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Mount Pleasant's Blessing of the Fleet: Celebrating Shrimpers & Community
Join us for a fun-filled look into Mount Pleasant's Blessing of the Fleet as Tracy Richter, Events Coordinator for the Town of Mount Pleasant and Tressy Mellichamp, Fundraising Chair for Fishermen's Memorial Statue talk to host Brian Cleary about this annual event and it's history.  Every April the Blessing of the Fleet kicks off the shrimping season with a boat parade, ceremonial blessing of the fleet by local ministers, delicious food, arts & crafts, and live music. Learn more about the event's history, its importance to the community, and hear from a local family involved in the shrimping industry.  Find out everything you need to know to be part of this special Mount Pleasant tradition at  
20:23 4/17/24
Serving Military-Connected Kids: How MCEC Makes School Transitions Easier
In honor of the Month of the Military Child, we have Karli Sabecky, Implementation Coordinator, and Sarah Schackelton, Community Coordinator along with host Brian Cleary discussing what the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) does to support the education of military-connected students. We understand that military families often have to relocate frequently, and this can have a significant impact on their children's education. That's why MCEC has developed a comprehensive support system to help military-connected students adjust to their new schools and communities. From academic support to social and emotional well-being, we have resources in place to ensure that these students have a smooth transition and continue to thrive in their education. MCEC also works not only with the schools but also with local businesses that want to support the program. Karli and Sarah dive more deeply into the way MCEC works to help make the transition of new students of military families get connected and integrated into their new school. Karli and Sarah also share some personal tips for making school transitions smoother for military families.
24:01 4/5/24
Make-A-Wish SC: Fulfilling Dreams for Critically Sick Children (with Mom's Story!)
Shannon Rice is the Coastal Regions Development Officer at Make-A-Wish South Carolina and she joins Hart Peary a Make-A-Wish Mom along with host Erin Kienzle they talk about what Make-A-Wish South Carolina does, and their fundraising and their life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Make sure to listen in through to the end to find out how Hart and her family chose to move to Charleston from Massachusetts. Mom Hart Peary opens up talking about Charlie, her former Make-a-Wish child. As a 9-year-old his wish was "Charlie-Palooza", a Celebration of Friendship. For one day Make-a-Wish threw the biggest party they've ever thrown. His friends, classmates, and family from around the country flew in, his doctors, nurse, and his entire school, and they joined him for a day to leave the hospital and have fun with face painting, arcades, candy rooms, fire trucks, police escorts and as Hart put it, it was just "ridiculously fun". Hart accepted a Wish Society Nomination into Women Inspiring Strength & Hope (WISH), which is a group of 11 ladies in South Carolina to inspire, strengthen, and give hope to this community. These women give back to this wonderful organization and they commit to raising at least $7,500 each. Explaining her participation in Women Inspiring Strength & Hope to raise funds to pay for children's wishes, she said every dollar counts because some wishes, like Charlie's, cost much more than South Carolina's average of $7,500 to make those wishes happen. Shannon says with this current group of women including Hart she's watched them form relationships and become friends while they're busy with church, family, and business and as they support one another toward raising the funds to grant as many wishes as possible. You can also help by becoming a Make-a-Wish volunteer. Shannon explained the different ways to help the organization and referred people to and go to Events to find out where and when to donate, or you can go to Ways to Help Us to find out how to help make more wishes come true.
