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Triggered: Can we play with that?

You know that moment when your emotions ramp up in an instant, leaving you feeling helpless, frozen, or out of control? In that moment, you've been emotionally hijacked - the very definition of "triggered". And I want to ask you: can we play with that? I'm Nina L. Garcia: Drama Therapist and Empowerment Coach of Houston Creative Arts Therapy. Join me as we discover ways to empower you - and the people who mean the most to you - to transform hard conversations into teachable moments. Triggered: Real playful, real respectful, real empowered. New episodes Wednesdays, ~30 minutes, with a takeaway tool in every episode: subscribe for notifications! Music courtesy of Purple Planet Music at


Disrupting Avoidant Patterns with Bo Bissett in “The Wanderer” 32:43 05/18/2022
“Get Back to What You Know” with @funkboynyc 41:13 05/11/2022
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Crawl Before You Walk: Talking Sex with Liz Dubé 36:22 04/27/2022
Actively Saying No - Replay from Season 2 22:37 04/20/2022
Know Thy Triggers: Leaning in with Nina 27:15 04/13/2022
Get Courageous with Sexual Assault Awareness 17:52 04/06/2022
"Slap Heard Round the World" 29:11 03/30/2022
Where are you on the Alignment Spectrum? 22:10 03/23/2022
Targeting What's "Off" In Your Life 13:24 03/16/2022
The Alignment Challenge 30:12 03/09/2022
Gameify Sex & Love with Zach Budd 51:25 03/02/2022
Recovering from the Fairytale Ending with Hilary Bryant 36:17 02/22/2022
Got Boundaries? 16:31 02/18/2022
Love, Grief & Tarot Post-Divorce: Playing with Love is Love 53:38 02/11/2022
Playing with Love is Love: February's Triggered Topic 13:17 02/04/2022
Self Justice: Empowering Individual Culture 22:54 01/28/2022
Own Your Truth: Empowering Individual Culture 20:47 01/21/2022
The Empowerment Spectrum: Empowering Individual Culture 31:39 01/14/2022
Empowering Individual Culture: January's Triggered Topic 16:57 01/06/2022
Playing with Ghosting in "They Call Me Ghost": The Dating Scaries, Part 4 15:23 10/29/2021
Playing with Patterns in "A Never Ending Story": The Dating Scaries, Part 3 14:27 10/22/2021
Playing with Fear in "Dead Silence": The Dating Scaries, Part 2 11:51 10/15/2021
Playing with Fear in "The Final Destination": The Dating Scaries, Part 1 13:49 10/08/2021
Dating While Divorcing: Playing with Insecurity 20:12 10/01/2021
Personal Autonomy VS Power: Playing with the Texas Abortion Ban 15:39 09/24/2021
Nickolas Natali in "When I Moved Into My Car": Playing with Debt & Mental Health 37:30 09/17/2021
Triggered by "The Homeless": Playing with Fear & Disgust 21:03 09/10/2021
Mari Reisberg in "Cosmic Humor": Playing with Breakups 29:41 09/03/2021
The "I Don't Believe in Divorce" Trigger: Playing with Divorce 20:21 08/20/2021