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Reedkeeper's Journey is a serial podcast written and read by Mark Diaz. Set in the 1980s the story follows several teenagers who are transported to a land where mankind is a myth. As they search for a way home, the young adults navigate a world full of mythical creatures and pitfalls while battling the demons of their past.


Halloween Special, The Certainty
Do not attempt to adjust your podcast, this lucky 13th episode features a short horror story written and read by Mark Diaz. You're regularly scheduled podcast, Reedkeeper's Journey resumes with Episode 14. Happy Halloween!  
11:37 10/27/20
Chapter 60 & Epilogue
Episode 35 - The final chapter. The kids have finally reached the lair of the Woman with the Eyes and now must confront the evil that infests the land. 
23:56 3/31/21
Chapters 58 & 59
Episode 34 - The group discovers what are the new creatures surrounding them from the last episode. The kids also continue their trepidatious trek to the Gigantes stronghold for their final confrontation with the Woman with the Eyes/the Unthing.
26:35 4/16/21
Chapter 57
Episode 33 - Having survived their escape from the Lektok mountain, Michael and his friends prepare for the final leg of their journey in confronting the Woman with the Eyes.
12:16 4/17/21
Chapters 55 & 56
Episode 32 - Staggard by the revelation of Ken's betrayal, Michael and his friends venture into the abandoned Lektok halls to rescue Zo.
31:08 4/18/21
Chapters 53 & 54
Episode 31 - The company has made it out of the Ro Penmon. Trendok was injured during the escape, and now the group waits for him to arrive and hopefully open a doorway to the Gigantes border. At the end of the previous episode, Kith, the dryad whom Trendok saved from the Unthing, attacked Zo. 
22:33 4/19/21
Chapters 51 & 52
Episode 30 - Having made it out of the Hyperborean palace in one piece, Steve and Bear continue to the rendevous site, where they wait for Trendok's help to get them out of the city. 
25:33 4/20/21
Chapters 49 & 50
Episode 29 - Michael and his friends prepare for their escape from Ro Penmon, but Leander announces the king is dead, and the high priest plans to pin the assassination on them.
28:11 4/21/21
Chapters 47 & 48
Episode 28 - Michael is summoned to the throne room in the middle of the night to speak with the king.  Also, Trendok tells Michael the history of his sword and how Michael has the gift to harness the power of the land. The kids plan for their big escape from the palace and take a moment of respite before their journey continues. 
25:50 4/22/21
Chapters 45 & 46
Episode 27 - Michael and his friends finally learn what the Unthing wants from them. Michael finds himself torn between his duty to his friends and his responsibility to his little sister Stacey. 
25:33 4/22/21
Chapters 43 & 44
Episode 26 - After Trendok took his voice, the king's high priest comes face to face with the Woman with the Eyes. Also, the kids are finally reunited, and needless to say, Michael is upset to discover that Xylon, who has been traveling with him for days, is Trendok.
26:37 4/24/21
Chapters 41 & 42
Episode 25 - After weeks of traveling, Michael, Steve, and Bear finally make it to Ro Penmon and one step closer to finding the Hyperborean Enoni, Trendok. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, Heather, Ken, and Stacey have also arrived and are looking for the boys.
20:54 4/25/21
Chapters 39 & 40
Episode 24 - The Trendonian monk, Leander, wrestles with the realization that Michael, Steve, and Bear are human beings, also known as Anthropos, which are considered exceedingly evil in the eyes of the Hyperborean.  Also, Heather and her small band of travelers finally reach the Hyperborean capitol, Ro Penmon, with the hope of reuniting with the boys. 
27:40 4/26/21
Chapter 38
Episode 23 - Michael, Steve, and Bear finally reach Ro Penmon, the Hyperborean capital. The trio enters a new leg of their journey as they continue to search for Trendok and a way home.
20:47 4/27/21
Chapter 36 & 37
Episode 22 - Heather's group journeys by sea to catch up with the boys.  Meanwhile, Michael, Steve, and Bear near the end of their trek with the Metaph as they approach the Hyperborean capital, Ro Penmon. 
19:34 4/28/21
Chapters 34 & 35
Episode 21 - New questions arise as Michael, Steve, and Bear approach the Hyperborean Capital, Ro Penmon. Steve works his charm to help break Michael out of his funk from realizing what Reedkeeper really means. 
24:24 4/29/21
Chapters 32 & 33
Episode 20 - Heather, Ken, and Stacey continue their pursuit of the boys. The group, lead by the centurions, enters into Hyperborean harbor city to charter a ship to Ro Penmon. 
18:20 4/30/21
Chapter 30 & 31
Episode 19 - Xylon, one of the Hyperboreans saved by Michael's group, presents gifts to the boys for rescuing him. 
26:15 5/1/21
Chapter 29
Michael learns more about Leander and Xylon, the two Hyperboreans the group rescued, and Steve discovers a strange new ability. 
21:06 5/2/21
Chapter 28
After receiving help from a Hyperborean outpost, Heather and her friends continue to chase after the boys. However, the group unwittingly stumbled into a plot that aims to sow discord in the small township. When we last left the travelers, armed Hyperboreans barred their path.
27:40 5/3/21
Chapter 27
Fleeing a horde of Exoutheneo, Heather's group found shelter in a Hyperborean outpost. The four now face an uncertain fate at the hands of their captors. 
25:27 5/4/21
Chapter 26
Bound by tradition to fulfill the Request, Kallista leads Stacey, Heather, and Ken in an effort to catch up to the boys. 
25:56 5/5/21
Chapter 25
Michael beings to suspect that there is more to his temper than simple anger issues.
16:01 5/7/21
Chapter 24
Fearing for her brother's safety, Stacey devises a plan to rejoin Michael. 
20:37 5/8/21
Chapters 21, 22 & 23
In the aftermath of the battle with the Exoutheneo, Steve balances his worry for Michael and his suspicion of the newcomers.  
19:32 5/9/21
Chapters 19 & 20
Michael, Steve, and Bear continue their journey to find Trendok the Hyperborean Enoni, who is their best chance to find a way home. As they travel, the boys continue their weapons training with Caeneus, the Metaph Drill Seargent.
25:36 5/10/21
Chapters 17 & 18
Heather, Stacey, and Ken settle in while the boys begin their Journey to find Trendok, the Hyperborean Enoni. 
20:37 5/11/21
Chapter 16
Part of the group sets off on a quest to find Trendok, the Hyperborean Enoni, who may have the ability to return the teenagers home.
29:31 5/12/21
Chapters 13, 14, & 15
After narrowly escaping an encounter with the Kanth, Michael's desperation to find a way back home for his friends deepens.  Warning: this episode involves a character who is dealing with being a survivor of a sexual assault.​New episodes released every Tuesday, 12 a.m., PST (7 a.m. UTC)​
32:21 5/14/21
Chapters 11 & 12
The group ventures into the forest, tracing their steps in a search for clues and a way back home.
25:01 5/15/21