21:34 4/1/24
Hoops Against Homelessness: 10-year-old Wade & Friend Carter Make a Difference (One Shot at a Time)
Wade Altum, the Founder, is 10 years old and decided to help the homeless and started Hoops Against Homelessness with partner One80 Place. He started the shooting/giving events in 2020 during COVID and began with a small event that grew over time. At first, they asked people to post on Instagram to shoot 10 hoops or donate, and that raised awareness bringing in about $1,500 that first year to fight homelessness. Carter Delman, Assistant joined after he made donations and wanted to do more so he ended up joining Wade and Hoops Against Homelessness. Also, listen in and find out which basketball teams Wade and Carter like and why. Continuing, Carter says 2024's Hoops Against Homelessness is from March 16th to March 24th. Wade adds that people can get involved by going to events, sharing on Instagram at @hoopsagainsthomelessness, or texting friends to tell them about Hoops Against Homelessness, and you can find them online at where you can find details about how to help, what great partners have joined this year, how you can host an event to raise funds, promote your progress all to raise awareness and donations to fight homelessness. #hoopsagainsthomelessnesschs  #hoopsagainsthomelessness  #one80place
14:42 3/21/24
Equine Therapy for Veterans & PTSD/TBI: Hope, Resilience & Purpose - Sarah Lustig's Story at HITS
If you or a loved one is looking for alternative treatments for PTSD & TBI, join host Brian Cleary as he talks with Hoofprints in the Sand's (HITS) founder, CEO, and Clinical Director Sarah Lustig. HITS uses equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) to help veterans and others struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) at their farm on Wando Road mere minutes north of Mount Pleasant, SC. In this video: Discover EAP: Learn how Sarah Lustig's 20+ years of experience and certifications are helping patients find hope, resilience, and purpose through EAP. See real results: Hear about the improvements measured in patients at HITS using this unique therapy approach.  Understand the program: Sarah Lustig dives deep into how EAP works and the program offered at HITS. Struggling with PTSD or TBI? This video might offer a new path to healing. Share it with someone who needs to see this! #equinetherapy #ptsd #tbi #veterans #horsetherapy #hoofprintsinthesand #hope #resilience
24:09 3/5/24
John Wright, pres. of the AAS Historic Commission on the Organization & the Long Point Schoolhouse
John Wright, the president of the African American Settlement Historic Commission talks with host Brian Cleary about AASHC's role in the preservation of the 1904 Long Point School in Mount Pleasant, as well as what the AAS Historic Commission does, and why they do it. John and Brian also talk about how the African American Settlement HC partners with Boone Hall Plantation during this year's Black History Month. Also, learn about ways you can help the African American Settlement Historic Commission, how you can donate to the Long Point Schoolhouse Final Phase Restoration on GoFundMe, how you can donate to AAS Historic Commission at and also visit their website to find out how you can volunteer.
22:18 2/22/24
How Does Mount Pleasant Gardens Help and When Is it Time to Consider Moving In?
Denise Kish, the Executive Director at Mount Pleasant Gardens Memory Care Community says they are a standalone memory care community for people with dementia, which is an umbrella term for several disorders that affect memory and other cognitive functions. The community is there for people with a diagnosis of one of the different types of dementia. As Leanne Lovin, the Community Resource Director at Mount Pleasant Gardens says, many calls she gets are before a family member has to move into their community. She helps by advising applicable resources that can help their particular situation. Watch or listen as this episode tours the Mount Pleasant Gardens Memory Care Community and how the community is organized. When is it appropriate or necessary to move a loved one with a diagnosis of dementia into a facility? Listen in for the answer to this and other questions about memory care!
25:32 2/8/24
Mount Pleasant Home Showcase, Coming in March 2024
Mount Pleasant Magazine's publisher, Bill Macchio, talks with host Brian Cleary about the Mount Pleasant Home Showcase coming to the Omar Shrine Convention Center in March of 2024. Home-related businesses like heating and air, whole home generators and home remodeling will be at the show and all of those home-related businesses will be offering discounts. Rob Fowler will be talking about hurricane preparedness and so much more. Listen in and get all of the details about this March 2024 show at Patriots Point!
16:43 1/8/24
Get Involved with the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce to Benefit Your Business, Other Businesses and the Public
Kathi Herrmann, President Elect of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce talks to host Brian Cleary about how she got involved with the Chamber of Commerce in Mount Pleasant and what it does for local businesses and the areas covered. The Chamber of Commerce is a great way to connect with other local businesses, network and make valuable contacts in the community. As the Marketing Director of Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, Herrmann brings valuable experience and insight to the Chamber and its members. The Chamber is busy with its many activities and is always welcoming new members from the community to join. Herrmann says to get the most from your membership with the Chamber you should get involved so you can make the most of that membership and gain benefit from it.
