw Wonder Woman! A long discourse about comic based movies and shows that are in production (and some that should be)! Digitally unaged actors, the Digital Fountain of Youth, perpetual actors, actors chemistry, DC Comics only studio making female movies, Wonder Woman can't go home again, we shall call her... GG! Wonder Woman's workout regimen, Super Friends should be a movie, Captain Marvel and the Kree race in the MCU, Old Man Logan movie was just an attempt to bow out of the X-Men, the Defenders may likely sit around and drink coffee ala The Tick, suggesting upcoming movies featuring strong female leads, problems with Power Man, Hulk and Thor battle over a movie title, Hela is a strong female villain, a bat turns into a vulture, CJ and Jack attempt to read through the Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual so buy the book and follow along - next UCB book update will be included in description.
85:11 06/14/2017
081 - Clam Jamming Wonder Woman & The BS Mine on Uranus
An orgy of comic book talk, Armchair Wire-Fu, Jack and CJ argue about the integrity of comic book continuity and the DCU & MCU movies, Entertainment business, CJ attending The Groundlings School, joining the president's exclusive access club, crowdfunding adult movies, dry humping in burkas, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans and Thunderbolts, Bucky in the Captain America comic books versus the Winter Soldier in the Cap MCU, Spidey as Tony's pawn, vibranium and the laws of physics, vibranium catching, the Hollywood writers' bullshit mine on Uranus, DCU giving up advertising space to GoG, clam jamming Wonder Woman, Ghost In the Shell discussion - how the live action movie venerated and let down the original anime, the success of Batman V Superman, a billion dollar success, Scarlett Johansson sets the bar and can Gal Gadot meet it?
66:55 05/08/2017
080 - Casting the Gwen Stacy Trilogy
Adam, CJ, and Jack discuss Marvel movies, dangerous drone games, streaming services and transparency in subscriber counts as well as casting the Gwen Stacy Trilogy. 
69:26 05/02/2017
079 - Teddy Bears Ain't Got No Force
Return from the winter, Ramses won, Twitter space, Ghost in the Shell, Scarlett Johanson, Angelina Jolie, hacking, Mr Robot, backdoors, microwave spies, cylons, social security clones, don't make yourself an easy target, home automation, futuristic bad guys, space battle in the future, hyperspace navigation and manual targeting, autopilots and dogfighting, the force versus laser blasts, broken confidences, teddy bears ain't got no force, Endor induced PTSD, what's funny now?, CJ goes to the Groundlings school, blender stuff, drunk cooking with no jokes, remedial comedy classes, cookies ain't no joke, fame and wealth and how to get it, puppets as actors versus performers, gilfs, motherlight, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Spider-Man is Tony Stark's flunky, Spidey's pre-Civil War persona, Iron Man's playboy style, Elon Musk Hugh Hefner and Paris Hilton, Buckaroo Bonzai, Spider-man's webbing shooting out of other body parts. Secret explanations.
51:55 04/10/2017
078 - Oedipus Ren & Emperor Trumpatine
Pods of holidays passed, the pod that makes you ring that bell, there's no white-washing Luke Cage, welcome to the Phantom Menace, Neegan visits your nuts, inner demons provide motivation, good heavy, Naboo callbacks, the return of Jar Jar looms in our future, Leia is the heart of the force, Emperor Trumpatine disbands the senate, fantastic creatures and Harry Potter, the ghost of a person, powers of disbelief, how disbelief would work in the real world, cheaters go to hell, four years of beating a dead horse, POTUS the T stands for Twitter, television journalists citing social media in general, no friends on freindster, always talking about Scarlette Johanson, Tweety Trump, the Frankenstein syndrome, Hulk rage is unending power, Banner in control, Thor 3 won't suck if it not focused on Thor, Matt argues for a Black Wido movie, La Femme Natasha, the Hawkeye movie was a ripoff, Guardians needed to be a comedy, skin grabs and manipulation, yoga pants controversy, movie fair pay and th
76:32 12/16/2016
077 - Resting Bored Face
Black Friday edition with CJ, Jack, Matt and Sammie;  Walmart online servers subsidized by the government, repairs to the Most Desperate Studio on Planet Earth, flooding out the wicked, schooled on words that are tight,  grumpy cats at comic conventions, groping booth and the convention, spoiler time windows - when is it okay? Ron Jeremy should host a comic book convention, rjlvpcc, Doctor Strange does not go to Hogwarts, Lois Lane is the quintessential damsel in distress, ranking Batmen, resting bored face, Superman's loyalty pledge, Doctor Strange and Benedict Cumberbatch, the movie lacked a convincing training montage, sling rings and things, Harry Potter cinematic universe - the HPCU, the Mouse makes money, buyout prices, mis-remembering November, white washing Ghost in the Shell, Jackie Chan jumps over buildings well into his old age, the return of Moby Script, some costumes are more unisex than others, Banner Hulks out to impress the ladies, who is worthy of lifting Hulk's ham
78:54 11/27/2016
076 - Trumpocalypse Now
Sammie joins CJ in podcasting, Star Wars awakens something, crickette roulette, grumpy cats votes libertarian? grumpy cat people getting plastic surgery, CJ might be lying, bug eyed evolution, going grumpy, missing Comikaze, Stan Lee might live forever, hot girls from Spider-Man, The Trumpocalypse, The Apprentice winners get their appointments, what went wrong for Hillary, Don't Trump this up!, Kanye West is a member of the Bey Hive, picture frames, buried by flab, American versus British pints, how many effs does grumpy cat give?, NFG,  challenges in making videos, camera angle use in green screen technology, Hobitses can trick the camera, Shiva the tiger puppet from The Walking Dead, That Blender Guy, Arby's Meat Mountain Shake, Meatshake Monday, Trader Joe's Pumpkin Tortilla Chips review, Pumpkin Pie kettle cooked potato chips by Boulder Mountain, looking forward to the next four years with Donald Trump. 
