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Biology is breaking out of the lab and clinic—and into our daily lives. Our new ability to engineer biology is transforming not just science, research, and healthcare, but how we produce our food, the materials we use, how we manufacture, and much, much more. From the latest scientific advances to the biggest trends, this show explores all the ways biology is today where the computing revolution was 50 years ago: on the precipice of revolutionizing our world in ways we are only just beginning to appreciate. Through conversations with scientists, builders, entrepreneurs, and leaders, host Lauren Richardson (along with the team at Andreessen Horowitz), examines how bio is going to fundamentally transform our future. In short, bio is eating the world.


Discovery, Translation, and the State of Bio Today 33:06 08/18/2021
Engineering an Epigenome Editor 31:38 07/22/2021
Evolving Embodied Intelligence 31:41 06/30/2021
Building Digital Health's Github 30:49 06/22/2021
The Genetic Testing (R)Evolution 31:40 06/15/2021
The Problem with Urgent Care 23:12 06/08/2021
Viral Genomes from A to Z 21:23 06/01/2021
World’s largest supercomputer v. biology’s toughest problems 33:15 05/25/2021
The Trials of Clinical Trials 24:48 05/18/2021
The New Science of Cell Shape 32:11 05/11/2021
Journal Club: Sleeping Under the Star-Shaped Cells 25:51 05/04/2021
The Power of Patient-Centric Healthcare 35:48 04/27/2021
Journal Club: Hunting the Eagle Killer 27:34 04/20/2021
Journal Club: Sourcing the Secrets of Climate Adaptation 22:52 04/13/2021
Evolution: Animals, Aliens, and Ourselves 38:38 04/06/2021
Journal Club: Bioengineering Birth... Again! 19:03 03/30/2021
Solving Medical Mysteries in the World of Rare Disease 38:40 03/23/2021
Journal Club: Taming the Taste for Blood 28:13 03/16/2021
The Theory of a Thousand Brains 39:37 03/12/2021
Journal Club: Restoring a Reflex 23:59 03/09/2021
Sea Turtle Medicine 38:52 03/05/2021
Journal Club: Assembling an Egg 23:53 03/02/2021
The Art and Science of Biology's Future 29:29 02/26/2021
Journal Club: Engineering Living Materials 25:22 02/23/2021
Value Versus Volume (in Healthcare) 37:40 02/19/2021
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm in Healthcare 59:13 02/17/2021
Journal Club: My Tick Teacher 23:05 02/11/2021
May I Have Your Insurance Card Again, Please? 26:36 02/09/2021
Journal Club: Suppressing Superbugs 23:50 02/04/2021
From Junk DNA to an RNA Revolution 27:48 02/01/2021