25:50 1/4/24
Whipped Feta, Wine Flights, Pizza and More: Karen Mennuti-Raju, Co-founder of BENE Hospitality Group
If you've heard of SAVI Cucina + Wine Bar and Sommba Cocina then you can thank BENE Hospitality Group. Co-founder Karen Mennuti-Raju sits down with host Brian Cleary and talks about the BENE Hospitality Group and the foods and restaurants they are responsible for creating. SAVI Cucina serving Italian food, opened in November of 2019 and Mennuti-Raju talks about the inspiration behind the restaurant and its food. Sommba Cocina is a Spanish Gastrobar and their fan favorites are Chicken Lollipops and Whipped Feta. Listen as Mennuti-Raju describes the Chicken Lollipops and see if you can resist dropping by to taste them for yourself!  If you are a wine lover, or a first-timer you can try either of these two places and you will be in for a treat, and don't need to buy an entire bottle to try their wines. And make sure to listen out for details about their third restaurant opening in Mount Pleasant - Woodhaven Pizza, which will be serving New York City-style pizza.
23:39 12/6/23
Brad Moranz on the Charleston Christmas Special and the Fun of Making It
As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts naturally turn towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. For over 25 years, Brad Moranz and his wife Jennifer have been delighting audiences with the Charleston Christmas Special. This year, the show will run for 10 days, from December 14th through the 23rd. In a recent conversation with host Brian Cleary, Brad Moranz, co-creator of the Charleston Christmas Special, shared insights about the planning and execution of this beloved Christmas show. Moranz revealed that he and Jennifer are always on the lookout for fresh content, such as new Christmas songs or unique renditions of classics. However, he believes that a Christmas show composed entirely of new songs wouldn’t resonate with audiences, as people tend to prefer the familiar tunes of the season. That being said, the Charleston Christmas Special isn’t without its surprises each year. One of the key elements they focus on is assembling a talented cast of singers, dancers, and performers for the show. Listen to the whole podcast for all of the great details and don't forget to head on over to head on over to for tickets.
24:40 11/22/23
Layla Luna, Founder/CEO Just Bee. Just Bee ... Aware. Thoughtful. Caring.
Layla Luna talks with host Brian Cleary about Just Bee, which is a nonprofit dedicated to the millions of families with children or young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and neurodiversity. Just Bee's mission is to train businesses to become more sensory-friendly and welcoming for this untapped market. She says that autism can look to others like bad parenting or unbehaved children because autism has no outward look. For those with Autism, they may look like everyone else on the outside but inside they may be feeling overwhelmed or anxiety-ridden because of some external sensation, like a radio playing in the background, that seems fine to others, but for some with autism, the sound might be very loud and cause a sensory overload or anxiety. Listen as Layla tells Brian about the different aspects of autism and neurodiversity which may appear in a wide range of ways, how it may affect people with these conditions, different ways it might appear, and how you can help. Listen through this episode and also hear about Mount Pleasant being named as the first certified Autism-friendly Town. For more information visit
31:01 11/6/23
Why Vote Clay Duffie for Mount Pleasant Waterworks Commissioner on Nov 7?
Answering the question why should you Vote Clay Duffie for Mount Pleasant Waterworks Commissioner on Nov 7, Clay Duffie speaks with host Brian Cleary about his candidacy for the only open seat on the Mount Pleasant Public Waterworks Commission. Duffie was the General Manager of Mount Pleasant Public Waterworks for 32 years, so he knows about water, the commission, our community and our customers. Duffie retired a couple of years ago from daily operations but feels like his knowledge and experience in networking is a good opportunity to give back to the community. He says the State Water Plan is the future of the state's water resources for the next 50 years and Duffie wants to pick up from his role as an Advisory Member for the past two-and-a-half years and he'd like to see it through to the end to adoption. He says a sustainable and long-term source of water is obviously very important, as is keeping the cost of that water at an affordable cost.