57:09 11/20/2016
075 - Oreo Sushi
The Mothers celebrate 2 years of podcasts with Oreos and sushi! Lay's new flavors are sampled and a winner is proclaimed from the new batch of fried potatoes. A trivia game is played and cookie punishments are doled out in honor of our anniversary episode. What do you get when you combine tasty Oreo cookies and Walmart sushi? Listen, subscribe, comment, and review! We still have Desperado patches, comment for your chance to randomly get one!
53:00 10/10/2016
074 - Shirtless and Blackwashed
CJ and Matt discuss Vladimir Putin's secret phone calls, Superman's motivations, Suicide Squad's true reason for existence, Oreo's foray into seafood, and Pop Tarts posing as soda pop. Along the way they may or may not offend listeners with off the cuff conjecture, faulty logic, poor reasoning, and just plain old bad taste.
50:06 09/12/2016
073 - Star Trek Beyond the Space Whales (and Nose Brownies)
Exploding with Content! Banned from Comic Con! Adam, Matt, and CJ discuss the summer blockbuster films they've seen so far, and ones they haven't! What is funny, interesting, or offensive about Star Trek Beyond, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, X-Men Apocalypse, Ghostbusters, and space whales? IMDB knows! But not Rotten Tomaters! Would Captain Kirk play Pokemon Go on the bridge of the Enterprise? Like and subscribe. Stick around for the secret review!
51:29 08/10/2016
072 - Ghostbusters Twinkie Cooler
Ada, CJ, Jack, and Matt consume Ghostbusters themed foods while talking about the movie. Can they make it trough the episode without spoilers? Probably not, but you have to listen to find out what happens. Don't forget to comment for your chance to win a free Desperado supporter iron on patch. Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Youtube and everywhere else fine podcasts are given away! 
26:59 07/28/2016
071 - Watermelon Bacon Poptarts and the Game of Thrones Finale
Adam, CJ, Jack, and Matt, discuss the season finale of Game of Thrones, Poptarts in deliciously disgusting flavors, watermelon, maple bacon, King's Landin explained, witnessing the chewification, master of the meat shake, octopus creampuff, watermelon and maple bacon Poptarts combine for a taste sensation, brown sugar watermelon, the final verdict, runny eggs or not, discussing upcoming YouTube broadcast, please review us in iTunes, we aren't proud, who will kill Cersei, penises are stupid, Ricon story disappointments, power vacuum, the Mothers discuss possible upcoming GoT scenarios, stone men, deadite insight, does Westeros have the same geological and weather patterns as Earth? next season predictions, Dr. Mountainstein, prepaid lists of the Many Faced God, King and King ruling couples, Ramsey Bolton deserved a harder death, first death of next season predictions, the Clegane brothers death match, patch giveaway to a random subscriber on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, the website
56:52 07/01/2016
070 - Twinkie Wax and Why the DCU Needs a Gardener
Adam, CJ, Jack, and Matt try Hostess Banana Split Twinkies, anatomically correct wax museum figures, X-Men Age of Apocalypse, the D-Box experience, The Flash versus Quicksilver, Katnis gave a speech before attacking Apocalypse, the nerdbait did not deliver, too much special effects blur together, grey goo, the climactic battle was copied from the Fantastic Four, like a bad boss fight, World of Warcraft, fan service, crafting saves the day, a movie made for game players, character ensemble movies are hard to pull off, Guy Gardner can save the DC cinematic universe if they made his movie, Netflix shows, Voltron, Game of Thrones spoilers, upcoming death predictions, the debate over Cersei's fate results in a meatshake wager, meatshake bet, comment and review the podcast to be entered into our random patch giveaway.
77:48 06/20/2016