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Tying It Together with Tim Boyum

With the speed of the local news cycle, it's easy to forget that the politicians who represent us and the influencers in our communities are more than just a soundbite. North Carolina’s veteran reporter and anchor, Tim Boyum, loosens his signature bow tie to give listeners a glimpse behind the curtain, showing us who these power players really are and why they do what they do. Through Tim’s candid conversations on “Tying It Together,” his guests reveal their most fascinating life stories, passions, and help all of us get a better grasp on the issues affecting our communities.


Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson talks about his rise in politics 32:51 08/17/2022
Terrifying tales of election directors 43:37 08/10/2022
Bright future? Looking into alternative energy plans for North Carolina 41:09 08/03/2022
A powerful transition: The future of Duke Energy 29:14 07/27/2022
What's the future of abortion look like in N.C.? Women with different POVs discuss 43:37 07/20/2022
A threat to democracy? Legal experts deep dive into N.C. case before SCOTUS 33:09 07/13/2022
Longtime N.C. rep takes Pentagon job, talks burn out, incredible military career 42:43 07/06/2022
What does Roe v. Wade ruling mean for N.C. and what's next for other rights? 37:17 06/29/2022
Chatting with presidents: Lessons from a TV legend on interviewing the nation's leaders 53:13 06/22/2022
Looking at N.C.’s Watergate connection with the man who got the tapes 33:22 06/15/2022
Dwindling gas tax and historic moments: N.C. Democratic senator talks about the legislative short session 40:29 06/08/2022
N.C. lawmakers tackle the future of school safety 40:12 06/07/2022
Medicaid expansion, medical marijuana, gun laws: Sen. Berger dives in deep 38:36 06/01/2022
N.C. House majority leader talks behind-the-scenes drama, juggling work and family 46:37 05/25/2022
Life and career of an N.C. native who worked for four presidents and a governor 36:08 05/18/2022
Two nights at Frying Pan Tower, the world's most dangerous hotel 42:26 05/11/2022
From parades to buzzards, a 23-year-old explores community issues as he meets 552 N.C. mayors 43:39 05/04/2022
Behind-the-scenes look at why big companies are suddenly flocking to N.C. 47:38 04/27/2022
N.C.'s youngest mayor talks campaign shenanigans and bedroom community growing pains 37:19 04/20/2022
Housing hot streak: What's behind it and how long will it last? 47:42 04/13/2022
Competing with Raleigh, Charlotte: How Winston-Salem's mayor is tackling job growth 36:14 04/06/2022
Powerful N.C. Democratic consultant spills the tea on controversy, career and Willie Nelson 43:53 03/30/2022
A professor, prenup and getting selected for a ride to space 45:09 03/22/2022
N.C. mayor seeks justice for former slaves 33:53 03/16/2022
‘A lot has changed’: Millennials take over N.C.'s largest city 38:18 03/09/2022
No nonsense state treasurer gets emotional 70:22 03/02/2022
Attorney General Josh Stein’s rumored run for governor 45:03 02/23/2022
Reforming a century-old education system 38:56 02/16/2022
From the farm to fashion: State Auditor Beth Wood 42:54 02/08/2022
Protests and Politics: Sit-in legend Clarence Henderson 27:44 02/02/2022