21:49 10/30/23
Learn About Christ Our King - Stella Maris in Mount Pleasant, SC
John Byrnes, president of the school, talks to host Brian Cleary about Christ Our King - Stella Maris in Mount Pleasant, SC, and the things that make the school stand out as an attractive and valuable option for the education of students Pre-K through Grade 8.  Christ Our King - Stella Maris, a private Catholic school, has been named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. Discussion topics include: - Do my kids need to be Catholic to attend Christ Our King - Stella Maris? - How often has Christ Our King - Stella Maris been named a National Blue Ribbon School? - What's the difference between your School President and School Principal? How does it free up the Principal? - They seek to educate the whole child through academics, faith-based and extracurricular activities - Extracurricular activities include archery, basketball, volleyball, dance team, and more - Christ Our King - Stella Maris supports local charities - The school communicates programs, events, and activities to the parents, has meetings with parents, and has a parent-run Home & School Association
23:50 10/16/23
Let's Learn About Mason Preparatory School in Charleston
In this episode of the Mount Pleasant Podcast, host Brian Cleary sits down with the Head of the School, the Director of Enrollment, the School Psychologist, and 3 teachers at Mason Preparatory School. Jennifer Baker, Head of the School says Mason Prep is a K-8 Day School in downtown Charleston near the Charleston City Marina and they have many students from Mount Pleasant. Mason Preparatory School is a purposefully smaller school which allows the staff and teachers to really get to know their students and connect in a meaningful way. Yet they're large enough to have the sports, special areas, and activities you'd expect at a larger school. Mason Prep's school psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Anderson works with students and the staff to oversee the social emotional learning and well-being of the students. Jake Petty, Director of Enrollment talks about the Knight of the Day program which recognizes a student daily who displays the school's guiding principles of respect, kindness, and citizenship to get nominated for random acts of kindness. Jake also says if you are interested in getting in touch or finding out more about Mason Prep you can check out fun videos, find Jake's contact info, see what they're doing in the classroom at and you can also arrange to tour the school if you're interested.
33:19 10/3/23
Do You (or your kids) Want to Learn to Rock? Listen to School of Rock's Matt McFarland
Matt McFarland at the School of Rock in Mount Pleasant says their students start out learning performance based music in a band, which means you'll learn faster. Learning to play an instrument gives kids something positive to do with their extra time, aids in brain development and has other benefits outside of music itself. School of Rock teaches Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboard and Vocals and they offer free 30 minunte lessons that Matt says will allow you to not only decide which you'd like to learn but also you'll learn to play a song at the same time. Yes, School of Rock teaches adults, too. How is it different for adults than kids? Listen in to find out the answer to that and more great info if you or your kids are interested in learning ROCK!
27:42 9/14/23
Mental Health in a Judgment-free Zone: Ellie Mental Health
Ellie Mental Health wants to help you live your best life. As trends in mental health allow those who need it to seek that care in a judgment-free zone Ellie steps up to be one of those places for you or your family. John Gentry, owner of Ellie Mental Health in Mount Pleasant saw a need for more mental health providers in the area and looked around and decided Ellie was the best fit. He says go to and type in your zip code to find their location in Mount Pleasant and get started. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina's Ellie Mental Health matches clients with the best therapist based on your needs with Ellie Match. Ellie in Mount Pleasant has secured insurance coverage through most major providers to be able to help more people.   While they are not a crisis facility and do not provide emergency services, Ellie provides support for a wide range of mental disorders and common mental health issues. They have a list of over 20 such conditions they provide care for on their website. Both online and in person therapy is available, just get in touch with Ellie Mental Health.
25:02 8/28/23
Active Living near Charleston, SC. Pickleball, Shopping, Water Aerobics, Parks & Trails ...More.
Amie Dufek (Senior Property Mgr) and Nicole Spencer (Fitness & Lifestyle Coordinator) talk with host Brian Cleary about Restore at Carolina Park. Watch and listen how Active Adult Apartment Living for the 55 and better crowd includes sociability, friendships, travel and fitness with activities like pickleball, water aerobics, and classes like tai chi, belly dancing, ballroom dancing and more! Restore at Carolina Park is convenient to the beach, restaurants, shopping, cultural sites, parks and trails and convenient to downtown yet nestled in Carolina Park.
23:52 8/21/23
Brandon D'Agostino Founder, Owner, Trainer SOCiETY in Charleston
Feel good, look good, live better. Listen in today as Brandon D'Agostino founder, owner, and trainer at SOCiETY in Charleston talks to host Brian Cleary about the workouts and treatment you can expect including indoor cycling, strength training, HIIT classes, Yoga, Yoga Sculpts and Restorative Yoga Classes for a more balanced wellness routine.  Working out and meeting at SOCiETY's boutique fitness studio, you can expect a combination of a gym experience and a spa experience with high end showers, batrhrooms, toiletries and an experience that includes the interaction with the staff who treat you more like friends than clients. Listen through and find out more about SOCiETY and make sure you don't miss... - The intro offer. - Why is the "i" small in SOCiETY's name? - How is SOCiETY different than other fitness studios? - Is there an app? - Can I get an individualized experience? ... and more!
19:58 7/19/23
Brian Henry of Get Carried Away Southern Market and Catering
Brian Henry, Owner/President of Get Carried Away Southern Market and Catering in Pawleys Island, SC and soon in Mount Pleasant, SC talks with host Brian Cleary about the great foods they carry, the different experiences you can have at their two locations after the Mount Pleasant location opoens and just how Palmetto Cheese Homestyle Pimento Cheese is related to their food dishes.
19:26 7/7/23
Mayor Will Haynie Discusses Mount Pleasant, SC Being Named as an All-America City in 2023
Mayor Haynie was in Denver, CO when Mount Pleasant was awarded All-America City by the National Civic League. Mount Pleasant has enjoyed this award for three different years now (2010, 2018 and now 2023) and Mayor Haynie and host Brian Cleary talk about the fun, drama, and organization of competing for All-America City for the 10 spots offered annually. Find out what Together We Weave means in Mt Pleasant. Thank you to our sponsors! Migliori's, Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, Mount Pleasant Magazine, TBC Land Development, Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Raines, Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, Oyster Candle Company and Coastal Gifts, Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd PA, Iacofano's Catering & Events and Clement Rivers, LLP Attorneys at Law.   #allamericacity #nationalcivicleague #tompsc #townofmountpleasant #willhaynie #mtpleasantmayor #townofmp
24:30 6/20/23
Charleston & Mount Pleasant, SC Retirement Living Options at Franke at Seaside
Franke at Seaside has been in Charleston for 130 years and in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina for 25 years. In this episode of Mount Pleasant Podcast, Allison Macfie, Franke's Community Outreach Director chats with host Brian Cleary about Franke at Seaside and the options they offer in active living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing.  Cottage homes and apartment-style living at Franke is often very different than you might expect from what you've seen on movies and TV. The idea is to become part of the Franke community when you are young and active and able to enjoy all of the amenities, then as you age and your needs change Franke continues to provide that appropriate level of care.  There's much more to learn about retirement living at Franke at Seaside in this entire episode, so tune in and listen to today's entire podcast on Mount Pleasant Podcast.  
21:55 6/9/23
Tim Myers the Owner of 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing and Gas
With 25+ years in heating and air conditioning Tim's 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing and Gas is looking to provide the best services they can ask for, on time, reliably and without trying to sell their customers things they don't need. In Charleston and Mount Pleasant you can count on 1st Choice A/C, Heating, Plumbing and Gas for A/C, plumbing, gas and heating services and maintenance. Tim talks to host Brian Cleary about how A/C systems in the humid Charleston area are designed to run and mentions some ways homeowners can get the most out of those. He talks about maintenance plans, how his company cares about the people they serve and how his enjoyment for happy faces and happy people has led him to a hobby of spice rubs and smoking chicken, pork and beef during his off time. #growingwithmountpleasant  
16:20 5/24/23
Brad Dunnells, owner of Bach to Rock Mount Pleasant Music School
Brad Dunnells, owner of the Bach to Rock Mount Pleasant Music School chats with host Brian Cleary about learning music at Bach to Rock Mount Pleasant.  Brand answers questions like what age are your music students, can I learn vocals (singing), do I need to own an instrument to start, do I know how to read music, are all students run through the same program, can I get individual instruction, do you only offer instruction on 3 or 4 instruments and MORE!
26:13 5/5/23
Will Mount Pleasant, SC be named an All-America City in 2023?
Mount Pleasant, SC is an All-America City finalist for 2023 in the National Civic League's annual award competition. Eric LaFontaine, Community Manager for the Town of Mount Pleasant and Christiane Farrell, Deputy Town Administrator talk to host Brian Cleary about what the National Civic League's All-America City awards are all about. Eric and Christiane talk about the National Civic League's focus for this year's awards and some of the stories they will be bringing to the competition in June to tell the jury of nationally recognized civic leaders assembled in Denver, Colordao more about Mount Pleasant and why it's such a great, All-American city. The National Civic League's website says, "The All-America City Award recognizes communities that leverage civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation to successfully address local issues."
22:57 4/24/23
Maryann Loucks, Health Coach, CFNC at Metabolic Medical Center
Maryann, a Certified Functional Nutritional Counselor (CFNC) with Metabolic Medical Center in Murrells Inlet, SC talks to host Brian Cleary about what metabolic means and how it relates to the work she does at Metabolic Medical Center, the services they offer including their physician-based weight loss program and how they customize a program to fit each person's individual needs. Maryann mentions discusses things that effect weight loss and weight gain, how diet and lifestyle factors help with long-term weigh maintenance goals, what kinds of weight loss you can expect at Metabolic Medical Center, how it's important to not just lose weight but also to keep it off, the importance of sleep in weight maintenance and more. Listen through the entire podcast to get every bit of information you can.
23:50 4/13/23
Club President Lee Cohen on 2023 Charleston Battery Soccer
The new Charleston Battery Soccer Club President Lee Cohen talks with host Brian Cleary about his experience (success) with the Tampa Bay Rowdies, his move to Charleston to become the Club President for the Charleston Battery Soccer, the date of this year's season home opener, some of the exciting improvements and additions being planned at Pariots Point, and personal insights into Lee and his family life. Make sure to listen through to the end to hear about ticket prices, what it means to be the Club President, how Lee likes to do the job for the benefit of everyone involved with Charleston Battery Soccer (both on and off of the field), how families get involved at the games, the food culture at the stadium, and who the Regiment is and what they do.
20:33 3/8/23
Receiving Donated Cars and Gifting Them, Middleton's Village to Village Foundation
Eliot noticed the need in 2019 while in Andrews, SC and later founded Middleton's Village to Village Foundation to provide reliable transportation to people with a need in rural South Carolina, although they hope to expand to all 50 states, hear about their 12 Cars of Christmas which they've done the past 2 Christmas seasons. The foundation accepts donated cars, puts them through a 50 point inspection, performs the necessary repairs, finds recipients for the cars, and also delivers them. Listen in til the end for more of Eliot's heart-warming stories about how the Middleton's Village to Village Foundation impacts individuals lives and how you can donate a car or other help. Donate, volunteer, or become a recipient...
31:01 2/22/23
Dine Where You Live in Mount Pleasant with Rebecca Imholz of the MP Chamber of Commerce
Rebecca Imholz, Director of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce talks with host Brian Cleary about the 2nd Annual Dine Where You Live Campaign which is a proactive reaction by Mount Pleasant to help the hospitality and food & beverage industries which got hit by the COVID Pandemic come back strong. Learn how the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce found ways to help local businesses to drive diners back to restaurants. Make sure to watch & listen for the names of different restaurants and other "food places" who are participating and learn a little about how the MP Chamber of Commerce supports the local businesses we all know and love.
19:47 2/8/23
2023 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition with John Powell, CEO/President
John Powell the CEO and President of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) talks with host Brian Cleary about the expo's art show featuring local and regional artists, and Powell talks about other exhibitions and activities that are part of SEWE, including the new Flying Disc Dog Competition. They also talk about the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition's craftsmen and outdoor enthusiasts (and more) and make sure you stay tuned through the end to hear about ways to get discounts on tickets find out about and some favorites, and lesser known happenings and secrets of SEWE and enjoying it as much as possible.
20:05 1/24/23